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Chapter 107 - A Slight Chance to Live

After the storage ring was thrown away by Lai Yi fell down, there was still fire flickering on it.

Lai Yi, who had a cultivation of the Mortal Realm, seemed to be unable to withstand the fire released by the ring, and had no choice but to temporarily throw it away to concentrate his energy to fight with the experts from the Blood Sect.

However, when Nie Tian stretched his hand out to grab the storage ring, the fire that was coiled around the ring suddenly extinguished itself.

He very easily picked up the ring and put it back on his wrist.

He sent out a strand of his consciousness and saw that everything was still inside the white space within the ring.

At that moment, the traces of fire were currently being absorbed by the Flame Dragon Armor...

Nie Tian suddenly understood. He realised that the sudden changes that had occurred to the ring, which had made the ring to release fire, were all caused by the Flame Dragon Armor inside.

And the reason why the Flame Dragon Armor would have a huge change, was because of his calls for the Flame Dragon Armor and the animal bone in his hands getting gradually hotter.

“Flame Dragon Armor, blood stone…” Nie Tian inwardly pondered for a while and suddenly said, “The bloodstone is the key!”

- Hong! -

A world-shaking boom resounded from the sky above everyone. The people who were currently fighting didn’t pay attention to the changes and continued contending against their respective opponent.

Only Nie Tian raised his head to look at the sky after putting the storage ring on his wrist.

He suddenly saw an enormous grey figure from the direction of the main gate of the Ling Bao Court charge towards the sky. That grey figure seemed to have been made out of a countless number of evil spirits.

The grey figure approached the sky and immediately worked together with the woman who was sitting on the blood-coloured lotus to attack the Treasure Court’s Fang Hui.

Fang Hui, who was standing on an enormous bronze cauldron, suddenly changed his expression after the enormous grey figure rose into the sky. He suddenly used a voice that everyone could hear to shout out, “All disciples from the Spirit Sect and Treasure Court are no longer required to guard the valley! Sect disciples, do all you can to run away! Return in the future when the main sect is once again established!”

Once those words were spoken, Nie Tian’s expression slightly changed.

He immediately concluded that the enormous grey figure was definitely the Mysterious Realm expert from the Ghost Sect!

If it was only the woman from the Blood Sect, Fang Hui felt that he could use the secret knowledge of the Ling Bao Court and his own strength to allow the Ling Bao Court to still have the power to fight.

However, the enormous grey figure that soared up into the sky made him realise that the strongest expert from the Ghost Sect had also arrived.

He knew very clearly that against two experts of the Mysterious Realm, he absolutely had no chance of winning. At most, he could delay the two people, stopping them from partaking in a large massacre.

Since the strongest experts from the Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect had arrived in the valley, this signified that the Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect had already used all of their trump cards.

He knew that there was no longer any possibility that the Ling Bao Court could resist.

To preserve the strength of the sect, he made all of the disciples from the Spirit Sect and the Treasure Court stop protecting the mountain and look for an opportunity to escape instead.


“The Grand Elder has spoken, nobody needs to protect the sect! First leave this area!”

“Escape towards the Lingyun Sect, the Grey Valley and the Black Mist Palace. Once they receive the news, they will definitely come to our aid.”

“As long as we can work together with the experts from the other three parties, we’ll still have a chance to return to the mountain!”

After the many Refining Masters from the Spirit Sect and the Treasure Court heard Fang Hui’s orders, they were secretly thankful and immediately changed their plans.

They weren’t determined to meet death anymore.

- Hu hu hu! -

Not long after Fang Hui spoke, a flaming pillar of light rose towards the sky from the middle of the two stone peaks, pouring into the enormous bronze cauldron.

“The main gate has been thoroughly opened! The Heaven Burning Earth Fire has completely lost its effect!”

“The Grand Elder has opened the main gate for us!”

“Quickly go!”

No matter whether it were the Refining Masters from the Treasure Court or the Spirit Sect, or the outside guests, they all noticed the changes that occurred in the valley and let out loud shouts.

Nie Tian looked around his surroundings and his eyes suddenly brightened.

Originally, there were three stone peaks surrounding the valley that the Ling Bao Court was in, forming a “品” word. There were three enormous gaps between these stone peaks.

One of the gaps was the main gate to leave the valley. When the people of the Ling Bao Court entered or left, they could only do so through the gap.

The other two enormous gaps were completely blocked up by two blazing light shields. Those two blazing light shields were like gates of fire that separated the valley and the outside world.

The advantage of doing this was that the experts from the Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect would be unable to enter the valley from those two gaps.

The disadvantage was that the disciples from the Spirit Sect and the Treasure Court within the valley would be unable to quickly leave the valley via those two gaps.

It was exactly because of the blazing gates blocking up the gaps that Nie Tian was only able to follow Pan Tao and try to use the path within the stone peak to reach the outside world.

However, the flame pillars that formed the blazing gates were currently brought up to the sky by Fang Hui’s enormous bronze cauldron, causing the two gaps to also become new roads that led out of the valley.

Nie Tian noticed that after Fang Hui spoke, there were many people from the Spirit Sect and the Treasure Court who followed the two gaps between the stone peak to charge out. 

And they were currently the closest to one of the gaps.

“Nie Tian! Lingzhu, Ye Gumo! Don’t worry about us, quickly leave!” Liu Yan let out a loud roar.

“Quickly go!” Pan Tao also shouted and took the initiative to charge towards the gap that was closest to them. He noticed that there currently weren’t any experts from the Ghost Sect or the Blood Sect that had approached the gap.

An Shiyi, An Ying, as well as Zheng Bin and Han Xin, also saw the opportunity to live and dodged the piercing scarlet blood strings to run towards the opened gates to freedom.

Nie Tian, who had obtained the storage ring, wasn’t targeted by the scarlet blood strings. After he heard Liu Yan’s urging, he slightly hesitated and spoke one sentence to Liu Yan, “Take care of yourself, Uncle Liu!”

As he said that, he followed An Shiyi, An Ying, and the rest, and ran towards the opened gap.

The experts from the Blood Sect were focused on trying to kill Lai Yi, Liu Yan, Shi Yi, and the other experts. They clearly knew that Nie Tian and the others were trying to escape, but they were unconcerned about it.

In their opinion, the scarlet blood strings that emerged from the ground would target Nie Tian and the others, relentlessly attacking them.

They thought that, with the cultivation realm of Nie Tian and the others, they would still be killed one by one, even if they managed to temporarily leave the valley.

Added on to the fact that they had insufficient manpower, this made them ignore Nie Tian and the others. Instead, they paid attention to the fight against Lai Yi, Liu Yan, and the others.

“Damn it!”

When Lai Yi, who came from the Hidden Dark Domain, saw Nie Tian pick up the storage ring that he had thrown away, he immediately turned as angry as lightning. Currently, he stared at Nie Tian as he left. However, that expert from the Blood Sect didn’t let him go, causing his anger to rise to the heavens.

- Chi chi! -

However, even more scarlet blood strings grew out of the ground after Nie Tian and the other members of the younger generation left, madly attacking them.

Lai Yi was unable to break free of those hated scarlet blood strings, and was unable to chase after Nie Tian while under the attack of the experts from the Blood Sect. He could only angrily curse and madly activate the spirit force in his body.

However, while he was cursing, Nie Tian gradually got further away from him.


“Quickly come here!”

In the front, Pan Tao and An Shiyi unceasingly called for the An Ying, Jiang Lingzhu, and Nie Tian to follow them.

Quickly, they were the first batch that escaped from the valley after Fang Hui had opened the gap.

“Follow me!” Pan Tao pointed in front of him.

The group of people followed Pan Tao and sped along, using their quickest speed to gradually leave the valley.

Nie Tian would occasionally turn around to look, noticing that there were gradually more figures that were wearing bloody garments around the gap that they had left from. There were also a few black clothed experts from the Ghost Sect that had dense Ghost Qi around them. 

His heart sank. He knew that the people who were still in the valley, such as Liu Yan, Luo Xin, as well as the people from the Spirit Sect and the Treasure Court, would not have such an easy time while passing through the gap, unlike them.

“A few escaped?”

An ear-piercing whistle echoed out from the mountain pass behind him.

“A few people from the younger generation. Do you want to chase after them?”

“Younger generation? No need for now. Block this mountain gate for me, and make those old guys stay in this valley eternally!”

When he had thoroughly left the main gate behind, Nie Tian heard the continuous sounds of conversation from behind him. Thus, he understood that the people that weren’t able to leave at the first possible moment would have to go through a bloody baptism if they wanted to pass through the gate to freedom.

At the end, he was unable to predict how many people would be able to escape alive, and how many people would be buried in the valley.

He only followed Pan Tao and used all of his strength to advance forward through the uneven mountains of the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.

There were many mountains in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range. The Ling Bao Court was only situated between the three biggest mountains. Once they left the valley, Nie Tian released his mental awareness, trying to see whether there were any experts from the Ghost Sect or the Blood Sect nearby.

A strong life force suddenly appeared within his mind. That life force… didn’t seem to belong to a person from the Ghost Sect or the Blood Sect.

That person was like them, and seemed to also be madly running away, wanting to quickly leave the area where the Ling Bao Court was as soon as possible.

“There’s someone nearby.” Nie Tian suddenly said.

Once he spoke, An Shiyi, who was in front, also used her mental awareness.

An Shiyi furrowed her brows, and an expression of loathing appeared on her charming face as she said, “That person is Fei Li.”

“Fei Li?” Nie Tian was astonished, “Sister An, how do you know that it is him?”

“I remember that nauseous smell on his body!” An Shiyi clenched her teeth, suddenly remembering something, “Nie Tian, I heard that Fei Li wasn’t willing to sell the Spirit Accumulating Pill to you because of me?”

“It is like that.” Nie Tian replied.

“Let’s go take it back!” An Shiyi lovably shouted.

Nie Tian was stunned, “Snatch it from Fei Li?”

“Since his master, Gan Kang, wishes to leave the Ling Bao Court and ignore what’ll happen to the Ling Bao Court in the future, his disciple Fei Li will also suffer a calamity, unless he follows Gan Kang out of the Heaven Leaving Domain.” An Shiyi snorted and said, “Even if they want to leave, I also want to make him leave the Spirit Accumulating Pill behind before he goes!”

As she said that, An Shiyi, who was advancing forward, suddenly changed her direction and went towards the position that Nie Tian had sensed.

“Fei Li dared to keep threatening me only because of the status of his master Gan Kang within the Treasure Court. Without the shelter of his master, I absolutely don’t have to put him in my eyes at all. Just watch, I’ll definitely help you take that Spirit Accumulating Pill!” An Shiyi confidently said.


Translator: Stupid Sean
Editors: Zesty Zach and Slutty Sietse
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