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"Pa ta!"

The double-edged battle axe that was pursuing Nie Donghai suddenly dropped to the ground. The brilliant gold light was not there.


Duan Yuan kneeled on the ground with one knee. When he was attempting to stand up, a sharp and clear bone cracking noise came out of his chest.

A big mouthful of fresh blood once again rushed out from Duan Yuan's mouth uncontrollably. He was not just unable to stand, he even sat down on the ground with his buttocks.

The expression that Duan Yuan had looked at Nie Tian was filled with panic and full of disbelief.
Nie Tian who has only reached the cultivation of early Houtian Realm and also did not release any spiritual weapon just a moment ago had already managed to urge out such a terrifying strength that was like a full mountain of dam bursting just with some kind of unusual spiritual technique and instantly injuring him seriously.
He peeped into his own body with his mental consciousness and realized that under Nie Tian's fist, four pieces of his bone had crushed.

Not only that, a portion of fierce raging flame that hadn't faded was even wandering in his body, making stabs of pains faintly coming out from both his flesh and the vessels on his tendons.
After one strike, Duan Yuan did not even have the strength to control the double-edged battle axe. He was no longer able to cause any disturbance to Nie Donghai.

"That is……"

Hu Qingwen who was bending her bow and shooting arrows along with Zhao Haifeng who was controlling the three bone spears too showed unusual color in their eyes.

They all looked towards Nie Tian with freakish looks.

They absolutely did not think that Nie Tian who had differed from Duan Yuan by one whole realm would be able to hurt him.

This didn't make any sense!

"Previously didn't you guys mention before? The realm isn't the only factor that's used to measure one's strength." Nie Tian drew back the corner of his mouth with a violent look and said:"a profound secret art added on with an exquisite spiritual technique can make up for the deficiency in realms. The reason I am able to hurt you is because I have relied on the exquisite spiritual techniques."

"Is the spiritual technique that's passed on by old devil Wu really… really that fearsome?" Zhao Haifeng was amazed.

"Come back!"

As soon as he held out his hand, the three bone spears that were constantly revolving around An Rong turned into forest of ice-cold lights and suddenly flew away from An Rong's surrounding.

Hu Qingwen put her delicate hands on top of the bow and arrow. She only aimed at An He and also stopped shooting any arrows.

Both An Rong and An He let out a sigh of relief in vain. Shortly after, they too took note of Nie Tian.

"Duan Yuan, how are you feeling?" Zhao Haifeng knitted his brows and said.

Duan Yuan who was sitting on the ground had his lapel of jacket full of blood stains. Those blood stains were all spitted out by him.

Duan Yuan at this moment only smiled bitterly. He just sat there as he went on to obliterate the force that had gone into his body and continuously destroyed his flesh and the blood vessels of his tendons.

He was already too busy to talk.

"He was actually injured so heavily……." Zhao Haifeng got more and more amazed.

After that punch, Nie Tian who reluctantly stood on the same place was already completely depleted of all of his spent force.

His state was not necessarily any better compared to Duan Yuan.
One style of raging fist had nearly consumed all of the spiritual energy as well as the strength that was hidden within his flesh.
The him at the moment, other than his mental consciousness that was still full, he's afraid to no longer have any more strength that could be mentioned.
He pretended as if nothing had happened from the outside, but he was also secretly whining in his heart. He knew that from now onwards, not only was he unable to help his grandfather and An Rong, he would even be a burden to them.

All it takes was for Zhao Haifeng to lay a hand on him and the violent attitude that he had posed out would definitely be revealed in an instant.

He was aware that by performing the raging fist, it would put him under this kind of circumstances. But he had no way out.

Because Duan Yuan was too strong. He was a cultivation level more advanced compared to him. He could not think of any other methods that could seriously injure Duan Yuan other than the raging fist that he had come to understand from the mysterious foreign land.
"Forget it, if he is the disciple of Old Devil Wu, then even though his cultivation realm is low, he still has got the qualification to present his skills." Zhao Haifeng said suddenly.

Threads after threads of ice light abruptly emerged from the three white bone spears that were hovering in the sky. Those ice lights were hidden with terrifyingly cold power.

Zhao Haifeng had obviously gotten ready to act.

"Be careful!"

As soon as Nie Donghai and An Rong trio saw Zhao Haifeng changing his target towards Nie Tian, they subconsciously gathered and came.

Nie Tian had a bitter look as he looked at the three bone spears that were condensed with cold power but was powerless towards it.


Nie Tian whom had exhausted all of the power around his body and seemed as if he had no more strength to fight back suddenly had his heart throbbing violently all of a sudden.

A thread of bizarre spiritual spell that only he could feel swiftly descended in Black Cloud City from a place that's extremely far away.

"Flame Dragon Armor!"

It's merely been a flash and Nie Tian had responded back. His eyes instantly showed a happy look.

The Flame Dragon Armor that had wandered around Scarlet Flame Mountain Range and continuously gathered the earth fire crystal nets had actually looked for him following his odor from Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.

It seemed to have felt that his condition was extremely bad. The speed at which the Flame Dragon Armor flew towards here was clearly a lot faster.

The Flame Dragon Armor's approach had made Nie Tian reignite his flame of hope. He felt that the Zhao Haifeng trio would soon find hurting him really difficult.
Zhao Haifeng who had been triggering the cold power in his body and trying to urge the three bone spears to attack Nie Tian had his mind palpitated

He who had been cultivating the spiritual arts of cold ice was naturally sensitive to the extreme cold as well as red-hot odors.

He had already felt the temperature around the whole Black Cloud City rising in secret before the Flame Dragon Armor even arrived.

The pace at which the temperature rose had obviously not made any sense. This had constrained his state of mind and made him feel extremely uncomfortable.

Zhao Haifeng had always been well known for both his calmness and firmness in making decisions in Prison Department. He thoroughly analysed for a while and suddenly told Hu Qingwen:"We should bring Duan Yuan along and leave."

"What?" Hu Qingwen failed to understand the reason.

That Duan Yuan too opened his eyes widely and looked at him with a lot of suspicions.

"Let's go back." Zhao Haifeng knitted his brows slightly and said:"We will consider ourself to be out of luck this time. As for the sky door keys, we can obtain it through other methods."

Even though both Hu Qingyuan and Duan Yuan were filled with suspicions, they knew that he was not the kind of guy who would speak without thinking.

They knew that there must be a cause for it.


Hu Qingwen trusted him deeply. After she heard that he changed his mind, she immediately kept away her arrow and carried Duan Yuan on her back.

"Let's go." Zhao Haifeng ordered them to leave first. After that he looked towards Nie Tian and said:" You too have already obtained a sky-door key. Since that's the case, we will meet again in the sky-door."

After he finished his words, he immediately left along with Hu Qingwen under the startling looks of Nie Donghai, An Rong and An He.

"What's going on?" An Rong was baffled.

Nie Donghai too shook his head to show that he did not understand," I don't know what that brat is thinking. With his strength, if he had insisted on battling, we might not necessarily have been able to endure the fatigue."

"The people that came out from Prison Department was truly terrifying." An He too believed it deeply.

They had never thought of going after the Zhao Haifeng trio. It's like they had known that they would only suffer even larger injury if they have dared to go after them and thoroughly enrage Zhao Haifeng.

"That person was actually able to sniff out the crisis brought upon by the Flame Dragon Armor?" Nie Tian's eyes showed an unusual color.

The crowd who was on the scene. Because there was a vivid spiritual connection between him and the Flame Dragon Armor only was he able to sense the Flame Dragon Armor closing in.

Other than him, even An Rong who had the highest cultivation realm did not feel anything.

That Zhao Haifeng was undoubtedly already prepared to make his move. But yet he restrained it back all of a sudden and even cautiously took measure of the surroundings, secretly feeling the fluctuations in the temperature. He had clearly sensed it.

It was because he had sensed the extreme changes in the temperature around Black Cloud City. It might have been because he had assumed that an expert who excel in secret art of flame was soon going to make his way to Black Cloud City only did he chose to firmly withdraw and leave.

This person was flexible and had terrifying observation skills. As soon as he smelled trouble, he immediately gave up on everything and firmly withdrew from it.

This Zhao Haifeng was definitely the most troublesome person at the same age as him whom he had met at present time..

Compared to him, Mo Xi who was from Ghost Sect and Yu Tong who was from Blood Sect were clearly weaker than him by one whole gap.

"Do you feel hot?" An He said all of a sudden.

"That's because the brat from Prison Department had left. This person excelled at the secret art of cold ice, his spiritual weapon was also extremely out of the ordinary. His existence had made the world that we were at as if it had been blinded with a layer of ice." An Rong let out a sigh and said:"We only felt the temperature around Black Cloud City going back to normal after he left. This person truly is terrifying. Prison Department's concrete details truly are astonishing since they are able to nurture this kind of disciple."

"No, it seems like it isn't because of him. Before the three people came, Black Cloud City also wasn't this hot." An He said.

"Why is that so?" An Rong failed to understand the reason.

At this moment, Nie Tian looked towards the grey nightsky all of a sudden.

Nighttime have slowly passed by. Daytime was about to arrive.

A thread of drifting, fiery light arrived all of a sudden in the shape of a dragon in the middle of the gray sky.

"You have got to be kidding me. It's another meteorite from the external domain?" An Rong let out a sigh of sorrow.

Both Nie Donghai and An He too felt frightened and changed color. They were so scared that they did not know what to do.

The previous meteor from the external domain had already obliterated Yun Family completely. How big of a disaster would it be if one more dropped down towards Black Cloud City?

"It's coming again!"

"Oh my god!"

"Quickly run away, everyone!"

A lot of the commoners from Black Cloud City screamed and grieved on the street as they ran all over the place.

The drifting light that seemed to be ignited with surging flame appeared rapidly above Yun Family at the speed of light.

"It's rushing towards Yun Family again?" Nie Donghai and the rest of the gang all had their face color deathly pale.

"No." Nie Tian finally opened his mouth and soothed the three by saying:"It's coming for me."

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