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All three young people had an imposing presence, exuding an intense aura. As they looked around, they seemed to give off a proud and lofty feeling.

The person at the front was the young man, he had a tall figure and stoic looks. He was wearing a casual suit which matched perfectly to his figure. With both hands behind his back, he strolled in as though this was his own home.

Then there was a girl, she looked a little over 20, and was very pretty. Her hair was tied up and he features were delicate. She did not put make up on her face but it seemed to be glowing with a radiant luster.

She had a tall and slender figure, with snow white skin. She had a pair of almond-shaped eyes, and her lips were slightly curved upwards, it seemed like she was smiling.

The other girl looked like she was 18 or 19. She was wearing a purple yarn skirt. Her skin was extremely white. She also had a pair of big, doe eyes, giving her an incredibly cute look.

When the three entered the villa, their gazes all landed on Chu Tianxiong.

The tall, young man directly ignored Chu Tianxiong’s questions and asked, "Where’s Chu Yu?"

"Who are you people?" Chu Tianxiong’s face remained unchanged as he stared indifferently at these three people.

"Where’s Chu Yu?" Two sharp beams of light shot out of that young man’s eyes. His body suddenly erupted with power, oppressing Chu Tianxiong.

Chu Tianxiong instantly felt a huge pressure pushing against him!

Usually, Chu Tianxiong had a conservative personality; he did thing according to the books, and he would not take any risky business.

However, this did not mean that he was a coward.

Actually, when he was young, Chu Tianxiong was also a reckless, stubborn and hot-blooded youth. What he hated the most, was to be threatened.

These three young people in front of him, were clearly of great origins, and they should be young Heaven’s Pride at the Invigorated Meridian Realm.

But, so what?

Chu Tianxiong lifted his head and stared coldly at this young man, "I don’t know!"


The young man’s hand moved like lightning, viciously slapping across Chu Tianxiong’s face.

Thereafter, he carefully cleaned off his palm then said, "This slap, is just a lesson. There’s no need to talk about a low class person like you. If I want for it, even the entire Chu Clan can be destroyed. No questions asked."

Arrogant! Tyrannical!

However, he made it sound like it was completely ordinary.

Chu Tianxiong stood there without moving; he did not even wipe his face.

Being slapped like this had already left his face red and swelling, there was even a noticeable palm mark on his face.

Chu Tianxiong was secretly infuriated, but he remained calm on the surface. He looked at the young man, and his lips suddenly curved into a contemptuous smile.

"You don’t believe me?" A dangerous look flashed in the young man’s eyes.

At this time, that tall, slender and pretty girl blinked her almond eyes, and said while laughing gently, "Apologies Mr Chu Tianxiong. We seem to have a misunderstanding. San Sen got a little too agitated. He is also a direct heir of the Truth Ancient Sect, and his senior Qiu Tianxue had unfortunately died in the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave. That’s why, his mood might not be too good."

Chu Tianxiong said coldly, "What’s this matter got to do with us?"

The pretty girl stared deeply at Chu Tianxiong, "Qiu Tianxue’s death is inextricably linked to Chu Yu’s Senior Song Hong. We do not come with any ill intentions, we only wish to ask Chu Yu about some matters regarding Song Hong."

As she spoke, she turned to look at the young man, San Sen, "Every wrong has its cause. We don’t intend to make things difficult for you, just bring us to see Chu Yu, and we will leave asking him some questions.

When San Sen just started hitting Chu Tianxiong just now, a hint of impatience flashed across the eyes of that cute girl in the purple skirt.

At this moment, she could help but open her mouth and say, "Sister Xue Ran is right. We just want to ask Chu Yu some questions. It’s better if you tell us the truth."

"Feng Ning…" Xue Ran stared helpless at this purple skirted girl. This little girl was too pure and innocent; until now, she was still thinking that there were merely going to ask Chu Yu some questions?

Didn’t she know that San Sen and Qiu Tianxue were at dead loggerheads while they were at Truth Ancient Sect?

Why would San Sen be interested in taking revenge for Qiu Tianxue? That was merely an excuse, foolish child!

Feng Ning looked weakly at Xue Ran. Even though she was pure, she was not stupid. How could she not know what was going on?

However, she really did not want thing to go like this; this was clear bullying.

Chu Tianxiong looked at this people; he was an experienced man, he could already see through these three’s personality.

"Chu Yu had gone out for his own cultivation. He isn’t even in Dragon City." Fury brewed within Chu Tianxiong’s heart. However, since the start, he had maintained a calm and composed appeareance.

San Sen sneered, "A trash… actually goes out to train? Isn’t it more like he’s too scared and he’s hiding himself?"

Chu Tianxiong could endure it if he was the one getting humiliated, but when he heard Chu Yu being insulted, he could no longer hold the anger in his heart as he said coldly, "I hope that when you see Lord Chu Yu, you will remain so relaxed."

"A trash… is actually called a lord?" San Sen laughed coldly, "Coming from a well, it’s natural that he doesn’t know how high the Heavens are."

At this time, the pretty girl, Xue Ran, looked at Chu Tianxiong and said faintly, "Alright, since Chu Yu is not here, we will take our leave. During this time, we will stay in Dragon City. When Chu Yu returns, I will have to trouble you to inform me. This is my name card."

As she spoke, Xue Ran took out an exquisite namecard and placed it on the table.

In today’s digital age, it was very rare to see people who still used a paper namecard.

Chu Tianxiong’s gaze landed on that exquisite namecard, there was only a name - Xue Ran, and a row of numbers.

He nodded, "Alright, when Lord Chu Yu comes back, I will inform you."

"Let’s go then." Xue Ran shot glances at San Sen, then turned and left.

Feng Ning also hurriedly followed behind her.

San Sen stared coldly at Chu Tianxiong, a snort came out of his nose, then he turned and left.

Outside, San Sen stared at Xue Ran, "You believed that person’s bullsh*t?"

Xue Ran’s almond eyes twitched, then she stared at him, "What’s there not to believe?"

"That Chu Yu is clearly a trash…" When San Sen’s words descended, his face suddenly changed as he violently jerked backwards.


A piece of bird sh*t landed exactly on his head!

It seemed like the other party had already planned things well, waiting outside specially to sh*t on his head.

Even San Sen’s reaction was included in the calculations!

San Sen subconsciously touched his head, then he stared at his hand…

Instantly, he uttered an enraged roar, "Ah!"

San Sen’s eyes were completely red, this was a clear humiliation. He was about to go insane!

By the side, Xue Ran and Feng Ning stared at him blankly. Thereafter, they subconsciously raised their heads and saw a grey sparrow flying high in the sky.

The two girls really wanted to laugh, but they weren’t able to. It felt incredibly unbearable in their hearts.

"I’m going to kill you!" San Sen lifted his hand and punched up to the sky.

His vigorous force directly formed terrifying waves in the sky. However, this bird was too high, San Sen was unable to hit it.


In the sky, that bird’s hysterical laugh could be heard. There was only one bird who could do such a thing. Who else could it be besides Lord Thief.

It started to fly higher, ridicule could be heard in its voice.

"Brat, how does it feel? Isn’t it very fragrant? Why don’t you lick it to see if it’s sweet? Really, people all say that this lord’s sh*t is fragrant and sweet. But this lord has never tried it before, it’s a little disgusting. Why don’t you try it?"

"I’m going to f*cking kill you!"

San Sen’s entire body seemed to be shaking; there was bird sh*t in his hand, and there was even more on his hair.

That disgusting smell really forced him to go mad.


Lord Thief had already disappeared into the sky. It had fled away.

It was not stupid, why would it stay behind to fight with an Invigorated Meridian martial artist?

Being able to teach this person a lesson was good enough!

"Wipe it then." Xue Tan forcefully suppressed her laughter in her heart, and handed over a wet tissue.

San Sen accepted the wet tissue, wiped his hand, then said, "I’m going back to shower!"

Thereafter, his figure quickly disappeared.

After his silhouette was completely gone, Xue Ran and Feng Ning glanced at one another. Uncontrollably, they started chuckling.

It wasn’t because they didn’t pity him, but this matter… was too funny.

"San Sen was too unlucky. If he didn’t jerk backwarks, he wouldn’t have been hit…" Feng Ning said without concealing her laughter.

"Indeed. That bird is too despicable." Xue Ran smiled. Thereafter, she suddenly said, "Looks like that Chu Yu is really not simple ah!"

"Why?" Feng Ning stared curiously at Xue Ran; how was this matter related to Chu Yu?

"That bird was Chu Yu’s pet. According to the news, it is a bird at Acupoint Charging Stage 7," Xue Ran said.

"Ya, what about it?" Feng Ning stared at Xue Ran with her big, doe eyes.

Xue Ran helplessly stroked Feng Ning’s hair, tousling it.

"Aiya…" Feng Ning pouted and combed her hair, staring angrily at Xue Ran.

Xue Ran laughed, "Just now, didn’t you feel that the bird was not just at Acupoint Charging Stage 7?"

"Ah? I didn’t!" Feng Ning said adorkably.

"I’ve investigated the people around Chu Yu. His two bodyguards, and the two Chu Clan members around him, and… that Chu Tianxiong, all their levels seemed to have risen!" Xue Ran’s face suddenly turned serious.

She stared at the blank Feng Ning as she frowned, "Think about it. In the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave, Thief Sect’s Fan Jian and that mysterious Song Hong, might have obtained…"

"Crane Saint’s legacy?" Feng Ning’s big eyes opened even wider as she stared at Xue Ran. "But… that sort of legacy, why would they give it to Chu Yu?"

"Hehe…" Xue Ran snickered and shook her head. "I don’t know."

"..." On Feng Ning’s snow white forehead, a few black lines of wrinkles emerged.

Xue Ran contined, "But, there’s something going on here. Once we find Chu Yu, won’t we know the truth?"

Feng Ning stared anxiously at Xue Ran, "But are we… really going to steal his things?"

Xue Ran looked at Feng Ning exasperatedly, "Are you stupid? Who says we’re going to steal his things? Can’t we steal a man?"

With that, she turned and left.

Her high heels clattered on the floor, Kata… Kata. Xue Ran’s figure gradually disappeared.

Feng Ning stood at the same spot, feeling a little disturbed, "We can do that?"

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