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Lingyun Mountain.

Within the mountain peak, which was filled with boundless white fog, the Lingyun Sect’s sect master Jiang Zhisu, with his green clothes fluttering against the wind, was looking at the back of the mountain Nie Tian was at.

At his side stood Jiang Lingzhu and Li Fan. The two of them were the same as Jiang Zhisu, using a kind of astonished gaze to look deeply at the back of this mountain.

“The flow of the heaven and earth spirit qi has changed…”

Li Fan gazed at the back of this mountain for a while, before he suddenly said, “Based on how much time has passed, Nie Tian should have already reached the peak.”

Jiang Zhisu said softly, “It has already begun.”

“Dad, why did the ancestor pick Nie Tian?” Jiang Lingzhu felt endlessly puzzled.

Li Fan frowned inwardly and also said, “It’s really strange. On Nie Tian’s body, I have also not seen any special cultivation talent. That Pan Bao of the Ling Bao Court is well-known for recognizing talent, and since he has his eyes set on Nie Tian, Nie Tian must surely have a special talent. But, even if it is like this, it would be very unlikely for the ancestor to pick Nie Tian, right?”

Jiang Zhisu, who was Lingyun Sect’s sect master, shook his head and said, “I’m also not really clear about it. In Martial Uncle’s (the ancestor) entire life, he only took in a total of 3 disciples, with Nie Tian being the third. The first two disciples, as to what realm they are in right now and what kind of status they have, you guys should have to some extent heard of it before.”

Li Fan felt deep veneration upon hearing these words.

“Martial Uncle has not been able to breakthrough for years and his life energy… it’s on the verge of being depleted. If there are no accidents, then Nie Tian should be his last disciple. Originally, I thought that he wouldn’t continue taking in anymore disciples, but I didn’t expect that he would have his eyes set on Nie Tian.” Jiang Zhisu remained silent for a while, and then suddenly said, “Martial Uncle being able to take in a disciple again is our Lingyun Sect’s big fortune.”

“I don’t know how far he’ll be able to go in the future, but I wonder how many steps Nie Tian will be able to take.” Li Fan said with a face full of curiosity.

“Martial Uncle’s two disciples have both already turned very successful. I hope that Nie Tian will also be able to become successful.” Jiang Zhisu squinted his eyes and used his heart to feel the flow of the heaven and earth spirit qi in the vicinity of Lingyun Mountain. “We should have a clearer idea of how much potential Nie Tian has after today has passed.”

Li Fan and Jiang Lingzhu, after hearing what he had said, looked out with gazes full of envy. They seemed to know of what Nie Tian was experiencing right now.


At the back of the mountain.

Nie Tian, who had walked seven steps, was unable to move a single step anymore and had no choice but to come to a stop.

“Dong, dong, dong!”

Currently, rapid heartbeat sounds were reverberating in his chest.

Nie Tian, who was on the verge of losing his consciousness, didn’t move and used his heart to go and feel the slight changes in his body.

At the moment, within his body, there were countless mysterious gossamers moving about.

All those gossamers contained the pure essence of energy and were moving about within his flesh, bones, and inner organs.

“Lianqi technique!”

He stopped being urgent about moving forward, and instead attempted to use a Lianqi technique to control the gossamers.

With a thought he keenly felt that the numerous gossamers were all frantically rushing forth into his spirit sea.

In a flash, his spirit sea was brimming with spirit strength and the majestic spirit energy was actually much stronger than the energy he had acquired through the pieces of spirit beast meat in the Green Illusion Realm!

When he used this Lianqi technique to expand his spirit sea, he discovered that within a short period of time, his spirit sea was just as if it was being ripped apart and sewn back together again.

Not only that, along with the acceleration of his heartbeat, he felt that it was possible to control tse disorderly gossamers.

The gossamers were originally moving about frantically, but when he stopped and used this Lianqi technique to cultivate and expand his spirit sea, he sensed that a large part of the energy gossamers, which were moving about in his flesh, bones and internal organs, were all rapidly disappearing at an astonishing speed.

All the energy gossamers were just like water being absorbed by his body.

A moment later, he woke up from that muddleheaded state he had been in.

His body still felt incomparably sore and painful, but he was once again in control of it.

“Continue!” Within the thatched hut, that urging voice rang out once again.

Nie Tian clenched his teeth and once again stepped forward.

The moment he moved, he felt droplets of muddy sweat flowing out from his body along with his movement.

- Deng! -

When his foot landed on the ground, another surge of energy permeated into his sole.

- Deng, deng! -

He took another two steps in quick succession, and the energy, which rushed forth into his body, once again became frantic and disorderly.

His mind, which had just regained soberness, was once again thrown into confusion. Flesh rending pain burst forth in his entire body, causing his body to sway ferociously to the point of almost falling over.

Shortly after, he realized that the amount of strength, which his body was able to bear, had once again reached its limit!

He stopped once again, not rushing to move about, and used the same Lianqi technique again to lead the energy, letting his body continue to frantically absorb the energy gossamers.

- Ka, ka! -

A strange sound rang out from his bones, as if his joints were crying out in pain. However, his blood was in high spirits and his five viscera and six bowels roared wildly!

Not long after, he discovered that the energy, which was overflowing from his spirit sea, was expanding and suddenly with a jolt, it seemed to have completely transformed his spirit sea.

He concentrated his attention to feel for a while, as ecstasy suddenly appeared on his face. “Ninth Lianqi level!”

Within the Green Illusion Realm, he spent a very long time to only have been able to expand his spirit sea bit by bit. But, there should still have been a very long road up ahead, before he should’ve managed to hit the ninth Lianqi level.

He would have never thought that, with just merely walking a few steps within these clouds, the spirit sea, that had still needed several months to be able to completely expand to the ninth Lianqi level, had already finished transforming!

He had actually just stepped into the ninth Lianqi level just like that!

- Deng, deng! -

All of his bones were still making crackling sounds and huge amounts of sweat, which was mixed with filth, was flowing out of his pores.

Along with the outflow of the sweat, he suddenly felt that his muscles, arteries, and veins had become more tenacious and stronger, while his bones seemed to have become as hard as steel, and his five viscera and six bowels were filled with endless strength.

Pleasantly surprised, he tried to release his mental consciousness to sense the surroundings.

His mental conscious, at an unimaginably high speed, instantly extended into the surroundings, reaching 150 meters!

Within the range of 150 meters, the flow of the wind, the surging strength within the clouds, the swaying reeds on top of the thatched hut, and the ice-cold moisture of the slab was sensed by him.

Within the thatched hut in front of him, a terrifying life fluctuation, which was so strong that it made him feel like he was suffocating, suddenly entered his mind.

Closing his eyes, he used his mind to go and feel it……

Sensing with his spirit energy, he was able to see that within that thatched hut, there was an entity that was like a blazing sun releasing a world-shaking life flame.

The life qi, which came from within the thatched hut, was just that big and terrifying!

After sensing with his spirit consciousness, he suddenly had a feeling of extreme inferiority, a feeling that with a look or just a thought from that life within the thatched hut, he would be annihilated instantly.

When he was in the Green Illusion Realm, he had also used his unique spirit consciousness to sense the Earth Lizard and the Black Ice Python.

The flesh qi of those two spirit beasts were a bit stronger compared to Yu Tong, and the life qi, which they possessed, had made him feel incomparably weak.

Yet, the life fluctuation within the thatched hut, made it seem like the Earth Lizard and the Black Ice Python were just bugs below the body of a dragon.

It was like a firefly trying to be brighter than the sun, so insignificant that it was ridiculous.

“S-so… So bright, is that fellow… really human?” Nie Tian shouted within his heart.

“Yi!” With the thatched hut, a very low cry rang out, “I didn’t expect him to have such a considerable spirit strength at the Lianqi Realm. Not bad…”

After stopping for a while, the person within the thatched hut shouted, “Don’t let your imagination run wild; continue walking down the path!”

When the voice rang out, the spirit strength, which Nie Tian had released out, was pushed back, as if by a formless, giant hand, and was instantly returned to his body.

After a sudden jolt, he immediately woke up and knew that this wasn’t the time to observe the other person.

However, after experiencing that short while of absent-mindedness, his body seemed to have once again adapted to the situation and the energy gossamers which rushed forth into his body seemed to have been digested by more than half.

Thus, he took the next step forward.

Just like this, he walked and stopped, step by step, slowly walking towards that thatched hut.

He didn’t know how much time he had used, nor how many energy gossamer his body had absorbed. He also even gradually forgot about just how many steps he had taken.

In the end, when he had truly walked to the front of that thatched hut, he raised his head and saw the full moon, which had once again risen in the sky.

“Come in.” Within the thatched hut, the voice rang out once again, this time summoning Nie Tian into the thatched hut.


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