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Chapter 108 - Hunter

Within the ancient trees, Fei Li was panicked while he was running for his life.

When the huge changes occurred to the Ling Bao Court, he wasn’t in the valley. Instead, he was following the instructions of his master Gan Kang to do things outside.

Originally, he was planning to return to the sect when the Ling Bao Court’s auction started on the third day.

However, when he was about to return, he saw that the moon in the sky was dyed red with blood.

Following that, he heard the world-shaking sounds of combat that came from the valley where the Ling Bao Court was at.

Not long after, he saw the “Heaven Burning Earth Fire” array that covered the valley tear apart, and saw the enormous bronze cauldron, that the Grand Elder Fang Hui was standing on, rise into the sky.

In that moment, he understood that he would definitely have a higher chance of dying if he dared to return to the mountain.

He, who was secretly delighted, actually decided to leave. He wanted to get as far away as possible from the mountain entrance and never return.

As for his master Gan Kang and the existence of the Ling Bao Court, as well as the life and death of his brothers from the same sect, he had already abandoned them in the back of his mind.

“Fei Li, where are you going?” A fiery image of a beautiful woman suddenly emerged from behind a tree as she used a look full of ridicule to coldly look at him.

The person who arrived was naturally An Shiyi.

An Shiyi, who was at the later stages of the Zhongtian Realm, was blocking Fei Li. Her beautiful eyes exposed an intent to fight that was as fierce as fire. A bunch of orange flames gathered like clouds and curled around her beautiful body.

She took out a mysterious ribbon that was flowing with light from her waist. She shook the ribbon, and it instantly shot out a frightening fire.

Although An Shiyi was in the Spirit Sect, she possessed a fire attribute since a young age. Actually, she also had a dream to be recognised by a Refining Master of the Treasure Court, and hoped that she could also become a Refining Master of the Treasure Court.

Unfortunately, she had foolishly believed that Gan Kang valued her for her skill. However, the only thing that he saw in her was her appearance, and not her talent in refining.

“It’s you?”

Fei Li’s expression slightly changed. He looked around his surroundings, as if he was somewhat suspicious.

He didn’t understand why An Shiyi would appear like this.

- Xiu, xiu, xiu! -

It was also at that moment that Nie Tian, Pan Tao, Jiang Lingzhu, and the others managed to catch up and stand beside An Shiyi.

“How did you guys escape to here?” Fei Li got increasingly astonished.

“Cut the crap.” An Shiyi wasn’t polite at all. She extended her hand towards Fei Yi and used a matter-of-fact voice to say: “Hand the Spirit Accumulating Pill over, then go wherever you want. I won’t stop you. However, if you want to forcefully keep the Spirit Accumulating Pill, then don’t blame this grandmother for not being polite.”

“An Shiyi! You dare to demand for the Spirit Accumulating Pill?” Fei Li flew into a rage. He tried to clarify the situation, “Your An Family is only a subordinate family of our Ling Bao Court! You dare to run away when the sect is in a disaster? Your An Family won’t protect you! My master is the fifth highest ranked Master Refiner in the Treasure Court, so just where did you get the confidence to demand for my Spirit Accumulating Pill?”

“If Gan Kang wasn’t your master, would you believe that I would’ve beaten you until your teeth fell out?” An Shiyi’s old grudges and new enmities surged forth in her heart. She was also too lazy to argue with him. Thus, she immediately made a move.

The mysterious ribbon in her hands was like a swaying rainbow of flames that instantly whipped towards Fei Li.

- Pa! -

Under this situation Fei Li wasn’t able to defend himself, and his skinny cheek was violently whipped by the ribbon.

Not only was half of his face instantly swollen, he was even severely scalded.

“Slut! You actually dare to make a move!” Fei Li covered his cheek as he screeched. He had never thought that the An Shiyi, who had always been seeking a compromise, would actually make a violent move against him.

“Elder Gan Kang and the foreigners from the Hidden Underworld Domain have come to an agreement. He will leave the Ling Bao Court and leave the Heaven Leaving Domain, to follow those foreigners to go to the Hidden Underworld Domain.” Pan Tao furrowed his brows. He seemed as if he couldn’t waste too much time on Fei Li. Thus, he explained, “He’s prepared to leave, so your patron in the Ling Bao Court has collapsed*. As his disciple, you won’t be able to run away from your responsibility since your master has defected.”

[*-> Patron in chinese is ‘Relying Mountain’, so it’s a pun: Your relying mountain has collapsed.]

“Take the Spirit Accumulating Pill out, and I’ll let you escape as far as you can. It’d be best if you could find your master and follow him to the Hidden Underworld Domain.”

Pan Tao knew that An Shiyi’s hate towards Fei Li was extremely deep, and also knew that An Shiyi was actually vicious, contrary to her gentle appearance.

Currently, since she had the chance, she would naturally take the opportunity to make Fei Li suffer, so much so that she could even deal serious damage to Fei Li.

Although Fei Li wasn’t good at combat, he still had a cultivation of the Zhongtian Realm. Once the two got into a bloody battle, it would definitely waste everyone’s time.

The reason why Pan Tao mentioned this point was to let Fei Li clearly understand his present situation and not get into a battle to the death with An Shiyi.

“My master… intends to go to the Hidden Underworld Domain?” Fei Li was stunned. His eyes brightened, as if he immediately believed that.

“I’ll give the Spirit Accumulating Pill to you guys!”

Fei Li was also decisive. Once he understood the situation, he unexpectedly had no hesitation at all as he threw out the case containing the Spirit Accumulating Pill from his storage ring.

Pan Tao, who caught the case, lifted its cover and took a sniff, before he threw it to An Shiyi. 

An Shiyi carefully looked at it and gently nodded her head. “It’s the Spirit Accumulating Pill.”

Once Nie Tian, who was beside her, heard that she had really obtained the Spirit Accumulating Pill that he wanted, even in his dreams, he was also extremely overjoyed.

The Spirit Accumulating Pill wasn’t extremely rare in the Heaven Leaving Domain. In his opinion however, this item, which could cure the injury that had troubled his grandfather for many years, was even more precious than the Flame Dragon Armor.

“Can I go now?” Fei Li coldly said.

An Shiyi waved her hand. “Screw off! You already don’t have Gan Kang as your patron! Don’t let me see you again in the Heaven Leaving Domain. If I do…”

Without waiting for her to finish speaking, Fei Li coldly snorted and immediately left.

“Here, your Spirit Accumulating Pill.” An Shiyi threw it over.

Nie Tian caught the case, and didn’t even throw a glance at it before storing it in his storage bracelet. He smiled as he said, “Thanks, sister.”

An Shiyi smiled sweetly and said, “It counts as me helping you fulfill a wish.”

She had always been apologetic towards Nie Tian. She knew that Nie Tian had offended Gan Kang for her. If not for her, the Spirit Accumulating Pill would’ve already been in the hands of Nie Tian.

Not long ago, she and her sister An Ying were determined to die in that courtyard. However, it was Nie Tian who had suddenly come to their rescue. He would rather have wasted everyone’s time, just so that the sisters could leave together. 

She also knew that the reason why the Lingyun Sect’s Wu Xing spoke out, and was willing to take the sisters on as his responsibility, was because of him giving Nie Tian face and not wanting Nie Tian to waste his time on the sisters.

Afterwards, when Gan Kang blocked up the cave entrance and deliberately made things difficult for everyone by preventing them from escaping, it was also because of her.

She knew that she owed Nie Tian too much. She was ashamed of herself, and had always wanted to find an opportunity to repay him.

Since she had obtained the Spirit Accumulating Pill from Fei Li, that should’ve been Nie Tian’s from the start, she finally felt a bit happy and her expression seemed as if it was glittering.

“But, we haven’t truly escaped yet. If we have anything to say, can we say it after we truly leave the valley and no longer meet anyone from the Ghost Sect or the Blood Sect?” Pan Tao bitterly smiled.

“That’s fine.” An Shiyi pursed her mouth into a smile.

“Continue leading the way.” Nie Tian also said.


At the exit where Nie Tian and the others had escaped from, many experts from the Blood Sect, the Spirit Sect, the Treasure Court, as well as Wu Xing and Grandmother Weng were fighting.

The Blood Sect’s Yu Tong suddenly flew out from the valley, “Uncle Master Yang Yuan, did you see some members of the Lingyun Sect’s younger generation leave?” She inquired towards the expert from the Blood Sect, who had lost an arm, and was currently fighting against Wu Xing.

“Oh, the luck of those few youngsters weren’t bad. They were the first batch to escape.” Yang Yuan answered without thinking.

Yu Tong, who was wearing a blood-red qipao (red dress), hurriedly questioned further, “Who was there? What cultivation realm did they have?”

The expert from the Blood Sect, who was previously fighting with Lai Yi, was about to enter the stone cave that Gan Kang had left from to pursue Gan Kang and Lai Yi who had escaped. After hearing what was said, he paused for a moment and said, “The leader is the Spirit Sect’s An Shiyi, who has a cultivation of the Zhongtian Realm. The others are all part of the younger generation, who are only at the beginning stages of the Houtian Realm.”

“Uncle Feng, please come together with me!” Yu Tong requested.

The expert from the Blood Sect that had been following her nodded his head and maliciously grinned, “What I love the most is catching those mice that think that they’ve escaped.”

“I’ve asked around to make it clear. That disciple that the old monster Wu has just taken has also come to this area, and he should be within that group!” A bloody light flashed in Yu Tong’s eyes.

“That Nie Tian that you’ve been talking about for the past half year?” Yang Yuan was astonished as she said that.

“Exactly him.” Yu Tong’s baleful qi soared towards the heavens as she spoke.

Yang Yuan nodded his head and spoke towards the expert from the Blood Sect behind her, “Feng Luo, that kid called Nie Tian is a mental demon of Little Tong. I’ll go help her sweep away her mental demons.”

“I got it.” Feng Luo let out a cunning laugh.

Those experts from the Blood Sect knew that Yu Tong was severely injured and unconscious after returning from the Green Illusion Realm, and had used up a long time during her recovery.

After recovering, Yu Tong became increasingly hard working regarding her cultivation, and her strength had improved yet again.

However, Yu Tong couldn’t forget about the youngster called Nie Tian, and looked everywhere for information about Nie Tian. After hearing that he was accepted as a disciple to Wu Ji, she gave up on the idea of going to Black Cloud City and killing Nie Tian in the Nie Family.

They could all see that, if Nie Tian didn’t die, he would eventually become a mental block on Yu Tong’s cultivation. Therefore, they supported her to kill Nie Tian.

“Uncle Feng, let’s go!” Yu Tong ran past the people who were fighting, and left through the mountain gate with Feng Luo, following the direction that Nie Tian and the others had headed in.


Translator: Stupid Sean
Editors: Zesty Zach and Slutty Sietse
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