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As Xiao Yue spoke, she sprinted down from above and rushed Chu Yu, "Teacher, quick, nod quickly, take it in..."

Chu Yu blinked his eyes and looked at this fire formed human life form bowing at his fear. He felt a sense of pride as he twitched his mouth. He then acted reluctant as he said, "Seeing as you are so sincere, I will reluctantly accept..."

Even before he could say "you", he saw this fire formed human life form shrink to the size of a palm and tunnel into the Immortal Crane Furnace in Chu Yu’s hand, nestling itself into where the flame should be.

It totally disregarded him!

"..." Chu Yu was annoyed, damn it, couldn’t you just let me finish acting?

Visibly, this fire formed life form did not want to be its subordinate, it just wanted to go to the Immortal Crane Furnace.

Even though he had the teachings of the Crane Saint, Chu Yu had little experience in refining pills.

Since he could only see about 500 words of the Crane Saint’s scripture, he had no idea that the flame for refining pills benefitted from the continuous process of refining pills!!

With every day that the owner is refining superior medicine, the fire is also improving and levelling up. It was slowly training itself to become stronger!

A superior pill furnace had a near lethal attraction for a fire.

In the legends, ir was said that the virtually all the fires which had accompanied saints kept increasing in spiritual energy.

Some of them even turned into the Fire of Saints!

However, these were not clear to Chu Yu right now.

The reason why the fire had attacked Chu Yu was because it had felt that Chu Yu had a superior pill furnace on him.

Even though it was slightly scared of Chu Yu, but it wasn’t as much willing to be subordinate to Chu Yu as much as it wanted to be subordinate to the Immortal Crane Furnace.

No matter what, Chu Yu had gained this spiritual fire and he was extremely happy.

Xiao Yue was also extremely happy, pointing towards the floating ball of flame upstream, "Look teacher, that was the flame I was talking about!"

Chu Yu looked over, slightly dazed, then he glanced at the ball of fire sitting snugly inside the flame point of the pill furnace and asked, "What the hell is that?"

Xiao Yue laughed bitterly, "I don’t know, and I don’t think the Sect Leader knows either, either way, I’ve never heard of it."

Chu Yu was slightly speechless before he said with happiness, "It seems that your teacher’s is strong!"

Xiao Yue couldn’t help but roll her eyes. Even though Chu Yu had imparted many skills to her and was her teacher in many respects, she always wanted to punch Chu Yu for his impulsiveness.

Afterwhich, Chu Yu and Xiao Yue sneakily returned to the cave at the cliff of the abyss.

Chu Yu retrieved the Crane Saint’s Pill Scripture and began to connect with it.

Previously, he could only see about 500 words, but now with his cultivation level much higher than it was before, he wanted to see if he could read more.

In a single try, he realized that he could indeed see more words. Chu Yu was ecstatic as he initiated a connection with the scripture.

Xiao Yue was off to the side, silently cultivating.

The string of things that had happened recently had a huge impact on her.

Her motivation and thirst to get stronger was not any less than Chu Yu’s.

Chu Yu continued to connect with the content in the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture. This time, he had managed to read 1500 words, a significant increase from his previous 500!

He had learnt a lot more about the art of pill refining.

Only now did he know that flames had a huge thirst for superior pill furnaces.

Superior pill furnaces, if used to refine superior pills in the long term will also have spiritual properties.

The Immortal Crane Furnace that he held in his hand definitely had spiritual properties. It was likely that the spirit was still hibernating after aeons of inactiveness.

Even when it met with the rare spiritual being made of magma, it did not wake.

Only the spirits of a superior fire and the medicinal pills can wake the furnace spirit.

Else, the process of capturing this ball of fire would have been much easier.

If Chu Yu had connected with the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture earlier, then he would have known about this, and perhaps learnt the art of controlling the fire.

In conclusion, if he had read the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture earlier, capturing this ball of fire would not have been this complicated.

This realization made Chu Yu feel like slapping himself.

If he had known this earlier, he would have read the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture earlier.

Why did he have to fight with it so viciously and cause himself to look so pathetic?

It was so...

Chu Yu could not help but roll his eyes.

He sighed, scolded himself for his stupidity a couple more times, then returned to reading the scripture.


At this point, there were over a hundred people standing just outside the protective magical formation.

The people who had appeared at the Dragon City, bar those already killed by Chu Yu, were all here.

Elder Yue, Elder Shi and the robed youth stood in front with all the Xiantian experts.

At their sides were some other Xiantian Realm cultivators. They did not appear previously at the Dragon City but hey had appeared here.

Because Song Hong was here!

The Crane Saint’s legacy is in his hands!

However, right now, they claimed to be taking revenge for the ex Qing Qiu Sect Leader and getting rid of the scum Song Hong...

They had issued a battle order to request Zuo Datong to stop continuing down this path of mistakes, to close down the huge protective magical formation and surrender.

"As a member of the ancient alliance, Qing Qiu cannot be in the hands of treacherous people, it must return to the right path, else it would harm the entire cultivation world! Song Hong has attacked disciples of this ancient alliance. He is a true scum for killing so freely..."

Zuo Datong did not reply. The entire Qing Qiu was silent and no one came to talk to them.

Elder Yue looked at the other Xiantian cultivators, all of them nodded.

Xue Ran was also here, but her expression lacked the confidence and aura she commanded before, her eyes were extremely solemn.

People kept maturing, after going through such tumultuous times, Xue Ran matured significantly.

Elder Yue began to say, "Zuo Datong plotted a rebellion and killed many innocents... such an incident would have been an internal Qing Qiu matter and none of our business. However, as Qing Qiu is a member of the ancient alliance, we have a duty to avenge the ex Sect Leader and quell the rebellion..."

After finishing her grand battle speech, Elder Yue looked at the crowd and commanded, "Ready your equipments!"

A this point, two Xiantian cultivators from the Rainfall Ancient Sect walked to Elder Yue.

The three of them retrieved an item each.

Elder Yue took out a sword hilt!

The sword hilt was relatively ancient and it emanated an aura of time and mysteriousness.

The other two Xiantian cultivators each retrieved half of a broken blade.

Everyone’s gazes fell on the 3 parts of this blade.

"Is this... the legendary Divine Punisher sword?" One of the advanced Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artist asked someone beside him softly, even as he looked on in disbelief.

"I heard that the Rainfall Ancient Sect... had control of the Divine Punisher blade, however, this one... should be a replica." Someone whispered softly in the crowd.

"Even if it is a replica, it is a genuine divine troop weapon!" Someone replied.

"I heard that in the ancient times, there were four blades, the Divine Punisher, the Divine Slayer, the Divine Trapper and the Supreme Divine... they were the genuine Divine Troop equipment. If you added the Divine Punisher formation guide, you could form the most superior killing formation! Sadly, these four blades have been lost, or maybe.. They’ve been taken away by the ancient powers."

"Wasn’t there a legend that a few thousand years ago, someone came down to earth and used the four Divine Blades and the Divine Punisher formation guide? Didn’t they put down a killing formation?"

"That was also a replica, but its power was terrifying. When they formed the killing formation, they could kill a True Lord Realm cultivator..." One of the elderly XIantian martial artists said solemnly.

Elder Yue and the others had stern expressions. They started to exercise their sacred art and rays of light fell on the three parts of the blade.

Very quickly, the three blade parts began to explode with a blinding light. It was so bright no one dared to look straight at it!


Elder Yue bit her tongue and spat out some blood on the light.

This was the true sacred art!


A lustrous long sword exploded with the light of the suns and stayed suspended in the air.

Everybody in the crowd gasped.

This mellowed the light of the sword and it was no longer as hurtful to the eyes. However the blade glowed with light and it looked particularly holy.

One of the Xiantian cultivators gasped, "A replica is capable of such divinity, it is truly awe inspiring. I wonder... how majestic the real Divine Punisher Blade is?"

At this point, another Xiantian cultivator said flatly, "If the real Divine Punisher Blade was on earth, based on our cultivation level, we can’t withstand its light, our souls will be snuffed out immediately!"

All the Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artists felt shivers down their spine.

The genuine divine sword’s light... will snuff out even a Xiantian cultivator’s soul? That was extremely terrifying, this was a professional killing weapon!

Elder Yue stepped forward and held the ancient longsword suspended in the air.

Her hands trembled a little, not because of excitement, but because the power of the sword was too great and she had trouble holding on to it!

"My friends, please support me!" Elder Yue’s voice was shaky and her face was flushed as she tried to withstand the immense pressure.

She was so close to entering the King’s Realm, and she had a solid foundation in the magical techniques, but even she could not hold this replica divine sword still. This shocked a lot of people and their respect began to rise.

Upon Elder Yue’s request, over 10 Xiantian cultivators encircled Elder Yue and formed a magical array.

After which, a huge wave of magical energy exploded along all of these Xiantian Cultivators’ bodies and went straight towards Elder Yue.


Elder Yue’s body exploded with a wave of unimaginable power!

The Invigorated Meridian martial artists who were closer to her instinctively wanted to kneel down. Their bodies were shaky and they couldn’t find their footing. The people further away also found it difficult to raise their heads.

Many people began to retreat, after retreating a great distance did the feeling dissipate.

They then looked at Elder Yue, and her intellectual, beautiful face calmed down significantly.

Her body also radiated with an additional aura of divinity!

At this point, the aura emanating from Elder Yue’s body was one of an Intermediate King’s Realm martial artist.

She held the longsword in her hand and bellowed at the huge protective magical formation, "Zuo Datong, do you want to carry on making mistakes? When the huge magical formation is broken, and the blood of Qing Qiu flows like a river, are you willing to see your subordinates pay for your sins?

From within the protective magical formation, Zuo Datong’s furious voice echoed out, "What do you all want to do? Do you all want to attack Qing Qiu? Do you think that Qing Qiu’s Xiantian and Supreme Realm Elders in the pocket dimension are not your match?"

Elder Yue laughed coldly, "Zuo Datong, you’re despicable actions have caused chaos in the cultivation world. You still dare to hide a scum like Song Hong, you shall be punished with death!"

"I’m hiding Song Hong? F*ck your mother! Why don’t you go and die?" Zuo Datong was hopping furious, and could not help but spew vulgarities, "I want to catch him too! I wish to rip his body into shreds!"

Elder Yue seemed like she didn’t hear anything and bellowed, "We are members of the ancient alliance, and we cannot stand idly by as Qing Qiu falls into the hands of a loser like you, that would be blasphemous! Also, hand over Song Hong! I’ll give you till the count of three to consider, after which, I will smash the magical formation!"

Behind Elder Yue, someone shouted, "Elder Yue is too kind, what is there to negotiate with such scum?"

Within the QIng Qiu magical formation, Zuo Datong said coldly, "Stop dreaming, if you have the ability, break my protective magical formation!"

From Zuo Datong’s point of view, the Qing Qiu protective magical formation was impossible to break!

Even if a Supreme Realm martial artist came, he would be unable to do anything about it!

Elder Yue’s face broke out in a cold smile, "One! Two! Three!"

She did not hesitate at all, simply going through the motions.

After bellowing out her count, she leapt into the air. Her body radiated light and the energy emanating from her body was majestic and suppressing, almost like that of a god.

She grabbed the ancient longsword with both hands and chopped viciously at the protective magical formation!

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