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Chapter 452: The Start of a Grand Battle
A series of whispers could be heard in the hall.
This man had ignored Zhou Xu and flirted with the bride again!
The important thing was that the bride was reciprocating to this man's advances!
That smile and that disposition, this wedding was becoming more and more interesting.
Yu You looked at Xu Xiao Xian and said in admiration, "I'm so envious of her.".
"Ming Hui!" a low voice resounded in rage.
"I've already said my piece, I like a good reunion, if someone wants to stop it, that won't do," said Ming Hui as he waved his hands.
The elder behind Zhou Xu suddenly stumbled backwards as a stream of blood flowed down his mouth.
He had just attempted to attack Xu Xiao Xian!
But it was not only Ming Hui who stopped him, Zhou Xu did as well!
His injuries, however, were self-inflicted by his own rage.
He could understand Ming Hui stopping him, but his master?
Zhou Xu looked on blankly as he watched Xu Xiao Xian enter Chu Yu's embrace.
He sighed and took a long breath.
He said softly, "I like her, I won't let anyone hurt her.".
When he said this, many of the people changed the way they saw him.
Some could see true this façade and his lies.
At this point, only vulnerability could save him and earn him some pity.
Xu Xiao Xian did not care about all of that, she was only worried about Chu Yu.
/> She never wanted him to get involved, but here he was.
In other words, things couldn't have been much worse.
Zhou Xu would never let them off.
She did not bother hiding anything anymore.
Chu Yu held her waist as he said, "You've become skinnier.".
"Of course, I haven't been eating or sleeping well, can't you see my dark eye bags?" she replied.

"No worries, you're still the most beautiful," he smiled.
"The most?" she looked at him.
"Yes, the most," he nodded.
"That's great!" she exclaimed as she put her face next to his.
Murmurs could be heard from the crowd again.
What a witch! She befitted her title!
The Qu Ji Royal Clan of the Mirror Dimension stared at Chu Yu, they wanted to kill him right there!
Their hatred did not run deep, but they knew that Chu Yu did not get his title by chance!
Chu Yu adored Xu Xiao Xian, he was hiding from his feelings before this, but now, he had nothing to be afraid of.
He patted her waist and said, "Wait for me, you can bear my children when we return!".
Xu Xiao Xian blushed immediately.
Everyone stared at Chu Yu as he declared, "Zhou Xu, come out and fight?".
What kind of challenge was Zhou Xu posing before that? Why did he question Chu Yu's guts previously?
The fact that he had shown up here showed that he had no fear.
What sage of the galaxy? Was he

he as powerful as Chu Yu's master?
Some of the more powerful ones in the crowd wanted to join in the battle.
Chu Yu had a demonic energy around him that ignited their adrenaline.
Zhou Xu had already regained his composure, even though his expression was still dark.
He apologised to the crowd, "I'm sorry to have embarrassed myself in front of all of you like that. This should never have happened!".
The hall grew silent.
"Blood can only be repaid with blood, give me the strength to kill this man!" Zhou Xu declared.
He looked at Xu Xiao Xian and said, "Xian Er, I don't blame you, I've let you run too free these years, you've been misguided.".
Xu Xiao Xian turned around, she just looked at him, but did not speak.
Zhou Xu wanted to say something else, but her eyes stopped him.
She said, "You killed my family, you destroyed my Sect, what right do you have to talk about misguidance?".
Zhou Xu sighed, "Forget it, I have nothing to see… Later on, I will cut him down in front of you, but I will not kill him.".
Right after he said this, his body flickered and he vanished.
A bunch of youngsters rushed out with him, many of the elders followed suit, they did not want to miss this battle.
Almost everyone had gone out, and at that moment, Ming Hui stood up and looked at the silent old man who was behind Zhou Xu.
Zhou Xu.
Yu You looked at him strangely.
"The world has changed, if you want to restore the glory of the ancient era, you have to find something more than just a name. The one who built the heavenly court was not one from the Zhou clan, don't forget how your family got your position back then!".  
After he said this, Ming Hui turned around to walk out with Yu You.
The emcee from before let out a scream as he spat out a mouthful of blood.
"How impudent!" he yelled.
Outside, Chu Yu stood there with his sword, looking at Zhou Xu silently.
"This sword should be mine to begin with," Zhou Xu said.
"Cut the crap, I need to make my mother dinner after I beat you," Chu Yu responded.
"I can't wait to cut you up and eat your flesh!" Zhou Xu threatened.
They were communicating via divine sense, no one else could hear them.
"Little b*stard, do you know how old I am?" Zhou Xu smiled coldly.
"So what if you're old you dog?" Chu Yu scoffed.
Zhou Xu's howl shook the clouds as he spat out a ray of white light- it was a sword directed at Chu Yu's forehead.
A frightening energy erupted from his body at the same time.
The battle was getting started.
Chu Yu used the Art of Fleet Footwork to react and counter the white light!

A terrifying sound erupted from the clash between the Yellow Emperor's the Yellow Emperor's Sword and the ray of light.
Countless magical formations lit up in the city.
Yu You looked at Ming Hui with worry and asked, "Elder, is he Zhou Xu's match?".
"I don't know," Ming Hui shook his head.
"You don't know?" she widened her eyes.
He replied, "All I know is that he needs to fight this battle alone!".
"He has to win!" Yu You said with a face of worry.
Up in the sky.
The two figures moved at unbelievable speeds.
The Legendary Emperors could barely keep up.
Those from the Mirror Dimension felt a sense of defeat.
They were the top talents of their world, but in front of these two, they were nothing.
Chu Yu took out the Immortal Crane Furnace as it sat atop his head. The Heavenly Immortal Sword appeared beneath his feet as he wielded the Yellow Emperor's Sword.
Zhou Xu continued his onslaught with his flying blade.
The sky crackled!
The Saints watched on intently, Pluto's cultivation laws and suppression were indestructible, even with battles between Saints.
But these two had almost broken through them! They were both very powerful!
How could this random man be so incredible?
Another blast resounded!
Chu Yu and Zhou Xu clashed once again.
The two of them backed away from each other.
A trickle of blood flowed down Chu Yu's mouth.
Zhou Xu looked normal on the outside, but the ancient Saints could tell that he had suffered internal injuries!

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