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A heaven shaking sound echoed out!

The huge protective magical formation shattered!

The entire Qing Qiu shook. That was the terrifying tremor that resulted from the breaking of the protective magical formation.

Chu Yu, who was struggling to control the pill refining fire, as well as Xiao Yue, who was busy cultivating, were both shocked, eyes springing open immediately.

Xiao Yue exclaimed in shock, "This is not good, the protective magical formation has been broken from the outside!"

Chu Yu took a deep breath, his expression respectful.

The QIng Qiu ancestral lands blocked off all cell reception, and he had no idea what was happening outside.

However, he could guess that the group of people... was probably coming for him!

The Crane Saint’s legacy... could really drive people insane!

"Teacher, should we use this chaos to facilitate an escape?"

Xiao Yue looked at Chu Yu, her face pale.

Chu Yu shook his head, "We’ll hide out here."

Looking at Xiao Yue’s confused expression, Chu Yu laughed bitterly, "Think about it, those people have made such an effort to break Qing Qiu’s protective magical formation from the outside, won’t they set up a trap outside waiting for us?"

Xiao Yue’s exquisite face broke out in bitterness as she nodded, "They shouldn’t be able to find this place..."

"We can only hope so." Chu Yu nodded.

"Young master... if it comes down to it, just leave on your own first." Xiao Yue changed how she addressed Chu Yu from teacher to young master.

She did not want to see Chu Yu in any danger. If he was, even if she died, she could no die peacefully.

She looked at Chu Yu seriously, "To those people, as long as young master is not caught by them, they will not kill me even if they catch me. So when it comes down to it, just run, you can save me again after."

Chu Yu glanced at her, "We’ll talk about it after!"


The impact of the Qing Qiu protective magical formation was too great.

Even though he wasn’t far from the magical formation, the originally confident Zuo Datong spat blood on the spot, seriously injured.

His eyes revealed his disbelief, he could not believe that something like that would happen.

Even though he had betrayed that man, he had near blind faith in his magical formation abilities.

"Didn’t he say that... even if a Supreme Realm cultivator came, he would not be able to break the protective magical formation? Why... did this happen?’

Zuo Datong could not figure this out, but at this point, he had lost most of his hope.

He looked at the people next to him, all of them equally stunned. He said in a solemn, raspy voice, "Have someone... go to the pocket dimension and wake the King’s Realm elders... this thing is completely out of our control now."

One of them left rapidly, trying to make it to the pocket dimension as soon as possible.

However, waking the Elders required time.

They were not able to rush over the moment they were activated.

In this time, Qing Qiu... would probably be robbed.

If there was a way to reverse his actions, Zuo Datong would not hesitate to do so.

If he had known about this, he would have never trapped Song Hong inside Qing Qiu.

Just let him go free... the greed was not worth it!

This fella was a catastrophe!

Bringing harm to everyone else!

Anyone who came into contact with him was going to have bad luck befall him!

If there was no Song Hong, Liu Wucheng and himself would still be the Sect Leaders of Qing Qiu.

Even though he did not really like Liu Wucheng, he had never wanted him to die!

Without Song Hong, the spiritual medicines in the medicinal field... will also not be stolen. He could easily imagine the kind of torturous punishment that were awaiting him when the true elders came back and found out that the spiritual medicines were stolen.

Furthermore, they would also not be attacked by these shameless ancient legacy b*stards, the ones who could smash the large magical formation... in a single blow.

This was extremely humiliating for Qing Qiu!

"I have let Qing Qiu down!"

Zuo Datong’s tears flowed freely. He may not have strong morals, but... he did have a deep sense of loyalty and belonging to Qing Qiu.

This is because he was also of fox blood!

Since when did Qing Qiu become this weak?

Even a few thousand years ago when Su Daji selfishly went into society during the prosperous cultivation era, Qing Qiu had been embarrassed, but even then, many still did not dare to be this bold when dealing with them.

Su Daji had wrecked the entire country, but in the end, wasn’t it also unresolved?

Even the saints of that time did not say much.

This was much worse, they have been completely and utterly embarrassed.

The spirits of the Qing Qiu ancestors would be driven to their graves again.

Zuo Datong thought that he was utterly unlucky!

Now that the huge magical formation was broken, Qing Qiu had no way of defending against the incoming group of Xiantians.

"Pass the order down, do not resist, what they want... is just Song Hong, let them search for him themselves!"

Zuo Datong grit his teeth and ordered, his eyes red, "Warn them at the same time, if they dare to take advantage of Qing Qiu, we will find payback one day!"


After Elder Yue destroyed the protective magical formation with a single swipe, she spat out a mouthful of blood with a scream.

Even though she had the support of more than 10 Xiantian Realm cultivators, this single blow from the sword had stilled injured her. Even though it was not lethal, she was very much weakened in that instant.

However, she was still extremely excited.

A saint’s legacy would be in her hands shortly!

Furthermore, within this ancient school of Qing Qiu, there were countless priceless treasures for the taking!

Even if they were just the advance party, they would still bring along a sizeable amount of scriptures, techniques, magical equipment and weapons.

The Qing Qiu Elders would take revenge after?

No problem!

Which sect did not have a few powerful individuals to hold the fort?

Now that the arrow was already on the bow, there was no time to think too much. They would just take the items first!

She took a medicinal pill and led the group, together with the Xiantian cultivators, on a killing charge into Qing Qiu.

"Catch that little b*stard Song Hong! This time... we cannot let him run away again!" Elder Yue bellowed.

Seeing Zuo Datong injured, Elder Shi laughed coldly, "Zuo Datong, do you still want to resist?"

Zuo Datong looked at Elder Shi coldly, "Mr Shi, are you sure that by doing this, you would not feel the wrath of the ancient sects?"

Elder Shi smiled icily, "Ok then, Zuo Datong, you’re only Qing Qiu’s deputy sect leader. You have perverted and caused chaos within Qing Qiu. I believe that even if Zhao Mantian was alive, he would stand on our side. Furthermore, you dare to hide a public enemy of the cultivation world!"

Zuo Datong already felt that he was already rather shameless, and he was rather self aware about it.

Anyone who did evil knew exactly what they were doing, and were clear that they weren’t particularly good guys.

However, looking at Elder Shi, Zuo Datong suddenly realized that he was not that bad, the guy in front of him was the epitome of shameless!

"Public enemy of the cultivation world? Just because you all can’t get what is in his possession?"

Zuo Datong laughed, then replied, "Whatever you say. I do not have the ability to stop you doing what you want to. Whether I will be Sect Leader, or executed for my actions will be up to the sect. I have already sent people to notify our King’s Realm and Supreme Realm elders."

As he spoke, he looked at everyone, almost as if reading their minds, "As for Song Hong, I am not afraid of being laughed at, but Qing Qiu did not manage to catch him. Whoever has the ability to catch him can go ahead! Anyways, Qing Qiu will remember the the humiliation today! Even if I am executed based on Qing Qiu law, everyone here..."

Zuo Datong’s gaze swept over all the Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artists and laughed, "Can forget about getting away!"

Many people’s expressions changed instantly, their eyes beginning to glimmer.

Qing Qu was not easy. Since the ancient days, the Qing Qiu fox species were one of the most outstanding amongst the demon races!

Even though it was not the most superior, but this was the precise reason why when catastrophe struck and many high level cultivators left, there were still many people from QIng Qiu who stayed and preserved the fire.

After many years of hard work, the foundation of Qing Qiu was not much worse than those of the elite legacies!

This was because the people left behind from the elite legacies were those unfit to follow them into separate dimensions. As such, most of the scriptures, magical equipment, divine soldiers... were all taken away.

The things left behind were treasures for commoners, but were insignificant for the powerful.

As such, Zuo Datong’s words were not an exaggeration.

Elder Yue said coldly, now that the world has been restored, there are many huge sects, clans and races... who will make their return! Then, you can tell us again how strong and powerful you are!"

As she spoke, she waved her hand, "Search! Don’t let that dog Song Hong run away!"

At this point, a clear, sharp male voice was heard from afar.

"Oh? Qing Qiu is not strong? You all are strong? Is that it?"


A figure appeared in front of them, travelling through the air.

He was almost like a deity, his feet travelled in the air, and energy emanated from his every step. He was not in a hurry, but his speed was unimaginably quick!

This was flying through the stratosphere over long periods of time, not the short period skiing through air.

Elder Yue, Elder Shi and the group of Xiantians were in awe!

Even a King’s Realm cultivator could not fly through the stratosphere, that would make the inbound person...

Elder Shi gasped, "Supreme Realm!"

No one expected that a Supreme Realm cultivator would arrive so quickly.

All the Invigorated Meridian martial artists were utterly stunned!

No one was an idiot, they could tell which side he was on from his statement.

This was a Qing Qiu person!

A Supreme Realm cultivator from Qing Qiu!

The powers backing Qing Qiu were indeed capable of such prowess, but they were all isolated.

With the world finally restored, these people surviving now have been born into one of the best eras.

No one wanted to waste any time in their pursuit of attaining a higher cultivation level!

Previously, people and larger demons have been able to attain the True Lord Realm or even gone against the will of heaven to become saints. Now that the world is restored, if they don’t grasp the chance to cultivate, when would a better chance come by?

Without even thinking about the Supreme Realm cultivators, Xiantian cultivators would also not easily come into the world if not for their greed for the saint’s legacy.

Zuo Datong, who was trying to hang on, stiffened immediately when he heard this voice!

His face, red from anger, turned pale in the blink of an eye. Then, with a plonk, he knelt on the ground and lamented, "Sect Leader... you’re finally back, our Qing Qiu... has been infiltrated by robbers, how humiliating... such a huge humiliation! I am incapable, Sect Leader, please punish me!" As he spoke, Zuo Datong lay flat on the ground, unmoving.

Elder Shi’s face was stiff as he clasped his fist and bowed at that figure, "Nice to meet you, Qing Qiu Sect Leader, I am..."

Before he could finish, he saw a cloth bag floating over and stopped.

The cloth bag was not big, no bigger than a gunny sack. However, in the instant it flew over their heads, it opened its mouth and a huge, overwhelming sucking power sucked everyone into the bag.

The INvigorated Meridian martial artists could not even resist and they were sucked away instantly.

Some of the Xiantians tried to resist, but it was meaningless. No matter how hard they struggled, they could not escape their fate.

This included Zuo Datong, who was laying flat on on the floor.

It was difficult to make out the newcomer’s features through the thick fog.

He calmly held on to that cloth bag and began to sky walk in the direction of the QIng Qiu abyss.

COuntless people from QIng Qiu, upon hearing the voice, dropped to their knees, not daring to move.

Many of them were even shivering in shock!

The Qing Qiu Sect Leader... Zhao Mantian, had returned!

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