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Meanwhile, at the rear part of Lingyun Mountain.

Chang Sen and his wife Kong Yun who were Xuanjing experts that came from Prison Department had been discussing cultivation skills with Wu Ji like they were chatting about domestic trivia.
As opposed to what the outside realm had thought, ever since they came, both Chang Sen and Kong Yun had not have the intention to go to war.

When Kong Yun found out that the experts from Black Mist Palace and Grey Valley had gathered together and made their way towards Prison Department, Kong Yun apologized to Wu Ji. Shortly after, she rose high into the air and went away.

Chang Sen still stayed behind and investigated the cultivation method with Wu Ji.

Chang Sen who had a tall and sturdy body figure, wore rough cloth and hemp garment and was bare-footed did not look like a Xuanjing Lianqi warrior that was at his peak. But instead, he looked like a vulgar farmer who was busy in the rural area.

His legs and hands are bulky. His body shape resembled one that's like a tiger and his voice sounded like a great clock.

In a place not too far away, the experts from both Lingyun Sect and Prison Department were still endlessly having fierce battles, fighting over the Heavenly Gate keys on the meteorites.
However, Wu Ji and Chang Sen turned a blind eye to it and still exchanged each other's knowledge like before.

From the time Ghost Sects and Blood Sects intruded Ling Bao Court, Chang Sen had came around quietly. He was already sitting on the original place and trying to make conversations while talking to Wu Ji.
Wu Ji knew about his purpose in coming. He too did not point it out moved towards to accompany him and chat about domestic trivia.

Until this moment.

Chang Sen stayed silent for a while. Only then did he say suddenly:"In a moment, I too will be leaving. Big brother Wu, you were the only person whom I have respected deeply in the whole Heaven Leaving Realm. I have been benefited considerably from the conversations that I have had with you. I have always admired you for being able to teach the two stunning disciples of yours whose talents were extinct."

Wu Ji had a tranquil and calm look,"They were the ones who had worked hard for it."

Chang Sen nodded his head, he also agreed with his statements and said:"Big brother Wu, the three people including Fang Hui may not know, but you should be aware in my eyes, the alliance between Black Mist Palace, Ling Bao Court, Lingyun Sect and Grey Valley is simply unable to withstand even a single blow."
"If I have wanted to, I can just let all the four sects remove their names for eternity from Heaven Leaving Realm."

"I have allowed the existence of the four sects just because I see it as a whetstone for the disciples in Prison Department. I have never seen it as a sword that is as sharp as us Prison Department."

"In my eyes, both blood sect and ghost sect are not much different compared to the other four sects."

"Since my Prison Department had stood tall in Heaven Leaving Domain, it would certainly need enough quantity of opponents. At the time when I still have sufficient strength and is capable of embezzling all of the sects, I did not actually go and do it."

"Without any opponents, the disciples would lose their feeling towards danger and lose their motivation."

"I have done it deliberately so that the other sects would exist in order to polish them and make their edge and corner sufficiently sharp.

Chang Sen said in a sincere tone.

Listening to the way he speaks, it's like if he had wanted, merely the strength of Prison Department would already be enough to sweep across the Heaven Leaving Domain and let all other sects to obediently do what they were told.

Extraordinarily, Wu Ji did not actually say anything to refute.

It's as if that even he had agreed with Chang Sen's words. He did not think that Chang Sen was speaking without thinking.

Because he understood more than anyone just how strong Chang Sen who was in front of him was.

They were both in Xuanjing. Chang Sen however, was someone whose late stage of Xuan Jing had reached perfection. He have already had half of his leg stepping into Lingjing.

Chang Sen was the person who fully deserved to be number one in Heaven Leaving Domain. Besides him, there was no one in Heaven Leaving Domain that had stepped into late stage of Xuanjing Realm. They were all only at the early or mid-stage of their cultivation realm.

Even though there was a Xuanjing expert in each of the sects among the four sects.

But besides him, the remaining three people were all only at their early stage of Xuanjing Realm.

Even he himself too had only managed to step into the mid-Xuanjing Realm not too long ago.

He himself too understood if there had he not have such a good luck, his old age would have been insufficient to hold on until he stepped into Lingjing Realm to obtain even more life energy.


Chang Sen squinted as he looked at the fierce battle at the foot of the mountain. He looked at the experts from both Lingyun Sect and Prison Department fighting over the sky door keys.

"The affairs of life is difficult to predict. Even the eldest virtuous person from Kun Luo Domain too was unable to calculate that the sky-door this time would have its own limitations."

"If I had known about this earlier, the intrusion of Blood Sect, Ghost Sect and Ling Bao Court was something that I could have prevented completely."

"Things have reached until this point, the battles onwards are already unnecessary."

"I will allow the people who have obtained the Heavenly Gate keys to step into the Heavenly Gate. I will not add on anymore obstacles."

"Outside of the domain, there had been a lot of people who have longed for Heaven Leaving Domain for many years. In the past, it was because there wasn't enough benefits that had driven them to step into Heaven Leaving Domain at all cost."

"The appearance of the Heavenly GaTE in the world was also one of the signs of the Earth Flame Beast breaking free from Scarlet Flame Mountain Range. In the future, there would be even more strange phenomenons happening one by one in Heaven Leaving Domain. Until then, the power from the outside domain that even I was not certain if I could resist would one by one, show themselves in Heaven Leaving Domain."

"The civil war in Heaven Leaving Domain. The disciples who were below Fanjing had not enough strength in themselves. Them dying would just mean they died. It isn't worth having a heartache over."

"Civil war could also possibly motivate them, allowing them to break through from despair and unfavorable fights and as a result, step into Fanjing."

"I hope that after the Heavenly Gate trials have ended, there would be even more people who have advanced into Fanjing Realm in Heaven Leaving Domain."

"Those people are the ones that will be the core strength to defend Heaven Leaving Domain from outside domains."

"From now on, I will restrict Blood Sect and Ghost Sect and make them stop provoking. I also hope that you can tell the other three sides and let them understand that in not more than ten years, Heaven Leaving Domains would be confronted with attacks from the outside domains."

"It's also time for us to prepare in advance."

Chang Sen explained his worries slowly and confessed the true meaning of his visit this time to Wu Ji clearly.

The experts from the rest of the sects had all secretly reckoned that it's because of the person from Black Mist Palace who wasn't in Heaven Leaving Domain, added on with the person from Grey Valley who was shutting himself up in an impassable stage that the Blood Sect and Ghost Sect were taking advantage and rising in revolts.

Wu Ji however, had understood that the truth was not like this.

If Chang Sen had really wanted to start a war, he did not even have to worry about anyone!
"I will inform the three sides." Wu Ji nodded his head.

Chang Sen nodded his head and stopped saying anymore things. As soon as his body that was sitting upright on the floor was blown by a wind, it disappeared like light smoke.

As soon as his silhouette abruptly disappeared from the rear part of Lingyun Mountain, Jiao Yang who was the president of Prison Department then gave a sudden order:"No matter if you have gotten the Heavenly Gate keys or not, withdraw from Lingyun Sect immediately!"
Even though all of the experts from Prison Department was doubtful in their hearts after listening to the order given out by Jiao Yang, they still escaped from the struggle with the experts from Lingyun Sect one by one.

There were still a number of Heavenly Gate keys that were marked on the meteorites from the external sky. They too stopped fighting over it and instead followed Jiao Yang and left with order.

The experts from Lingyun Sect also felt puzzled. But they did not stop them.

Very quickly, the experts from Prison Department that had surrounded Lingyun Sect for many days disappeared one by one.

In front of Yun Family.

Nie Tian who was stabbed by the sputtering gold light had bloodstain covering his lapel of jacket. He was dodging continuously within the gold light crack that were like fragments of aura as he tried to get close to Duan Yuan.

Merely a single golden light that was sputtered with a double-edged battle axe had already ripped apart Nie Tian's chest and made him looked miserable.

Duan Yuan who was from Prison Department and had reached the early stage of Zhongtian Realm made him realize that just how big of a gap there was between these two realms.


A bit of gold light flashed from Nie Donghai's back. He snorted melancholy and again and again retreated violently cutting a sorry figure.

The double-edged battle axe that was revolving turned into a bright golden light and went towards and chased after him.

Nie Tian on the other hand, had temporarily gotten rid of the crisis.

As he turned around, he noticed Nie Donghai leading the double-edged battle-axe and continuously getting further away from him so as to avoid getting him involved into the gold light that's on top of the battle axe.
As soon as the battle-axe left, Nie Tian went straight to Duan Yuan like a fierce beast in spite of the pain he felt in front of his chest.
A raging flame got ignited from his heart and instantly spread over his entire body.

The power of the flesh and bones that were hidden beneath the spiritual energy that was surging up violently within his dantian spiritual sea burst out loudly at this moment.

"Raging fist!" He howled violently in his mind.


The fist that carried an overflowing fury unburdened the strength all over his body unburden and released itself. Deep within the sky of Heaven Leaving Domain looked like it had been suffused with unusual space ripples.

A terrifying enormous shadow looked like it had appeared abruptly with a graceful posture in the middle of the dark, night sky and was corresponding to the fearful might of the raging fist.
Duan Yuan who had felt the not too encouraging turn of events forcefully condensed his strength and utilized a secret art from Prison Department.

"Purgatory Gate!"

Threads after threads of malevolent specter that looked like it had combined into an unusual door that's full of sharp thorns and curved horns in front of his chest it under the condensation of his spiritual energy .

Nie Tian's fist bombarded the unusual door furiously . The door broke into pieces in response.


A mouthful of fresh blood rushed out from Duan Yuan's mouth. His body splashed across the sky towards the back like he was crushed by a large mountain.

Blood was still flowing continuously from the corner of Duan Yuan's mouth even after he had dropped down to the ground. He was struggling. Little by little, he kneeled on the ground with one knee and stood up.
"What kind of spiritual skill is this?!" He said in shock.


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