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Chapter 101 - The Sky Changes

The moon, that was hanging high up in the night sky, was scarlet like blood. The blood-coloured light spilled out, making the Ling Bao Court seem as though it was immersed in fresh blood.

Nie Tian stood by the window sill, looking at the streets that were filled with people standing. Those people had raised their gazes and were looking up at the sky with terrified expressions on their faces.

“Master, what are we going to do? Should we leave the Ling Bao Court as soon as possible?” Terror had struck Luo Xin’s heart.

Wu Xin’s complexion sank as deep as water, as he shook his head and said, “We’re going to leave, but that time is not now. If I’m not mistaken, many Ghost Sect, Blood Sect, and Prison Government powerhouses are now gathered near the the Ling Bao Court. If we leave now, we’ll immediately be faced with a drowning calamity.”

“Then are we going to painstakingly keep watch here?” Luo Xin was getting panicky.

“Just wait. The Ling Bao Court’s major Formation Array, the Heaven Burning Earth Fire, is the most powerful and unusual Formation Array in the Heaven Leaving Domain. Even if they’re powerhouses from the Ghost Sect, Blood Sect and Prison Government, it won’t be easy for them to destroy that major Formation Array in a short period of time.” Wu Xing inhaled deeply and looked at everyone, before he said, “Before the Heaven Burning Earth Fire Formation has been smashed, everyone is to remain where they are. No one is allowed to go there. Once the Heaven Burning Earth Fire has been shattered…”

Once he had said that, Wu Xin fell silent and seemed to be weighing the gains and losses with much difficulty.

“Once the Heaven Burning Earth Fire breaks, when the powerhouses from the Ghost Sect, Blood Sect and Prison Government surge in in large quantities and we’re really unable to ward them off, only then will we think of a way to escape.”

Liu Yan suddenly spoke, “Master, how is it that they dare to start such a large scale invasion?”

Luo Xin also said, “Even though our battles with those three parties happen occasionally, it’s extremely rare that it happens in such numbers. Completely starting a war, not resting until we die, this doesn’t benefit either party. How come they’re being so impudent? 

Wu Xin thought for a moment and explained, “The reason why such an intense conflict didn’t break out before was because… they had never found a suitable opportunity.”

“Recently, that Senior Xuan Jing from the Grey Valley seemed to be at the stage where he adamantly won’t come out unless he breaks through to the next Realm. Until he gets a thorough understanding of himself, other people will be unable to make him walk out into the world.”

“Rumour has it that the person from the Black Mist Palace left some time ago and was headed for another domain in the Land of the Meteorite.”

“Therefore, the only people remaining in our four sects, who have reached the level of the Black Realm’s Senior, are the Ling Bao Court’s Fang Hui, as well as Nie Tian’s Master.”

“However, the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect also have two Xuan Realm powerhouses. Meanwhile, the Prison Government… also has two Xuan Realm powerhouses.”

“In this past half a year, due to the huge changes in the Green Illusion Realm, our four sects have joined forces, killing and beheading many people from the Ghost Sect, Blood Sect, and Prison Government. Recently, those three parties got put into place. We originally thought that they would concede, but we never expected them to… have an even larger conspiracy at hand.”

Wu Xing somewhat explained and said to Liu Yan, “Pay close attention to them. I’m going to the Ling Bao Court to ask about the definite situation on their end and to see whether those Space Transmission Arrays on their end can be used or not.” 

After he said that sentence, Wu Xing jumped out off the window. His silhouette hadn’t reached the ground before he turned into a blurry green shadow, flashing about on the street, as he vanished without a trace.

“Everyone, stay here! No one is allowed to move!” Liu Yan shouted out.

Nie Tian, Jiang Lingzhu, and Ye Gumo stood together in a clump, as they looked at the Lianqi Warriors from each sect who had rushed out on the street, clearly looking fearful. Nie Tian, Jiang Lingzhu, and Ye Gumo’s feelings had also been influenced by them and they became serious as well as frightened.

- Rumble! -

Violent shaking suddenly emerged from the depths of the earth. The sixth floor in the Stone Building, where Nie Tian was at, swayed, following the quake from underground.

He looked around with rapt attention and suddenly realised that the three bare stone peaks, that were towering in three directions in the Ling Bao Court, were gradually becoming scarlet. 

The three stone peaks were a few kilometers high. Now, following the change in the colour and luster, streams of blazing light spurted out from the mountain peak’s cave. 

In a short period of time, the stone peaks became like heated, red metal rods, discharging astonishing quantities of heat. 

Strong flames turned into streams of flowing light, as they flew out from the caves of those three stone peaks, like waterfalls that flowed upwards against the stream, charging straight towards the sky.

Under the blood moon, the dark-red sky was covered by blazing light streamers. 

Not long after, a layer of flaming light enveloped the whole sky.

Streams of blazing light steamers were twisting about and changing irregularly on that flaming light screen, as they continuously combined and interweaved to form complicated and mysterious pictures that were made out of flames.

Those flame patterns, that appeared on the light screen, seemed to contain the true essence of the flames and boundless magical effects.

The sky seemed to be burning and the earth was continuously rumbling. Even more blazing light streamers were still being shot out by the Heaven Burning Earth Fire Array, as they charged high up into the sky one after the other.

The valley where the Ling Bao Court was at was originally unbearably blistering hot. Following the activation of the Heaven Burning Earth Fire, the inside of the valley became even more hot and stuffy.

On the streets, an immense hubbub came from the Ling Bao Court’s Spirit Sect as well as every single stone building that sold spirit weapons, precious armours. and medicine pills.

Before long, the caves, that they had just been in, started to spurt out blazing light streamers. Luckily, every single Weapon Refiner from the Treasure Pavilion had already rushed out of their respective cave in a hurry.

Those Weapon Refiners were also standing below the three stone peaks, looking up at the sky with frightened expressions on their faces.

“That way!”

While Nie Tian was observing his surroundings, the Black Mist Palace’s Grandmother Weng hurriedly rushed over, leading Zheng Bin, Han Xi as well as a few other people from the Black Mist Palace. 

“Is Elder Wu Xing here?” Grandmother Weng shouted out from below. 

“My Master went to the Ling Bao Court.” Liu Yan replied. 

Grandmother Weng seemed to know that the matter would be as such. She nodded her head afterwards and didn’t wait to get Liu Yan’s approval, as she led the Black Mist Palace’s disciples up the stairs.

Very quickly, she appeared on the floor that Nie Tian was at in the stone building along with the people from the Black Mist Palace.

Nie Tian noticed that Zheng Bin and Han Xin, as well as a few senior Black Mist People that had arrived, had gloomy expression on their faces. It was obvious that they were similarly worried about the great changes that were happening in the Ling Bao Court.

“There are only a few people from our Black Mist Palace here this round. We don’t have enough strength.” After Grandmother Weng went upstairs, she spoke very frankly, “Huge changes are going to arise in the Ling Bao Court. Once the Heaven Burning Earth Fire Array has been broken, no one from the Ling Bao Court and the Treasure Court will be able to attend to us. Everyone, gather together so that you can look after one another. That is much better than fighting alone.”

Liu Yan let out a sigh and said, “No one would’ve thought that such a frightening change would happen in this round of the Treasure Viewing Gathering.”

“Those three parties really chose a good time.” Grandmother Weng had a pained expression on her face. “Coincidentally, that person from our Black Mist Palace isn’t in the Heaven Leaving Domain whereas that person from the Grey Valley is adamantly not coming out unless he breaks through to the next Realm. Only…”

She looked towards Nie Tian and said, “Your Master is now in a state where he can battle at any moment. However, I’m afraid that you Master is unable to come to the Ling Bao Court. At least one of the two from the Prison Government will be sent to the Lingyun Sect’s rear mountain, fully occupying your Master so that he is unable to pay attention to the changes here.”

Hearing her say that, Nie Tian’s complexion suddenly changed and he said, “My Master…”

“Nie Tian, you don’t need to worry. Senior Martial Uncle will be alright.” Liu Yan consoled, “With Senior Martial Uncle’s cultivation and strength, the Prison Government deploying one person can only delay him. Deploying two people at full strength, Senior Martial Uncle would also only be busy and unable to get away, hence he would be unable to attend to our situation here. If they wished to harm Senior Martial Uncle, the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect would still need to deploy one more person.”

“However, once the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect deploy one more person, they’ll be unable to occupy an advantage in this place.”

“After all, the Ling Bao Court still has the Treasure Court’s Senior Fang Hui.”

“Hence, you ought to be worried about yourself and not your Master.”

“Yes, I also think that way.” The Black Mist Palace’s Grandmother Weng had a grim expression on her face, as she looked outside, while saying, “This time, the Ghost Sect, Blood Sect, and Prison Government uniting together to attack will definitely cause serious damage to the Ling Bao Court. For the purpose of the Treasure Viewing Gathering this time around, the Ling Bao Court will definitely have transferred and assembled many of their precious spirit weapons, that they stored away in other places, here.”

“I think that the Ling Bao Court will be unable to keep those precious spirit weapons. As for how many people are going to die, that’ll depend on how many powerhouses the three sects deploy.”

“After this battle, the Ling Bao Court definitely will sustain huge losses in terms of strength so much that…”

Grandmother Weng spoke halfway when she suddenly stopped. Based on her opinion, she felt that the Ling Bao Court would be unable to avoid this calamity.

“It’s here!” Shi Yi suddenly shouted out. 

It was in that moment that everyone noticed, through that light screen that was ablaze with flames, a shadow suddenly appeared beside the blood moon in the sky.

That shadow was below the blood moon and it seemed to be sitting upright on a lotus seat that was glistening with bloody light.

After Nie Tian looked closely, he realised that the vague blood shadow seemed to be a woman. 

That woman appeared below the blood moon. Nie Tian could then feel that the blood-coloured moonlight that filled the whole sky seemed to be attracted to a strange power that came from her body, as it madly converged towards her.

Behind the woman, a bloody figure that was baring its fangs and brandishing its claws was expanding so quickly that it covered up the sky and ground. 

The distance between them was extremely close and a strange layer of a flaming light screen divided them. Looking at that enormous blood shadow, Nie Tian had a heavy, suffocating, and oppressive feeling. 


Translator: Naughty Nata
Editors: Zesty Zach and Slutty Sietse
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