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The Flame Dragon Armor gradually got further and further away until it completely disappeared.

"The Psychic Grade treasure!"

The remaining people, whose eyes were following the Flame Dragon Armor as it left, were still in tremendous shock.

Nie Tian's tightly knitted eyebrows slowly relaxed as he said secretly, "It seems that its hidden spiritual consciousness has finally awakened after absorbing the numerous Earth Fire Crystal Nets."

It had already obtained the animal bone, or blood stone, however, Nie Tian had never communicated with the blood stone before.

Not long ago, when the blood stone drew out all of the flame energy within the Fire Cloud Stones and condensed it into a blood drop, he had only sensed a few abnormalities. However, he was unable to notice any trace of spiritual aura.

Only when the Flame Dragon Armor abruptly left him and forcefully drilled into the earth's core, ignoring his shouts, did he come to realize that the blood stone may have its own consciousness.

But at that time, he could also faintly feel a connection between him and the blood stone.

But just a moment ago, he had clearly received a thread of spiritual intent that originated from the blood stone.

That spiritual intent had went straight to the heart of his spiritual sea, making him instantly understand that the odd movements of the Flame Dragon Armor were precisely for the purpose of collecting the Earth Fire Crystal Nets in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.

The Flame Dragon Armor seemed to need those Earth Fire Crystal Nets to awaken even further and repair the damage it had sustained.

The intent that it had spontaneously transmitted had made Nie Tian feel that the Flame Dragon Armor would return to his side after it had finished gathering the Earth Fire Crystal Nets that existed in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.

Suddenly, he felt completely reassured.

"Hey!" Separated by strips after strips of ravines filled with magma and creek rivers, Feng Luo, who was standing on top of a boulder, suddenly loudly cackled, "That old devil Wu has indeed become a dotard; he actually gave a Houtian realm brat a Psychic Grade treasure. Could it be that he did not know that Psychic Grade treasures have their own spiritual consciousness?"

"The spiritual consciousness controls the Psychic Grade treasure, and thus, also chooses who can use them."

"How would a Psychic Grade treasure be willing to be controlled by a weakling that is in Houtian Realm?"

"This is great! The Psychic Grade treasure that was somehow obtained by old devil Wu has unexpectedly left on its own. From what I see, old devil Wu will certainly regret this to the point that his intestines will turn green!"

To make sure that Nie Tian and the gang heard him, Feng Luo raised his voice on purpose and taunted them eccentrically.

From his perspective, the departure of the Flame Dragon Armor was precisely because it had resented its new owner Nie Tian's lack of strength and cultivation level. He did not deserve to control it and as a result, it abandoned Nie Tian.

Even though he was mocking with his mouth, his line of sight still stared in the direction that the Flame Dragon Armor flew in. His face was full of jealousy.

A Psychic Grade treasure was rare, even in the entire domain. He too had found it difficult to bear and felt frustrated as he helplessly watched as such a precious and rare treasure slip away from his very eyes.

Nie Tian turned a deaf ear towards his mockery. He had a tranquil and calm look, as if he was not influenced in the slightest.

Jiang Lingzhu and Ye Gumo, who knew that the Flame Dragon Armor had been bought by Nie Tian in the Treasure Viewing Gathering, also did not fight back. But rather they looked at Nie Tian in a daze.

When An Shiyi, An Ying, and Pan Tao saw the Flame Dragon Armor departing, they secretly felt anxious for Nie Tian.

"That…" Jiang Lingzhu hesitated for a while and suddenly asked, "When you were buying the Flame Dragon Armor, did you already know that it was a Psychic Grade treasure?"

As soon as these words came out, Pan Tao and the others all inwardly felt emotionally moved, and they too stared at Nie Tian with wide eyes.

Until that moment, they too had naturally known that the Flame Dragon Armor was something that Nie Tian had obtained in the Treasure Viewing Gathering. However, they were all shocked at Nie Tian's insight, that was bright like a torch.

Being capable of identifying a Psychic Grade treasure and obtaining it in advance, that kind of ability…. Shouldn't it be something that only the finest Lianqi masters like Fang Hui possess?

"I don't know." Nie Tian shook his head. "It was pure luck!"

"Save it!" Jiang Lingzhu rolled her eyes at him and said angrily, "I have already heard Uncle Liu said that the Flame Dragon Armor had already been evaluated by the Lianqi masters. It was only evaluated as a third level Middle Grade spiritual treasure, which isn't even worth nine thousand spiritual stones! No one showed interest in the Flame Dragon Armor even though it had been displayed for so long, so why would it be you that had looked at it and spared no effort to get it?"

"Third level Middle Grade?" Pan Tao smiled bitterly and said, "Those people in the Treasure Pavilion, what do they do to eat? They could not even identify a Psychic Grade treasure."

Among the crowd, An Shiyi was the only one who had calmly thought over it for a while, and she interjected, "It's unlikely that those people in the Treasure Pavilion had miscalculated. There ought to have been some abnormalities in the Flame Dragon Armor previously, or else how would it not be able to be identified. Oh yeah. The Flame Dragon Armor belonged to that foreigner, who also wanted you to hand over the blood stone. Does the blood stone has anything to do with the Flame Dragon Armor?"

"Sister An is still the smart one." Nie Tian smiled, yet he did not explain anything clearly.

But as soon as Nie Tian's words came out, everyone realized that the reason behind the Flame Dragon Armor previously not showing any abnormalities might have had to do with the blood stone that Nie Tian held.

"Nie Tian, I see that you look don't sad. Why is that so?" Ye Gumo was astonished." The Flame Dragon Armor is a Psychic Grade treasure, and since it has abandoned you and left, shouldn't you be stamping with fury and feeling extremely regretful?"

"It was obtained by pure luck in the first place, so losing it means losing it." Nie Tian's face was indifferent.

"You are trying to deceive us!" Jiang Lingzhu was the first one to voice her disbelief.

After the Flame Dragon Armor left, everyone chattered continuously regarding the Flame Dragon Armor for while. On one hand, they talked about the Flame Dragon Armor's abnormality, while on the other, they continued to extract the Fire Crystal Rocks.

After spending half the night, everyone had already completely collected all of the Fire Crystal Rocks that could be seen in the river.

A few Fire Crystal Rocks that were in the middle of a lava pool that was even further away could also be seen. They flickered with translucent, sparkling, and fiery light in the night.

But the pond that was full of lava was very deep. It seemed it would be quite a difficult task to obtain the Fire Crystal Rocks from the bottom of the pond.

Besides, the pond was also too far away from them, and there were not enough fallen stones beside them to make a path all the way to the pond.

After a few attempts and realizing that it was indeed impossible, the crowd helplessly returned to the mountain peak through the original road.

In the second half of the night, the party returned once again to the mountain summit, where they all checked the Fire Crystal Rocks that they had gathered in silence.

There was a small pile of Fire Crystal Rocks stored within Nie Tian's storage bracelet. He counted a total of nineteen pieces.

The Fire Crystal Rocks were regarded as a high level spiritual materials. One Fire Crystal Stone could compare to nearly a thousand pieces of Fire Cloud Stone that the Nie Family had previously extracted. The Nie Family would need to mine Fire Cloud Stones for around ten years to match the value of those nineteen Fire Crystal Rocks.

"As it turns out, the things that Nie Family gains over ten years are only worth as much as these Fire Crystal Rocks." Nie Tian secretly sighed with sorrow.

Only at that moment did he understand the how big of a difference there was between different levels of spiritual materials.

- Hong Long Long! -

Very late at night, a terrifying rumbling noise came through from the direction of the Ling Bao Court. From time to time, it would also be accompanied by the violent howl of the Earth Flame Beast.

Even though they were so far away, the thunderous roar of the Earth Flame Beast was still able to be heard, which indicated that the Earth Flame Beast was in a frantic state.

The crowd at the mountain peak all had gloomy faces as they heard the loud noise that came from the Ling Bao Court's valley. They did not have a clue of how the situation was there.

They all waited in silence, with no sense of security.

As the curtain of night moved away and daytime arrived, the thunderous howls continued to ring out from the Ling Bao Court.

When evening approached, the crowd that was keeping an eye on the surroundings slowly noticed that the levels of the rivers of lava seemed to be slowly going down.

This discovery greatly raised everyone's spirits, and they saw a hope to survive.

It was precisely because of the pervasive lava that they were unable to leave the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range. Because they could not walk on top of the magma, they could only be trapped at this place.

Once the lava slowly permeated into the earth and the earth's surface appeared, they would right away be able to break away from the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range's swamp and obtain an opportunity to escape and live.


Nie Tian, who sat quietly on the ground and gazed into the distance from an elevated position, suddenly felt a trace of unusual movement.

The unusual movement came from within the storage bracelet, more specifically from the order plate that was given to him by his master Wu Ji.

He cluelessly took out the order plate. He gently turned it around in his hand and did not see any abnormalities.

However, not long after, he could hear the sharp cry of the Dark Thunder Beast in the distance.

"The Dark Thunder Beast!" Nie Tian eyes suddenly blossomed with spirit.

The Dark Thunder Beast that had sent him to the Ling Bao Court could soar up into the sky and bring him away from the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range, letting him escape from the quarrels at this place.

Thinking of the unusual movement of the order plate, he suddenly understood that the Dark Thunder Beast ought to have been looking for him all around the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range through the order plate.

There should be a fixed range to the link between the Dark Thunder Beast and the order plate. Perhaps the Dark Thunder Beast had already been wandering around other parts of the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range for a long time.

It was only until now did the Dark Thunder Beast fly to this place and felt the aura of the order plate.

"That's senior Wu's Dark Thunder Beast! We are saved!" Pan Tao was overjoyed at the unexpected good news.

The remaining people also stood up suddenly. They all stirred as they looked at the Dark Thunder Beast that was slowly arriving from the distance, becoming more and more clear.

Not long after, the Dark Thunder Beast arrived. Very quickly, it stopped next to Nie Tian.

As soon as it had descended, the Dark Thunder Beast, with eyes full of intelligence, looked towards Nie Tian and urged him to climb up.

Nie Tian muttered to himself for a while, then he looked into the Dark Thunder Beast's eyes and said, "All of us need to quickly leave the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range, so unless you let other people to climb onto you, I refuse to leave."

He knew that this Dark Thunder Beast was hard to be tame. It had already been unwilling to bring Nie Tian himself before.

It was all because of Wu Ji's fearful might that had scared the Dark Thunder Beast into submission, that it had brought Nie Tian to the Ling Bao Court.

The Dark Thunder Beast's back was wide enough to take everyone and leave.

As expected, as soon as it heard that it need to take everyone along, the Dark Thunder Beast immediately gave a low cry, its dissatisfaction evident.

Just as Nie Tian was about to continue his persuasion, An Shiyi pursed her lips and smiled. Suddenly, she took out three green jade pieces that flickered with sparks from her storage bracelet and held them near the mouth of the Dark Thunder Beast.

As the Dark Thunder Beast looked at the green jade pieces, its eyes shone all of a sudden. It instantly swallowed all of them, as if it feared that An Shiyi would take them back.

"It's ok now." An Shiyi smiled sweetly and gently fondled the neck of the Dark Thunder Beast. She was the first one to climb onto the back of the Dark Thunder Beast.

Not only did the Dark Thunder Beast not resist, it even took the initiative to crouch low and bend forward so that she would not need to expend a great deal of effort.

Nie Tian's face had a weird expression on it. He looked at the incomparably gentle Dark Thunder Beast angrily and scolded, "Previously, when I asked you to send me off, you so unwilling to do it because I did not give you any benefits in return huh!"

The low cry that the Dark Thunder Beast had let out indicated that Nie Tian was right.


Translator: Amazon Aaron
Editor: Zesty Zach

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