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"I can barely stand…" Nie Tian could only barely sit up on the altar. It was somewhat depressing, but it took him just a moment to realize that there was something unusual here. 

For him this was a hurdle that he must overcome to become stronger.

The more powerful the gravitational force in the environment, the more severe the burden on the body, which made this an excellent place to train and build one’s muscles.

Since he was young, he knew he was stronger than his peers. He also relied on his powerful strength to make up for the differences in their fighting level whenever he fought with Nie Hong. 

"Whew!" Taking a deep breath, he started with trying to move his arms under the terrifying force of the gravitational field. The arm was comparatively lighter than the body by many times. Under the same gravitational pull, the arm would naturally be much lighter. 

Sure enough, although the movement of the arm was more difficult than usual, at least it was able to move. It was at this broken altar, that he sat and relentlessly raised his arm by force, trying as hard as possible to point them towards the sky, and to feel the effects of the gravity field on the arm.

In the meantime, he also took a look around him.

"Well!" Looking at the giant hands that extended out one by one from the Earth to the heavens, something flashed in his mind. Each of these giant hands was pointing towards the sky with a different posture and it looked as though they contained some kind of emotion in it. Nie Tian, who had been raising his arm to point towards the sky all this time, felt bored at first. But after he noticed the different postures of the giant hands, he opened his mind and started to learn the postures of the giant hands pointing at the sky.

The first one he learned was the one with all five fingers clenched tightly into a fist, with the tendons bulging at the back of the fist, and pointing at the sky.

He was staring intently at that mountain-like giant hand, and he realised that a wave of discontented fury and rage seemed to be coming from the giant hand.

For unknown reasons, just by watching it, a surge of anger was actually breeding in his heart. The eye that was watching the giant hand also unconsciously became shrouded with raging anger. His expression became irritable and angry, and a kind of rage formed in his heart that made one want to destroy the sky and break free of all restraints.

The hand that mimicked the posture of the giant hand seemed to obtain some spiritual power after the change in his mood. He could actually feel the spiritual power from his Dantian’s sea of spiritual power suddenly jump up and rapidly flow along his veins to his raised hand.

In his arm, each vein seemed to contain flames of rage, and the spiritual power that was flowing in the veins also seemed to have added feelings of anger.

- Sss! Sss! - A pale, white spiritual light suddenly appeared on the back of his raised fist!

Strands of the spiritual light were wrapped around his fist. Even those strands contained unrestrained anger, which seemed to increase the power released from the spiritual light.

"The sixth Lianqi level! External overflow of spiritual power!" At the sixth Lianqi level, the body’s spiritual power could leave the body and ignite an explosion of spiritual power in the enemy’s body through physical contact with the enemy.

When he was fighting with Nie Hong previously, Nie Hong who was in the sixth Lianqi level, had used his fist to ignite an explosion of the lightning spiritual power remnants in his body, when their fists had come into contact.

That was why the multiple times he had gone head to head with Nie Hong, had left many remnants of lightning power in his body, making him suffer unbearably. 

Not long ago, when he was in the Seventy-Third Mine, he somehow entered the realm of the sixth Lianqi level, but he had never really tested the wonders of overflowing spiritual power.

Now, in this unknown world, he had barely encountered any difficulties and yet, all of a sudden, he was able to do a sixth Lianqi level’s external overflow of spiritual power.

He didn’t expect this. 

Because, according to what Nie Qian said, immediately after reaching the sixth Lianqi level, repeated attempts would still be necessary to be able to freely reveal, release, and store one’s spiritual power.

And yet it only took him one try to succeed. Not only that, but he could also clearly feel that the spiritual power that appeared on the fist came with a surge of furious intent.
Emotions are not a property of spiritual power. They shouldn’t be contained within spiritual power, but he believed that the emotions of anger attached to his spiritual power had its own merits.

Unfortunately, Nie Hong wasn’t here, otherwise he could test whether there was extra power from the emotions of anger through a punch.

"Huh?" When his thoughts began to wander, his mood changed to one no longer filled with an unrestrained rage. The spiritual power that had converged in the arm instantly flowed back to the Dantian’s sea of spiritual power, and the spiritual power on his arm also suddenly disappeared.

Soon, he realized that he wasn’t able to maintain a consistent mood of anger and bad temper, because he had been distracted. When his mind became calm after the rage, there was no strange sensation on his fist that was pointed to the sky anymore. The spiritual power had returned to his Dantian, and everything had gone back to normal.

"Mood! Mood is the key!" Realising that, he concentrated and looked at the distant mountains of the giant hands again.

He put his heart into feeling the giant hand that was balled up in a fist, and he felt all the monstrous rage hidden in it. When he gradually submerged himself in it, he once again found that he was influenced and that his heart quickly became angry. 

After the wrath was overflowing in his heart, he mimicked the giant hand’s posture, clenched his fist, and slowly punched towards the sky.

A plume of spiritual power once again flew out like a hurricane from his Dantian’s sea of spiritual power as he stretched into the right position. It was instantly injected into the veins within his arm, and roared as it made its way into his fist.

- Sss! Sss! - Pale, white spiritual power flashed out from his fist. The spiritual power carried with it a ferocious emotion of anger.

"This is it!” A sense of joy crept up in his heart. At the same time, the feeling of rage that he tried so hard to cultivate, suddenly disappeared.

It took him a second to realize that the sensation had just now left him again. However, through this attempt, he had found the secret to the trick, and then he practiced it repeatedly. 

In the attempts after that, as long as he maintained the anger in his heart, the strange sensation of the fist filled with emotions of anger would always be there. But, he also found that he could only manifest the emotions of anger in his heart when he was staring at the distant giant hand. When he didn’t look at the giant hand and used his own generated rage to try to muster the sensation again, that mysterious strange sensation wouldn’t appear.

It seemed that he could get the secret by truly understanding the angry perception and the discontentment within the fist. Recognizing this fact, he calmed down and no longer tried meaningless things, but stared at the giant hand that pointed to the sky instead. He used his heart to fully understand the emotions of the owner of the giant hand when he threw this punch. He put his whole being into it, disregarding the passage of time, his surroundings, and even his own identity. When he gave up his own identity, he entered a trance in which he created a feeling in which he was the owner of the giant hand. His mind became fearless against his restrictions, and he dared to fight the Commander of Heaven and Earth, fearlessly resisting the heavens.

- Chi chi! - After an unknown period of time, the animal bone at his feet suddenly produced sparks and flames. The drop of fresh blood that had condensed in the animal bone seemed to be consuming its flame energy, but this time, when the flame was consumed to a certain extent, the animal bone suddenly mutated.

- Hu Chi! Hu Chi! - Clusters of flames from the inside of the animal bone escaped and woke Nie Tian. Nie Tian looked, and suddenly found that the blood drop inside the bone seemed much smaller than when it was first condensed. He immediately realized that the animal bone had unknowingly consumed a considerable amount of flame energy. As he was still in bewilderment, the animal bone continue to change, transforming into a bright flame vortex again.

Looking at this bright vortex, created by flames, he, all of a sudden, came to understand that the flame energy inside the animal bone was just enough to open the return tunnel. Otherwise, as the flame energy was consumed continuously, there wouldn’t be enough power to form the bright flame vortex to send him home.

"I can only leave this place for now?" While touching the vortex of flames, he looked back at those giant hands, and felt reluctant to leave. But the animal bone didn’t give him any more time to think and the bright vortex of flames swallowed him whole.


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Editors: Zach and Sietse
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