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A+ A- Chapter 440: Killing a Saint in one Slash
Qu Ni was ecstatic, perhaps it was due to the fact that Lin Shi was a girl.

An outstanding woman would always garner respect from her.

A young Saint!


Qu Ni recalled the strange phenomenon earlier on, the puzzle was coming together.

She had mistaken the glow to be from Chu Yu.

The surprise was that it was from Lin Shi.

"What do you think young lady? The Club of the Supreme Rulers, you can be the teacher! You might not be familiar with it yet, allow me to explain…".

"Enough, put that aside for now," Black Dragon hinted disapprovingly.

Lin Shi was the Son of the Emperor's woman!

The Club and their secret organization worked for the heavenly courts.

Chu Yu position might eventually grow to become the next Yellow Emperor, his position opposes the heaven courts.

Qu Ni was a fool, but she treasured talent desperately.

In the distance, a ray like a rainbow was approaching them.

It was Flat sister.

His status was different now, it would not have been appropriate to tease her like before.

When she saw Lin Shi she let out a gasp of awe.

Chu Yu could tell that she had made remarkable advancements in terms of her cultivation yet again.

And her will was strong!

At this instance, many cultivators ascended from earth and gathered around Chu Yu.

The crowd was growing.

Suddenly, a small group of people charged past Chu Yu and his gang, heading straight for the moon.

They were riding a large cruise ship equipped with pavilions and attics.

There were even hundreds of pretty girls playing melodic traditional instruments.

"Are you just going to watch your home land come under attack?".

People were confused.

Even Chu Yu and his party were bewildered, what were they doing?

Black Dragon lowered his voice, "The Twin Disciples Sect.".

"What are they doing?" Qu Ni looked serious.

Someone went up to question them head on.

It was Zhao Man Tian!

Holding a long spear, he yelled out, "What do you think you're doing?".


A low voice rumbled from the decks and a scary atmosphere flooded the area.

The menace was directed at Zhao Man Tian!

Zhao Man Tian took a blow and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, with determination, he bellowed, "You dare hurt your ally?".

"Get lost!".

The low voice was annoyed.

It was a strong juxtaposition against the soothing music in the background.

The tune went on and the ship kept going.

It was heading straight for Zhao Man Tian.

Black Dragon appeared in a flash beside Zhao and took the blow for him.

The ship slowed down to a stop.

"Why? Black Dragon, are you still deluded to think that this is still the era of your pathetic organization? Do you think that everyone must give in to you? How ridiculous, your organization is left with only a couple of domestic kittens, who do you think you are? Don't blame us if you are going to be stubborn…" The voice spat at the duo.

"Have you said enough?" Black Dragon looked disheartened.

"If our seniors who fought tooth for blood for what we have today are witnessing this, they would be utterly disheartened. Ingrates, how dare you speak like this…".

Before he could finish, a large hand emerged from the ship and went straight for Black Dragon!

Everyone was caught off guard!

Even those cultivators from the Mirror Dimension were dumbfounded.
A Saint!

It was a rare sight for them, even though they despised the Earth, Saints were to be revered for them.

This large hand contained the powerful energy of the laws of this world, it was hard to oppose this kind of stress.

But the music never stopped playing from the towers.

Black Dragon yelled in anger and met the giant hand with his fist.


A horrifying clap resounded about the horizons.

The giant hand was decapitated and cultivation energy was lost with the wind.

A grunt came from the ship.

"Seems like you haven't…".

Black Dragon cut him off, "You dog, how dare you speak to me as an equal, scram and stay out of sight!".

"That's not up to you, we are under the command of the ancient ancestors to welcome the lost tribe of the Twin Disciples sect!".

This statement brought on a wave of discussion.

Return of the lost tribe?

Who were the lost tribe?

They were the Cultivators from the Mirror Dimension!

Black Dragon yelled sternly, "Say that again? What are you doing?".


The low voice was chuckling in apathy, "Black dragon you are really naïve. Did you really think that the Legendary Emperor Star could withstand the attack from the Mirror Dimension? The most important thing to do now is to ally ourselves with them! Hasn't there been enough battles fought?".

"You animal! This is the attitude of the Twin Disciples sect?".

"One must keep up with the times for survival.".

"If the defenders of the Bastion of Stars heard you, they would be devastated." Black Dragon was furious.

What was Twin Disciples sect doing? Was this mutiny?

Were they the ones who led the Mirror Dimension troops here?

Chu Yu was furious as well.

He was walking towards them step by step.

Lin Shi followed behind, eyes burning with anger.

A cultivator from the Mirror Dimension sent a telepathic message, "Ambassadors of the Twin Disciples sect, where are you? Didn't you say that things on the Star were under control? What can't you get rid of this small hiccup?".

"Rest assured esteemed guest, we will settle this soon.".


A large surge of energy erupted from the vessel.

Magical formations were being activated. An ominous tension was filling the air. It was caging Chu Yu and his party.

"The false Son of the Emperor, are you still deluded? You were disrespectful to the commander of the Heaven courts previously, if you make the same mistakes again, watch your head!".

"F*ck you…".

Chu Yu wielded the sword of the Yellow Emperor and struck the ship.

A beam of light was casted over the magical formations on the vessel.

The barriers were broken like pruned twigs and the tall towers were collapsing on the ship.

This was the most powerful blow Chu Yu had dealt yet!

It was a combination of the Yellow Emperor's techniques and the Killing technique.

The melody stopped abruptly and everyone was fleeing.

The figure finally stood up and made an attempt to take Chu Yu's blow.

He was shocked and angry!

He never expected Chu Yu to break all these formations in one blow, not even a Saint could do that!

Chu Yu's power was like the scorching sun against thick ice.

But no ice was unbreakable.


The ship was torn into two halves.

"Damn it!".

People were jumping from the vessel, abandoning the ship.

The skies were multicolored. It was painted with the flurry of emotions of the women on board.

A large shadow pounced towards Chu Yu.

"You are courting your own death!" Black Dragon raced forward.

Law against law!

Move against move!

Technique against technique!

He was obviously no match for the Black Dragon.

He was crushed in no time.

"Black Dragon, the false Son of the Emperor… you sure you want to stand on the wrong side against the Twin Disciples sect?".

While Black Dragon held down this audacious traitor, Chu Yu ran forward to take his head.

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