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In a place that Nie Tian couldn't see, the Flame Dragon Armor flew out of the depths of the earth's core and soared into the night sky.

The Flame Dragon Armor, at that moment, was releasing a startling flame that resembled a turbulently burning, small sun.

- Hu! -

The Flame Dragon Armor whistled across the sky, arriving above a pool that was filled with lava.

There were several hundreds of stones of various sizes within the pool. The smaller stones were only as large a millstone, but the bigger stones were as huge as a tall building.

- Peng peng! -

Once the Flame Dragon Armor arrived over the lava pool, those stones of various sizes all exploded into pieces.

After two of the enormous rocks shattered, dazzling Earth Fire Crystal Strings appeared like slender, flaming lights that flashed across the void.

However, in the next moment, those Earth Fire Crystal Strings, which contained the true essence of fire, were manipulated by the Flame Dragon Armor and turned into bunches of flame that suddenly shot towards the Flame Dragon Armor.

The flames were like water drops that had merged into the sea. Once they touched the Flame Dragon Armor, they instantly vanished, not even leaving a trace.

Fragmented pieces of ancient runes appeared on the Flame Dragon Armor, along with delicate flame markings.

After it absorbed all the Earth Fire Crystal Strings within the pool, the Flame Dragon Armor flew up again and proceeded towards a new target.

The Flame Dragon Armor, which had left Nie Tian to sink into the magma of the earth's core for a period of time, seemed to have developed an independent consciousness. It unceasingly sought out Earth Fire Crystal Strings within the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range and absorbed them.

Within a mountain that was filled with caves, there was a big cave that was close to the peak. Gan Kang and Lai Yi were standing inside that cave.

Even Gan Kang had not predicted the startling changes that had occurred to the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range. He, who had been originally planning to leave with Lai Yi and go to the Hidden Underworld Domain, was also trapped in this area.

"Earth Flame Beast! There's actually an Earth Flame Beast that exists within the depths of the earth's core in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range!"

Lai Yi, who came from the Hidden Underworld Domain, was excited but also panicked. He shouted at Gan Kang, "Why didn't you tell me that there was an Earth Flame Beast within the earth's core in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range? Aren't you the fifth highest ranked Refining Master within the Treasure Court? Don't tell me that...even you didn't know that the Earth Flame Beast was hiding underground?"

Gan Kang shook his head. He had an odd expression. "I really didn't know."

"What to do?" Lai Yi furrowed his brows. "My two comrades have already been killed by the experts of the Blood Sect. Currently, the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range is chaotic, and the Earth Flame Beast has escaped. We should have quickly left this place, but it's too late. For you and me, this is too dangerous."

"I also have no way out." Gan Kang helplessly spoke.

As the two people spoke, the Flame Dragon Armor, which was burning like a sun, suddenly flew over.

- Pa pa pa! -

A multitude of stones in the river below the Flame Dragon Armor suddenly ruptured.

Within the shattered stones, bright Flame Crystal Strings suddenly appeared and released an intoxicating, fiery light.

One could faintly see many zigzagging Earth Fire Crystal Nets within the light that seemed to contain the secrets of fire.

"Earth Fire Crystal Strings! There are Earth Fire Crystal Strings over there!"

Lai Yi, who knew about the value of the Earth Fire Crystal Strings, suddenly let out a screech of indescribable excitement.

However, that excitement only lasted a moment before he realised that the Earth Fire Crystal Strings that flew out of the shattered stones were all being absorbed by the Flame Dragon Armor. After the Flame Dragon Armor absorbed the Earth Fire Crystal Strings, brilliant rays of fire blossomed out of it, making it increasingly dazzling.

"The Flame Dragon Armor!" Lai Yi clenched his teeth.

"A Psychic Grade spirit equipment!" The expression of the Treasure Court's Gan Kang changed. He stared fixedly at the Flame Dragon Armor and shouted, "Lai Yi, that armor that you tried to sell in the Treasure Court is actually a Psychic Grade spirit equipment! Why did it not show any signs previously, and why didn't you tell me that it was such a rare spirit equipment?!"

Gan Kang's biggest dream was to craft a Psychic Grade spirit equipment and be promoted to a Refining Master of the Psychic Grade.

Lai Yi clearly had a Psychic Grade spirit equipment, but he didn't let Gan Kang figure out the mysteries within, which made him extremely angry.

"If it was truly a complete Psychic Grade spirit equipment, do you think that I would take it out and sell it in your Ling Bao Court?" Lai Yi snorted and said, "Previously, the Flame Dragon Armor wasn't even complete. Furthermore, it still has enormous damages. Without the nourishment of precious flame treasures, it won't display its true strength, even if it merged with the blood stone."

"And the blood stone is in the hands of that Nie Tian!"

"If I had obtained the blood stone when we were at the cave entrance and sealed the Flame Dragon Armor, I could have brought it back to the master of the Hidden Underworld Domain. If I did, I could accept the damages within the Heaven Leaving Domain, no matter how severe they was."


As he said this, Lai Yi's expression turned disheartened. "The blood stone and the Flame Dragon Armor have currently fused, and the Flame Dragon Armor is slowly recovering by absorbing the Earth Fire Crystal Strings."

"There is now a weapon spirit within Psychic Grade spirit equipment. The weapon spirit of the Flame Dragon Armor is already gradually awakening. Even I would be helpless against it."

Gan Kang was startled as he asked, "Just who refined the Flame Dragon Armor?"

"I also don't know." Lai Yi shook his head and said, "I only know that the last owner of the Flame Dragon Armor died within some ruins within the Land of the Meteorite.

"We inquired about it everywhere and tirelessly searched for traces of the blood stone. Only then did we learn that it changed hands many times, and then landed in your Heaven Leaving Domain."

"Actually, we had some delusions while coming to your Heaven Leaving Domain. We hoped that we could find the blood stone and deliver the complete Flame Dragon Armor to the master after merging it with the blood stone."

"Currently, not only did I not obtain the blood stone, but I actually lost the Flame Dragon Armor too. The only thing that I can do is to quickly return to the Hidden Underworld Domain and let the master know about the strange events that are happening now, and let the master come to take care of things."

Gan Kang's expression slightly changed. "For the Flame Dragon Armor, he...don't tell me that he'll personally come to the Heaven Leaving Domain?"

Lai Yi strongly nodded his head. "Yes! For the Flame Dragon Armor, he will not spare any costs!"


At the area where Nie Tian and the others were.

Via the stones that An Shiyi and the others had thrown, he arrived at the part of the river where the Fire Crystal Rocks were, and collected Fire Crystal Rocks with the others.

He used the crescent blade that he had picked up during his fight with Yu Tong to fish up a scarlet Fire Crystal Rock that was like iron. When the Fire Crystal Rock left the river of fire, he quickly stored it in his storage ring.

Using this method, he managed to pick up a total of eight Fire Crystal Rocks from the river. He was extremely happy.

"Another one!"

"Haha! It's an extremely high-ranked Fire Crystal Rock! As long as we can live through this ordeal, then everyone will have struck gold!"

"Quick! Pick up more Fire Crystal Rocks!"

Jiang Lingzhu, An Ying, and the others shouted, and had an excited expression as they used all their energy to pick up the Fire Crystal Rocks.

At that moment, Nie Tian's expression changed as he suddenly felt the aura of the Flame Dragon Armor.

He stopped and carefully observed it. He discovered that the speed at which the Flame Dragon Armor was using to approach this area was getting quicker and quicker.

He suddenly looked towards the location that he sensed the Flame Dragon Armor!

The violently burning Flame Dragon Armor, that resembled a sun, charged over from the distant night sky like a flaming meteor.

"What's that?" An Ying was startled.

The people who were collecting the Fire Crystal Rocks also sensed an abnormality and all looked towards the source.

After awhile, the meteoric Flame Dragon Armor suddenly arrived at the area with the Earth Fire Crystal Strings.

"Flame, Flame Dragon Armor!" Jiang Lingzhu's eyes widened as she stammeringly said, "That thing, that thing, isn't that the spirit armor that you bought in the Treasure Viewing Gathering?" She used an incomparably strange expression to look at Nie Tian.

Because the Flame Dragon Armor was overly heavy, Nie Tian had even left it in her care. She recognised it in a flash.

"It's really that armor!" Ye Gumo was also stunned.

- Pa pa! -

In the next moment, those enormous stones that had Earth Fire Crystal Strings suddenly exploded into pieces, and the Earth Fire Crystal Strings rapidly merged with the Flame Dragon Armor.

"It's floating in the sky and independently moving! This…" Pan Tao was stunned for a moment and suddenly screeched out involuntarily, "It can't be a Psychic Grade spirit equipment, can it?"

"Psychic Grade spirit equipment!"

All of the people there temporarily ignored the Fire Crystal Rocks and blankly stared at the Flame Dragon Armor that was collecting the Earth Fire Crystal Strings, their minds in chaos.

The number of spirit equipment that had reached the Psychic Grade within the Heaven Leaving Domain could be counted with one's fingers.

No one could currently craft an equipment of that level, not even the Treasure Court's strongest Refining Master, Fang Hui.

The Psychic Grade spirit equipment that existed within the Heaven Leaving Domain all belonged to the various great sects, and were mystical items that the entire sect protected.

The Flame Dragon Armor that Nie Tian had bought in the Treasure Viewing Gathering for nine thousand spirit stones was actually a spirit equipment of that level?

They were simply incapable of imagining it.

"That's a precious treasure of the Psychic Grade!"

Feng Luo and Yu Tong, who were on the other side of the river, were also full of shock as they looked at the Flame Dragon Armor that was covered with violent flames. They even forgot to put the Fire Crystal Rocks within their hands into their storage rings.

"Isn't Wu Ji's treatment of this disciple too good? He actually gave such a precious treasure to Nie Tian, who is only at the Houtian Realm? What is he thinking?"

"Little Tong, your loss this time wasn't your fault. You don't have to worry about it."

Feng Luo muttered to himself.

What he didn't know was that the Flame Dragon Armor was purchased by Nie Tian within the Treasure Viewing Gathering, and thus wasn't an item that Wu Ji had bestowed upon him.

- Hu! -

After the Flame Dragon Armor finished absorbing the Earth Fire Crystal Strings in the area, it whistled off into the distance again.

However, when it flew off into the distance, it sent a vague spiritual intent directly into Nie Tian's spirit sea.

"So you needed Earth Fire Crystal Strings." Nie Tian instantly understood.


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Editor: Zesty Zach

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