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As soon as Nie Tian's words dropped, the drifting fiery light that had arrived out of the blue slowed down in an instant.

An Rong and the other two raised their heads to see and realized that the drifting light was not actually as big as the meteorites from the external domains. Rather, it was like a burning, surging fireball.
"It rushed here for you?" An Rong was astounded.

Nie Donghai's expression changed dramatically,"What's that thing? How have you provoked it?" He thought that the drifting fire light had set Nie Tian as its target and it wanted to kill Nie Tian.

"Grandfather, it has no bad intention." Nie Tian explained.
The drifting fire light flew down all of a sudden. However, halted steadily in front of Nie Tian.

Little by little, the strands of fiery light was taken back into the armor like wiggling flame snakes.

Only at this moment did the crowd realize that that the unusual object that was burning like a sun was actually an exquisite armor.

Nie Tian too stared at the Flame Dragon Armor and observed it carefully.

Compared to a few days before, the detailed lines that were on the surface of the Flame Dragon Armor had not only looked a lot more clear, there seemed to be an unusual power that's even flowing within it like magma juice.

He even smelled a surging vital energy fluctuation merely by getting close to the Flame Dragon Armor.

In his eyes, the Flame Dragon Armor at that moment was no longer a tool! Rather, it was a living being that had blood and flesh and even possessed a soul!

He held out his hand and tried to touch the Flame Dragon Armor.

But before his hand managed to drop down on the Flame Dragon Armor, it suddenly shrunk and turned into a drifting fire light. In an instant, it had disappeared into his storage bracelet.

A strand of odor that cannot be sensed but only be felt with soul came through from the Flame Dragon Armor.

He instantly understood that upon taking in the large amount of earth fire crystal nets, the Flame Dragon Armor had not have been able to make it in time to absorb and refine it.

The Flame Dragon Armor needs to slowly, digest the benefits brought upon by the earth fire crystal net bit by bit in his storage bracelet to finish its transformation.

"It, it disappeared?" An Rong was startled.

Nie Donghai had suddenly become agitated," Little Tian, this spiritual tool……. Belonged to you?"

Nie Tian nodded his head.

"It flew towards here on its own will and found your spiritual tool. Could it be that there is soul in it?" Nie Donghai cried out in shock.

Nie Tian nodded his head once again.

Both An Rong and An He shaked dramatically and said together:" A spiritual tool with soul! Psychic level treasure?"

Also at this moment, a lot of the Black Cloud City commoners had all gathered around very carefully from the distant street. They wanted to see what happened here.

Nie Tian who was about to explain shut his mouth hastily and did not say anything about the origin of the Flame Dragon Armor.

"Lord An, Lord Nie, did you guys see a strand of drifting fire light falling just now?" A panic-stricken man asked.

An Rong took a glance at Nie Tian and said in a cold tone:"I saw it, it seemed to have fallen towards the external meteorite that had came down."

"Lord An, can you please allow us to investigate it?"

Those people asked earnestly.

An Rong shrugged and said in a carefree manner:" Up to you guys."

"Little Tian, we should go back to Nie Family Household." Nie Donghai said.

Nie Tian nodded his head.

The group passed across the Black Cloud City commoners who have held high expectations and hoped to get fortuitous meetings. They stopped bothering about the matters on Yun Family's side and went towards Nie Family Household.

They noticed just now that the direction in which Zhao Haifeng and his gang had left wasn't towards the direction of the wasteland where An Shiyi and the party had been to.

This meant that the Zhao Haifeng trio had not only given up on the Heavenly Gate key that Nie Tian obtained, they had even abandoned the keys that appeared in the wasteland altogether.
It's also because of this that An Rong and the rest of them did not feel worried for the safety of An Shiyi and the party. Only then were they able to return to Nie Family so calmly.

Nie Tian was the only one who understood that the reason why Zhao Haifeng was extremely cautious was because he feared the expert who practice flame spiritual art would rush quickly towards the wasteland after descending in Black Cloud City. That's why he had no choice but to abandon it.

The sky has already brighten up completely when they went back to Nie Family Household.

Nie Tian simply explained about the origin of the Flame Dragon Armor to Nie Donghai, An He and An Rong in the private room. He told them that the Flame Dragon Armor had come from the Treasure Viewing Gathering of Ling Bao Court to make them not leak the information.

Nie Tian did not explain in detail about the secret between the blood pit and Flame Dragon Armor since An Rong and An He were around.

However, even if it's like this, the three persons who had confirmed the Flame Dragon Armor to be a Psychic Level Treasure were all shocked to the point that it could not be increased any further.

"Psychic Level Treasure, Psychic Level Treasure…" Nie Donghai was drowned in immense joy.

An Rong and An He stared at him and felt disappointed like they have missed something.

They had seen all of Nie Tian's growth track very clearly. A few years ago, Nie Tian whose name was yet to be known in Black Cloud City were directed against and pushed aside by the Nie Family Clansmen.

No one had expected that the Nie Tian today had not only become Wu Ji's disciple, he had even possessed a Psychic Level Treasure!

They all were well aware of what a Psychic Level Treasure means. They believed that as long as Nie Tian was alive and continued to cultivate steadily, there would definitely be a place for Nie Tian in Heaven Leaving Domain.

"Lord Nie, you have a good grandson." An Rong was deeply moved.

Nie Donghai chuckled and laughed.

"Miss An has come!"

Right at this moment, the shouting noise of the Nie Family Clansman came through from outside. Nie Tian and the gang who were hiding in the private room came out very quickly.

He saw An Shiyi's face shining with bright light with just a glimpse. There was a door-shaped picture that's the same as his marked at the back of her white, left hand.

Jiang Lingzhu from Ling Bao Court was also unable to contain her joy and smiled while waving at the crowds.

There was also a Heavenly Gate picture at the back of her hand. This meant that she had acquired the qualification to step into the sky door to cultivate.

But as for Pan Tao, An Ying, Ye Gumo and Nie Qian who also rushed there, they scowled miserably and sighed. Clearly, they did not gain anything.

"Congratulations." Nie Tian said while smiling.

The corner of An Shiyi's mouth contained a smile. She gazed at him and said: "In this case, I will also be able to enter Heavenly Gate. Until then, we will go together. I hope that we can also gain something inside the mysterious Heavenly Gate."

"Nie Tian, I have just received news from Uncle Li. He has permitted us to return to the sect." Jiang Lingzhu said while beaming:"The guests from Prison Department who surrounded the sect entrance have all retreated. According to what Uncle Li said, there wouldn't be any war in Heaven Leaving Domain for the time being. The Prison Department will no longer interfere violently and will also allow the people who have received the keys to step into the Heavenly Gate that is going to open in Prison Department."

"The troubles have been solved?" Nie Tian was astounded.

Jiang Lingzhu was in an extremely good mood. She nodded her head and said:" I also don't know what is going on. In any case, based on the information, there will no longer be any conflicts for the time being.
"Was there any news from Uncle Liu and Sister Xin who were at Scarlet Flame Mountain Range?" Nie Tian continued to ask.

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Lingzhu's expression turned a bit dim. She shook her head and said:" There are yet to be any news from them."
The moment Scarlet Flame Mountain Range was mentioned, An Shiyi, An Ying and even Pan Tao too suddenly became silent.

The frightening changes in Scarlet Flame Mountain Range would definitely make Ling Bao Court suffer a painful loss. After this war, there is a possibility that Ling Bao Court will still exist. But its power would certainly be surpassed by other sects.

They were all disciples from Ling Bao Court. Previously, Ling Bao Court's strength were stronger compared to Lingyun Sect, Grey Valley and even Black Mist Palace. This had made them have a lot of confidence.

Right now…...

Also at this moment, the Dark Thunder Beast that had left earlier gave out a low cry all of a sudden and descended from the sky.

The Dark Thunder Beast stopped steadily at Nie Family's plaza.

This time, its eyes were looking at Nie Tian only.

"It's here for you." An Shiyi said softly.

From the Dark Thunder Beast's eyes, Nie Tian too had understood that the arrival of the Dark Thunder Beast this time should be to send him back to Wu Ji's side. This time, no matter how many Green Electric Stones An Shiyi had given it, the Dark Thunder Beast would still not bring her.

"Well then, I will go first?"

After greeting the crowds, Nie Tian vaulted towards the Dark Thunder Beast. The Dark Thunder Beast spread its wing and rose.

Lowering his head, he looked at the crowd as they slowly turned into small dots and disappeared from his sights.

Very quickly, the Dark Thunder Beast had already sent him to the rear mountain of Ling Yun Sect. He saw Wu Ji who was in a daze with just a glimpse.

"Master." He saluted respectfully.

Wu Ji woke up from his deep thoughts and took a quick look at him. He nodded his head lightly and asked immediately:" About the news concerning the Heavenly Gate, were you the one who had used my name to spread it out?"

"Yes." Nie Tian obediently admitted his fault," After I have found out about the news, I feel that it's a necessity to let everyone know about the truth, that's why I have no other choice but to use your name."

"You did the right thing." Wu Ji did not mind. Rather he asked:" But how did you manage to find out about the news?"

"Hua Mu who had previously saved me once came and looked for me in Black Cloud City. He was the one who told me about the news." Nie Tian confessed.

"Hua Mu? The doctor from the outside world?" Wu Ji was amazed.

"That's him."


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