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At the Nie Family Household.

Nie Tian had disappeared for ten whole days. In those ten days, Nie Donghai had forced Nie Beichuan to go with him and get Nie Tian back from the Yun family.

However, the Yun Family indignantly insisted that Nie Tian’s disappearance had nothing to do with them.

In the past, due to their resentment towards Nie Donghai, the Lingyun Sect usually didn’t take interest in his matters.

However this time, due to unknown reasons, after Nie Donghai reported Nie Tian’s disappearance, the sect actually immediately made preparations for Li Fan to descend the mountain.

Li Fan led Nie Donghai and ransacked the Yun Family Household without caring for the Yun’s dignity.

It was a pity, however, because Li Fan didn’t find Nie Tian in the Yun Family Household.

Li Fan didn’t stop there, and went on to the Yuan Family Household in Han Shi City. He searched the place high and low as before.

However it all proved to be futile.

Ten days later, Li Fan stayed at the Nie Family Household, and used the forces of the Lingyun Sect to search each surrounding city, looking for Nie Tian’s whereabouts.

This time, the Lingyun Sect was truly concerned about Nie Tian’s disappearance, searching the whole world.

As the patriarch of the Nie family, although gloating a little upon seeing the Lingyun Sect having to mobilize so many forces, Nie Beichuan still provided his full cooperation.

At dawn, Nie Qian and Nie Donghai came to Li Fan’s guest room, asking for the latest news from the Lingyun Sect.

Upon seeing Li Fan shake his head, Nie Qian helplessly pleaded, “Mr. Li, Little Tian is our emotional support. We are left with only Little Tian… Please, you must find him.”

“Please continue your efforts,” a teary-eyed Nie Donghai pleaded.

In these past ten days, he hadn’t had a good night’s sleep. He looked increasingly frail.

Nie Tian’s disappearance had made him feel devastated, like he was plagued by sickness. He softly called for Nie Tian during the night, hoping he might suddenly return.

“I have looked for many acquaintances looking for news of Nie Tian within a hundred li. As soon as he appears, I will be informed.” Li Fan made a great deal of promises, then he frowned, showing some confusion. “Let me be truthful to you. This... may really have nothing to do with the Yun Family and the Yuan Family. There are people within their families that have ties with our sect, and after inquiring them, it seems they truly have no knowledge of that kid, Nie Tian’s, matter.”

“If it wasn’t the Yun Family or the Yuan Family, then who would it be?” Nie Qian had almost given up hope.

The importance that the Lingyun Sect addressed Nie Tian’s matter with, had made Nie Donghai and Nie Qian feel very touched, knowing that they had tried their best.

Even though the Lingyun Sect used this much power, they still couldn’t find Nie Tian. If it were just the Nie Family… it would be even more impossible.

“Lay down your worries. As long as Nie Tian is still alive, there will be a way.” Li Fan comforted.

It was at this moment, that Li Fan’s expression suddenly changed. He gave a small “Huh?” and immediately left the room.

Nie Donghai and Nie Qian hurriedly followed.

“There! There’s something wrong with the fluctuation of space!” After exiting the door, Li Fan pointed to a spot, with an odd expression on his face. “There is a crack in space!”

Nie Donghai and Nie Xi looked towards the direction Li Fan was pointing, and heard a loud noise coming from Nie Tian’s room.

“It is Little Tian’s room!”

Nie Xi and Nie Donghai, inhaled sharply, and ran over as fast as they could.

Upon hearing that was the room Nie Tian had disappeared from, Li Fan felt overwhelmed, and became interested.

- Siu! -

Like a flash, Li Fan rushed in front of Nie Xi and Nie Donghai, reaching the place of the incident.

When Nie Qian and Nie Donghai were about to approach the room, Li Fan hoarsely cried, “Do not step closer!”

The other Nie clan members also felt the odious change and came from all around the Family Household.

Very soon, a dozen or so Nie clan members had gathered around Nie Tian’s room.

- C-crack! -

Nie Tian’s small stone hut suddenly burst open under the crowd’s eyes.

Luminous cracks appeared one by one, crisscrossing over the hut like sharp knives.

From those cracks, blinding bright lights continuously flashed out. The flashes were like shooting stars, flashing and disappearing, from the unknown space within the cracks.

The area of space became incredibly unstable, with a distorted magnetic field and colourful sparks coming out of the cracks in space.

Upon touching objects, the sparks instantly burst, creating a gigantic and loud impact.

- Boom! -

Nie Tian’s stone hut finally burst open, and while the stones shattered, the cracks wiggled around, becoming increasingly unstable.

“Everybody back off!”

Li Fan’s expression twisted, and he gave a loud shout, making all the Nie clansmen leave the vicinity immediately.

“Make way! Everyone make way!”

Nie Beichuan, who had hurriedly come over to see this extraordinary scene, also lost his composure and shouted loudly.

The Nie clansmen were already feeling insecure, and upon hearing Li Fan and Nie Beichuan’s reminders, they left the area.

When they were about a hundred metres away, they felt somewhat more secure and looked back at the distorted space.

“Nie Tian!”

“It’s Nie Tian!”

“Nie Tian is in the pile of rocks!”

Some sharp-eyed clansmen suddenly shouted, their voices filled with appall and disbelief.

At this moment, Nie Donghai and Nie Qian also noticed the fallen stone hut. From within the pile of debris, a small figure stood up.

That figure, impressively, was Nie Tian!

Nie Tian stood up within the pile of debris, face full of bewilderment and a bit dizzy, not knowing what events had transpired.

He looked up, saw the streaks of wiggling cracks in space, and subconsciously ducked down, afraid of being touched by these cracks in space.

“Everybody, don’t move!” Li Fan reminded loudly once again, and looked at Nie Tian with burning eyes. “Nie Tian! Stand as you are and don’t move!”

“Okay.” Nie Tian nodded his head.

Li Fan deeply breathed in, and his face slowly turned red. Suddenly, he took out a jade pendant and emotionally shouted at the pendant with his might, “Master! A disruption in space has appeared at the Nie Family Household!”

“Stay where you are! Do not try to move, I am coming!” A majestic voice came from within the pendant.

When the voice boomed out, Nie Donghai, Nie Beichuan, and the entire Nie Family felt shocked.

They judged the voice and found it to be the patriarch of the Lingyun Sect, Jiang Zisu!

The Nie family was only one of the vassals of the Lingyun Sect. From the time they had established themselves in Black Cloud City, Jiang Zisu hadn’t visited them a single time.

Even as patriarchs, Nie Donghai and Nie Beichuan had barely met Jiang Zisu a handful amount of times on the Lingyun Mountain.

This time, Jiang Zisu actually wanted to personally come to the Nie Family Household. This news shocked every clansmen of the Nie family.

“Other than the Nie Family Patriarch, everybody leave immediately!” Li Fan deepened his voice, and pointed to Nie Donghai. “You may stay too. Everyone else leave! And keep your mouth shut about this! The fact that a disruption in space has appeared at the Nie Family Household must not be let out!”

“What are you doing, just standing there?! Listen to Mr. Li and leave this place immediately!” Nie Beichuan shouted.

The mass of Nie clansmen, who had gathered around this place, under his orders, doubtfully backed away from the vicinity.

Even Nie Qian, who was worried about Nie Tian, also left slowly under Nie Donghai’s urging.

“A lot is at stake. My master will be here shortly, so we should wait here,” Li Fan said seriously, after the other clansmen had left.

“Understood.” Nie Donghai and Nie Beichuan were at their wit’s end, and agreed by nodding profusely.

However, while they were patiently waiting for Jiang Zisu to arrive, the space cracks that mysteriously appeared, closed back just as mysteriously.

“This…” Nie Beichuan was shocked.

In a very short time, all space cracks that appeared had disappeared.

The disrupted space magnetic field slowly returned to normal. The odd scenery in the sky also disappeared with everything.

“How did this happen?” Li Fan was at a loss.

Upon seeing the cracks in space disappear, Nie Donghai’s face began to show some cheerfulness.

Because he knew, that Nie Tian was finally safe.

“Space disruption, ripped-up space…”

In the pile of rubble, a shriveled Nie Tian was deeply in thought, and realized that all the anomalies had something to do with the animal bone in his hand.

He held his head low, eyes lighting up with colour, and wondered how he was going to explain all this.

“The matter of the animal bone must not be known! The mysteries of that mystical land must be slowly dug up by myself!”

He made a decision and swiftly thought up of an explanation in his heart.


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Editors: Zach and Sietse
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