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Chapter 25 - A different place

- Chi chi! - Inside the animal bone, Nie Tian’s consciousness had just entered the drop of fresh blood, when it suddenly ignited. 

Nie tian read a ray of soul, clearly saw a trace of the line of fire in the blood, suddenly twist together and turned into a faintly exotic monster stripe.

The monster stripe made a continuously changing, very mysterious dragon pattern It is because it is changing that's why it is mysterious.

“Yiiiiiiii!” Nie Tian exhaled softly and tried to calm down his emotions.

As if he had touched some secret point, the animal bone suddenly flew out of his palm and hovered near his chest, ablaze. .

His consciousness instantly returned from the animal bone back to his body.

He stared at the animal bone.

- Chi chi! - A plume of fire swirled around the animal bone, as it was also gradually rotating, creating a large suction force. 

A few seconds later, a light flame vortex was created by the animal bones and the fire lines.

- Ka, ka! - The vortex formed a crack in space. Strange noises could be heard coming from the surrounding area and colorful lights spilled out of the crack.

Inside the room, the stone tea table and various clothes on his bed, due to the suction force, flew into the cracks and disappeared. 

A few moments later, the stone table and the slate on the floor were also being sucked into the crack.

- Zhi ga! Zhi ga! - The bed under Nie Tian was also unable to withstand the huge suction force and was about to fly into the crack. .

He suddenly felt terrified as he realized that if he were dragged into the crack, he would most likely never see his grandfather or Nie Qian again.

When his terror reached its peak, and he was about to shout for help, the light flame vortex seemed to turn into a ferocious monster’s mouth, and swallowed him whole. 

After that, the light flame vortex drastically shrunk, until it was only a grain-sized dot of fire.

The fire dot flashed a couple times in his room, and then disappeared into thin air.

- Whirr! - Gaps of space suddenly appeared and the absorption force increased. After all the material objects in the room had been absorbed, the gaps of space closed, one by one

Only after the light flame vortex and the strange flashes near the crack in space had disappeared, did the small room revert to its original state.

However, the stone table, wooden bed, and other objects were all gone, along with Nie Tian. 

“Little Tian, are you sleeping?” A moment later, Nie Qian’s voice could be heard from outside the small room. 

Nie Qian had explained to Nie Donghai about the terrifying experience with the animal bone. After which, Nie Donghai had said that he believed that Nie Tian could handle it, but he was still worried about him, so he and Nie Qian had come over together. He wanted to use his experience and vision to explore the secrets of the animal bone.

Nie Qian called out for awhile, but with no response from Nie Tian, she couldn’t endure anymore and forced the room’s door open.

“Ahhhhh!” Upon entering the room, she saw that the room was completely empty and immediately shouted out in shock.

Veins suddenly appeared on Nie Donghai’s forehead, and without any further thinking, he loudly shouted, ”How dare the Yuan Family kidnap Little Tian from inside the Nie Family Household!” He thought, that when Yuan Qiuying had found out that the two attackers had disappeared, she had arranged for stronger people to take action. 

“Dad, what we should do?” Nie Xian cried in anguish, as if she had lost her soul.

“The Yun Family and the Yuan Family must immediately release Little Tian! I’ll go find second eldest brother right now. He is currently the head of the Nie Family. If he isn’t willing to protect Little Tian, then I’ll never let him go!” Nie Donghai immediately left in a rage to go find Nie Beichuan, in order to quickly find out what had happened to Nie Tian.

“Yuan Qiuying! If anything happens to my Little Tian, I’ll never let you go as long as I’m alive!” Nie Qian swore. 


An unknown area, with an aura rich beyond imagination. 

There were eight dragon skeletons, each around eight kilometers long. They were arranged in an octagonal pattern, all facing towards a broken, archaic, bloodstained altar, which seemed to have experienced countless years of corrosion. 

A little burst of fire suddenly flashed from the heart of altar and expanded rapidly.

“Bang!” A child’s shadow appeared from the burst of fire, and was heavily thrown onto the ground.

- Paaa taaa! - In the next moment, the burst of fire shrunk into a tiny bone piece, which fell at the child’s feet. 

Nie Tian, dizzy and wracked with pain, lay spread-eagle on the altar, facing the sky. 

“What the hell is this place?” He stared at the sky, as he was slowing regaining his senses. 

A few seconds ago he was still in his own room. He could only recall that it was the light flame vortex, which was transformed by the animal bone, that had swallowed him.

This was how he had arrived in this place now.

While he was lying on the altar, he could feel the gravitational force of this place was ten times stronger than the force formed by the yellow shield.

His back was pressed firmly against the cold, hard surface of the stone. He finally, slowly, rose up to a sitting position after using all of his strength.

“The spiritual power is rich here. It is ten times stronger than the one in the Lingyun Mountain.” While he was breathing, he could feel the spiritual power permeating in the air. It was like a stream, flowing into his heart.

Suddenly, he got excited and started to look around.

“Dragon heads! There are eight, huge dragon heads here! “ He could see that eight, huge dragon heads, which looked like hills, were surrounding him.

There was no flesh on the eight dragon heads. Only their white skulls were left.

There were no eyeballs. The empty eye sockets all faced him, as if they were staring at him. Nie Tian was a bit spooked by this.

He quickly looked away and then focused past the dragon heads. There, he could see the entire dragon skeletons. The bodies extended to over a kilometer away.

In the distance, under the dark sky, there seemed to be many mountain peaks. They were as tall as the Lingyun Mountain. While he was observing them, he became stunned. 

He realized that the mountain peaks he was observing, were actually huge arms.

The huge arms were all dark-yellow. Some fists were clenched tightly, as though they were expressing their anger. Some fingers were wide open. It looked like they were trying to grab the sky. Some of them formed into special handprints, as though it contained all the moral values.

Every huge arm looked like gigantic peaks pointed to the sky, when they were being observed from far.

On the other side of the arms, there was something like the roots of old trees, buried deeply in the soil. 

It seemed that the real body of the huge arms was in the soil. They were trying to break through the land covering them and head into the sky.

Only the arms, that were as large as mountains, could be seen. Nie Tian couldn’t imagine the actual size of the owners of the arms that were buried in the soil.

He counted from one to thirty-two. Only then did he realize that there were thirty-two huge arms right over there.

There must be at least sixteen huge creatures buried in the soil.

He thought to himself, “Eight huge dragons and also at least another sixteen horror creatures. Where am I now? What is this place? Am I dreaming?” 

He bit his tongue mercilessly. However, he could feel the excruciating pain immediately.

“This isn’t a dream? It’s different compared to the other situations I experienced. This mustn’t be a dream!” he said. He still remembered, that after the battle between him and Nie Hong, he had a high fever for quite a long time and had different dreams frequently.

In his dreams, he didn’t know where he was. He felt the scenario was almost the same this time.

But he always knew that these were just dreams. They weren’t real at all. 

This time, however, he was sure that he wasn’t in a dream, but in reality. He was in a strange place and he had know idea where it was.

- Chi Chi! - The animal bone that brought him into this place was flashing at his side.

He looked at the bone.

He didn’t know why, but he experienced an endless sadness while looking at the flashing bone.

The flashing bone seemed to be telling him something.

“Dragon?“ He recalled the Seventy-Third Mined, the animal bone, the coagulation of the drop of fresh blood, and the space inside the drop of fresh blood. .

The space was filled with raging flames. They combined together to form a huge dragon.

After that, during his journey back to Black Cloud City, he had thrown the animal bone at the two men in blue. The bone had transformed into a dragon-shaped flame.

After thinking carefully, he realized that the bone should be a part of a huge dragon.

At the side of the altar, there were bones that were left by the eight huge dragons. He suspected that they were the same species of dragon.

“I should go around to have a look. Perhaps this place wasn’t only as big as what I observed, but also has a lot of secrets.” He decided to stand up and have a look, but then he realized that there was a secret power controlling his movement.

He actually couldn’t get up.


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