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Chapter 439
Chapter 439: Letting Go, Picking Yourself Up

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Lin Shi never thought that she would face another life altering event after she had given up on love.


Her entire body was glowing with vitality!


After drowning herself in alcohol the previous night, she woke up with no emotions.


But her body was glowing!


There was a voice ringing in her head, an ancient voice that came from another universe.


It was the scripture that she was studying!


After she had properly let go, a miraculous transformation had befallen on her.


Previously, her road to cultivation was stopped short thanks to the Butterfly Dance.


But heaven always left a path for those who deserved it.


It was hard to figure out when a window of opportunity would appear.


Not even the Butterfly Dance who had morphed her spirit together with Lin Shi knew about the scriptures that she had been studying and practicing.


This was her window.


And it was open.


She was advancing rapidly. Her soul was being stripped and cleansed.


At the end, she entered a mysterious state.


She was completely conscious and aware.


Streaks of light were strewn across the skies, they looked like the northern lights, the aurora. It

was breathtaking.


People were coming out from their homes to witness this spectacular sight.


Only the experienced practitioners were shocked to see the lights in the skies.


"Whose attainment conjured such a natural phenomenon? Impressive!".


"It's the living quarters of the Descendent of the Emperor…".


The internet was buzzing.


This kind of phenomenon was extremely rare. It had over-casted the entire northern hemisphere.


Who had caused it?


Everybody was guessing Chu Yu.


"Might the legends be true? Is this Chu Yu's breakthrough?".


"Oh god… why is the descendent in the north? Why hasn't there been any remarkable talents in the south for so many years?".


The northerners were smug, they thought that the north had been the center of the universe since the beginning of time. The prosperity of the southerners was destined to be short lived and the northerners would eventually reign as the true lords!


Lin Shi smiled gently at Chu Yu.


Chu Yu felt that she was distant from him!




"You brought me the scriptures, I didn't think that it'll be the key to my attainment at the end.".


"Well, congratulations, you've regained your cultivation powers and made remarkable advancements.".


Advancements indeed, Lin Shi was almost at the level of

of sainthood.


Chu Yu could sense that Lin Shi was a glowing ball of energy with his mind!


"You thought that it was the end of your journey, now you've gained a second chance. Go on… do what you want to do, don't let me be your baggage.".


Lin Shi looked at him, "I know you the best, you are destined to be an eagle and spread your wings across the nine skies.".


"Shi Shi, I am not used to you talking like this.".


"Really? Perhaps it was the cultivation, I can feel my changes too. But I am still me!".


"Yeah, much better now," Chu Yu nodded his head.


"Later, as your assistant…".


"The whole world knows that you are my woman.".

"Fine, as your woman…".


Chu Yu couldn't help but pet her head.


Lin Shi quietly whispered, "I just can't help but feel that I don't fully grasp the idea of love. But the thought of being apart from you forever cuts me like a knife. Life would be meaningless. The thought of doing something for you makes me so glad, because the fact is that you are my whole world.".


Chu Yu pulled Lin Shi into an

into an embrace, he took her deep within his hug, 'And you are my whole world!".


"Yes, you are our whole world.".


"I love you!".


In that moment, Lin Shi was glowing so brightly Chu Yu felt like he was gaining powers as well.


Lin Shi looked at him tearfully, "Go bring sister home! I will be here.".


A large amount of energy was surging through her veins.


Chu Yu was in shock.




Attaining sainthood had always been about understand truths instead of accumulating energy.


Sainthood was the epitome of realization, the mastery of laws to reach the peak of existence!


Lin Shi's experience had allowed her to reach sainthood, even before Chu Yu.


"I have a feeling that I should accompany you to bring her back.".


Their communicating devices rang at the same time. The screen appeared in the room.


"Warning, a fleet from outer space is approaching Earth! They stopped near the moon and they are attacking our planet!".


They were watching the screen intently.


Technology on earth was now extremely advanced, information could be transmitted without the need for satellites.


The invaders were from the Mirror Dimension!


They weren't sure how they arrived- did they break through the magical formations of the formations of the solar system or through a short cut…


Hopefully they found a shortcut, the consequences would be dire if they had broken the magical formations.


"Let's go!".


Many cultivators were waiting. They were looking towards the north, waiting for a command!


When Chu Yu appeared with Lin Shi, they were ready!


Who said that the cultivators on Earth were cowards?




They charged towards the moon.


Lin Shi followed closely behind Chu Yu.


Close to the moon.


There were three hundred or so warships, hovering in space.


Cheering could be heard from the ships.


Cultivators emerged from those ships and they looked gleeful.


They looked at Earth with their beady eyes.


"Is this the Legendary Emperor Star? It's beautiful!".


"What a small planet, is it really the core of the village of Dao?".


"Is this the Village of Dao? Doesn't look like much to me.".


People were bantering and chatting, they didn't think anything of the defenders charging at them.


What was Earth to them?


Black Dragon and Qu Ni appeared next to Chu Yu.


They looked at Lin Shi and they were completely shocked.

"My greetings seniors," Lin Shi smiled at them.


Qu Ni grabbed her arm and exclaimed, "You should join the club of the Supreme Rulers!"


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