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Zhao Mantian flew over the airspace above the abyss and shook the cloth bag lightly. The huge group of people came tumbling out.

The embarrassed group fell at the edge of the cliff, including the Xiantian cultivators, who all looked unsettled.

Inside the bag, they could not use any of their powers, they were completely inprisoned!

This was too scary!

It would be all too easy for Zhao Mantian to kill them in the bag!

One of the Xiantian Cultivators ate a mouthful of mud upon impact and could not resist but shout, "Why is Sect Leader Zhao doing this? We were all here to help Sect Leader Zhao!"

Zhao Mantian stood in the air, his body emanating a terrifying, suppressing aura.

He chuckled, "Help me? Then should I be thanking you... for breaking my protective magical formation with your sword, for wanting to kill many here? Should I thank you all for wanting to make Qing Qiu blood flow like a river?"

Elder Shi tried to explain, "Sect Leader Zhao, you are mistaken, it is not what you think..."


A ray of light flashed by.

Elder Shi was knocked straight into the abyss!

In the mist, Elder Shi’s pitiful scream echoed out, "Sect Leader Zhao... you will have retribution for what you have done!"

Zhao Mantian laughed coldly as he landed from mid air.

At this point, he rid himself of the camouflage and revealed his true appearance.

Everyone who saw him could not help but be shocked.

This Qing Qiu Sect Leader was too young

He could not have been more than 30 years old, and his eyes showed no signs of age.

He wasn’t particularly handsome, but his eyes were extremely bright and he had an air of masculinity.

You could tell that he did not just look youthful, he was truly youthful.

The group of people at the edge of the cliff fell silent, a chill sent down their spines.

Zhao Mantian was too high handed!

He did not even give Elder Shi any chance, he did not even bother speaking to him before knocking him into the abyss.

Many Invigorated Meridian martial artists could not help but sit there, paralysed.

Xue Ran’s eyes also flashed with fear, she finally understood what is true power!

Elder Yue was almost like a deity in front of the Xiantian cultivators, but even she did not have the ability to resist in the face of Zhao Mantian.

They actually had the guts to run to Qing Qiu, break the protective magical formation, charge in and kill at will, take away Song Hong and rob Qing Qiu of all her treasures?

How insane!

They had water in their brains!

Everyone kept quiet, all of them in disbelief.

Their actions simply did not stand up to reason.

If it wasn’t for Zhao Mantian’s return, Qing Qiu would have been robbed.

Once this happened, even if the Qing Qiu elders entered the world, they could not repair the damage.

If one was strong enough, no matter how many people there were, you could still take your revenge.

However, if you were not strong enough, even if you were taken advantage of completely, you could not do anything about it.

The backgrounds of the people here today were too complicated, they came from various ancient schools and had influential and powerful backers.

As such, once this had become fact, no matter how angry the Qing Qiu elders were, they would not be able to take revenge.

If they had managed to pull it off, they would have completely snuffed out Qing Qiu!

Such things have happened, even in the ancient days.

However, never in their wildest imaginations did they expect that the uncontactable Sect Leader of Qing Qiu, Zhao Mantian... would return!

Being caught red handed meant that... no matter what, their backers would also be taken advantage of!

If they dared to gang up against Qing Qiu, there would be terrifying repercussions.

Everything came down to evidence!

If they weren’t caught, there were many ways that they could escape from this.

However, if they were caught... and the opponent was so powerful, such that they were not able to resist, they could only succumb to whatever their opponent wanted to do.

"You’re all such a daring group!" Zhao Mantian said coldly, "What do my internal Qing Qiu matters have to do with you? You actually dare to run wild in my territory? Did you really think that just because we had been hit hard thousands of years ago, and had our vitality damaged, you can just come here and reenact the same scene?"

"Sect Leader Zhao... this, really is a misunderstanding." Elder Yue’s mouth was dry and her head became numb.

She was just half a step away from being a King’s Realm cultivator, and was considered a true expert in today’s era.

However, in the face of a Supreme Realm individual, she did not have any right to be arrogant.

Never did Elder Yue expect that the Qing Qiu Sect Leader was not lost and did not die, instead he had entered the Supreme Realm...

Wasn’t he just a Xiantian cultivator just a few years ago?

He... how could he cultivate so quickly?

No matter how much she did not want to admit it, this was the fact!

A despairing fact!

"Misunderstanding?" Zhao Mantian laughed loudly and raised his hand.

A ray of light exploded and hit Elder Yue.

The Divine Punisher sword in Elder Yue’s hand exploded with a ray of light and blocked the attack from Zhao Mantian.

Elder Yue coughed up a mouthful of blood, almost like she had been struck by lightning.

Zhao Mantian snorted coldly and stretched out his hand. An invincible force immediately took the blade from Elder Yue. He held it in his hand and said, "This blade is not bad!"

"That is the treasure of the Rainfall ancient sect!" Elder Yue felt a chill and she couldn’t help but scream.

Xue Ran, who was in the group, closed her eyes in despair. She had finally felt that Elder Yue... was actually not that mature.

What use was there saying this now?

The maturity that was felt previously was simply an illusion from her confidence in her own abilities.

Now that she had met an invincible adversary, she was also equally flustered...

Zhao Mantian replied, "No longer!"

He waved his hand again. Elder Yue’s body was sent flying. It arced in the sky as she fell towards the abyss with a pitiful scream.

This had utterly iced all the Xiantian cultivator’s guts!

They had initially thought that Zhao Mantian did not want to kill them, choosing to keep them instead. Only now did they know that he simply did not want to dirty Qing Qiu lands.

"Spare our lives Sect Leader Zhao!"

"We were just careless for a moment... we know our mistakes now! I still have a centurion mother to take care of!" One of the elderly cultivators cried out.

"Sect Leader Zhao, please let us go... I still have infants back home..." One of the ladies crumbled and bawled.

Zhao Mantian stood there quietly, a mocking smile breaking out.

Then, without hesitation, he attacked continuously, knocking all of the Xiantian cultivators into the abyss.

He did not care about their background or their backers. From start to finish, he did not ask a single question.

It wasn’t that the Xiantian cultivators did not want to resist, they simply could not. Even before they could react, they were knocked into the air by the sacred art.

In the blink of an eye, all of the Xiantian cultivators who had come to Qing Qiu had been knocked into the abyss by Zhao Mantian.

The remaining Invigorated Meridian martial artists were all completely silent. No one dared to stand, all of them opting to kneel, shivering in fear.

Zhao Mantian glanced at the group of Invigorated Meridian martial artists and said flatly, "You all deserve to die too!"

Complete silence!

No one dared to rebut.

It wasn’t that they had been caught red handed and had no way to explain themselves.

However, the opponent was so strong that they had lost all hope.

Zhao Mantian suddenly bellowed loudly, a mysterious aura exploded from his body, covering the entire cliff in an instant.

The Invigorated Meridian martial artists below, including Zuo Datong, were all at a loss.

It wasn’t just the people on the cliff next to the abyss, the entire Qing Qiu... felt the same way.

All except Chu Yu and Xiao Yue in the cave at the base of the cliff!

The two of them had been listening in to what was happening above. In the instant when Zhao Mantian spread that mysterious aura, Chu Yu’s forehead radiated a faint energy that allowed Chu Yu to maintain control over his mental faculties and vision, unaffected by the aura.

On the other hand, the broken through acupoints in Xiao Yue’s body had also radiated small amounts of fluctuations. The Superclass was acting on its own and it birthed a wave of energy which also ensured that she remained sober!

The small metal ball was mysterious and powerful! The techniques of saints could not be underestimated!

Chu Yu and Xiao Yue looked at each other and saw the shock in each other’s eyes.

Both of them did not make a sound.

At this point, from the cliff above, Zhao Mantian’s solemn and mysterious voice echoed out.

"Song Hong is a mysterious and powerful Xiantian cultivator, he... has always been hiding his power!"

Chu Yu was slightly stunned as he thought to himself, What does he mean? Is he trying to make me take the rap for something?

From the cliff, Zhao Mantian continued, "His purpose for coming to Qing Qiu was to save one of our disciples, Xiao Yue... Xiao Yue had an emergency in her body, which was also solved by him. The reason is simple, he likes Xiao Yue."

In the cave, Xiao Yue looked at Chu Yu, blushing. She blinked innocently at him.

She did indeed revere Chu Yu, but... her feelings have never extended to that of infatuation!

Chu Yu shrugged his shoulders to express his helplessness.

He had an idea what the Qing Qiu Sect Leader Zhao Mantian wanted to do, but he was still rather confused.

Zhao Mantian continued, "Qing Qiu deputy Zuo Datong, Liu Wucheng had planned a rebellion in order to become Qing Qiu Sect Leader. In so doing, they have harmed loyal subordinates Elder Du others like him. They had also trapped Song Hong, who had come to rescue Xiao Yue, in the magical formation set up by me, Zhao Mantian."

The Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artists and the Qing Qiu disciples were all hypnotized and repeated after Zhao Mantian.

That periodic low crooning reached Chu Yu and Xiao Yue’s ears and they were shocked at the strangeness.

Xiao Yue used the Voice Transmission Technique to speak to Chu Yu, "Qing Qiu’s mind control technique, I did not think that... Sect Leader was so strong that he could affect so many people!"

Chu Yu nodded silently and thought to himself, Is this the power of the Supreme Realm? Luckily I have the protection of my vertical eye, but how is it that Xiao Yue is not affected? Could it be done on purpose by the Qing Qiu Sect Leader?

He did not know that it was because of the saint’s legacy. This was because before the power from the saint’s legacy could be brought to bear, his vertical eye had already taken action.

Zhao Mantian continued, "Many of the people in the ancient legacies did not adhere to the treaty between us. They have attacked my Qing Qiu and attempted to capture Song Hong in order to get a saint’s legacy!"

"They have destroyed my Qing Qiu’s medicinal field, stolen all the medicine in the field... such vicious methods are absolutely deplorable!"

Zhao Mantian’s voice became increasingly misty.

As he spoke, everyone repeated what he said.

Chu Yu and Xiao Yue, who were hiding in the cave, felt their mouths twitch vigorously. Xiao Yue’s expression was strange, it looked like she was forcefully suppressing her laughter.

The Sect Leader was clearly rewriting the story!

"Finally, this group of lawless Xiantian cultivators robbers engaged in a heated battle with Song Hong, who had rushed out of the magical formation. They surrounded and attacked Song Hong near the Qing Qiu abyss. Finally, hero Song Hong decided to die with them. He retrieved a legendary equipment which he had gotten from the Ruins of the Pile of Three Stars and dragged all of the Xiantian cultivators into the Qing Qiu abyss with him."

At this point, the story was completely clear.

Zhao Mantian’s tactic was too good. Even though he did place the blame on Song Hong, he had created a good reason for Song Hong to have participated in this, a reason that no one could argue with.

Afterall, Song Hong was at complete odds with this group of people.

All the events that he had narrated were completely logical.

What was a factual lie?

This was it!

90% of it was real, the other 10% completely made up!

The fake part was that "Song Hong" did not have that kind of power!

However, with Zhao Mantian’s mind control technique, this lie had also become the truth.

In fact, Zhao Mantian had effectively made Elder Yue, Elder Shi and the group take the rap.

From start to finish, Song Hong was painted as an innocent person, full of righteousness and loyalty and willing to die for his friends!

He was even willing to die with his opponents!

As for Zhao Mantian’s statement that Song Hong was a Xiantian cultivator, whilst it seemed like a lie, it would be easily accepted by the outside world even without the influence of his mind control technique!

Else, how could Song Hong have toyed with those Xiantian cultivators previously?

How could an Acupoint Charging Realm martial artist have such abilities?

The ancient schools would definitely be more than willing to accept the fact that Song Hong was actually a Xiantian cultivator, else, they would be completely humiliated!

Zhao Mantian had also made those Xiantian cultivators take the rap for the Qing Qiu medicinal field being emptied.

He didn't even deal with Zuo Datong immediately!

Just like that, he had suppressed everyone with his superior power.

He had mercilessly killed a group of Xiantian cultivators, causing immeasurable fear and shock in the remaining Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artists. Then he had used an intellectual technique, as well as a mind control technique to break their resolve and implant a hallucination.

Without even considering his battle prowess, Zhao Mantian’s character and technique was enough to inspire fear in people.

Even Chu Yu, who was hiding in the cave, could not help but admit that Zhao Mantian’s method was - absolute perfection.


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