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Chapter 102 - Drowned in a Calamity

Gradually, the blood shadow beneath the Blood Moon had already expanded to the size as enormous as a mountain peak.

Extremely frightening fluctuations of Blood Qi spread out from the enormous blood shadow, which made all of the guests inside the valley feel that the Qi and Blood in their bodies weren’t flowing smoothly.

- Ssss! -

Rays of blood-coloured moonlight that were like long, silky, bloody rivers poured down in torrents from the Blood Moon.

When the rays of blood-coloured moonlight approached the ground, it was as though each and every single one of them had turned into shooting stars that had a rich, bloody light mixed within. 

On the lotus seat, that was glistening with a bloody light, the blurry woman seemed to be making a hand seal to activate a Secret Technique. That enormous blood shadow suddenly let out a world-shakingly loud roar.

When the roar rose, the blood-coloured shooting stars, that were approaching the ground, became even more scarlet and long. 

- Bang, bang! -

Rays of blood-coloured moonlight, that were like dark-red shooting stars, started to explosively strike the Ling Bao Court’s Heaven Burning Earth Fire Array.

Countless, densely packed flaming patterns clearly appeared within the brilliant, red light screen. They suddenly exploded and shattered into pieces, but rapidly regrouped once more.

In the depths of the underground, an even more shocking tremor exploded. Rays of blazing light beams rushed straight into the sky from the peaks of the three stone mountains that were in the valley.

All of the guests in the valley, including the Spirit Sect and Treasure Court’s Lianqi Warriors, were looking up at the sky with clearly anxious expressions on their faces.

“I’m afraid that the Heaven Burning Earth Fire won’t hold up for too much longer. After all, that is that frightening woman from the Blood Sect. With her all out effort to activate the Technique, it’s sufficient to shake the heavens and alter the earth.” Liu Yan was already thinking things over as to whether he should lead Nie Tian and the others to evacuate at top speed once that blazing light screen had been chiselled open. 

He also didn’t think that the Ling Bao Court could escape this calamity, just like Grandmother Weng did, so he started to plan for the people around him.

“That person from the Ghost Sect should have also made his move. Only… I don’t know through what means he will help to destroy the Heaven Burning Earth Fire Array.” Shi Yi’s eyes were swiftly moving in a hurry, glancing around as though he was searching for something.


At the same time.

Under the foot of a stone peak, there was a solitary stone house. Below the stone house, there was a gloomy stone path that led directly underground. 

In an expansive stone palace hall, hundreds of metres under the ground, the colour on Wei Ning’s face changed. He was the second ranked Weapon Refiner in the Treasure Court, and he was able to refine High Grade spirit weapons.

As a High Grade Weapon Refiner, he had recently delved into a method of refining Spirit Communicating weapons and wholeheartedly wanted to refine a spirit weapon that could communicate through a spirit.

There were two ways to craft spirit weapons.

The first method was that the material, that the spirit weapon was made out of, was rich with spirit nature. Following the last step of tempering, refining, and shaping the spirit weapon, it would cause the spirit weapon to naturally emerge with spiritual nature and possess intelligence. 

Only Weapon Refiners that were at the most exquisite Spirit Communicating Level could touch the true essence of this method.

At present, Wei Ning was still only a High Grade Weapon Refiner. The means that he had adopted were to directly force a spirit to merge into weapons, bestowing the weapons with a spirit.

In order to make this point a reality, he had painstakingly collected seven powerful spirits.

Those seven powerful spirits were all spirits that he had prepared to use for refining spirit weapons of the Spirit Communicating Grade, using them as the final spirit endowments for spirit weapons.

Now, the seven powerful spirits were tied up by fine thunder ropes and were confined within seven special items.

- Chichi! -

An electrical glow and thunder came from the thunder ropes from time to time. The seven spirits, that were originally at their last gasp, absolutely didn’t have the intention to rebel. 

However, for some reason, the seven spirits that were tied up by the thunder ropes and confined within the special items seemed to have suddenly obtained a strange power, as they suddenly possessed a formidable strength. 

The seven spirits that were in those items became berserk regardless of the lashes from the thunder ropes as they frantically rammed into those special items.

On the surface of the glass item, delicately decorative designs suddenly appeared, giving rise to the prohibitive power.

However, those seven spirits paid no attention to the familiar prohibitive power. As they continuously rammed into the special items, they caused one of the items to suddenly shatter and a hole to open up. 

That spirit within flew out like a wisp of light smoke through that small hole.

Once it flew out, a surge of cold, Yin energy from the spirit suddenly enveloped the whole stone palace hall.

A perplexed and confused look flashed across Wei Ning’s eyes. He was a Weapon Refiner who was ranked second in the Treasure Court. A thought that definitely shouldn’t float into appearance in his heart suddenly arose. 

- Bang, bang! -

His mental strength shook and those six other special items suddenly all exploded into pieces. 

The six spirits broke free from their imprisonment in a flash and turned into six terrifying ghost shadows. They ferociously bore their way into his mind from his ears, eyes, and nostrils. 

After countless seconds, Wei Ning didn’t have a shred of a living breath left in him. His soul seemed to have been cleanly nibbled away. 

The seven spirits, that had been imprisoned hundred metres underground and definitely shouldn’t exist in the Ling Bao Court, had struggled free from their bindings and escaped, suddenly emerging within the valley. 

Once those seven spirits had come out, they continued to attack the nearest Treasure Court’s Weapon Refiner.

“There are spirits flying out from underground!”

“T-those spirits are the ones that Elder Wei Ning spent an enormous amount on, exchanging them from the Otherworldly Domains! They rushed out of their bindings and seem to be controlled by the Ghost Sect!”

“Elder Wei Ning should already be dead!”

There were people amongst the Treasure Court’s Weapon Refiners that knew that when Wei Ning had obtained the seven spirits, they had already had layers upon layers of shackles on them.

That was because even if Wei Ning himself confronted those seven spirits, before they had been securely locked up, perhaps even he would be powerless to contend against them.

For the seven spirits to escape from their hold implied that Wei Ning, who was ranked second in the Treasure Court, should have died.

They were howling miserably as they bellowed loudly in grievance, escaping in all directions. 

However, those seven spirits, that had emerged from underground, were swiftly floating about, pursuing and attacking people from all directions as they broke into their minds, using their souls as fodder.

“That is a lethal spirit from the Dark Underworld Domain. Can it be that Wei Ning has gone insane? He actually dared to exchange a spirit from the Dark Underground Domain!” Pan Tao’s father, Pan Bo, loudly roared out in anger from within a stone building very far away.

Nie Tian noticed that a few Lianqi Warriors from the Spirit Sect suddenly rushed out from Pan Bo’s direction, facing the attack from those seven lethal spirits that came from the Dark Underground Domain.

- Bang! -

In that moment, the woman, who was sitting upright on the lotus seat, viciously bombarded the blazing light screen as she steered that enormous blood shadow.

Nie Tian was so shocked by the sound of the explosion that his eardrums felt extremely painful. He raised his head and realised that a flaming pattern had appeared on that blazing light screen and was unable to recover and regroup in the first possible moment. 

“Not good!”

“It’s going to shatter!”

On the street, many foreigners, who were looking at the sky, went pale in the face as though they knew that the situation was taking a turn for the worse.

- Whoosh! -

Wu Xing’s figure suddenly emerged. He rushed over and shouted out, “All of the Ling Bao Court’s Space Transmission Arrays have been affected by the strange fluctuations in space and have all failed.”

“Master, then what are we going to do?” Luo Xin shouted out.

Once Wu Xing finished speaking, he realised that the Black Mist Palace’s Grandmother Weng was also there. He slightly nodded his head in Grandmother Weng’s direction and hastily said, “I’m afraid that we’re unable to stay in the Ling Bao Court any longer.”

Grandmother Weng also thought the same as Wu Xing.

“Let’s move and get closer to the outer edge of the array. If the Heaven Burning Earth Fire Array is broken, then the experts from the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect will charge in. We can only take the risk to break out of their siege.” Wu Xing didn’t wish to perish with the Ling Bao Court, so he vehemently urged everyone to follow him.

Under his lead, Nie Tian, Jiang Lingzhu, and Ye Gumo went downstairs and immediately left.

On the street, many disciples from Ling Bao Court’s subordinate clans, as well as Lianqi Warriors from the Spirit Sect and Treasure Court, were in an uproar as they were all in danger.

On another end, Pan Bo, who was loudly shouting out, seemed to have noticed the movements of Wu Xing and the others. 

Pan Bo, who was well-known amongst the four sects for his judgement of people, suddenly pulled his son, Pan Tao, to the side and with a voice that only Pan Tao could hear, said, “Tao’er, follow the people from the Lingyun Sect and Black Mist Palace and get as far away as possible from the Ling Bao Court. Your Grandfather and I hold important positions in the Ling Bao Court. We have to hold our ground and definitely cannot retreat. However, you don’t need to be like us.”

“No!” Pan Tao’s eyes were completely red. “I want to stay behind with you guys!”

“Get lost!” Pan Bo exploded in a violent rage. “Quickly get lost! This time, the sect suddenly encountered a tragic event and I don’t know how many people will be sacrificed. I don’t care about other people, I just need you to survive!”

“Quickly get lost! If you want to do something for us, then you should survive well and notify the other three sects at the quickest possible moment about the sudden change that is happening in the Ling Bao Court!”

“If the other three sects are aware of this quickly and deploy all of their powerhouses, we might still have a faint hope for survival!”

“You, leave! You’re not escaping. Instead, you’re the only one able to bring life to us! Quickly go!”

Pan Bo continuously urged Pan Tao for fear that Wu Xing and the others had gone far and his son wouldn’t be able to catch up to them.

Pan Tao gritted his teeth and stared deep into his father’s eyes for a few moments, before he finally nodded his head fiercely not saying a word, as he dashed out at the fastest possible speed to catch up to Wu Xing and the others. 


At the same time.

In the secluded courtyard where An Shiyi and her younger sister was at, An Ying was looking fearfully at the sky. She had long since been beside herself with panic as she continuously questioned, “Elder Sister, what is to be done? What should we do?”

An Shiyi’s delicate face had also lost its colour, as she looked blankly at the blazing light screen that was gradually cracking prominently. She mumbled, “We’re unable to do anything anymore. The people from the Lingyun Sect, Black Mist Palace, and Grey Valley aren’t from our Ling Bao Court. They don’t have the responsibility and obligation to assist us in guarding this place until the end. We, on the other hand, are not Pan Tao and Zheng Rui. We’re from the subordinate An Family.”

“A shockingly great change has appeared in the Court. If we, as members from the subordinate clans, dare to escape, then with the unfavourable situation that we would be in in the future, it would be better if we are to die here.”

“We have to resign to our fate.”


Translator: Naughty Nata
Editors: Zesty Zach and Slutty Sietse

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