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Below Nie Tian’s feet, the bunch of cloud lumps dissipated rapidly, and he was able to once again see the flagstone ground.

Nie Tian, who was standing in front of the thatched hut, still had ten million gossamers moving about within his body, but that abnormal heartbeat of his had gradually become normal once again.

Looking at the thatched hut, he suddenly felt somewhat nervous and didn’t initially enter.

Previously, his perception had let him know that the person inside the thatched hut… was an existence whose strength was so strong, that it was inconceivable.

To that day, he had never before met such a frightening character.

“Come in.” The person in the thatched hut urged once again.

After hearing what the person said, Nie Tian, who was hesitating for a while, no longer continued to think too much and lifted open the hut’s curtain, as he strode in.

Upon entering the thatched hut, he immediately kowtowed. 

- Dong, dong, dong - 

After kowtowing three times, he shouted loudly, “This disciple greets master.”

When he had first arrived, through Li Fan, he had already known that the person he would be meeting soon would be his future master in the Lingyun Sect.

That person made him travel to the thatched hut step by step, and those ten million gossamers, which were scattered through his limbs and bones, were clearly an enormous good fortune given to him.

If he still didn’t understand the painstaking effort of that person, he wouldn’t be worthy of the Lingyun Sect’s breaking of a rule to recruit him and the favor of that person. 

“Intelligent child.”

Within the simple and crude thatched hut, an old man, who was as thin and dried up as firewood, was sitting quietly on a prayer mat with both of his hands withdrawn in his cuffs, sizing him up with full of interest.

The old man’s appearance was ordinary. No matter his clothes or his figure, there was nothing which was eye-catching at all.

Only his eyes, which were filled with the desire for knowledge, were very attracting to people, as if they had always been pondering about a certain profound question, diligently and tirelessly chasing after the answer.

“Lift up your head.” The old man instructed softly.

Nie Tian, who had kowtowed three times, after hearing what was said, raised his bowed head slowly up, daring to meet head on with the old man.

“I am called Wu Ji. From today onwards, I’ll be your master.” The old man smiled slightly, as he used a conversational tone and said, “Including you, I have a total of 3 disciples. There is no need for me to say anything about the other two. You’ll naturally come to know your two senior apprentice brothers when you reach a certain level.”

“I’ll only say one thing, which is that presently, those two senior apprentice brothers of yours have already surpassed me.”

“I hope that you’ll be able to be like them one day, also surpassing me, and step out of this piece of heaven and earth to go and pursue the thing which I once longed for.”

Nie Tian was greatly astonished. “Step out of this piece of heaven and earth?”

“By stepping out of this piece of heaven and earth, I wasn’t referring to the use of a space transmission array, but I was referring to crossing the galaxy with your own strength.” Wu Ji’s face was calm. “The heaven and earth, which we are currently at, within the vast galaxy, is just an insignificant domain boundary. This domain boundary is called the Heavenly Beast Domain, which is also the ninth domain of the Land of the Meteorite.

“Land of the Meteorite… The ninth domain?” Nie Tian was at a complete loss.

Wu Ji nodded his head lightly. “That’s right, the earth, which is below our feet, is the ninth domain of the Land of the Meteorite. And within Land of the Meteorite, there are altogether 9 heaven and earth domain boundaries which are the same as our Heavenly Beast Domain.”

Nie Tian was dumbstruck.

The few short sentences, which Wu Ji had just said, were more than enough to topple Nie Tian’s understanding of the heaven and earth and bring forth an intense shock to him.

“Of course, telling you about all those things right now is indeed a bit too early.” Wu Ji’s face turned solemn and he said, “But I believe that your future will absolutely not be only limited to the Heavenly Beast Domain. I told you all those things because I want you to know that the vastness of the sky and galaxy is enough to exceed your imagination.”

“There will be a day where you’ll be the same as your two senior apprentice brothers and step out of the Heavenly Beast Domain and freely travel around the Land of the Meteorite.”

Immediately, a longing was born in Nie Tian’s heart.

“The nine domain boundaries of the Land of the Meteorite are the same as the Heavenly Beast Domain, where numerous amounts of formidable Lianqi warriors reside. The amount of Lianqi warriors in the Heavenly Beast Domain is however far fewer when compared to the other eight domain boundaries.

“Within our Heavenly Beast Domain, there are only seven Lianqi warrior forces that could genuinely be ranked as top notch.”

“You should know about the seven Lianqi warrior forces, which are distinguished as the Ling Bao Court, our Lingyun Sect, the Grey Valley, the Black Mist Palace, and also the Ghost Sect, the Blood Sect, and the Prison Department.”

“Those 7 Lianqi warrior forces are also split into two alliances. The Ghost Sect, the Blood Sect, and the Prison Department form an alliance, while our Lingyun Sect, the Ling Bao Court, the Grey Valley, and the Black Mist Palace form the other.”


Within the thatched hut, Wu Ji’s voice slowly drifted about. He didn’t talk too much about the Land of the Meteorite and the other eight domain boundaries, and only talked about some matters of the Heavenly Beast Domain.

Nie Tian listened attentively, remembering everything, which Wu Ji had said, in his heart.

Wu Ji had opened a new door for him, letting him gradually understand about how tiny he was and the fact that the Heavenly Beast Domain, where he was currently at, was also merely just the ninth domain of the Land of the Meteorite.

During that day, Wu Ji didn’t talk about anything regarding cultivation and only meticulously explained to him about the distribution of domain boundaries, the tangled and complicated forces, and also the battles between Lianqi warriors.

After a very, very long time had passed.

Wu Ji stopped and said, “Go and think over what I have said today, then take a good rest, recuperate your body, and then observe the changes in your body.”

“After you have rested properly and recovered, I’ll start to explain to you about the relation between the heaven and earth qi and a Lianqi warrior, and impart some basic knowledge to you.”

“Until you have stepped into the Houtian realm, I’ll not impart any spirit techniques for cultivating. For now, you just need to use a Lianqi technique to cultivate your spirit sea and that will suffice.”

Wu Ji said casually.

“Oh.” Nie Tian understandingly nodded his head.

Wu Ji looked at Nie Tian deeply and remained silent for quite a while, before saying, “Before me, there must have been a person who helped you temper your flesh, muscles, and bones. Who was that person?”

Nie Tian was stunned. He pondered seriously over Wu Ji’s sentence, wanting to find out an answer.

“I heard there was a time where you had a high fever and didn’t wake up for a few days?” Wu Ji’s gaze was bright.

Nie Tian suddenly remembered and said, “That did indeed happen.”

“A foreign doctor helped you treat your fever for 7 days right?” Wu Ji asked once again.

Nie Tian nodded his head. “That’s right.”

“What is his name?”

“He seems to be called Hua Mu.”

“Hua Mu?” Wu Ji frowned and scrunched his brows, as he thought. After a while, he shook his head and said, “I have never heard this name before. Either it’s a fake name, or… he doesn’t belong to our Heavenly Beast Domain.”

“Within the Heavenly Beast Domain, the amount of people who have that kind of method to help you temper your flesh, muscles, and bones and let you practically shed your mortal body can be counted on one hand.”

“I know every one that has this capability and none of them are named Hua Mu.”

Nie Tian was shocked. “That foreign doctor that helped me temper my flesh, muscles, and bones before? He… could it be that he is very strong?”

“Of course he is strong.” Wu Ji nodded his head. “I don’t know what his motive is, to be willing to spend such a large amount of energy to help you temper your flesh, muscles, and bones. But, this person, he is definitely not ordinary. If he is someone who came from one of the other eight domains, then…”

In the middle of his sentence, Wu Ji stopped and sized Nie Tian up with a pensive gaze.

After a while, he waved his hand, signaling for Nie Tian to leave. “From today onwards, the third thatched hut belongs to you. You can go over there to rest and recover now.”

“Master, then I’ll leave first.” Nie Tian stood up, and after bowing, walked out of the thatched hut.

After hearing what Wu Ji had said, his brain was quite overwhelmed and he needed time to properly go and digest all of the new information.

“Hua Mu…”

Within the thatched hut, Wu Ji muttered to himself, “Seems like I have to request a few friends to go to the other eight domains to investigate and see if there is actually a person named Hua Mu... Since this Hua Mu was willing to spend such a large amount of energy to help temper Nie Tian’s flesh, muscles, and bones, there must certainly be a motive.”

“Could it be that he is also the same as me and sees the potential and talent of Nie Tian and wants to take him in as disciple?”

“But, if he wants to take in him as a disciple, why did he not take Nie Tian away at that time?”

“Strange, it’s truly strange.”


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