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- Bang! -

Nie Tian fell heavily onto the ground. The flames of fury in the pupils of his eyes had been completely extinguished. 

He adjusted his breathing and stared at Yu Tong, who was ten meters away from him, with a cold and overcast expression on his face, secretly checking the condition of his body. 

“Damn it…”

After briefly perceiving his condition, he laughed bitterly in his heart, secretly crying out that the situation was anything but reassuring.

It was just as he had thought it would be. That single usage of the Angry Fist had completely consumed all of the spiritual energy in his spirit sea. 

In that moment, Nie Tian didn’t have a wisp of spiritual energy that he could use anymore!

Not only that, but the one punch, that he had hastily released with all his strength, had actually consumed a lot of his mental strength. In that moment, his mental state was also extremely terrible. 

He slightly moved his arm and immediately realised that even his arm had become immeasurably heavy. That one punch just now seemed to have exhausted all of the strength in his body. 

This experience was completely different from his previous ones. 

Previously, after his one attack, only his spiritual energy had been drained. His body had been slightly out of sorts, but his essence, Qi, and spirit were still plentiful. 

However, after he had launched that one attack this time around, the strength from his whole body seemed to have drained away, leaving practically nothing behind. 

Now, even the simplest motion of walking made him feel incomparably exhausted.

He was very clear that in this condition, he didn’t have any combat strength. Perhaps, even an ordinary person, who didn’t understand cultivation, could hurt him right now. 

He should have immediately sat down, cross-legged, and begun to recover his energy with spirit stones. 

However, he did not do so. 

That was because Yu Tong, whom he had violently attacked, was right in front of him. 

He knew that Yu Tong had also inevitably sustained injuries, but he was unclear of the actual condition of Yu Tong’s body. Once he had revealed that something was amiss, then as long as Yu Tong still had residual energy, she was bound to kill him, not letting the opportunity slip by. 

His condition definitely couldn’t be found out by Yu Tong. In that exact moment in time, he was already at the peak of weakness!

“Lowly person! How did that feel?”

He madly laughed in a loud voice, dragging his body, that was extremely exhausted, as he walked towards Yu Tong, one step at a time. 

He was very clear, that the more he put on a show of being strong, the more Yu Tong wouldn’t dare to act blindly without thinking!

That short distance of ten meters felt as though it was incomparably long. When he arrived by Yu Tong’s side, he only wanted to sit down and stop moving. 

However, he didn’t do so. Rather, he resisted his body, which was out of sorts, with much difficulty and looked down at Yu Tong, who had fallen to the ground. 

His eyes were filled with a cold, raw look. 

Yu Tong was lying weakly on the sandy ground. The blood colour in the pupils of her eyes had completely faded, and the colour of her face was prominently pale. The corner of her scarlet lips had specks of blood on them.

Specks of blood, that were the size of rice grains, were like beautiful, glistening fresh flowers. They were blossoming on the corner of her lips and her pure white neck, causing her to appear poignant and helpless at that moment. 

Yu Tong shut her lips tightly together. She calmly looked Nie Tian in the eye, not saying a single word.

Faint, bloody light was being discharged from her body, that was lying down on the ground. The bloody lights seemed to be protecting her, preventing her from sustaining any further injuries or harm.

Actually, she wasn’t in a state that was any better than Nie Tian’s.

When that one strike from Nie Tian had hit her, she seemed to have been frightened by the huge, invisible shadow, that had mysteriously appeared before her eyes. Even her heart and soul had trembled. 

The blood shield, that she had hurriedly condensed, was also unable to completely block Nie Tian’s attack. After Nie Tian’s fist had penetrated the blood shield, it had exploded on her chest.

The might of that strike had inflicted serious damage on her. The mental consciousness of that huge, invisible shadow, that she had perceived, had also dispersed with a bang. 

Her spiritual energy, Qi, and blood were condensed within the formation of the blood shield. The blood shield’s explosion caused her to sustain injuries from the recoil. Under the conditions of being forced to the point of helplessness, she released a secret Blood Sect technique - Blood Cocoon Technique.

The Blood Cocoon Technique could stabilize the rebellious Qi and blood in her body, enabling her to slowly recover, and also protect her to a certain extent.

But, when using the Blood Cocoon Technique to recover, not only could she not move, but she also couldn’t speak. 

The only thing that she could do, was to look at Nie Tian straight on. 

She did her utmost to appear calm, not exuding any fear. She didn’t let Nie Tian see through to the urgency and worry in her heart. 

“Why are you not talking?”

Nie Tian, who had a cold, raw look in his eyes, looked down at her from above and mischievously laughed, saying, “I have heard that you want to refine the fresh blood flowing through my body? Now that I am here, you can try and see.”

A severe look prominently emerged in Yu Tong’s eyes, but she still didn’t speak.

Nie Tian slightly furrowed his brows, secretly sizing Yu Tong up. His line of sight gradually dropped from her face to the rest of her body.

That misty bloody light that enveloped the whole of Yu Tong’s body seemed to be a thin layer of a blood cloud, completely wrapping that exquisite, ketone body of hers. It seemed as though the blood light was to ensure that she wouldn’t be subjected to any impending harm.

However, with the condition that Nie Tian was in right now, even if she didn’t have that layer of bloody light, it would still be difficult for him to kill Yu Tong.

The existence of that layer of bloody light caused him to understand, that even if he had already recovered a little bit of his spiritual energy, it would be difficult for him to break through the bloody light’s defence and kill Yu Tong in the Green Illusion Realm. 

“Is it that you are not willing to speak, or is it that you are unable to speak?” After watching silently for a moment, Nie Tian stroked his cheek, deep in thought, as he said, “You haven’t even budged your finger for a moment. Is it that… You have been injured to the point where you are unable to move already? Heh, in that case, would it be that I can do whatever I please?”

Once those words had been spoken, he saw that fear had finally appeared in Yu Tong’s eyes. 

“Haha!” He grinned and laughed. His mind was set, as he slowly crouched down beside Yu Tong. 

Stretching his hand out, he looked into Yu Tong’s eyes, as he used the forefinger of his right hand to briefly touch Yu Tong’s elegant chin. 

He saw panic and a look of humiliation in Yu Tong’s eyes. 

His finger carefully brushed Yu Tong’s chin. However, the first thing that he had touched was that thin layer of blood light. 

With his sense of touch, that thin layer of bloody light resembled a soft layer of skin. 

Nie Tian, who was secretly on guard, realised that nothing strange had suddenly happened to that layer of bloody light when he touched it, nor did it burn the bottom of his forefinger. 

He didn’t know that the bloody light, that the Blood Cocoon Technique had formed, would produce a powerful counterattack only when it detected fluctuations of spiritual energy. 

However, in this moment, Nie Tian had already exhausted all of his spiritual energy. That finger of his, that he used to briefly touch Yu Tong’s chin, didn’t carry a wisp of spiritual energy at all and because of that, was also unable to cause a counterattack from the Blood Cocoon Technique. 

“Huh, very interesting.”

Nie Tian chuckled and pressed the bottom of his finger downwards forcefully. He realised that the layer of thin bloody light stuck closely to the skin of Yu Tong’s chin and followed his press.

His finger separated the thin layer of bloody light and had actually lightly touched Yu Tong’s bright and clean chin. 

After he realised that the bloody light that enveloped the whole of Yu Tong’s body didn’t seem to be dangerous, his whole palm landed on Yu Tong’s face. 

Nie Tian, who was crouching, looked at Yu Tong with a ridiculing smile, that stretched from ear to ear. He too was no longer talkative, rather he only caressed Yu Tong’s cheek with his palm.

Yu Tong’s eyes revealed the bone-deep hatred, that she had towards Nie Tian. She was so angry that she was nearly going crazy. If not for the fact that she was in the unusual state, that came with the Blood Cocoon Technique, she would have already torn Nie Tian into shreds, regardless of anything else. 

“Oh, are you angry?” Nie Tian’s smile vanished and the expression on his face gradually turned cold. “I heard from Yuan Feng, that many of the trial takers from the Ling Bao Court and Lingyun Sect have died by your hands. Amongst those people that you killed, there was my best friend and also possibly… my Elder Brother from the Nie Family.”

“You killed my friends. Yet, I am only touching your face. What right do you have to be so angry?”

As he said as such, that hand of his that brushed Yu Tong’s cheek suddenly trailed along Yu Tong’s slender and long neck and moved downwards.

Yu Tong’s eyes widened and the expression of fear suddenly deepened on her face. The ketone body of hers lightly trembled, as she lay down on the sandy ground, seeming as though it was following the fear in her heart. 

Nie Tian still looked coldly at her; however, his hand moved towards Yu Tong’s breasts, little by little. He then firmly groped them a few times.

Yu Tong, who had her eyes wide open from the start, seemed to find the humiliation unbearable, as she suddenly closed her eyes.

A strange, devilish, blood-red luster gradually appeared on her snow-white skin. 

Nie Tian, who was very close to her, suddenly felt a sense of uneasiness rise in his heart. He seemed to know that some kind of change, that he was unable to comprehend, was happening on Yu Tong’s body.

His hand, that had stopped over Yu Tong’s chest suddenly moved downwards, ripping off a leather pouch from Yu Tong’s waist. 

Opening the leather pouch, he saw that only a few Jin of dried meat was stored within it, along with a bottle of drinking water. 


He waved his hand in Yu Tong’s direction and took out the dried meat. He tore at the dried meat, gobbling it in huge mouthfuls, while gulping down huge mouthfuls of water.

He knew that because of the existence of that layer of bloody light, it was basically impossible for him to kill Yu Tong. After a round of humiliating Yu Tong, he withdrew and left without the slightest bit of hesitation. 

Four hours after he had left, the bloody light, that enveloped the whole of Yu Tong’s body suddenly exploded into pieces. 

“Nie Tian!”

Yu Tong’s hysterical scream resounded out from the barren land. That scream was filled with monstrous hatred, that could overspill the heavens. 


Translator: Nataaa
Editor Zzzach and Sietse
From XianXiaWorld

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