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Chu Yu looked at it and picked up his communication device.



The two of them spoke at the same time.

"You first!" the echoed each other again.

Chu Yu quietened down, "I'm sorry…".

The voice on the other side of the call laughed, "I'm happy that you decided to tell me first. Even though I'm a little jealous, at least I know that my man won't lie to me. Thank you Chu Yu, go on, no matter what, I will support you.".

She hung up the call.

Lin Shi lay on her couch in a bathrobe as she sipped on a glass of red wine.

After a while, she sighed.

"Since I was young, my mother has always told me that I am part of the new generation of cultivators, that I am precious and that I would marry someone who loved me.".

"But I never understood why she sighed when she said that, was it because father married other women? Why does he have to only love me?".

"As I grew older, I slowly understood what jealousy was. This world is full of it. I often find myself wondering why I can't find someone who will just focus on me, but in reality, he's more than good to me!".

"Even when my family stood by, he did not give up. If not for him, I would not be here today. He's a man with such good qualities, I should love him with all I can, how else can I repay the world for this fate?".

Lin Shi's eyes were full of tears.

Emotions were hard to deal with, especially love.

Lin Shi had always doubted if she really loved him!

She thought that she loved herself more.

She did not want herself to get treated poorly, she was afraid of that.

Was it love or was it just the comfort of his presence? Were they just friends who understood each other all too well?

After knowing Xu Xiao Xian, she was much clearer now.

Chu Yu and Lin Shi were inseparable, they were soulmates, but they did not have the heart wrenching feelings the drove couples crazy!

Chu Yu that fool, he would never have understood this.

But when he found out that Xu Xiao Xian was going to marry someone else, he still went for her even though he knew that it would hurt Lin Shi.

"That's true love!" Lin Shi shouted to herself.

From the start till the end, Lin Shi was always a prideful woman.



Chu Yu put down his communication device and let out a sigh.

They understood each other too well.

Before this, when he courted her, she did not reject him.

They were just like lovebirds.

But they never would have thought that the feelings between them were not love.

If there were no abnormalities, they could perhaps have lived their lives as a couple.

But the appearance of Xu Xiao Xian threw that into doubt.

Chu Yu had been refuting his feelings for her, especially since she constantly professed her love for him.

He did not know how to handle this matter.

He was taught to accept many women into his life so that their clan could prosper.

But the problem was that his parents did not believe in this!

They only had each other!

Growing up in the Secular world, the people around Chu Yu were all accustomed to monogamy.

This was his world view.

He did not know what he needed to do to create a satisfying outcome.

He did not want to learn it.

If not for what had happened today, he would have continued evading Xiao Xian and let her fade into oblivion.

Perhaps he would remember her, but he could only miss her secretly.

But the voice that stuck with Xiao Xian had seen through him completely.

Lin Shi called him to let him know that she was giving up, he knew that.

Otherwise, based on her personality, she would never have called him.

To love or not to love, the answer was simple.

Chu Yu remained silent in the room. After a long while, he stood up and headed for Xu Xiao Xian's room.

He knocked on the door. There was no response.

Chu Yu push the door lightly and opened it, but there was no one inside.

On the table was a note.

"I didn't let him tell you what he did, how irritable! What a busy body! If you didn't know the truth, you would miss me forever. You would've wondered where in the world did I go to, why did I disappear? But now, you will just hate me. I don't want you to, I don't want to become another man's woman. But before I met you, I was already engaged to someone else. Alright, you have the right to hate me all you want, I don't think we'll ever see each other again, goodbye.".

The last goodbye seemed to have been written like she was trying to ascertain her own thoughts.

There was no explanation, only description. This was very Xu Xiao Xian-esque.

She had only left this note behind.

Chu Yu suddenly remembered the words of that voice.

"I'm a pig indeed!" he thought.

He shut his eyes and began searching the room with his divine sense, he did not believe that the voice did not leave something for him.

Indeed, in the corner of the room, Chu Yu uncovered a mental message left behind.

On it was a location.

Chu Yu was stunned when he uncovered where it referred to, because it was not a faraway place.

But it was definitely not near either.

It was on the edge of the solar system, on a planet which was once considered part of the solar system… Pluto.

There was not much information on this planet, there were rumours that it was frozen and sealed.

Before the unsealing of the earth, mankind could only reach the surface on the mars, they had no capabilities to even go near Pluto.

After the unsealing of the earth, the magical formations in the solar system grew more complex as well, no one could truly pass through all of them.

Chu Yu never expected her to go all the way there.

If not for that mental message, he would never have found her.

At this moment, on Pluto.

There had always been civilisation here, under the cold and frozen surface lay a huge lake and city.

Xu Xiao Xian sat atop a frozen peak.

This mountain was a few thousand metres tall!

The summit of the mountain was razor sharp, like a sword.

She was dressed in a beige gown and looked like a princess as her long hair flowed down her back.

Behind her stood a tall and well-built young man who wore a coat.

This was made of a special leather that came from the rare Spiritual Leopards, who roamed about the galaxy.

These Leopards consumed precious minerals and gold, which fortified their skin.

The young man was dashing and had sharp eyes.

He smiled and said, "You've been playing for so many years, have you had your fun?".

"Not really, but this world is about to get messy. I can't afford to play anymore," Xu Xiao Xian replied softly.

"If you don't like the fighting, I'll just chase them back to where they came from," the young man replied.

She shook her head, "That won't be necessary.".

"Whatever you say, just do what you want to. We'll just live our lives out!" the young man smiled happily.

Based on the way he spoke, no one could imagine that he was feared throughout the galaxy.

No one dared to offend him.

After all these years, there were only a few people who could let him smile like this.

And there was only one who could make him so happy.

But this woman did not love him, and he could feel it.

This left him a little desolated and jealous.

His mindset was that he had to have whatever he wanted! Only he could give her happiness!

No one else could.


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