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Chapter 450: I'm Here
In that moment, the sound of music rose in the air!
A look of joy was on many of the servants' faces.
It was their master's wedding!
Zhou Xu had always had many women by his side, but none of them had won his heart.
Some even wondered if he would ever get married.
Everyone awaited the appearance of the bride.
Ming Yu You sat beside elder Ming Hui as she snuck a few glances at the elder's expression.
He sat there like a statue.
At that moment, from the entrance to the hall, a rumbling could be heard.
A group of people appeared, and in the middle of them was Xu Xiao Xian, clad in a red gown.
She was beautiful!
This was everyone's first thought and reaction.
Zhou Xu stood high above the ground, he was smiling with a gentle look in his eyes.
Xu Xiao Xian was the first girl to ever make him feel like this.
He was the sage of the galaxy! The prince of darkness!
He never lacked the riches or the women.
But he had to wait for this girl for more than ten years.
Ten years was not a long time in a cultivator's life, but these ten years were the longest he had ever experienced.
He had almost lost his patience.
/> He let her run free, he helped her piece the Demonic Sect back together.
He did everything he could to make her happy, until one day…
He could feel that she began to treat him as an older brother, or a father figure of sorts.
In that moment, an indescribable fear rose from the depths of his heart.
He realised how much he cared for this girl!
He did not want to force her into this, but his fear overpowered his love.
He hated this man whom he had never met.
Chu Yu!
In his eyes, Chu Yu was just a worm.
He could not accept the fact that a worm had won his woman's heart.
This was why he wanted to kill Chu Yu, but it seemed like he had luck on his side.
He did not know how or why his group of men had died.
But now, he could only focus on the beautiful girl in front of him.
She was his!
There were thousands of people in this hall, all of them were of some status.
Zhou Xu had no intention of interfering with the battle between the Village of Dao and the Mirror Dimension.
He only invited the guests from the Mirror Dimension in out of courtesy.
Xu Xiao Xian arrived before him, she stood there quietly, looking

looking elegant and graceful.
"A match made in heaven!" the emcee declared.
Cheers erupted in the hall.
Zhou Xu was extremely pleased as he smiled.
The emcee introduced Xu Xiao Xian to everyone.
Prince Qu Ji and Qu Ming looked at each other in shock.
The leader of the Heavenly Demonic Sect, this was someone they had to get rid of!
What an ironic situation they were in!
The Sect would only grow stronger after this marriage. 
"Many call him the sage of the galaxy, the prince of darkness, but few truly know my master. I will take this chance to explain to you, our treasured guests," said the emcee.
He looked at Zhou Xu as he returned a nod of approval.
The emcee smiled, "Back in the ancient times, or what we call the previous era, the galaxy was called the mortal realm.".
"The glory days included the construction of a heavenly court! We could communicate with the Immortals!".
"At that time, the heavenly court was the saviour of all races and clans. We had the nine cauldrons that could control the Qi and destiny of humanity!".
"There were a few famous names back in the day, including my master's clan, the Zhou household.".
"I recognise his powers because his ancestry goes back to the previous era! Few people know that the master

the master of the heavenly court came from the same family!".
"There are other names as well, such as the Ji Royalty, the Zi family, the Shang, the Yellow… these were the true royalties.".
Some could finally understand why this man was so powerful.
Perhaps there was even more that the emcee did not reveal.
Perhaps he had one of the nine sacred Cauldrons?
Yu You looked on in shock as she focused on the expressionless Xu Xiao Xian.
She turned and looked at her elder, who was sitting there without any reaction.
This old man…  
She turned around to face the emcee.
The emcee smiled and said, "In this new era, there have been many new big names, most of whom are represented here today. I'm telling you this not because my master wants to show off, he just wants to live happily. He's not like some arrogant fool who proclaims to be the Son of the Emperor… What a joke!".
He began laughing.
Many people followed, they felt like this so-called Son of the Emperor was a joke as well.
They did not know how such a title befell upon a nobody.
Moreover, there were people who believed in him and followed him, they found it preposterous.
One of the guest laughed, "He's just a fraud, I'm surprised you even mentioned him!".
Another mentioned him!".
Another wave of laughter resounded.
At that moment, Xu Xiao Xian said lightly, "This nobody can sweep all of you who aren't Saints.".
The laughter stopped.
All of them looked on with stunned expressions.
Yu You looked on with respect as elder Ming Hui finally opened his eyes and looked at Xu Xiao Xian.
He nodded his head in approval and said softly, "It's good that she has some grit in her bones.".
The other people had very different reactions, they were all stunned.
What was this?
How could the bride say something like this?
Did she not know that her husband to be was not a Saint?
Was she trying to imply something?
Zhou Xu's smile grew tense.
It was not what she had said, but that he noticed that at the entrance to the hall, a man was standing there.
He did not know when he had gotten there, but Xu Xiao Xian's gaze was fixated there, her eyes were filled with tears.
Everyone in the hall looked over at that direction.
A young and tall man stood at the door, he was dashing and had a face of defiance.
He raised his hand and waved to everyone as if he was a celebrity.
He then looked over at Xu Xiao Xian and said, "Hey girl, I'm here.".  


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