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Chapter 104 - This Road is Blocked

If it weren’t for Nie Tian wasting time on the two sisters of the An Family, they would’ve already passed through the courtyard. Perhaps, they wouldn’t have met the three experts from the Blood Sect.

If they didn’t meet the three experts from the Blood Sect, Wu Xing wouldn’t have had to make a move and expose his own location.

However, when the three experts from the Blood Sect approached the courtyard of the An Sisters, they would’ve undoubtedly noticed the An Sisters.

If Nie Tian didn’t stop, they could’ve avoided a fight. However, the An Sisters… would probably have died nine out of ten times.

“Emotions are the most harmful things!” The Black Mist Palace’s Grandmother Weng was also discontent, as she whispered this sentence.

“Wu Xing is here!”

The remaining two disciples from the Blood Sect loudly shouted and asked their nearby companions for help.

“The Lingyun Sect’s Wu Xing is here!”

The experts from the Blood Sect, who were descending from the sky, heard the screams of the two people.


Wu Xing focused his gaze and saw a one-armed expert from the Blood Sect who had bloody garments draped over him.

He knew who that person was.

“Liu Yan! You lead them and go to the place that Pan Tao spoke about. Grandmother Weng and I will stay behind to stop them.” Wu Xing shouted.

“Zheng Bin, Han Qian, follow them!” Grandmother Weng also made a quick decision.

At that moment, the six experts from the Blood Sect had reached their two comrades who had been screaming for help.

“Wu Xing! Grandmother Weng!” The big one-armed man from the Blood Sect maliciously grinned. “Long time no see! During the last half year, your four sects have teamed up and killed many people from my Blood Sect! Today is the day when we pay our debts back!”

He waved his right hand and many discs, that were red like blood, whirled about as they whistled through the air.

Those discs let out an ear-piercing whistle as they released a bloody light that had a trapping power. In a moment, Wu Xing was trapped.

After the other experts from the Blood Sect saw him make a move, they surrounded the Black Mist Palace’s Grandmother Weng.


After Liu Yan heard his master’s order, he didn’t hesitate at all as he immediately urged the people around him to move.

He noticed that there were a few disciples from the Blood Sect within the center valley that seemed to notice the activity here and had abandoned their targets to rapidly gather here.

Liu Yan knew very clearly that once they were surrounded by the many experts from the Blood Sect, they would have no chance of successfully getting to the foot of the stone peak.

Shi Yi and Luo Xin also knew Wu Xing’s character. They knew that, once he made a decision, they, as his disciples, would have to unconditionally obey.

Because of that, they didn’t stay behind and have any ideas to help Wu Xing. Instead, they helped Liu Yan anxiously urge the crowd.

The shouts of the three people were also an approach that stopped Nie Tian from having any ideas of staying here to fight to the death. He hastily followed Jiang Liangzhu and Ye Gumo to chase after Liu Yan and the others.

“This guy!” Jiang Liangzhu was running while grumbling about Nie Tian, “That woman An Ying didn’t give you any good looks during the Green Illusion Realm. When you encountered trouble, she didn’t think of using everything she had to help you. Why do you care about her?”

“He has fallen for that girl.” Ye Gumo added a few words in.

An Shiyi and An Ying, who were trailing behind, also heard the criticisms of the two people towards Nie Tian. However, the two sisters didn’t say anything.

Under Liu Yan’s lead, the group of people followed Pan Tao’s directions and quickly left Wu Xing and Grandmother Weng behind.

Nie Tian occasionally turned around to look back, and noticed that Wu Xing and Grandmother Weng seemed to have been gradually surrounded by the experts from the Blood Sect.

He was suddenly ashamed in his heart.

“Sorry.” An Ying came up to him and quietly apologized.

An Shiyi pursed her mouth. Although she didn’t say anything, her beautiful eyes were also filled with apology.

The two of them also knew. If it weren’t for the both of them, Nie Tian and the others might not have been noticed by the experts from the Blood Sect and wouldn’t have stayed in their courtyard for that moment.

In that case, they would’ve undoubtedly died. However, Wu Xing and Grandmother Weng wouldn’t have been trapped in a dangerous situation.

“Don’t take it to heart.” Nie Tian replied without thinking, “If Senior Brother Wu and Grandmother Weng truly get into an accident, I’ll definitely get revenge for them, as long as I live.”

When they were speaking, their footsteps had never stopped. The nearby experts from the Blood Sect were all dealing with Wu Xing and Grandmother Weng, as they didn’t have the manpower to pursue them.

In the opinion of those experts from the Blood Sect, Wu Xing and Grandmother Weng were the big fish, who were key characters that could determine the situation in the Heaven Leaving Domain. 

If they killed Wu Xing and Grandmother Weng, they could make the Lingyun Sect and the Black Mist Palace suffer heavy losses. The value of those two people far surpassed theirs.

“We’re here!”

After a long time, Pan Tao suddenly stopped and stood beside the entrance to a cave that still had flames lingering on it.

Once he stopped, all of the people who were following him also immediately stopped.

“This cave entrance?” Liu Yan had a suspicious expression.

Pan Tao nodded his head and turned his body around to explain to the crowd, “Since the Heaven Burning Earth Fire has been broken, these three peaks can’t continue to draw out the blazing Earth Fire from the earth. Naturally, because of the activation of the previous great array, there should still be some remaining fire within those rock caves.”

“However, we need to be a bit careful, and everyone needs to take care of each other. That remaining fire… shouldn’t cause too much of a threat.”

“Are you sure?” Luo Xin asked.

Pan Tao bitterly laughed, “I’m also scared of death. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have run away like you guys. If the might of the remaining fire in the stone cave is inexhaustible, I’ll also die in there.”

“That…” After stopping for a moment to make everyone feel relieved, Pan Tao continued, “I’ll be the first person to go in, and I’ll lead you guys within the stone cave. If it’s like this, will you guys be at ease?”

Liu Yan nodded his head, “Alright!”

“Mister Liu, do we wait for your master and Grandmother Weng?” Zheng Bin asked.

“No need.” Liu Yan shook his head and used a definite tone to say, “My master will follow our aura and accurately find this place. You guys can be reassured. As long as Senior Weng and him are together, they’ll still be able to come to this stone cave, even if there’s no one to guide them. Furthermore, they can tail us.”

“So it’s like that.” Zheng Bin relaxed.

“Then I’ll go in first.” Pan Tao said.

Everyone nodded.

Pan Tao’s appearance didn’t match the confidence that he had while speaking. He clenched his teeth, as if he was trying to summon up courage as he was about to charge inside.

At that moment, a figure suddenly walked out of the cave entrance that had flames lingering around it.

That person had messy, red-coloured hair, and he had a bushy beard on his face. That beard was excessively prosperous, which made his face seem to be within a pile of weeds and caused people to be unable to see his true appearance.

However, in the instant that he exited the cave, the expressions of Pan Tao and the An Sisters turned frightened.

“Gan, Elder Gan…” Pan Tao spoke with a stammer.

After the An Sisters saw this person, their expressions turned pale white, as if they were extremely panicked.

“This road is blocked.” After Gan Kang came out, he didn’t look at Pan Tao. Contrarily, he stared at An Shiyi with fixed eyes, as he shouted, “Do you realise the kind of punishment you will receive if you run away from the sect during a huge incident like this one?”

A severe light prominently appeared in his eyes, as if he would kill An Shiyi if she didn’t give a good reply.

The expressions of Pan Tao and the An Sisters turned abnormal, which made Nie Tian instantly realise that the Elder in front of him was the fifth highest ranked Master Refiner in the Treasure Court, Gan Kang.

During the recent period of time, the person who had tried to pressure An Shiyi to become his wife was exactly this person!

“Senior Gan!” An angry expression appeared in Liu Yan’s eyes as he impolitely said, “Do you want to block the An Sisters, or are you trying to block all of us?”

“All of you.” Gan Kang had a supercilious look. He unexpectedly didn’t give any face at all, as he said, “The importance of that road that leads to the outside world is too great! No one is allowed to simply use it! If your Lingyun Sect and Black Mist Palace are unwilling to advance and retreat with my Ling Bao Court, then I’ll have to ask you to be like the others and exit from the main gate of the mountain valley!”

“Elder Gan, leaving from that stone path is my father’s idea!” Pan Tao angrily said.

“Even if you said that it is your grandfather’s wish, it won’t work!” Gan Kang let out a cold laugh, “When the sect is in the midst of a great catastrophe, no one from the Ling Bao Court or the Treasure Court is allowed to leave without permission! If your father lets you leave with the outsiders, he is violating the rules of the sect! Since you guys have met me, then it seems like you’re out of luck!”

“If you call me inflexible, that’s fine. Unreasonable is also fine. In short however, you’re not allowed to use this road!” Gan Kang righteously said.


Translator: Stupid Sean
Editors: Zesty Zach and Slutty Sietse
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