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For the next few months, Nie Tian had been at the back mountain of the Lingyun Sect, following Wu Ji’s instructions to cultivate.

During each morning, Wu Ji would talk to him about what caused Lianqi warriors to be born, about the distribution of realms, and also narrate some secret matters and stories regarding the Heaven Leaving Domain.

Through Wu Ji, Nie Tian had learned that the time period one hundred thousand years ago was known as the ancient era.

During the ancient era, each race was established across the various skies and myriad domains. Djinn, ancient beasts, and the great seniors of each race were the overlords of each huge domain boundary.

And as for the human race, they were just sheep waiting to be slaughtered. They were controlled by every stronger race and were reduced to being the offering of each race’s to the heaven and earth..

Only until the Lianqi warriors gradually worked out a path for cultivation and understood how to channel the heaven’s and earth’s qi into their spirit sea, did the human race gradually break free from enslavement and rise upon the heaven and earth.

Wu Ji told him that all living creatures in the world have their own mystical talent.

Djinn and ancient beasts, from the moment they were born, were the favored children of the galaxy and had unimaginable and frightening strength inside their bodies.

As for the great seniors of the various strong races, they possessed blood vessels which were incomparably strong. Some blood vessels were able to communicate with the lava at the earth’s core, some blood vessels were able to cause great changes to thunder, some blood vessel contained the profound mysteries of death, and some blood vessels were able to give birth to an endless life force.

There were also unusual races, that had naturally secretive souls, that floated around the dark holes of space like ghosts.

According to what Wu Ji had said, any living race was able to have 3 types of strength.

The 3 types of strength were distinguished as spirit strength, blood vessel strength, and soul strength.

Some strong races, within their blood vessels, had the secret meaning of heaven and earth’s laws. They would mainly cultivate the strength of their blood vessels, and the life force within their flesh would be as strong as a mountain and as deep as the ocean.

As for some other strong races, their soul strength and their cultivation were pretty much dependent on their soul.

There were also living races, which cultivated mainly on the spirit strength of their spirit sea.

Spirit strength, blood vessel strength and soul strength were just the different ways of displaying strength. They all possessed boundless mysteries and the power to alter the heaven and the earth.

Within the human race, in the early stages of cultivation, they would often cultivate mainly their spirit strength. When they reached a certain realm and they were able to feel and comprehend the profundity of the soul, they would temper their soul.

Of course, there were no absolutes for all things, and some people, at a much earlier time, were already able to keenly sense the existence of mental strength.

Mental strength was the earliest form of soul strength.

As one’s mental strength gradually congealed and became strong, then by slowly nurturing and tempering the soul with mental strength, one would be able to clearly recognize his or her own soul, and from there, begin the path of cultivating the soul.

The Heaven Leaving Domain’s Ghost Sect, because the secret spirit techniques they cultivated were special, would closely examine a person’s soul strength when they picked disciples.

Because of this, the majority of the disciples of the Ghost Sect would often have mental strength that was out of the ordinary.

When the disciples of the Ghost Sect cultivated, they would put the majority of their time and energy on cultivating their soul. Therefore, the Ghost Sect’s disciples needed to have a stronger starting point for their mental strength.

In the mornings, Wu Ji would teach Nie Tian about the ancient Lianqi warriors, the different races, and the 3 types of strength. 

In the afternoons, Wu Ji would teach Nie Tian about the ancient symbol language and the writings of the djinn and the ancient beasts, and told him that he would use it sooner or later if he was to travel outside of the Heaven Leaving Domain.

The ancient symbol language was a way of communication with the heaven and earth, which the ancient Lianqi warriors used in the earliest time.

And as for the djinn’s and ancient beasts’ writings, they were two different types of language.

According to what Wu Ji said, in the future, when he walked out of the Heaven Leaving Domain and visited other domains, he would definitely see those two type of writings and maybe even… meet the djinn and ancient beasts.

At that time, he, who knew of those two languages, would be able make the best use of it and be able to grasp the initiative.

At the very least, he would be able to converse with those terrifying races.

From the start, Nie Tian didn’t have any conflict with learning about the language and writings of the djinn and ancient beasts. Wu Ji felt that that was somewhat unexpected.

He didn’t know that, the first time Nie Tian had seen the ancient beast language, which he was teaching him, was in the stone palace located below the barren land in the Green Illusion Realm. 

The wall and stone pillars of the stone palace were all engraved with the mysterious writings of the ancient beast race.

At that time, if he had learned about the writings of the ancient beast race, he would have been able to understand what the writings engraved at the stone palace meant.

As for the djinn’s writings…

After he had learned about the djinn from Wu Ji, he was one hundred percent certain that those mountainous arms, that were pointing towards the sky in the mysterious place that the dragon bone had brought him to, belonged to the djinns!

The underground of the mysterious place had a number of djinn that had disappeared for who knows how long.

The angry fist, which he had practiced, came from one of the djinn. If he was able to understand their writings, he would surely be able to acquire more secrets from within the mysterious place.

Therefore, in the afternoons, when he had to study the ancient beasts’ and djinn’s writings, not only did he not have any bit of conflict towards learning the writings, he was even very diligent when learning.

His seriousness also pleased Wu Ji.

During the day, he would follow Wu Ji to learn the writings of the two races, learn the reason as to why Lianqi warriors exist, and listen to Wu Ji analyze the 3 types of strength.

In the night, through the spirit stones, which Wu Ji had given him, he would cultivate a Lianqi technique diligently to expand his spirit sea.

Every few days, a Dark Thunder Beast descended from the sky and threw down a Grade Two spirit beast for him to serve as his food.

Every time, after the Dark Thunder Beast threw down the food, it would rush back into sky, passing by in a flash.

When he was in the Green illusion Realm, it had been extremely difficult for him to get the meat of a Grade Two spirit beast.

But after coming to this place, he had eaten Grade Two spirit beast meat every day.

All the meat of those Grade Two spirit beasts became his daily food. He also followed Wu Ji’s instruction and didn’t deliberately use the energy, which the Grade Two spirit beast produced within his body, to expand his spirit sea.

All of the energy, that originated from the Grade Two spirit beast, naturally scattered within his flesh and merged into his bones and inner organs.

Because the low grade spirit stones, which he used to cultivate during the night, already contained plenty of the heaven and earth’s spirit energy to allow him to expand his spirit sea bit by bit, he didn’t use the energy of the Grade Two spirit beasts to expand his spirit sea.

Time flew and in the blink of an eye, he had already been following Wu Ji’s instructions regarding cultivation at the mountain for half a year.

Half a year later, the spirit sea within his body had expanded to the limits of the ninth Lianqi level!

With one more step, he would be able to break through his bottleneck and step out of the Lianqi realm and into the Houtian realm.

He, who had consumed the meat of Grade Two spirit beasts for half a year, had his body become stronger and taller, and the life force contained within his body was much greater and more forceful when compared to people who were in the same realm as him.

After half a year, his mental strength had also extended to a range of 300 metres.

That morning, following his usual routine, Nie Tian once again planned to go to Wu Ji’s place to listen to him explain the matters that he had to pay attention to when breaking through from the Lianqi realm into the Houtian realm.

During the past three days, Wu Ji no longer talked about the respective characteristics of spirit strength, blood vessel strength and soul strength, and instead focused on describing how to break through the bottleneck of the Lianqi realm and step into the Houtian realm.

“I said everything that has to be said about the transition from the Lianqi realm to the Houtian realm. For the rest, you’ll have to depend on yourself.”

Surprisingly, Wu Ji took the initiative to walk out from the thatched hut and said to him, “The step from the ninth Lianqi level to the Houtian realm is the first bottleneck, which you have met on your cultivation path. In the future, you’ll meet many more bottlenecks. The breakthrough of the bottleneck isn’t dependent on just blindly cultivating, but instead requires your own comprehension to breakthrough.”

“You’ve stayed here for half a year already. It’s also time for you to go out and explore. This will be beneficial for you.”

“The Ling Bao Court is holding a pageant currently. I’ll let the Dark Thunder Beast send you there. Here, take this warrant plate. You can pick 3 weapons you want at the Ling Bao Court. Just show this warrant plate and it’ll suffice.”

“Before the Houtian realm, there is actually no need to go and try to understand spirit weapons because of the insufficiency of your realm and spirit strength. There is absolutely no way to bring out the full potential of a spirit weapon.”

“But, once you have advanced into the Houtian realm, you can attempt to go and learn how to use spirit weapons.”

Saying that, Wu Ji waved his hand towards the sky.

Within the clouds, a low cry was heard, as the Dark Thunder Beast, who was like a huge statue with thin lightning twisting around its body, suddenly landed on the ground.

The Dark Thunder Beast’s entire body was dark green and within its dark green eyes, lightning flickered from time to time.

After it landed, it flapped its wings and the lightning, which covered his entire body, entered into his body like little snakes.

“Go, he’ll bring you to the Ling Bao Court.” Wu Ji ordered.

Nie Tian took over the warrant plate, which had a ‘Ji’ word carved into it, before he very cautiously and slowly climbed onto the Dark Thunder Beast’s body.

The Dark Thunder Beast seemed to be somewhat unwilling and slightly twisted his body, causing Nie Tian to shake and almost fall.

Wu Ji snorted and said, “You don’t have to feel wronged. You evil creature, there will be a day where you’ll need the help of Nie Tian!”

The dark green eyes of the Dark Thunder Beast were filled with sentience and knowledge. After hearing what Wu Ji had just said, it seemed to be somewhat puzzled and he wasn’t able to comprehend the meaning behind these words.

“Send Nie Tian to the Ling Bao Court. You better not dare to cause trouble on the way there, or you’ll get it from me!” Wu Ji scolded.

The Dark Thunder Beast let out a low cry of grievance and finally stopped moving around randomly and waited for Nie Tian to be set properly. Only then did he flap his wings and fly into the sky, as he left the mountain behind in the blink of an eye.


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