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After Yun Song had been killed by Nie Tian, Yuan Feng, who had originally been rushing forward to make his move, immediately calmed down.

He stopped five meters in front of Nie Tian, and stared intently, as he probed the extent of Nie Tian’s true strength.

However, upon hearing that Nie Tian also wanted to kill him, he immediately became agitated again.

“You also wish to kill me?” Yuan Feng laughed angrily.

Facing Yuan Feng, Nie Tian nodded his head seriously, and said with an attitude as though everything was normal, “If you are to walk out of the Green Illusion Realm, wouldn’t the death of Yun Song at my hands be revealed? Since things have come to this stage, there is no point in saying anything else. It’s either my death or yours. Naturally, I hope that you’ll be the one to die.”

Once he finished, Nie Tian once again focused on gathering his strong mental energy.

His eyes looked towards Yuan Feng, and suddenly flashed like the cold stars in the night sky.

The speed of mental energy was much faster than that of the physical body or spirit qi!

Within a short amount of time, his mental energy was formed into a sharp blade and rushed toward Yuan Feng’s mind. 

- Hong! - 

Yuan Feng’s body shook tremendously, as his expression became distorted and his eyes filled with both amazement and horror. 

“Such strong mental energy!” 

At that very moment, he finally understood why Yun Song was killed so quickly by Nie Tian. 

Yun Song, who was at the seventh Lianqi level, was only slightly inferior to Nie Tian in terms of his cultivation, and ordinarily shouldn’t have been so helpless. 

But, just now, Nie Tian’s first strike hadn’t succeeded, yet at his second attack Yun Song had died a horrible death; it really wasn’t conform common sense for this to happen. 

And because he was skeptical about Yun Song’s mysterious death, when Yuan Feng was coming over, he didn’t act rashly. 

In truth, he was also afraid of Nie Tian’s unknown methods. 

But, when Nie Tian’s formidable mental energy had transformed into a sharp blade, suddenly piercing his mind, realization immediately dawned upon him. 

Nie Tian had vast amounts and extraordinary mental energy!

“Solid Soul Technique!” 

Yuan Feng coldly snorted and immediately utilized a Grey Valley secret technique, Solid Soul. 

When Nie Tian’s enormous sharp blade of mental energy attacked Yuan Feng’s mind, he discovered that Yuan Feng’s mind had become like an impregnable fortress.

The sharp blade of the handle, seemed as if it had chopped into solid rock, as it unexpectedly didn’t inflict heavy damage to Yuan Feng’s soul. 

Right when he saw that his mental energy’s attack didn’t have any effect, he decisively released the mental energy, and took all of the energy back. 

“The greatest experts in mental energy attacks are the Ghost Sect disciples. We, the Grey Valley, have been fighting the Ghost Sect for years on end; did you really believe that we wouldn’t have any means to respond to their mental energy attacks?” 

Once Yuan Feng was able to clearly understand the methods Nie Tian had used to suddenly kill Yun Song, instead of becoming anxious, his heart actually settled down. 

With Grey Valley’s secret technique “Solid Soul Technique” in position around his soul, he walked very composedly and slowly towards Nie Tian. 

An increasingly strong spirit power fluctuation emitted from within his body, as he slowly approached. 

Nie Tian suddenly became serious, as he focussed his gaze. 

He suddenly realized that the Grey Valley’s “seed”, Yuan Feng, was indeed different from Yun Song. 

Yun Song was only in the seventh Lianqi level and was far from the level where he would be able to gain Grey Valley’s recognition. In addition, regarding Yun Song’s innate cultivation talent, even if he was formally accepted to join the Grey Valley, he would absolutely not be Grey Valley’s “seed”. 

Yun Song hadn’t even entered the Grey Valley yet, nor had he come into contact with the mysterious arts of the Grey Valley. As such, he hadn’t yet been taught the “Solid Soul Technique”, and that was the reason why he was unable to withstand even one attack from Nie Tian’s mental energy.

As he pondered, he also realized that Du Kun of the Ghost Sect had been defeated in one instant by his mental energy attack, because he had already been injured by the backlash.

If it wasn’t for the backlash, caused by the death of the seven evil ghosts, the Ghost Sect’s Du Kun wouldn’t have suffered such a tragic defeat after the penetration of his mental energy attack.

Once he understood the reasons, he also knew that his extraordinary mental energy was actually not as as advantageous as before.

He adjusted his breathing to calm himself down, and he no longer dared to look down on Yuan Feng, as he secretly prepared for a bloody battle.

“Grey Shadow Arts!”

At this moment, Yuan Feng lightly said these words, before two grey shadows flew out from the vigorously moving spirit qi in his body. 

Two blurry grey shadows, which seemed to be made from spirit qi, flew out of his body and fiercely lunged over.

At the same time, Yuan Feng grimly smiled, as he took out a grey flag from around his waist.

The flag fluttered in the wind and various twisting weird images appeared on the flag’s surface. These images, which were moving like an earthworm, appeared to have been infused with strong spirit qi.

The two blurry shadows, which had lunged towards Nie Tian, suddenly appeared clearer and sharper after the flag had appeared.

“Two new Yuan Fengs!”

Nie Tian’s face paled, as the two originally blurry grey shadows suddenly morphed into two Yuan Fengs in front of his eyes.

What was even more shocking, was that when he used his mental energy, he actually discovered that both Yuan Fengs had spirit qi and life fluctuations!

These two Yuan Fengs obviously had no physical bodies, but after they were given spirit qi and life by that flag, it became difficult for him to decipher which Yuan Feng was the real one.

“Spirit weapon! He used a spirit weapon!”

Without thinking too much, he hurriedly avoided them, and didn’t heatedly clash head on with the two Yuan Fengs.

This was because, right at this moment, the third Yuan Feng, who was holding the flag, suddenly flew over with a grim smile.

In a split second, that Yuan Feng had already joined the other two Yuan Fengs, and they had all exchanged positions with illusionary and quick movements.

All these Yuan Fengs had signs of life and solid physical bodies, and they all wore grey clothes and had the same expression on their faces. It seemed impossible to find a difference between them.

However, he understood that the real Yuan Feng was the key to this battle!

Once he killed the real Yuan Feng, the other two fake Yuan Fengs would immediately vanish, and would no longer be able to pose a threat to him.

The three Yuan Fengs no longer spoke and kept changing positions, as they attacked him again and again.

He was unable to find the real Yuan Feng, even with his mental energy, and could only keep avoiding. When he was unable to avoid, he had no choice but to grit his teeth and fight.

- Peng! -

He punched the chest of one Yuan Feng, however that Yuan Feng appeared to be made from air. Even though he had hit that Yuan Feng’s body, it appeared as if there was no contact at all.

He immediately understood that this Yuan Feng, who had received his punch, was a shadow created by the Grey Shadow Art.

After his punch had landed, he was secretly sighing, as thing were looking bleak for him, when he suddenly felt a great pain coming from his back.

His body had been hit by a punch and he staggered forward due to the impact.

He turned around and saw another Yuan Feng, who grinned and lunged towards him again.

He immediately readied his fists to meet the attack.

- Peng! -

His fist connected with that Yuan Feng’s palm but it seemed like he was hitting a palm made from air once again.

Since his fist had failed to connect, he lost his balance and violently fell forward.

At this moment, yet another tremendous energy smashed vigorously onto his back.

He immediately spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

He suddenly realised, in the instant that he had turned around, the Yuan Feng who had sneakily attacked him from the back, had already changed positions with the other fake Yuan Feng at the speed of lightning.

The Yuan Feng he had turned around for to face, was yet another Fake Yuan Feng, who had changed position!

The real Yuan Feng had used the same technique of attacking him sneakily, when he turned over to face the fake Yuan Feng.

After two successful attacks, the three Yuan Fengs all moved away to keep a distance from him.

The real Yuan Feng faced him and shook his head, as he appeared a bit disappointed.

“This is really such a pity. You have such strong mental energy, but no skill to complement it and you’re even unable to utilize that outstanding mental energy to transform it into an even more powerful attack.”

“Furthermore, since the Lingyun Sect didn’t bring you up the mountain yet, it seems that you don’t have any skills, arts or techniques to utilize your spirit qi either.”

“Finally, you don’t even have a decent spirit qi weapon.”

“Being unable to fully utilize your mental energy, without complementary skills to utilize your spirit qi, and no spirit weapon...”

“The you right now, has extraordinary mental energy and good spirit qi, but you can only wait to die.”

“You can only blame this on the fact that you entered the Green Illusion Realm way too early, when your cultivation level was insufficient. And that you were unlucky to meet me this early on.”

“Otherwise, if you had been brought up the mountain by the Lingyun Sect, had cultivated deep powerful arts and skills and had been bestowed with a spirit weapon, you may have become a big thorn in my side.”

“However, right now, you can only die.”

After having given his insights, Yuan Feng no longer spoke and the three bodies suddenly swiftly changed positions again.

Once the positions changed again, Nie Tian was no longer able to see who the real Yuan Feng was.


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