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Even if he was being supressed by Black Dragon, he should not have been killed in a single blow by a Legendary Emperor.

The sight was too unbelievable!

Even the troops of the Mirror Dimension could not believe it.

They were just laughing a moment ago, they did not even consider the Twin Disciple Sect's power.

So what if this wasted land had a few powerful cultivators?

How could they compare to the Mirror Dimension?

If the Saints of the Mirror Dimension could follow, this battle would have been over!

In their eyes, the entire solar system was theirs for the taking.

But this sight shocked them and their beliefs.

Their prey could kill a Saint?

The Saint that was receiving them had just died like that? Was he a fake?

Black Dragon did not expect this either, but it was good surprise!

This blow would destroy the hallucinations of the Twin Disciples Sect!

The sadness of war was that troops were like grass, their lives meant nothing.

The Saint did not die immediately after getting beheaded.

Even though the destructive power of the sword was impressive, he was still alive. He let out an enraged howl, "As the Son of the Emperor, you're killing your own kind! The Elders of the Twin Disciples Sect will never let you off! They will…".


Chu Yu cut him down without any emotion as the Saint's Nascent God froze.

It was suppressed by Black Dragon, but one could tell that it was struggling to free itself.

The powers of a Saint were not to be underestimated.

Chu Yu could never have gotten close to him if not for his powerful divine sense, but even then, he found it difficult.

At that moment, Qu Ni let out a huff as she rang a series of bells.

A rope with seven little bells appeared, each bearing a different color.

They were the colors of the rainbow.

The first red bell rang with a delightful sound.

The frozen Nascent God began to burn as it screamed in pain.

"The Seven deadly Bells, Qu Ni, how dare you! Elders… please… help me!".

Before this, he did not give in to any of the attacks, but Qu Ni's bells forced him into submission.

His soul gave off waves of pain that shook the earth!

In the distance, a spatial portal appeared, it was huge!

Two slabs of limestone appeared from the heavens as a black palm appeared from within, rushing over with menace.

The sixth bell rang with a high-pitched screech.

Each resonance gave off a powerful wave of energy as it pushed towards the black palm.

A stream of blood flowed down her lips as her hair became haggard.

A fiery rage filled her eyes under those black glasses.

"Despicable!" she cursed.

The black palm began bleeding as some wounds were inflicted upon it, revealing the bone underneath.

"You're looking for death?" a howl came from within the limestone door.

Following that, a figure appeared, it was almost as tall as the huge door!

The energy around him was thick and the pressure emitted was oppressive!

Even those far away could feel the mental tremble of their souls.

An ancient Saint!

This was a true ancient Saint!

This person was at a different level.

The Immortal Crane Furnace flew out as Chu Yu's vertical eye inspected the energy.

He still had the last feather with him, but even with that, he was not confident of fighting this man.

He did not have time to think much as he looked coldly at the figure.

One of his hands was hurt by the Seven deadly Bells. He was too terrifying, his eyes radiated with a divine light that seemed to illuminate the universe.

The troops of the Mirror Dimension were utterly baffled.

Even though they could guess his origins, there was an instinctual sense of fear that shook them. More than that, there was a natural sense of reverence!

The Emperor Star was not as weak as they thought it was!

These Saints were no small fries.

Even in the Mirror Dimension, they were feared and revered.

"Black Dragon, Qu Ni, kneel!" the almighty Saint commanded as he walked out.

The energy he emanated forced them to their knees.

The rest of the people, including Chu Yu, were overlooked by him.

The powerful laws of power suppressed the two of them within seconds.

Their faces turned pale as sweat dripped down their bodies.

Qu Ni, in particular, had already asserted most of her energy and could not withstand such pressure.

Black Dragon did not have it easy as well.

This Saint had attained Sainthood 60,000,000 years ago, Black Dragon knew of this man!

Back in the day, during the glory days of the Emperor Star, this man was already well known.

No one would have expected him to appear at this juncture.

Black Dragon desperately took out some magical equipment in an attempt to protect them.

Flat sister wanted to go forward to help them, but Black Dragon sent her a thousand miles away with his divine sense.

He gasped, "Everyone, stay away!".

This sort of battle was perfect for Chu Yu, anyone else near them was just seeking death.

The Saint who had been on the verge of death earlier did not escape, he already lost all his pride by begging for help and mercy.

In his heart, he hated Chu Yu.

At the moment where he broke free, he headed for Chu Yu's life.

"You little b*stard, I'm gonna swallow you today!".

After saying this, the bodiless Nascent God lunged at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu wanted to fight at first, but decided against it and kept his sword.

What a fool!

Lin Shi's body emitted a bright light as she stood beside Chu Yu. Her facial expression suggested that she wanted to fight this man.

One had to admit that the chemistry between her and Chu Yu was undoubtable.

The Saint of the Twin Disciples Sect laughed maniacally, "Little girl… you want to stop me? What rubbish!".

He rushed straight into Chu Yu's mental realm in an attempt to destroy his divine sense.

Even though he was severely injured, he was still a Saint.

The sheer vastness of his mental realm overpowered a legendary emperor's by many times!

In his eyes, no matter how powerful this Son of the Emperor was, he was no match for him!

This was his downfall.

As he wanted to spread his divine sense like a spiderweb, he suddenly realised that Chu Yu's mental realm outclassed his tremendously!

This was suicidal!

How could it be?

He screamed in pain inside of Chu Yu's mental realm.

The speed of the divine sense was tremendous, but he could not even see the edges of Chu Yu's mental sea.

This meant that Chu Yu did not only possess a deeper and wider mental realm, he also possessed a faster divine sense!

The difference was too immense!

In the moment where the Saint had rushed in, he was like a fallen leaf under the tumultuous tides of Chu Yu's mental sea.

He was thrown around as he begged for mercy.

A terrifying wave washed over him and swallowed his Nascent God.

The vertical eye slowly devoured his energy and grinded it into knowledge for Chu Yu.

Outside, the ancient Saint had made his move on Qu Ni and Black Dragon.

At this moment, in the horizon, the silhouettes of seven or eight figures appeared.

Those people were all covered in a radiating glow as the energy surrounded their body.

Before that, no one had noticed their presence!

They rushed towards this ancient Saint all at once!

One of them yelled, "You shameless disciple, back then, you did not dare to give your life for your world. Now, you still dare to creep out of your hole? Don't go back!".

Between two beautiful ladies was Fatty who shouted, "Old man, get your act together! Let's destroy the Twin Disciples Sect like what we did to the Shang Qing!".

One of the seven figures shouted, "You little rascal! You even dare to disrespect your elders now?".



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