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Gan Kang used the sect rules to preach. Not to mention Pan Tao, even if his grandfather came, he would truly be helpless too.

However, it was clear that everything he said was out of pure selfishness.

When the Ling Bao Court encountered a disaster like this, the number of people who attempted to quietly escape wasn’t just limited to Pan Tao.

Zheng Rui and the offspring of a few other elders were currently in the middle of their own journeys outside. They wanted to keep themselves out of this, as they were unwilling to protect the sect till the death.

Gan Kang didn’t bother about the other people and stubbornly focused on Pan Tao. However, he really wasn’t aiming to stop Pan Tao.

His real target was Nie Tian and the An Sisters!

Liu Yan’s heart was bright as snow. If Nie Tian didn’t care about other people’s businesses and didn’t take An Shiyi as a foster sister, Gan Kang absolutely wouldn’t have appeared here.

An Shiyi also understood. If she had promised to become Gan Kang’s wife, perhaps her sister and herself would have already been helped to leave the Ling Bao Court by Gan Kang.

“Senior Gan, our Black Mist Palace hasn’t provoked you?” Zheng Bin furrowed his brows and said, “We of the Black Mist Palace aren’t in the mood to take part in your quarrels with the other people, can you let us pass?”

A few people from the Black Mist Palace impatiently looked at Gan Kang with anxious expressions.

At that moment, within the mountain valley of the Ling Bao Court, the experts from the Blood Sect were everywhere, pursuing the foreign guests as they fought with the people from the Spirit Sect and the Treasure Court.

There was nowhere safe in the mountain valley. There were battles happening everywhere.

At the entrance to the mountain, a large amount of experts from the Ghost Sect, that had been lingering outside for a long time, also came in, causing the Refining Masters from the Spirit Sect and the Treasure Court to suffer extremely badly.

Their party had been trying to escape from this valley since the start. However, because of the An Sisters, Wu Xing and Grandmother Weng had already fallen into a trap.

The last hope of Wu Xing and Grandmother Weng was for them to successfully reach this area and use the secret road within the stone peak to leave the Ling Bao Court and safely escape.

In that key moment, Gan Kang blocked the entrance to the stone cave and didn’t allow anyone to step inside, which undoubtedly blocked the opportunity to survive this predicament.

They had arrived at this area with great difficulty. Zheng Bin and the others, who knew about the existence of a relatively safe route here, knew that their hopes of successfully leaving the Ling Bao Court were now extremely uncertain, especially if they turned back now.

He secretly resented Nie Tian for minding the business of others, which made everyone suffer a calamity along with him. He continuously kept requesting Gan Kang.

“No means no!” Gan Kang had a cold expression, “No one is allowed through here! Even if Wu Xing and Grandmother Weng were here, I would still have the same attitude!”

He waved his hand an impatiently urged, “If you want to leave, quickly change roads and stop wasting time here!”

He looked at the An Sisters again and humphed. He coldly said, “As for you guys, you will definitely remain here! As members of the Spirit Sect, you will live and die together with the sect!”

He only pointed towards the An Sisters, but didn’t point towards Pan Tao.

At that moment, everyone could see that Gan Kang was deliberately making things difficult. They also knew that they had no chance of entering the stone cave unless they forcefully charged through.

- Xiu! -

It was also at that moment that three figures quietly descended.

The leader was exactly the person who had asked the Ling Bao Court to sell the Flame Dragon Armor, Lai Yi. When Lai Yi landed, he shot Nie Tian a glance and said, “Before leaving, hand over the Flame Dragon Armor and the blood stone.”

“Lai Yi, why did you guys come only now?” Gan Kang appeared stunned for a moment.

“Bothered by a few guys from the Blood Sect.” Lai Yi, who came from another domain, slightly nodded his head towards Gan Kang and said, “Gan Kang, if you want that girl, I have a simple method.”

He grinned and gave an idea, “Directly capture her.”

“Brother Gan! The Ling Bao Court is undergoing a huge situation now! In the future, even if there’s nothing left of the Ling Bao Court in the Heaven Leaving Domain besides its name, its strength will also have greatly decreased.” Another foreigner from another domain used a sincere tone to persuade him, “If you stay in the Ling Bao Court, you’ll always be suppressed by Fang Hui, and it’ll be very hard for you to become the strongest Refining Master. Rather than this, why not leave the Ling Bao Court and leave the Heaven Leaving Domain.”

“You can be at ease, our master can give you everything that you have in the Ling Bao Court.

“With your attainment in the art of Refining, it won’t be impossible for you to open a brand new Refining Sect after coming to our side.”

Lai Yi also said, “Brother Gan, the Ling Bao Court is doomed to decline. Would you like to leave with us?”

The three foreign Lianqi Warriors, that had just arrived, didn’t beat around the bush and unexpectedly persuaded Gan Kang to leave the Ling Bao Court.

Nie Tian, Liu Yan, and the others, including Pan Tao, were also suddenly dumbstruck.

“Elder Gan! So the reason that you appeared here was to escort these three people and to let them escape from that road!” After Pan Tao heard their conversation, he suddenly understood, “You won’t allow us to use that road, but you’re helping out the three foreign Refining Masters! And you actually have the nerve to talk about loyalty to us?”

Liu Yan’s expression also turned unkind. “Elder Gan, no matter how you put it, our four sects are allies. What do these foreigners from other domains count for? You want to widely open the road for them, but you want to block us. Just what are your intentions?”

The people from the Black Mist Palace all criticized him.

Nie Tian also fully understood the situation. However, he didn’t interrupt them. Instead, he subconsciously rubbed his storage bracelet and murmured in his heart, “Flame Dragon Armor, blood stone, what do those mean?”

Gan Kang, who was being criticized by the people, had a deep expression, as if Man and Heaven were struggling in his heart.

His struggle had no relation to the criticism of Liu Yan, Pan Tao, and the others. Instead, he was hesitating on whether he should abandon everything in the Heaven Leaving Domain and take the chance to escape.

“Brother Gan! Time is short, please don’t hesitate too much!” Lai Yi turned his head and looked at the movements of the distant experts from the Blood Sect. He appeared slightly anxious, as he said, “You should be clear about this. After the war, the strength of the Ling Bao Court will be greatly harmed. In the Treasure Court of the Ling Bao Court, you’re just the fifth highest ranked Refining Master. Your authority in the Ling Bao Court is still too weak.”

“Only if you leave can you deepen your research into the Dao of Refining. Furthermore… your Dao of Refining might not be approved by the other people in the Ling Bao Court!”

Lai Yi anxiously persuaded him.

Gan Kang, who had been silent for a long time, seemed to have finally made his decision after hearing this. He took a deep breath and said to Lai Yi, “Bring that woman for me.” He pointed towards An Shiyi.

As he said that, he turned around and didn’t look at Liu Yan, Pan Tao, Nie Tian, and the others, as if he felt that he could easily fulfill his desires with Lai Yi and the other two people present.

“Alright!” Lai Yi nodded his head and pointed towards An Shiyi, indicating for the person beside him to make a move.

“Follow us.” That person immediately walked towards An Shiyi. His pupils had wisps of ash-coloured mist lingering around them, and a desolate icy aura, that seemed to have turned into invisible chains, enveloped An Shiyi.

“Xiantian Realm!” Liu Yan’s expression changed.

It was also at that moment when Lai Yi’s figure moved and flashed beside Nie Tian. He had no trace of politeness as he grabbed the storage bracelet on Nie Tian’s arm. “I only want the Flame Dragon Armor and the blood stone. Obediently give them to me and I’ll spare your life.” He indifferently said.

“Damn it! Mortal Realm!” Liu Yan was dumbstruck as he hurriedly said, “Nie Tian! Quickly give your storage bracelet to him!”

Nie Tian was suddenly shocked. He wasn’t able to clearly see Lai Yi’s movements, and when he noticed, he discovered that Lai Yi was already very close to him, and had extended his hand out to grab his arm.

At that moment, Liu Yan shouted again.

“Mortal Realm!” Nie Tian was also frightened. He knew that there was currently an enormous difference between Lai Yi and him that would be difficult to exceed. He decisively took off the storage bracelet from his hand, and threw it towards Lai Yi while he retreated.

However, in the instant that he threw his storage bracelet, he took out and gripped the animal bone in his palm.

“You know the difference between us.” Lai Yi nodded and caught the storage bracelet that he threw out.

However, at that moment, Nie Tian used his quickest speed to move towards the direction that he came from and loudly shouted, “The Treasure Court’s Gan Kang is here! The fifth highest ranked Refining Master from the Treasure Court is attempting to leave the Treasure Court and wants to leave to another domain!”

A few nearby experts from the Blood Sect were alerted after hearing his shout.

A lot of people quickly came over.

When Gan Kang, who had already entered the stone cave, heard Nie Tian’s shout, his expression sank and he said, “Since I’m determined to leave, I won’t be afraid of offending that Old Monster Wu. That brat… kill him for me!”

Lai Yi, who used his divine sense to check the storage bracelet after catching it, suddenly turned angry, “Brat! You dare to scheme against me! You’re following the path to your own doom!”


“There are a lot of people there!”

A few experts from the Blood Sect were attracted by Nie Tian’s shouts and appeared one after another.


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