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A+ A- Chapter 451: Come into My Arms
The entire scene was stunned.
Everyone looked on with their mouths agape at the figure at the door.
A bright light shot in from the city below.
It dazzled with a multitude of colors.
There he was, smiling with a charm.
Was he crazy?
No one dared to imagine the consequences of this.
Some of the elders even had a tinge of respect for him because of this!
What was youth without insanity?
Many girls at the scene looked at him with pearly eyes.
Even if they were not young, they looked on with a gentle expression at this 'Son of the Emperor'.
They were not stupid or foolish, none of the guests here were.
They could see the look of love in that man's and Xu Xiao Xian's eyes.
They admired their love.
Yu You had a face of excitement, she knew things were about to get exciting!
Xu Xiao Xian looked at him with tears in her eyes as she laughed softly, "Where did you come from young man? Aren't you scared of the consequences of your actions?".
"I'm scared, I'm terrified, my heart is still thumping. But I'm even more scared of the idea of you becoming someone else's wife," Chu Yu smiled.
"Really?" she asked.
"It's true," he replied.
Everyone around was speechless.
This bride was insane!
How could she flirt with another man at her own wedding?
The man who suddenly came out of nowhere was even worse.
They were a pair of loonies!
"You…" Zhou Xu's face was contorted by rage.
He looked at Xu Xiao Xian menacingly and uttered, "Very well!".
At that moment, the emcee was bellowing with rage as well.
How dare this man shame

his master like this?
How could he not be angry at this sight?
A Saintly glow erupted from his forehead as he fired an attack at Chu Yu.
An invisible barrier suddenly appeared in the hall.
When the light hit the barrier, it was blocked immediately.
It dissipated soon after, but the barrier stood strong.
The emcee's eyes laid on Ming Hui as he said, "Elder Ming Hui, you've overstepped your boundaries. This is our personal vendetta, do you want to get involved?".
Personal vendetta...
Some of the younger people present looked on with pity.
They felt that this was indeed a shame to Zhou Xu's name.
You Yu looked on with excitement, she was not scared at all.
She had never seen the outside world, and from the moment she first saw Zhou Xu, she had an irritable feeling.
She did not like this man.
This was why she could only feel excitement in that moment.
Deep in Zhou Xu's eyes, a look of rage flashed past.
He was the ruler of the galaxy, the prince of darkness!
Only he could take what did not belong to him, when had he ever been embarrassed like this?
He stood there quietly, he did not make any rash moves.
He only looked at Ming Hui and said coldly, "Elder… Ming Hui!".
Ming Hui waved him off and said, "Cut the formalities, you don't have to call me names you don't wish to.".
"Alright then you old fool," smiled Zhou Xu jokingly, but anyone could hear the mockery in his voice.
The air was tense.
The hall was as silent as a funeral.
Even Yu You was stunned by her elder.
"That's more like it. I've

I've been around for many years, based on the annual cycle that we go by now, it's been roughly 70 or 80 million years," he said, not appearing to take offence with Zhou Xu.
"This old man has lived for so long…" he continued.
"It's easy for him to get a stiff body…" Chu Yu continued.
Someone erupted in laughter in the hall, and crowds of laughter followed.
Yu You laughed the loudest, it had been many years since she met someone who dared to mock the Elder like this.
This man was interesting!
Zhou Xu's expression was dark.
Ming Hui looked at Chu Yu and ignored his words, "It's easy to reminisce.".
"At this age, I've seen countless people die, what is there that I can't let go of? The longer I live, the softer my heart grows. The more I see sadness, death, and separation. So, I like a timely reunion, I can't help it. When I see a instigator of tragedy, I can't help but want to kill that person!".
"This isn't a joyous occasion, it's all a pretense from its core," Ming Hui mumbled as he sat at the highest seat of the gallery.
He no longer looked like a statue, his words were emotive.
He looked at Xu Xiao Xian and said, "The daughter of the eccentric Xu, you're brave. Back then, a group of b*stards by his side destroyed the Heavenly Demonic Sect and hurt your parents.".
"He turned around and pretended to be the good guy, holding you in the centre of his palm.".
"He still shamelessly dares to ask for your hand in marriage, what a b*stard!" scoffed Elder Ming Hui.
Everyone was silent.
"So, if you did

you did not show your guts today, I would not have intervened. If you had given up, was there a point in me doing anything?" he said wisely.
Xu Xiao Xian's face changed as she looked at Zhou Xu, she did not love this man at all.
It was not a matter of age.
She just did not love him, and she did not need a reason.
She still respected him and was thankful for him saving her life.
But why was everything said as a hoax, as a scandal laid out by Zhou Xu?
"Is that really the case?" she asked in disbelief.
Zhou Xu's eyes were in disdain as he looked at Ming Hui in rage.
The old Saints beside him were ready to attack as a horrifying energy emanated from their bodies.
"What, you scared of admitting it? That's funny, how can a descendent of a great family not have any guts?" Ming Hui taunted.
"So what if I did?" Zhou Xu took in a deep breath.
It was still dead silent in the hall, no one dared to speak.
Xu Xiao Xian's expression changed.
He looked at her and said, "But my love for Xiao Xian is genuine.".
"I don't regret doing all those things back then, because the existence of the Heavenly Demonic Sect blocked my path. I never expected myself to fall for this girl," he continued.
"Master, why are we discussing this with him? Let's just kill him!" a Saint said coldly.
Just as he said this, a ray of light shot through his forehead.
His movements halted as he stood perfectly still.
The energy around him was there, his life force was still strong and thick, but he had become a had become a statue!
Everyone around looked at Elder Ming Hui in shock, his powers were far beyond that of an ancient Saint!
He just sealed a Saint!
Ming Hui said with a face of displeasure, "I said I didn't like tragedies, didn't that girl say it just now? The liar in your eyes has the ability to kill all those below Sainthood, we should let him have a battle with the groom.".
He looked up at Zhou Xu and continued, "You're not young anymore. You're old enough to be an elder, but you insist of staying out of Sainthood, isn't it all just to obtain a shred of the Qi of the heavens and the earth? That boy has that, could it be that you're afraid of him?".
He had a shred of the Qi of the Heavens and the Earth?
This sentence changed everyone's thoughts, they looked at Chu Yu differently now.
They knew that the Elder would not lie!
The Qi that he referred to, it had to be… that thing!
Zhou Xu squinted as two rays of cold light shot out of his eyes.
He raised his head and looked at Chu Yu as he smiled coldly, "Relax, you won't die, I'll make sure that you live forever.".
Those who knew him well knew what he meant.
"Master…" the ancient Saint beside him frowned, he wanted to kill Chu Yu and not waste any time.
But Ming Hui blocked him!
Zhou Xu raised his hand and looked at Chu Yu, "Do you dare to fight me?".
All attention was on Chu Yu.
He smiled as he looked at the beautiful Xu Xiao Xian, "My beautiful girl, come into my arms.".


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