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Chapter 106 - Returned to Its Rightful Owner

“Ha, it’s actually the Ling Bao Court’s Gan Kang! We caught a big fish!”

An expert from the Blood Sect suddenly arrived and stared at Gan Kang as he maliciously grinned.

That person was wearing a tattered, blood-red, long gown, and when his eyes opened, a bloody light, that could capture people, flashed through them.

“Reversing Blood Current!”

He waved a dark-red magic staff and released the forbidden technique of the Blood Sect at the first possible moment. Only a bloody light that could cover the heavens could be seen, which was like sticky blood that flowed towards the crowd from midair.

Behind him, there were a few experts from the Blood Sect that received news of this and had immediately activated their magical techniques as well.

Layers of bloody light, that carried a strange magnetic field that could cause one’s blood flow to reverse, quickly spread out.

Nearby, the corpses of some foreigners that had been killed by them suddenly exploded.

Bursts of fresh blood turned into a hurricane that flew up into the air and rapidly condensed, forming a vague figure of blood.

The distant Lai Yi and Nie Tian, who were attempting to escape, suddenly felt that they were unable to control the blood in their bodies.

However, the number of people that were affected by the “Reversing Blood Current” wasn’t limited to only them.

The expressions of Lai Yi, who wanted to kill him, as well as the foreigner that was about to make a move against An Shiyi, also suddenly turned flush, as if they were trying their best to control the strange movements of their blood.

“Damn it!”

Lai Yi secretly cursed. The gaze that he used to look at Nie Tian with was full of viciousness.

At that moment, he suddenly felt regret. He regretted not using a killing move earlier and not cutting down Nie Tian in the instant that he saw him.

In his original plan, once he obtained the storage ring and confirmed the presence of the Flame Dragon Armor and the blood stone, he would have no apprehensions at all as he killed everyone there.

He didn’t make a move at first because he was worried that the blood stone wasn’t in the storage ring and that Nie Tian had hid it in a different place.

“Kill Gan Kang first!”

After the people from the Blood Sect successfully activated the forbidden technique “Reversing Blood Current”, their figures flashed and turned into a bloody light, which directly headed towards Gan Kang, who was still within the stone cave.

At the cave entrance, which had flames sputtering out of it, Gan Kang’s expression turned gloomy. He coldly looked at Lai Yi and said, “I’ll leave it for you to handle things here!”

After he said that, Gan Kang didn’t care about anyone else as he rapidly entered the stone cave.

The arrival of the few experts from the Blood Sect caused the situation to suddenly change. The experts from the Blood Sect that had rushed over knew of his identity and had viewed him as their primary objective.

Gan Kang knew very clearly that if he wasted too much time staying here, he would just get in more and more danger.

Because of this, he currently didn’t bother about whether An Shiyi could be captured alive or not and only thought of running away.

“Elder Gan, please don’t urgently run away.”

That expert from the Blood Sect laughed as he was about to surpass Lai Yi and chase after Gan Kang within the stone cave.

The remaining people from the Blood Sect quietly looked around when they arrived. They made the two foreigners, as well as Liu Yan, Shi Yi, Luo Xin, and the other people who had high cultivation realms, their targets.

Because Nie Tian, Jiang Lingzhu, Ye Gumo, as well as Zheng Bin, An Ying, and the others had too little strength, they weren’t put into the eyes of the experts from the Blood Sect.

“Stay here!”

Lai Yi coldly snorted and an animal bone that was covered with fur suddenly appeared in his hands. That animal bone looked like the leg bone of a spirit beast, and was over 1 metre long.

Once that animal bone was taken out, a rotten smell immediately emerged.

After he took out the animal bone, the expression of the expert from the Blood Sect, who was just about to run past him, suddenly changed as he said, “A person from the Hidden Dark Domain?”

Lai Yi let out a low laugh as he said, “From today onwards, Gan Kang is one of our men. It’d be best for you to not meddle in our business.”

“So what if you’re from the Hidden Dark Domain?” The expert from the Blood Sect snorted, “This is our Heaven Leaving Domain. Aren’t you unable to flip the heavens in our Heaven Leaving Domain with just the few of you?”

- Chi chi! -

Rays of bloody light flew out from the body of that expert from the Blood Sect. The bloody light interweaved, suddenly condensing into a man-swallowing vicious beast that reeked of blood, which suddenly bit in Lai Yi’s direction.

Lai Yi waved the animal bone, and the fur on the animal bone stood up.

A rotten smell appeared on Lai Yi’s palm and caused an echo from the animal bone.

The dense, bloody odor from the bloody, vicious beast that was charging towards Lai Yi seemed to be affected by some kind of unknown rotting power that unexpectedly passed by. 

When the vicious beast approached Lai Yi, the dense aura of flesh, that was released by its body, had actually decreased by seventy-eighty percent.

Lai Yi held the animal bone and suddenly pounded it towards that vicious beast that had insufficient qi and blood. That vicious beast turned into an abundant amount of blood mist that dissipated after being blown away by the wind.

It was also at that moment, when the other experts from the Blood Sect fought with the two foreign experts as well as Liu Yan, Shi Yi and the others.

Nie Tian, from the point of view of a bystander, realised that, besides the experts from the Blood Sect, all of the people that were affected by the chaotic magnetic field of the “Reversing Blood Current” were suffering in their battles.

Those people looked as if they had to use a portion of their energy to resist the strange movement of the blood in their bodies.

Pan Tao, Ye Gumo, and the other people who weren’t attacked also had a slightly red expression. Their bodies were fixed on the ground, as if they were using all their strength to break free from the strange condition of their blood.

On the other hand, he quickly recovered to normal after the most recent strange movement in his blood.

He was unexpectedly unaffected by the chaotic magnetic field of the “Reversing Blood Current”.


He secretly whispered to himself. Thinking about the strange condition that had just occurred to him, he felt that his blood had also changed when the “Reversing Blood Current” was activated.

However, it was just for a moment. After that, he recovered back to normal and was no longer affected.

- Pu! -

While he was unclear and suspicious, scarlet blood strings suddenly emerged from the solid ground around him.

Those scarlet blood strings grew like weeds from the earth, and grew out from the earth at a speed that the naked eye could see as they flew up into midair.

“Earth Web!” Nie Tian cried out.

Within the Green Illusion Realm, the witch, Yu Tong, from the Blood Sect had activated the forbidden technique Earth Web and had instantly killed a few people from the Black Mist Palace using the scarlet blood strings.

At that moment, the scarlet blood strings that emerged from the earth seemed to be denser than the ones that had appeared in the Green Illusion Realm, and their qi and blood was even more astonishing!

The scarlet blood strings that were swaying in midair suddenly flashed, and pierced towards the area that Lai Yi, Liu Yan, and Zheng Bin were, as well as the areas that had no people from the Blood Sect.

The only exception was him again!

He stopped in his original location and didn’t move. However, those scarlet blood strings seemed to be unable to sense him and ignored him.

“Why is it like this?” He was stunned for a second and used his mental awareness to sense outwards. He felt that there seemed to unexpectedly be a weak aura of the Blood Sect within his body.

He suddenly realised what was happening.

When he was in the Green Illusion Realm, he was pierced by the scarlet blood strings that were released by Yu Tong, causing the blood in his body to almost be drawn out by those scarlet blood strings.

However, he had managed to stand his ground in the end. Instead, he had actually used his bizarre body to refine those blood strings.

It was also because of this that there was still a weak aura of the Blood Sect within his body.

And those scarlet blood strings that emerged out of the ground seemed to be able to distinguish between the disciples of the Blood Sect. As long as something possessed the aura of the Blood Sect, they would not be in its range of attack.

In this way, he was once again safe and sound while everyone else was being attacked by the scarlet blood strings.

- Chi! -

The foreigner that had previously wanted to capture An Shiyi didn’t pay attention to the changes on the ground below him while he was fighting with an expert from the Blood Sect, causing his left leg to be pierced through by the scarlet blood strings.

He suddenly let out a severe howl.

Even more scarlet blood strings entangled him from everywhere after he was trapped.

It was only a moment, and he, who was unable to move, was penetrated by the dense amounts of scarlet blood strings.

- Gu gu! -

Nie Tian clearly saw that when those blood strings made out of blood pierced into his body, they were like bloodsucking ants that madly absorbed his blood.

His strong body rapidly turned shriveled and those blood strings turned as thick as a finger.

It was also at that moment that Pan Tao, Jiang Lingzhu, and the other people, who weren’t attacked by the experts of the Blood Sect, were currently targeted by the scarlet blood strings. Strange cries erupted from their throats, while they were frantically trying to cut apart the blood strings with their spirit weapons.

After a long time of resistance, they finally broke free from the strange movements of the blood in their bodies, and could freely move again.

Nie Tian, who didn’t move from his location for a long time, was originally keeping a large distance between him and Lai Yi. Currently, he was calmly walking about within the scarlet blood strings as he quietly approached Lai Yi.

His eyes were deadly fixed on the storage ring on Lai Yi’s arm.

The Flame Dragon Armor and the animal bone in his hand were clearly a complete entity. If he didn’t know about the existence of the Flame Dragon Armor, then that would still be fine. But, since he currently knew that the Flame Dragon Armor was absolutely not an ordinary item, he naturally wanted to take it back.

“Flame Dragon Armor…”

He looked at the storage ring and he contemplated inwardly, racking his brains to think of methods to take the Flame Dragon Armor back.

“Flame Dragon Armor, Flame Dragon Armor, Flame Dragon Armor…”

Following his contemplation, a faint, fleshy aura clearly rippled out of his body, due to some unknown reason.

He was still several tens of metres away from Lai Yi, while the Flame Dragon Armor was clearly still within the storage ring. However, he suddenly felt that he had established a mysterious connection with the Flame Dragon Armor.

In the next moment, he noticed that the animal bone that was gripped in his hand suddenly turned incomparably hot.

- Ao! -

Lai Yi, who was fighting with the expert from the Blood Sect, suddenly let out a violent howl. He forcefully shook his arm, and the storage ring on his wrist released a terrifying blaze.

He suddenly became scared, and threw out the storage ring that he had snatched from Nie Tian.

The eyes of Nie Tian, who had also felt the unexpected incident, brightened. Overjoyed with this piece of unexpected good news, he passed through the scarlet blood strings and picked up the storage ring that had just been dropped.


Translator: Stupid Sean
Editors: Zesty Zach and Slutty Sietse
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