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In Yuan Feng and Yun Song’s eyes, Nie Tian was a small character who was nothing to be scared of, so when they fought with Nie Tian, they had initially looked down on him.

Yu Tong was different

After she had stepped into the Green Illusion Realm, she had already suffered once at the hands of Nie Tian, and she had long viewed Nie Tian as an opponent, who was on the same level as An Ying and Yuan Feng.

This was even more so when she arrived here, and discovered that Nie Tian had killed both Yuan Feng and Yun Song.

She already regarded Nie Tian as the scariest opponent from the four sects in the Green Illusion Realm!

Due to that reason, she immediately used the mysterious arts of the Blood Sect - Heavy Blood Shadows!

Two blood shadows, made from the fresh blood of Yuan Feng and Yun Song, which were just like two sinister blood ghosts, sent out ear splitting screams, as they carried an overwhelming bloody smell and dashed over fiercely.

Nie Tian coldly snorted and said, “Demon woman, I heard that you have broken through to the Houtian Realm in the Green Illusion Realm?”

In the midst of his words, he secretly sent out his mental energy consciousness to sense the breaths of the two blood shadows.

From the two blood shadows, he could only sense a strong blood qi, but he didn’t detect any movements of spirit qi. This meant that these two blood shadows had no independent will and were purely created from blood and spirit qi.

As the blood shadows attacked, he swung his arm and his fist punched heavily towards them.

- Peng Peng! -

The two blood shadows shattered with a loud sound into bloody rain, which fell onto the sand grains. But, under the guidance of the blood sect arts of Yu Tong, they reformed once again!

- Hu! -

The blood shadows floated up and flew once again into mid air, before they dashed towards him again.

However, the blood qi in these blood shadows, which had exploded once, was clearly much weaker than before.

Similarly, the speed of the two blood shadows, as they dashed over, was obviously much slower than before.

- Peng Peng! -

Nie Tian smiled weirdly, as he swung his fists and shattered the two blood shadows consecutively.

After exploding, the blood shadows once again reformed under the guidance of Yu Tong’s arts, and dashed towards him again.

However, after each explosion, the blood qi energy in their bodies also became weaker and weaker.

Meanwhile, Yu Tong, in her brightly coloured dress, remained at her original position, while her cold eyes flashed with devilish bloody rays, as she kept reforming the blood shadows.

Nie Tian very quickly understood that Yu Tong’s battle strategy of manipulating the two blood shadows was to get Nie Tian to use up his energy.

The spirit qi, that he had used to shatter the blood shadows consecutively, was way more than Yu Tong’s.

Yu Tong was clearly using Yuan Feng and Yun Song’s fresh blood to slowly tire him out, so that he would lose most of the spirit qi in his body before the actual fight.

When the two blood shadows once again reformed from the scattered blood drops, Nie Tian finally stopped fighting with them.

Instead, he dashed aggressively towards Yu Tong!

“The Forbidden Blood Art - Blood Circulation Backflow!”

Yu Tong’s dark red eyes suddenly flashed with bright blood light, as an unusual stream of her blood qi started to spread outwards with her as its center.

Nie Tian, who was aggressively dashing towards her, suddenly felt a strong shock to his strong and well built body.

At this moment, Yu Tong, who had been motionless so far, suddenly morphed into a ray of swift and fierce blood light.

The next moment, Nie Tian saw that rays of red blood light, as though they were like a blood river floating in mid air, flowed and shot towards him one by one.

A moment later, his surroundings were filled with scarlet red blood light.

The whole world appeared to be filled with that scarlet red blood light, and he could no longer see Yu Tong.

Streams upon streams of floating blood rivers twisted around in the air and became longer and longer, and looked devilishly beautiful.

Nie Tian, who was being surrounded by these streams of blood rivers, had a serious expression on his face, as he tried his best to control the unusual movements of the blood in his body.

He could keenly feel, that his blood appeared to be slowly affected by the strange happenings in his surroundings, and his blood yearned to fly out of his body, as though it wished to join and integrate into those streams of blood rivers.

“The Blood Sect Arts are really extraordinarily!” Nie Tian was secretly shocked.

He had a feeling that Yu Tong was scared of his Angry Fist, and therefore was deliberately trying to avoid fighting him head on, as she was actively hiding her presence.

During the last battle, Yu Tong had received one attack from him and those seven blood shadows had exploded in an instant and Yu Tong had also personally suffered injuries.

The power of that Angry Fist was extraordinary to Yu Tong, and even though she had already stepped into the Houtian Realm, she still wanted to refrain Nie Tian from using his Angry Fist.

“If I cannot find her, I’ll be unable to defeat her with my Angry Fist and the blood in my body is becoming increasingly violent and aggressive… Soon, I will no longer be able to control it.”

Nie Tian was desperately restraining the unusual movements of his blood, and started to feel a bit anxious, as even the mental energy, that he had released, was unable to penetrate the blood rivers, refraining him from locking onto Yu Tong’s position.

- Sou Sou! -

At this moment, the two blood shadows, which had been rapidly shattered by him, suddenly appeared from the streams of blood rivers.

Logically, they had been shattered many times and their blood qi should be almost nil, so it was unlikely that they would hurt him.

However, for some unknown reason, the two red blood shadows actually emitted an even more terrifying blood qi aura this time.

Upon looking carefully, he discovered that the streams of blood rivers appeared to be integrating with the two blood shadows.

The blood shadows were originally the same size as normal humans, but under his gaze, they expanded rapidly in size, and became two gigantic blood demons!

Overwhelming and unparalleled energy and qi emitted from the bodies of the two giant blood demons, and caused Nie Tian to be shocked. 

One of the giant blood demons suddenly extended his gigantic hand and attempted to grab Nie Tian.

The other giant blood demon emitted an earth shattering cry, as it released an overwhelming blood qi and flew fiercely and savagely over.

Yu Tong, who had vanished for some time, suddenly appeared sitting on the shoulder of the giant blood demon, who had emitted the cry, and her fleshy ripe lips had bright red blood dripping out.

Her eyes appeared to be totally dyed by fresh blood and at this moment, her body was emitting an extremely dangerous aura.

Her left hand held a pearl, which looked like a blood red eye ball, and that pearl was releasing a resplendent blood light.

“Spirit Weapon!”

With only a single glance, Nie Tian realized that the pearl in Yu Tong’s hand wasn’t some ordinary spirit weapon.

He could faintly feel that the streams of blood rivers, the integration of them and the giant blood demons, and even the movements of the two giant blood demons, were all affected by that pearl.

Yu Tong must have used that blood pearl to use the Blood Sect’s mysterious art!

“The blood demons have been formed... I think this time…” Yu Tong licked the sides of her bright red lips with an expression as if she had already won, and seemed to have time for a few words to insult Nie Tian.

However, she hadn’t finished her words, before she was suddenly shocked and became silent with a weird expression on her face.

This was because Nie Tian’s chest suddenly emitted the sounds of a loud and strong heartbeat.

That heartbeat was so hurried and loud, that she could hear it very clearly, even though she was a distance away from Nie Tian.

Just as Nie Tian’s body emitted that heartbeat, she suddenly realized that her forbidden blood sect art - Blood Circulation Backflow, was no longer able to affect him.

“I’ll use the same method to defeat you!”

Nie Tian bellowed, as he dashed forward with his body like a sharp arrow.

A gust of unlimited anger suddenly emitted from his heart and spread throughout his body, and it seemed like this had caused every drop of his blood and every pore of his body to emit ruthlessness and tyranny!

“What?!” Yu Tong was shocked.

At this moment, she could feel, that in the empty space above Nie Tian’s head, a giant shadow, which was capable of holding up the sky, existed!

She aggressively closed her eyes and used her senses. She suddenly discovered that Nie Tian’s fierce and tyrannical anger, appeared to have summoned a terrifying giant devil, which couldn’t be seen by the human eye, above his head!

She also felt that the giant devil, which could only be felt by her spirit senses, was emitting overwhelming anger and just the anger alone seemed to be capable of destroying the entire Green Illusion Realm!

The two giant blood demons, that she had made using the Blood Sect Arts, compared to this giant devil, were like insignificant little worms, as they weren’t even worth mentioning.

Yu Tong’s heart trembled.

Even if it was just for a moment, she discovered that that giant devil appeared to be separated by a vastness and immeasurable distance of space, but had gracefully appeared in the Green Illusion Realm.

This terrifying giant devil, which could not be seen by the human eye, only existed for a moment, before it suddenly disappeared.


However, the two blood demons had fallen, long ago, onto the ground, where they were creeping around, as she could no longer control the blood demons, who appeared to have gone crazy..

Just as she realized that things had become bleak, Nie Tian’s Angry Fist arrived!

“Blood Shield!” Yu Tong shrilly screamed.

The two blood demons, which were creeping on the ground and had gone crazy, suddenly morphed into two giant streams of blood light and combined into a blood red shield in front of her chest.

- Hong! -

Nie Tian’s fist smashed onto that blood shield and the recently formed blood shield actually had a hole punched through by his fist!

His fist broke the blood shield and smashed with authority onto her chest!

“Ai yah!”

Yu Tong spat out fresh blood and her dancer-like body also fell from mid air and landed heavily onto the ground.


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