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Chapter 119 - There is Definitely a Great Treasure after a Great Calamity!

During the Ling Bao Court’s unending battles, Nie Tian’s party of people was quietly sitting down at the peak of that mountain, silently waiting.

They had already used spirit stones to recover the spirit energy that they had lost earlier on. Currently, they were just gazing in the direction of the Ling Bao Court, not knowing what to do.

The earth below the mountain was full of lava, and many mountains had collapsed.

Unless they had wings, there was already no possibility of leaving the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range that had turned into a purgatory of lava.

Fortunately, because of the deficiency of food that they had in the Green Illusion Realm, no matter whether it was Jiang Lingzhu or Pan Tao, they both stored large amounts of dried meat in their storage rings so that no one would be worried about the issue of food.

Time hurriedly passed. Daytime left and night descended.

When the cold crescent moon rose into the night sky again, the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range turned dazzlingly bright due to the lava that was present everywhere.

“After this battle, our Ling Bao Court won’t be the only party that suffers. The Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect will also sustain great injuries.” Pan Tao looked into the distance and his expression sank as he said, “The Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect would also never have thought that there would actually be an extremely strong Earth Flame Beast hidden within the depths of the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range. That Earth Flame Beast has existed for an unknown amount of time, but the flame energy that it has condensed for so many years unexpectedly made the earth’s core, at the depths of the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range, spew out so much lava.”

“Heh! This time, our Ling Bao Court will naturally have disastrous losses. However, I think that the Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect will also definitely regret invading the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.”

An Shiyi sighed and peacefully said, “If the Ghost Sect, the Blood Sect, and our Ling Bao Court are severely damaged because of this, then those three… experts that have reached the Mysterious Realm might also have different degrees of injuries. This might cause a long-lasting effect on the entire Heaven Leaving Domain.”

Once she spoke, Pan Tao seemed to have thought of something, and his expression also slightly changed.

Nie Tian was stunned and asked, “What are you guys worried about?”

“The nine domains of the Meteorite Land aren’t harmonious at all.” Pan Tao deeply furrowed his brows. “Those people, like Lai Yi, can use the ancient space teleportation arrays to step into the Heaven Leaving Domain. Naturally... other people can as well. If the experts from the other eight domains learn about the unrest in the Heaven Leaving Domain, and also about the severe injuries that the great sects have sustained, perhaps it might cause thoughts of coming over here to arise.”

“Although fights between domains are rare, it doesn’t mean that they have never happened before.”

“No matter how severe the internal fights in the Heaven Leaving Domain are, they won’t be comparable to an interdomain war. If an interdomain war occurs, that would be the greatest danger to the Heaven Leaving Domain. At that time, people will truly be in misery. Lianqi Warriors, common mortals, mountains and lakes, as well as cultivation paradises and spirit beasts could all disappear due to an interdomain war.”

An Shiyi was distressed as she spoke.

“An interdomain war!” Nie Tian’s expression suddenly changed.

He also knew that the nine domains weren’t peaceful, as said by his master Wu Ji. There were occasionally wars between the nine domains.

According to Wu Ji, there were currently two domains of the Meteorite Land that were engaged in a bloody war. The war of those two domains, seemed to have… already continued for over a hundred years.

In the wars between domains, no matter whether it was the scale, the experts that participated in it, or the damages that were caused to both worlds, it would all far surpass the internal wars in the Heaven Leaving Domain.

Furthermore, according to Wu Ji, there seemed to have been more than nine great domains within the Meteorite Land in the distant past.

In the past, there were domains that were thoroughly destroyed due to neverending wars, and were no longer suitable for life. Now, those domains were no longer part of the Meteorite Land.

The most terrifying conclusion to an interdomain war would be an entire domain being destroyed and turned into an abandoned land.

“Sister! Look over there!”

At that moment, An Ying pointed to a river that was full of lava as she happily said, “Look at what’s inside the river!”

Everyone looked carefully and noticed bright rocks within the long river. Even though they were within the river of fire, they were still releasing a bright light.

Those rocks were like flashing stars within the river. They sparkled and dazzled with a red light.

“Fire Crystal Rocks! That is a Grade Two high-ranked fire attribute spirit material!” An Shiyi’s eyes brightened.

Pan Tao was also secretly moved as he said, “It seems like, following the eruption of the magma from the earth’s core, the Fire Crystal Rocks that were formed by the condensation of the pure power of fire were pushed out of the depths of the earth’s core. Ai, the Fire Crystal Rock is a good thing, and its value is priceless. To all Refining Masters, as well as fire attributed cultivators, they are rare items.”

“What a pity. It’s too unfortunate. If only we could collect those Fire Crystal Rocks, then we would’ve struck gold.”

“Not only is Fire Crystal Rock rare in the Heaven Leaving Domain, it’s also an extremely precious object in the other eight domains, and can be exchanged for many good things.”

The people that knew of the Fire Crystal Rock’s value all had greedy looks in their eyes, but their expressions were also filled with helplessness and despair. 

“Over there!” Jiang Lingzhu extended her hand and pointed towards an enormous, crushed stone.

That crushed stone came from a surrounding mountain that had collapsed. Following the collapse of the mountain, it unknowingly rolled out from the mountain.

Within the crushed rock, there were sparkling and brilliant strings of fire. Those strings of fire were similar to the colourful crystals that Nie Tian saw in the depths of the earth’s core. There were tiny patterns of fire within them, and those patterns… seemed to be squirming, as if there was some kind of truth about the power of fire hidden within it. 

“There are Flame Crystal Nets inside it and those are… Earth Fire Crystal Strings!” An Shiyi’s body shook, and a brilliant light shone from her beautiful pupils. She stared at those brilliant strings of fire with fixed eyes, and she excitedly said, “Grade Seven high-ranked spirit material! There are Earth Fire Crystal Strings within the Flame Crystal Nets that contain the secrets of the power of fire within them! That’s a material that cannot be left out while trying to refine Psychic Grade fire attributed spirit equipment!”

“Even if you can’t refine spirit equipment with it, Lianqi Warriors that cultivate the spiritual secrets of fire can also use the crystal strings within the Flame Crystals Nets to become aware of the subtleties of fire hidden within them!”

“The depths of the earth’s core in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range has actually given birth to Earth Fire Crystal Strings! This is definitely due to the Earth Flame Beast!”

An Shiyi was endlessly excited, and she danced about as she shouted. Her appearance suggested that she wished that she could immediately charge down to collect those Earth Fire Crystal Strings.

“Motherfucker! Feng Luo and that witch Yu Tong have made a move!” Pan Tao cursed.

Nie Tian looked into the distance and discovered that Feng Luo and Yu Tong, from the other mountain, were actually moving downwards, following the mountain.

At the base of that mountain, there was also a long river. Within that river, there were also Fire Crystal Rocks that sparkled as they released a bright light.

“Do they not want their lives?” Jiang Lingzhu was stunned for a moment. She suddenly said, “That’s not right! There’s still a method to collect the Fire Crystal Rocks! As long as we can use the stones as stepping stones to slowly approach from the banks of that river, then we can use the spirit equipments in our hands to fish up those Fire Crystal Rocks from the river!”

Once she spoke, everyone turned excited and continuously cried out as they wanted to to collect the Fire Crystal Rocks.

The value of Fire Crystal Rocks were considerably high, especially for the people from the Ling Bao Court. If they could obtain some Fire Crystal Rocks, they could still use the Fire Crystal Rocks to exchange for some spirit stones and materials that were suitable for their cultivation, even if the Ling Bao Court was gone.

If there was an opportunity, they could even leave the Heaven Leaving Domain to go to another domain to exchange the rocks for a high grade spirit equipment!

People would die for money, like how birds would die for food. Despite the fact that everyone hadn’t escaped danger and their future wasn’t certain, they were all boiling due to the appearance of the Fire Crystal Rocks.

Nie Tian hadn’t decided what he was going to do before noticing that a group of people had already made a move. They learnt from Feng Luo and Yu Tong as they also descended from the mountain.

“These guys…”

He whispered to himself. Nie Tian felt that it was somewhat inappropriate for him to stay alone on the mountaintop. Thus, he followed them down.

The mountain wasn’t high, and walking down the mountain was much faster than climbing down. After an hour, they had all arrived to the base of the mountain. An Shiyi and the others picked up enormous stones by the side and continuously hurled them into the lava. The piles of rocks slowly rose.

When the lava was completely covered by the enormous rocks, they all became excited and increased their energy.

Not long after, rocks stuck out that lead into the river containing the sparkling Fire Crystal Rocks.


An Shiyi leaped out and turned into a shadow of fire as she gracefully jumped towards the first rock.

She only stopped for a moment before continuing to the next rock. She used those rocks as a springboard to take the initiative and head towards the middle of the river.

Behind her, An Ying and Pan Tao also followed her as they went to go collect the Fire Crystal Rocks in high spirits, preparing for the future.

Nie Tian was about to make a move. However, he felt the aura of the Flame Dragon Armor and couldn’t help but squint his eyes to carefully sense it.

He suddenly noticed that the Flame Dragon Armor, that was exceedingly far away from him, seemed to be crying out from the depths of the earth’s core, and was wandering about the many areas in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.

It seemed like the Flame Dragon Armor was also currently collecting something.


Translator: Stupid Sean
Editors: Zesty Zach and Slutty Sietse

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