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At the instant that Chu Yu opened his 365th true acupoint, it was as though all his acupoints had become volcanoes, erupting with vast and boundless power!

Small Circle of Perfection!

Minor accomplishment!

Even though he had yet to enter the Invigorated Meridian Realm, he had reached a small pinnacle of the Acupoint Charging Realm!

It was like a small bubble had instantly transformed into a huge lake!

Even though there was no change in quality, but the quantity… had changed drastically!

While Chu Yu had used the vertical eye on his forehead to perform a sealing, causing these waves of power to not be emitted, Chu Yu was still in utter shock.

The meteoric expansion of his power was too sudden, leaving him at a loss on what to do.

Even though he had his own guesses previously, Chu Yu had still underestimated the change when he reached Stage 12.

He never imagined that attaining Small Circle of Acupoint Charging could still result in such terrifying power.

Within his body, there was still that mystical violet energy. Moreover, while he was at the spirit pond, his power had been purified and refined by the Killing Days Heart Technique. Thus, even though it was the same Small Circle, the power within Chu Yu’s body had already far exceeded this stage.

It could not even be compared with others!

Now, he felt like he had an unfathomably deep amount of power within his body; just one punch would be enough to explode a mountain!

Of course, at the Acupoint Charging Realm, it was still impossible to destroy a mountain. But the boundless power surging in Chu Yu's body had given him that sort of confidence!

Within the same realm, the difference in just one small stage could actually be as vast as the difference between Heaven and Earth.

Now, Chu Yu truly understood this principle.

He had opened 365 true acupoints, and each of these acupoints were like a huge lake, filled with rich and heavy water!

It's hard to imagine the terrifying power that's encompassed within.

When he was in Acupoint Charging Stage 8 or Stage 10, he had completely never experienced this feeling.

The Small Circle of Acupoint Charging wasn't a simple difference of two stages compared to his previous Acupoint Charging Stage 10.

If Chu Yu now met a martial artist at Invigorated Meridian Stage 6 or 7, just based on power alone, he had absolute confidence in suppressing the other party!


Chu Yu exhaled a long breath, then turned to look at the watch on his wrist. More than ten days had already passed!

"It's a little slow ah…" Chu Yu muttered to himself.

If someone else heard this, they would feel like exploding.

This Chu Yu was too shameless!

What did the want? In ten days, he had managed to charge straight from Acupoint Charging Stage 10 to Stage 12, which was akin to charging to the Small Circle of the realm.

No, to other people, this was already considered the Great Circle!

Even those absolute geniuses from ancient factions, with the help of copious amounts of amazing cultivation resources… would not be able to cultivate at such a fast pace!

But Chu Yu, didn't even use the golden lotus seeds of the Nine Transformations Golden Lotus!

In the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture, Chu Yu saw a pill formula related to the golden lotus seeds.

However, he wasn't able to read the full contents of the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture; only around 500 words.

Thus, in those 500 words, he only saw 2.5 pill formulas: two complete pill formulas and half of a formula.

Among the two complete pill formulas, one contained the Nine Transformations Golden Lotus Seeds as an ingredient. Coupled with other peak grade medicinal ingredients, he could concoct the Nine Transformations Golden Pill!

This sort of pill, even in ancient times, would be an invaluable, supreme pill!

Thus, ChubYu did not want to waste those golden lotus seeds at a time like this, despite having many on him.

Chu Yu was now hesitating, whether he should continue on this momentum to open the other acupoints in his body.

Through Superclass, he understood that opening the other acupoints, that were not the true acupoints, would not be able to obtain the similar rise in power.

But if he managed to fully open all of them, entering into the Great Circle, he would experience a great qualitative change!

This sort of change was different from entering the Invigorated Meridian Realm from the Acupoint Charging Realm, it was more like an upgrade in power.

Reaching the Small Circle had already resulted in such unbelievable change. Chu Yu’s heart was now filled with anticipation; if he reached the Great Circle of Acupoint Charging, how powerful would he be?

He guessed, as long as he didn't encounter a Xiantian cultivator, even if it was a martial artist at the Small Circle of Invigorated Meridian, he would be able to fight evenly!

Looking at the time, Chu Yu felt that it was possible. There shouldn't be any huge problems back at Dragon City.

Thus, Chu Yu decided to change his previous decision; he was going to continue staying in closed doors!

He had already opened the 365 acupoints of the 12 stages; Chu Yu started to make use of this power, to open the rest of his acupoints.

Following the directions on Superclass, Chu Yu continuously opened those other acupoints.

The entire process went smoothly, even the tearing pain, which accompanied the usual opening of acupoints, was minimal.

For every acupoint he opened, Chu Yu could clearly feel his power increasing by a bit. Even though it was far from when he opened his true acupoints, it was still a cause for joy.

This was an incredibly delightful process; that feeling of continuously getting stronger was too pleasant!

Chu Yu had unconsciously sunk into this pleasure of continuous improvement, seemingly losing track of time!

In the blink of an eye, another ten days had passed.

When Chu Yu opened another acupoint, he shockingly discovered that he had already opened over 900 acupoints!

The power in his body had already become incomparably terrifying!

His dantian, where all his power was concentrated, was now like a huge ocean!

The boundless power was like a sleeping dragon; Chu Yu only needed to think about it, and that power would be instantly erupted!

Chu Yu's entire body was surging with force. His vertical eye was emitting a sealing power. If Chu Yu's force was not sealed, then with his power, it would immediately tear his surroundings down!

This sort of power was too terrifying. In the entire world now, there was probably no other Acupoint Charging martial artist like him.

Chu Yu examined his internal body; he found that there were still 100 over acupoints that had yet to be opened.

He exhaled deeply, consumed a fasting pill, and continued in his cultivation.

He wanted to charge into the Great Circle of Acupoint Charging at a single go!

This time, outside, things started to get lively.

Rainfall Ancient School and Truth Ancient Sect had already picked a good location. After construction, they would start a school of cultivation.

The news of Truth Ancient Sect's heir, Qiu Tianxue, dying in the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave had already been disclosed.

This blame, expectedly, had landed on Fatty’s head.

To this blame, Fatty denied it outrightly.

He posted a thread online, claiming that he was not the one who did it.

"Lord Fats will accept the blame for his misdeeds. I’ve never come out with such ridiculous lies; if I was the one who did it, I would be the first to confess; if it wasn't me, then don't splash me with this dirty water! When a young man decides to go out adventuring for treasures, he had already left his life to fate; if he died, it was his own misfortune. Those people who went to the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave, this Lord is not asking you to speak up for me, I just hope that you don't splash this dirty water on me. I will not be at ends with anyone who dares slander me!"

This thread of Fatty’s had incited quite a sizeable wave.

Those that went to the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave were all relectant to speak.

Indeed no one continued to throw this plate of sh*t towards Fatty.

However, on the web, there was a troop of "water army" [1], consistently stirring up sh*t.

They were not hoping that everyone would believe it, they just needed those who were unclear of the truth to believe it.

Recently, many people were looking for Fan Jian, but this fella seemed to have disappeared into thin air. Besides the occasional one or two threads online, there were no other traces of him.

There was another person of focus - Song Hong!

Whatever happened in the Ruins of the Pile of Three Stars was bound to be leaked out.

Theories about Song Hong obtaining the legacies from both the Ruins of the Pile of Three Stars and the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave had started to cause a great clamour.

However, this Song Hong seemed to be more mysterious than Fatty; finding him seemed to be much more difficult than finding Fatty.

Thus, many people decided to set their gazes at Dragon City.

Chu Yu was there!

He was Song Hong’s junior!

As long as they could find Chu Yu, wouldn’t that be equivalent to finding Song Hong?

There were many telltale signs that Song Hong was very defensive of his junior brother, he even defended Chu Yu on social media.

Many ancient factions started to leave from their reclusivity, heading towards the North.

Chu Tianxiong was now faced with increasing pressure; there were too many people coming to visit!

Anyone with eyes could see, most of them… were looking for Chu Yu.

Chu Yu wasn’t even in Dragon City, and Chu Tianxiong had clearly stated that. However, no one believed him!

Many of the visitors were of great backgrounds; none of them could be offended.

So towards the end, Chu Tianxiong decided to just hide, not meeting any visitors.

Previously, before he sent Chu Yu’s transcripts of Superclass back to the clan, Second Lord Chu Tiannan did not approve of the what was happening.

News from outside had already reached the Chu Clan’s years, but the problem was, most of the internal department of the Chu Clan did not believe that it was true.

The news was all of the place, totally unreliable.

Chu Yu did not even have any master, so how could he have a senior brother? No one else was more clear of this than the Chu Clan.

Ever since Chu Yu was "wasted" 16 years ago, the Chu Clan tried their best to save him, but no one was able to change that unfortunate fact.

Over these years, Chu Yu had been diligently studying; all these was in the eyes of the Chu Clan.

How could he have found a master?

There were many people in the Chu Clan, who even thought that Song Hong was purposely throwing the blame away, to frame the Chu Clan and Chu Yu!

However, when Chu Tiannan saw the handwritten "Superclass" transcripts, he was instantly dumbfounded.

He then heard the message that Chu Yu got Chu Tianxiong to relay. Chu Tiannan finally understood that those news might not actually be groundless rumours!

His seventh brother, Tianbei’s son, seemed… seemed to have obtained a great fortune!

Even though he didn’t understand how Chu Yu, who had never left their sights, could experience such a huge change, Chu Tiannan still knew better than anyone else: With Superclass, this foundational manual of a saint… the Chu Clan’s future was bound to be bright!

Chu Tiannan was a decisive man; he immediately gathered all the suitable children of the Chu Clan, bringing them to a pocket dimension outside Earth!

In the mortal world, it was hard to prevent news from being spread, and it was also hard to maintain security.

The only way was to enter into a pocket dimension, then all news would be sealed.

There, was Chu Clan’s harbour of refuge!

But now, it had become the land where Chu Clan’s future would be developed!

Chu Tiannan got Chu Tianxiong to relay a message to Chu Yu: All of the clan’s resources, were available for Chu Yu to use!

The premise was, he had to ensure his own safety, and make a trip back to the clan!

Chu Tiannan had too many questions which he needed to clarify personally with Chu Yu.

"I also want to know when he will return ah…" Chu Tianxiong laughed ruefully as he hid in a villa.

At this time, the villa doors were suddenly pushed open.

Two women and one man entered; they were all young people.

"Who are you? Why did not trepass into my house?" Chu Tianxiong was slightly shocked, and a little angered.

These people had managed to get past his defensive formation and soundlessly entered.

He lifted his head and examined these three young people.

[1] This water army is referring to the phenomena of paid posters online.

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