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Within the Ling Bao Court, there were seven souls drifting around without a resting place. They chased after both the sect’s and the court’s disciples in all directions to kill them.

Under the bloody moon, the terrifying woman, who was from Blood Sect, used secret arts to urge the immense bloody shadow again and again, as she bombarded the enormous Heaven Burning Earth Fire Array.

The foreign guests that had come to take part in the Ling Bao Court’s Treasure Viewing Gathering were cursing as all of them secretly drew closer towards the exterior part of Ling Bao Court just like Wu Xing and his gang from the Lingyun Sect.

They all harbored the same idea as Wu Xing and his gang: once the Heaven Burning Earth Fire Array shattered, they would exhaust all means to leave quickly, as they absolutely wouldn’t lump together with the Ling Bao Court to firmly protect it.

“All of you follow me and by all means do not wander off!”

Wu Xing walked straight on the wide street, as Liu Yan, Shi Yi, and Luo Xin firmly followed behind him. The people from the Black Mist Palace, that were led by Grandmother Weng, also stayed close to them.

Nie Tian, Jiang Lingzhu, and Ye Gumo had gloomy expressions on their faces. They were all secretly gathering their spiritual energy. They had finished making preparations to meet the enemy head-on at any moment. 

“Nie Tian!”

At this moment, Pan Tao’s scream came through from behind them. As soon as he turned his head and looked, he saw Pan Tao dashing towards them with red eyes. 

Wu Xing turned around, and when he realized that it was Pan Bo’s son Pan Tao, he also felt somewhat shocked. 

“I greet Senior Wu, Senior Weng!” Pan Tao raised his voice and shouted loudly, as he said, “I’m familiar with everything concerning the Ling Bao Court. If everyone wants to leave, there is no harm in listening to my guidance.”

Wu Xing’s expression changed as he said, “Your father… also doesn’t want you to stay behind?”

Pan Tao’s eyes were full of sorrow as he nodded his head and said, “He hopes that I can stay alive and go out just like you guys.”

“Good! You lead the way!” Wu Xing said firmly.

He knew about Pan Bo’s status, and he was aware that Pan Bo’s grandfather was the grand elder of the sect and in addition to that, also the main participant in the construction of the enormous Heaven Burning Earth Fire Array spell during that time.

Having Pan Tao lead the way, not only would they have a lot of convenience in escaping from the Ling Bao Court’s valley, but perhaps, upon leaving the valley they could even take an alternative route, and more safely escape from the attacks of the Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect.

Pan Tao quickly arrived at the front of the troop after he was acknowledged by Wu Xing and from time to time, pointed out the directions to him. 

Wu Xing repeatedly nodded his head. Slowly, they distanced themselves from the wide streets according to Pan Tao’s guidance. They didn’t go towards the mountains that were surrounding the Ling Bao Court. Instead, they walked towards one of the three stone peaks. 

“Once the Heaven Burning Earth Fire Array shatters, the stone peak that draws the earth’s core flame might lose its original efficacy.” Pan Tao walked while saying, “The internal part of the three stone peaks are all empty, inside them are passages that can lead us out of the Ling Bao Court. Of course, there might also be people from the Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect wandering around the outer edge of the Ling Bao Court. But, I believe that there won’t be as many experts of the Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect over there.

“We’ll listen to you!” Grandmother Weng said. 

They all also understood in their heart, that since Pan Tao also wanted to get out alive, he absolutely wouldn’t lie to them. 

Ever since a young age, Pan Tao had grown up in the Ling Bao Court. Naturally, he would have a more thorough understanding towards the grass and trees as well as the environment here.

Hence, under the guidance of Pan Tao, the group had separated from the other foreign guests, who were cluelessly fleeing in every direction, as they slowly approached one of the stone peaks.

- Kaka! -

A huge cracking noise suddenly echoed above their heads. Nie Tian, who was rushing forward violently, raised his head and looked.

He noticed that the bright flame cover, that was enveloping the whole sky, seemed to be bleeding from a corner. The thick arm of the immense bloody shadow, that was condensed by the bloody moonlight and spiritual energy of the Blood Sect’s woman, had pierced into the blood colored crack and was continuously breaking open both sides. 


Within the darkness, the woman from the Blood Sect, who was sitting upright on top of the bright, glistening, and bloody lotus, suddenly snorted.

- Kacha! -

Following her violent scream, a large crack was forcibly ripped apart by the bloody shadow. 

The next moment, the Blood Sect’s experts, who wore bloody red garments, came down from the sky and entered through the crack, one after the other. 

“Damn it! The enormous Heaven Burning Earth Fire Array shattered!”

“Let’s all escape quickly!”

“Whoever stays behind will only be awaiting death, just like those from the Ling Bao Court!”

On the street, the foreign guests, who were escaping all over the place, shouted in extreme fear. They desired to rush out of the valley at an even faster speed.

At that moment however, clear, distinct figures suddenly appeared gradually, one after another, at the entrance of the valley. Numerous Ghost Sect’s experts had already been waiting for a long time at the entrance of the valley.

- Huhuhu! -

Also at that moment, the bloody shadows, that descended together from the sky, immediately spread out and started to pursue and kill the people who fled.

On the other hand, several real experts threw themselves at the gathering spot of the Sect and the Court. They instantly fought at close quarters at the same place. 

- Hong! -

A large bronze cauldron abruptly flew towards the sky from a Lianqi Master of the Treasure Court.

As soon as the large bronze cauldron flashed, it released five-colored gem light. Layers upon layers of gem light undulated, it shone on the bloody shadow that had cracked open the Heaven Burning Earth Fire Array. 

The enormous bloody shadow was illuminated by the five colored gem light and to everyone’s surprise, slowly melted like snowflakes. 

“Senior Fang Hui!”

“Senior Fang Hui has made his move!”

“A Mysterious Realm expert!”

As soon as the Lianqi Warriors from both the Sect and the Court saw the large jade cauldron flash, they right away knew that the strongest expert from their Ling Bao Court had become really angry. 

A small old man stood on top of the mouth of the large jade cauldron that had soared up. The old man’s face was grave and stern as it coldly looked at the Blood Sect’s woman, who was under the bloody moon.

“Earth Sky Gathering!”

Fang Hui used his secret art. The shattered bright flame cover was suddenly seen changing into threads after threads of flame meteors. As the remainder of the cover instantly rushed into the large cauldron.

However, merely in a flash, even more five-colored rainbow lights flew out from within the large jade cauldron. 

The five-colored rainbow light was as if it had changed into shafts after shafts of wide and large flame swords. It chopped towards the woman under the bloody moon with a world-shaking sword energy. 

- Hu chi! -

Numerous scarlet blood-colored light threads gathered from all directions. It densely packed together and interweaved in front of the woman. 

Very quickly, countless bloody hands had already appeared in front of the woman. The bloody hands hid the sky and covered the earth, as they were continuously reaching for the shafts of the large flame swords.

Two experts, who had both reached the Mysterious Realm, immediately fought fiercely in the darkness after the enormous Heaven Burning Earth Fire Array had shattered. 

Nie Tian raised up his head and took a quick look, and then stopped watching the fight within the darkness. Instead, he followed closely behind Pan Tao and Wu Xing towards the stone peak.

“Huh, that is…”

Along the road, Nie Tian suddenly called out softly, as he looked towards a desolated courtyard.

That courtyard… He had been led to that place by An Ying shortly after arriving here. 

That courtyard belonged to An Shiyi and her sister!

“Sister An! Are you in there?” Nie Tian suddenly shouted out loudly, as he quickly moved closer.

Inside the courtyard, An Shiyi and An Ying, who were watching the battle in the sky with faces like dead ash, were suddenly shaken awake. 

“Nie Tian! It’s Nie Tian’s voice!” An Ying walked abruptly out from the courtyard. She instantly saw Nie Tian in front of the door, as the latter was following Wu Xing and his gang heading towards one of the stone peaks, “Sister! It’s Nie Tian and elder Wu Xing, they’re rushing in our direction. Oh! And Pan Tao, Pan Tao is also among them!”

“Pan Tao…” An Shiyi got distracted for a while. She seemed to have quickly understood the reason why Pan Tao was there. “Just come back, they want to escape to the outside world through the passage within the stone peak. After Pan Tao escapes, he can be protected by his father and grandfather. But, we can’t.”

Her expression dimmed, “Don’t let Nie Tian see you, so as to avoid increasing his troubles…”

“But, he has already seen me.” An Ying said.

“Where is your sister? What are you guys there staring blankly at? Come with us, quickly!” Nie Tian shouted from far away. 

“No, we cannot go.” An Ying shook her head helplessly, while standing at the doorway.


Also at that moment, three Blood Sect’s experts, that were wearing bloody garments, descended from the sky. They headed towards the secluded courtyard where Nie Tian and the others were.

Wu Xing, who was ahead of the team, slightly frowned as he saw Nie Tian stopping and urging both An Shiyi and her sister to come along. 

However, merely in a flash, he opened his mouth and said to An Shiyi and An Ying, “An Family siblings, you leave together with us. I cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to walk out of here alive. But, I can guarantee that after this incident, the Ling Bao Court won’t look into the matter of the responsibility of the two of you escaping!”

An Shiyi, who had originally made up her mind to meet death, heard Wu Xing’s guarantee, after which her beautiful pupils suddenly shone brightly. 

She immediately made a new decision and said to An Ying, “Let’s go! With Senior Wu’s guarantee, we can leave together with them!”

“No one will be able to escape!” an expert from the Blood Sect gave a sardonic smile, as he turned into a bloody light and arrived in front of them. 

“You’re courting death!” Wu Xing snorted coldly. A glorious green spark suddenly blossomed from his left cuff. 

- Chichi! -

A thick and long thunderbolt suddenly flew out from his cuff.

Upon flying out from his cuff, the thunderbolt continuously fluctuated. One moment it was like a thundering dragon, the next moment it was like a thundering snake. It was releasing terrifying thunder rolls and electric power. 

“Wu Xing of the Lingyun Sect!” the person from the Blood Sect escaped in extreme fear. 

However, the thunder that came from Wu Xing’s cuff still followed the body like a shadow. In a few seconds, it had caught up to him and had struck the person’s heart.

The person instantly descended from midair. Green smoke was emitted from his entire body as he was blown into ashes. 

“Wu Xing! Wu Xing is here!”

“Someone, quickly come to surround and kill Wu Xing of the Lingyun sect!”

Two other disciples from the Blood Sect howled madly. They were shouting for the Blood Sect’s experts nearby to get them to come over. 

Wu Xing glared at Nie Tian once and said, “Run, quickly!”

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