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The Dragon City had Song flowers on the river bank.

The waves on the ancient river continued to flow, but the fishing boats had all but disappeared.

Today, powerful life forms lived under the surface, and the ordinary person would not dare to go near.

Xiao Yue, who was wearing a light blue dress stood sternly at the river bank with a godlike serenity.

Opposite her stood a long haired youth sporting a grey tunic, cloth shoes and a long blade on his back.

The youth’s features were sharp, his brows were like swords as he looked at Xiao Yue sharply, "Since you’ve recovered, why won’t you return?" he asked coldly.

"What business is it of yours?" Xiao Yue’s tone was cold, her eyebrows scrunched as she looked at the long haired youth, "Also, you’re spying on me?"

"Spying? All I can say is you’re not careful enough. Haha, are you unwilling to go back because you want to protect your lover?" The youth laughed coldly before looking at Xiao Yue, "Let me warn you, you were born a Qing Qiu, and will die... a Qing Qiu. Don’t forget, since ancient times, the fate that befalls traitors of the Qing Qiu Sect."

"Who do you think you are? What right do you have to say these to me? Weirdo!" Xiao Yue was cold, her eyes filling up with murderous intent.

"Why? You still want to kill me? What a joke!" The youth raised and cocked his head to look at Xiao Yue, "With that little power of yours, you probably have to cultivate for another eight to ten years before you can start thinking about this."

"Wu Kai, you are just an outside disciple of Qing Qiu, who gave you the courage to speak to me like this?" Xiao Yue spoke loudly, her exquisite face revealing her rage.

"Outside disciple? Haha, I’m afraid you haven’t gotten the news... I, Wu Kai, have already made my way into the inner circle!"

The youth laughed coldly, "I found an ancient legacy whilst exploring an ancient monument. I gave it to the seniors and they rewarded me with superior pills. They raised my powers greatly, and let me into the inner circle to become a true inner circle disciple! As such..."

"So what? Even if you become an inner circle disciple, you should at least address me as senior when you see me!" Xiao Yue looked icily at Wu Kai.

The youth was slightly stunned, before guffawing, "Senior? Haha, not for long."

Xiao Yue’s eyes glimmered, "What do you mean?"

"Nothing, it’s just, does someone who deceives the sect have the right to remain in the inner circle? Also, as to how your illness was cured, you can explain that to the elders yourself!" Wu Kai laughed coldly at Xiao Yue as he spoke, "Let’s go, don’t force my hand."

"Force your hand? You?" Xiao Yue was unflinching.

"Then, what if I was added to the mix?" From not far away, an elderly voice rung out. He was slightly hunch backed and he wore a green tunic and walked slowly.

"Elder Lu? Why are you here?" Xiao yue was slightly shocked, she thought to herself, this is not good.

She finally understood why Wu Kai was so arrogant, he had come with Elder Lu!

This Elder Lu had a deep seated feud with Xiao Yue’s teacher, Elder Du.

The conflict between the two at Qing Qiu was virtually public knowledge.

She did not expect that Wu Kai, someone who couldn’t even become an ordinary disciple, would make it into the inner circle, and be on the same side as Elder Lu.

Xiao Yue’s gaze was cold, her heart began to race as she saw Elder Lu walk over.

If it was just Wu Kai, she would not have been bothered, so what if he was in the inner circle? Based on his energy fluctuations, he was only at Acupoint Charging Stage Seven, at most Stage Eight.

Before, she may have some reservations, but now, she could fight 10 people like him, maybe more!

However, Elder Lu was a different story, he was a genuine Invigorated Meridian Realm expert!

His powers had reached Invigorated Meridian Stage Eight many years ago!

She had no idea what was his cultivation level now but it was clear that... she could not fight him.

Xiao Yue was slightly suspicious, why would Elder Lu appear here?

If it was just to defeat her, there was no need for someone like Elder Lu to come personally.

Furthermore, she did not do anything wrong, all she did was hide some news from the sect.

"Why? Is this weird?" Elder Lu smiled faintly, "Your master has been caught for betraying the sect, and he has been placed in the deepest depths of Qing Qiu..."

What Elder Lu said after, Xiao Yue did not register, all she heard was that her master, Elder Du, was being locked in the deepest depths of Qing Qiu!

Her brain was a complete mess as a humming sound kept ringing out!

The deepest depths of Qing Qiu... that was a place of death!

Anyone who was locked there was guaranteed death.

Her own master... how was it possible? There were many large powers at her back!

No wonder master hasn’t been in contact with her for a few days...

As she thought about this, Xiao Yue raised her eyebrows and replied flatly, "Who knows if what you’re saying is true? Also, what crime have I committed? Is there a need for someone as powerful as Elder Lu to come personally to catch me?"

As she spoke, she had already calculated her escape path!

The fact that Elder Lu dared to say this meant that her master was likely in trouble.

When the lips are dead, the teeth chatter. She could not imagine what kind of fate would befall her once she was caught and brought back to Qing Qiu.

"Don’t dream of running." Elder Lu looked calmly at Xiao Yue, "However, if you cooperate, there could be a lifeline for you."

"Cooperation to do what?" Xiao Yue’s gaze was cold as she looked at Elder Lu.

Elder Lu said flatly, "Firstly, you must tell us truthfully the inner workings of your master’s, Elder Du, betrayal of Qing Qiu. Rest assured, I can make sure that this will have no connection to you, after all, you have left Qing Qiu for quite some time. Furthermore, your master’s betrayal was a recent thing. As such, there is room for turning back, it all depends on your willingness to cooperate."

Wu Kai said at the side, "A wise man submits to fate..."

Xiao Yue was unmoved and she ignored Wu Kai, instead looking at Elder Lu, "And then?"

"And then, you must tell us in excruciating detail, how your body’s blockage... was cured. Who had helped you? Is it the famous Fan Jian from the Thief Sect and the mysterious Song Hong?"

"Thirdly, you must tell me where Fan Jian is hiding, and whatever news you have on Song Hong."

Elder Lu had a greedy look in the depths of his eyes as he looked at Xiao Yue, "Lastly, you must pledge your allegiance to me and be my disciple!"

As he spoke, Wu Kai’s eyes flashed with traces of discontent, yet he hid them deep within himself, not daring to show it. His was beginning to regret speaking to Xiao Yue that way just now.

He had initially thought that with the falling of Elder Du, Xiao Yue would be equally unlucky!

This lady had grown up in Qing Qiu since young, and her body flowed with pure fox blood, making her standing and influence high in the clan.

She did not bother with others usually, remaining aloof, like a goddess.

Wu Kai had jumped at the chance to relish the excitement of trampling on this goddess. However, it would seem that he had been too excited too soon.

At this point, Xiao Yue looked towards Elder Lu’s back with surprise on her face, "Sect leader... why, why are you here?"

Sect Leader?

Elder Lu and Wu Kai were slightly stunned and they immediately tensed up.

The leader of the Qing Qius had always admired Elder Du, and had given Elder Du a lot of care and affection.

This time, Elder Lu and the two deputies had done this whilst the leader was not around.

They had wanted to close this case such that even when the leader returned, he could not change anything.

They did not expect that the sect leader would appear here.

Elder Lu had a bitter look on his face as his heart did somersaults in his chest. His voice trembled, "Sect leader, I..."


Xiao Yue turned and ran!

She harnessed all the speed in her body!

Her body flowed with pure fox species blood, as such, speed was an advantage that she had since birth

There was a particular species of fox, named the Lightning Fox!

The Foxes in Qing Qiu were graded based on their number of tails, with nine tails being the most respected!

As such, the most respected in the lightning foxes was the Nine Tailed Lightning Fox. The blood flowing in Xiao Yue’s body was precisely that of the Nine Tailed Lightning Fox

The Lightning Foxes moved as quickly as Lightning, their speed unimaginable!

All along, speed had been Xiao Yue’s biggest advantage.

However, this was a huge secret. The only people who knew about these were Xiao Yue’s teacher, Elder Du, as well as the leader of the Qing Qiu Sect.

As such, in the moment that Xiao Yue’s silhouette had disappeared from the Song flower river bank, Elder Lu and Wu Kai were just reacting furiously from being scammed.

Yet, they suddenly realized that they had already lost any trace of Xiao Yue!

"How was she this fast? She, she is just an Acupoint Charging Stage Seven or Eight martial artist, this speed..." Wu Kai looked at Elder Lu with shock, "Could she already be in the Invigorated Meridian Realm?"

Elder Lu was solemn, he felt guilty and did not dare to face the Sect Leader, but he did not expect that he would be tricked by this girl!

He said coldly, "She can’t run away!"

As Elder Lu spoke, he retrieved an ancient magical equipment, and activated it. Then he said faintly, "Even if she runs to the ends of the world, she can’t escape our grasp."

Having been tricked by Xiao Yue, Elder Lu was furious. He decided that once he caught Xiao Yue, he would teach her a lesson!

However... how could this girl be that fast? Could she be the bloodline of the Lightning Fox?

Elder Lu’s heart darkened, if Xiao Yue was really the bloodline of the Lightning Fox, then this could be troublesome!

Because the sect leader definitely knows Xiao Yue’s bloodline.

If he killed the descendants of the LIghtning Fox, the Sect Leader would be furious.

If she was the bloodline of a many tailed Lightning Fox...

Elder Lu did not dare to think about the possible consequences.

Damn it!

He must control her first!

Elder Lu’s forehead flashed with a faint aura of fear.

This time, he had wanted to destroy her together with Elder Du.

It would seem that the situation had changed.

"Go!" He glanced at Wu Kai and chased in a direction.


Xiao Yue had already run a far distance by this time, but her eyes were still filled with fear.

She had escaped death by a whisker, it was fortunate that she had the blood of the Nine Tailed Lightning Fox, granting her immense speed.

Else, she could definitely not escape Elder Lu’s attack.

However, she was not most worried about herself, she was more worried for her master!

No one was clearer about her master’s character than Xiao Yue herself. She would never believe that her master would betray Qing Qiu.

At this point, Xiao Yue had already entered a forest. She leaned on a tall tree, retrieved her phone, hesitated for a moment and dialed a number.

That was the number to the Qing Qiu sect leader. Only a handful of people in the entire Qing Qiu had this number.

"I’m sorry, the number you have dialed is currently unavailable..."

Xiao yue was disappointed, but she steeled her resolve quickly.

No matter what, she could not stand idly by as her master was slandered and set up, she must save her master!

As she thought about it, Xiao Yue sent a message to Chu Yu and Chu Tianxiong. Afterwhich, she sprinted in a particular direction and disappeared in a flash.

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