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Chapter 66 - Unmoving like a Mountain

Three Yuan Fengs were positioned on three of Nie Tian’s sides, as they were plundering him like demons. 

Nie Tian, who was unable to differentiate between the real and the fake Yuan Fengs, no matter how hard he tried, calmed down and stood at his original spot, as he didn’t move a single muscle.

He suddenly figured something out. 

There were three Yuan Feng’s and only one of them was the true Yuan Feng, moreover, the real Yuan Feng was the only one that really caused him harm. If this was truly the case, then… he could temporarily ignore the other two fake Yuan Fengs. 

The fake Yuan Fengs absolutely couldn’t possess too strong of a power inside their bodies, something which the real Yuan Feng could!

Coming to this conclusion, by coping with the shifting events by sticking to a fundamental principle might be the wisest decision. 

Another Yuan Feng used his fist and bombarded Nie Tian’s chest. Nie Tian’s eyes didn’t blink, as he completely ignored that Yuan Feng. 

- Bang! -

The punch, that similarly contained spiritual energy, fell heavily on Nie Tian’s chest. His body slightly shuddered and a pained expression flashed across his face, but quickly passed.

This punch was countless times weaker as compared to Yuan Feng’s previous two attacks. With the strength of his corporeal body, Nie Tian was completely able to withstand it. 


Nie Tian, who had endured through one attack, could very easily distinguish that that attack had been caused by the fake Yuan Feng through the difference in the might of the attack. 

Slightly squinting his eyes, Nie Tian’s expression didn’t change. He was still unmoving from his original position, continuing to withstand the second Yuan Feng’s attack.

The second Yuan Feng’s attack came from the right side. 

The five fingers of that Yuan Feng were like hooks, scratching at Nie Tian’s shoulder in a single grasp.

- Schrak! -

The clothing covering his right shoulder was torn to shreds in a flash. A scorching pain came from the right shoulder of his naked body.

However, this level of pain was still in the region where he was capable of withstanding it. 

“Another fake one!”

Nie Tian, who had calmed down, still hadn’t moved a single muscle and was still calmly waiting.

- Bang! Peng, peng! -

After that, the two fake Yuan Fengs repeatedly attacked Nie Tian, continuously using their fists and claws to attack him.

Very quickly, Nie Tian had already endured close to over ten attacks. The clothes covering his upper body had already been ripped to shreds. His exposed skin also had strips of fine scars.

However, he still didn’t move, like a ten thousand year old boulder erected at its original spot, with an expressionless face.

The three Yuan Fengs were circling around Nie Tian, and were continuously attacking him. After seeing that he had been attacked multiple times, other than his body having more strips of scars, he didn’t seem to have sustained any major ailments and as such, Yuan Feng was also gradually becoming anxious.

Yuan Feng was different from Nie Tian. After Yuan Feng had experienced battles with the Blood Sect and Ghost Sect, he had been frantically running away.

In order to be away as far as possible from the Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect, he didn’t dare to stop for a rest along the way. His spiritual energy hadn’t been able to recover from the start.

The spirit stones, that he had been carrying on him, had already been depleted since a long time ago, when he was still in the glacier region. 

It was exactly because he had consumed too much energy, added on to the fact that he didn’t have spirit stones to recover, that when he encountered Nie Tian this time, in order not to waste his energy, he had only requested for Nie Tian’s spirit stones. 

Consequently, the Yuan Feng, who was now battling with Nie Tian, was actually considerably exhausted.

If he wasn’t able to dispose of Nie Tian in a short period of time and if this situation dragged on any further, Yuan Feng, who was displaying his “Grey Shadow Technique”, would still be consuming his energy in large amounts.

Moreover, he was also worried and afraid in his heart that the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect would find them. 

The two fake Yuan Fengs were sustaining Yuan Feng’s power, yet they were unable to really strike and kill Nie Tian, causing Nie Tian to start to feel that it was getting bearable.

The real Yuan Feng, who was muddled within the two fake Yuan Fengs, waited for a moment. Seeing as Nie Tian was still standing firmly, withstanding the attacks from the start, Yuan Feng finally stealthily made his move.

- Peng! -

Yuan Feng’s punch sturdily exploded on Nie Tian’s chest!

The sudden explosive power that came from this one punch made Nie Tian spurt out a mouthful of fresh blood again.

“It’s you!”

However, Nie Tian, who had long since been prepared, resisted the piercingly acute pain with much difficulty and ferociously pounced towards Yuan Feng, striking him to the ground all of a sudden.

Disregarding the frantic attacks of the other two fake Yuan Fengs behind him, Nie Tian hooked onto Yuan Feng’s neck with both his hands, continuously exerting his face, as he tried to pinch the bone of Yuan Feng’s neck to pieces.

- Bang, bang, bang! -

Dull rumbling sounds of strikes continuously rang out from behind him, as the two fake Yuan Fengs were doing their utmost to beat him.

“You can already go and die!”

Nie Tian gritted his teeth and his eyes were filled with a ruthless expression. Both his hands, that were hooked around Yuan Feng’s neck, seemed to be like metal locks that were being fastened tighter and tighter.

He could feel the vigorous fluctuations of spiritual energy from Yuan Feng’s neck. He knew, that when Yuan Feng had been restrained, Yuan Feng had already concentrated all of his spiritual energy to his neck.

He was actually unable to pinch Yuan Feng’s neck to pieces!

“Mental Attack!”

Nie Tian, who knew that he would only have one chance, frantically condensed his mental strength and ferociously expelled it towards Yuan Feng’s mind.

- Chi, chi! -

Between both his and Yuan Feng’s eyes, the explosive attack from the mental strength caused even strange sounds to resound in the air.

Yuan Feng, who was unable to breath, had fearful thoughts growing in his heart, as he was trying to utilise the “Solid Soul Technique” once more with much difficulty.

At such a close proximity, all of that tremendous mental strength of Nie Tian completely poured into Yuan Feng’s mind, causing confusion to Yuan Feng’s consciousness all of a sudden.

Nie Tian was continuously converging his spiritual energy towards Yuan Feng’s mind. As Yuan Feng was unable to concentrate his attention towards it, his spiritual energy scattered all of a sudden.

- Kacha! -

The clean and crisp sound of bones snapping finally rang out from Yuan Feng’s neck.

Once he heard that sound, Nie Tian’s taut mental state also suddenly relaxed.

He knew that Yuan Feng had already died!

The persistent feeling of pain, that was coming from his back, had also immediately disappeared in this moment.

He fell flat on his back and overturned from Yuan Feng’s body. When he looked behind him, Nie Tian realised that the two fake Yuan Fengs were like a thick fog, that had been blown away by the gale, as they were rapidly dissipating. 

“He finally died.”

As he was continuously gasping for breath, Nie Tian was calming down a little, as he was inwardly perceiving the condition of his own body.

Nie Tian practically didn’t consume any energy when battling with Yun Song. Indeed, he had almost instantly killed Yun Song. 

However, the process of attacking and killing Yuan Feng had been exceptionally dangerous.

In this moment, his naked upper body was completely covered in bloody crisscrossed scars. Those bloody scars originated from the fake Yuan Fengs’ attack.

The bloody scars were all flesh wounds. They looked frightening, but in reality, he hadn’t suffered any serious injuries.

His real injuries were all caused by the three attacks from the real Yuan Feng. Those three attacks had made him spit out fresh blood every single time. It seemed as though even his five viscera and six bowels had all slightly shifted.

“Yuan Feng, the Grey Valley’s seed, ninth Lianqi level. When he found me here, the spiritual energy in this fellow’s body was possibly not even half of when he is at his peak.”

“However, even if things were so, he almost killed me and made it so that I was to be consigned to eternal damnation!”

“The words that Yuan Feng had previously spoken were very reasonable. I haven’t been admitted into the Lingyun Sect and don’t understand how I should use my body’s superiority. Hence, I’m unable to turn my enormous mental strength into a powerful attack.”

“I don’t understand different kinds of exquisite spirit techniques and spirit skills, nor do I possess a single spirit weapon that I can take advantage of at any time. I’m at too much of a disadvantage when battling.”

“This round, when I leave the Green Illusion Realm, I must definitely stride into the ninth Lianqi level as soon as possible. Then, I’ll go to the Lingyun Sect and practice masterful techniques and spirit skills, and also obtain spirit weapons of a high grade.”


Looking at the overcast sky, Nie Tian sorted out his train of thoughts and concluded his lesson.

After a good long while, when he felt that his corporeal body wasn’t so painful anymore. He got up in an exasperatingly slow manner, as he went over to search the corpses of Yuan Feng and Yun Song.

Yuan Feng and Yun Song didn’t have a single spirit stone that Nie Tian could use on them. Yun Song was the shabbiest, because Nie Tian couldn’t obtain anything from his body.

That peculiar flag that Yuan Feng had on him was then collected by Nie Tian. 

Apart from this, there was also a map of the Green Illusion Realm. That map ought to have been drafted up by someone of the Grey Valley in order to make things easy for Yuan Feng to search for the Grade Two spirit beasts in the Green Illusion Realm.

He didn’t know how to make use of the flag. It was temporarily of not much help to him, but that map of the Green Illusion Realm, on the other hand, was extremely helpful. 

After storing the banner flag and map into his sack, he picked up the cloth pouch that he had previously set aside and took out two spirit stones, as he started to absorb the energy inside the spirit stones to recover.

The spiritual energy, that he had used up, was replenished very quickly through the use of the two spirit stones. However, the injuries on his body still needed time to slowly heal and recover completely.

“Even killing your own people. You really are ruthless. Nie Tian, was it? I will remember you.” Suddenly, a chill woman’s voice untimely rang out.

Yu Tong, who was dressed in bright red clothes from head to toe, emerged from a tall, bulging sand dune like a ghost. 

Through the use of the Blood Searching Compass, she had been following Yuan Feng and Yun Song’s. When Yuan Feng and Yun Song had encountered Nie Tian, she was still more than ten Li away from the three of them.

When she was slowly approaching and used her Blood Searching Compass to perceive her surroundings once more, she realised that there was actually only one blob remaining. 

She had originally thought that it was someone from the Ghost Sect, who had beaten her in killing Yuan Feng and Yun Song. 

However, when she had rushed to this place, the person that she saw was actually Nie Tian!

Nie Tian, who was similarly a trial taker from the four sects, had actually killed Yuan Feng and Yun Song, even though he was fully aware that the Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect were still in the Green Illusion Realm!

She didn’t know exactly how large the hatred between Nie Tian and both Yuan Feng and Yun Song was. However, since Nie Tian was alone, she believed that it was time to pay Nie Tian back. 

“Layers of Blood Shadows!”

She suddenly waved her hands in the direction of Yuan Feng and Yun Song’s corpses, only to see that fresh blood from Yuan Feng and Yun Song’s bodies suddenly came out in a hurricane-like motion. 

Fresh blood, that violently shot out from their bodies, rapidly evolved into two blood shadows under the influence of her spirit skill.

Once the blood shadows had solidified, the blood light in her pupils flashed and the two blood shadows immediately pounced towards Nie Tian.


Translator: The Most Awesome Nata
Editor: Sietse
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