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Chapter 438
Chapter 438: There's No Remedy to Thought

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Live their lives out?

A mist clouded Xu Xiao Xian's eyes.

If she had never met a man that would stir her emotions, perhaps things would have been easier.

Wasn't that the case for everyone?

She planned to pass through this phase of her life in confusion and tide it through.

After a few years, maybe she would regret it, but time was irreversible.

If she never had never met Chu Yu, would she have surrendered like this?

After all, this man was outstanding as well.

There were only a few who were better.

Xu Xiao Xian had never met anyone better than him.

Even Chu Yu was not his match in many things.

But there was one thing that he could never match Chu Yu, and that was that Xu Xiao Xian loved Chu Yu.

Money could not buy joy.

The young man looked at her carefully.

Seeing that she had no reaction, he smiled, but a feeling of desolation flashed across his heart.

He knew that she still did not accept him deep in her heart.

Zhou Xu was upset, he was the great sage of the galaxy and ruled over the darkness.

Even those that had not met him feared him.

But he never thought of himself as a bloodthirsty monster.

He was vicious, his methods were always incredibly so.

But he never ate their flesh nor their blood.

The rumours around the galaxy

were all exaggerated.

Moreover, Zhou Xu thought of himself as a gentleman.

A kind and easy going one.

"Have you met someone that you like?" he asked casually.

Xu Xiao Xian stood there without emotion as she said, "Do I have the right to do so?".

"Does that mean I'm right?" he smiled.

"No," she replied.

"You're the Leader of the Heavenly Demonic Sect, you need not lie," said Zhou Xu as he looked into the distance and raised his head.

She did not speak, she knew how terrifying and sensitive this man was.

Her previous reaction probably disturbed him deeply.

The problem was that emotions were hard to control.

Especially in the face of intelligent people like Zhou Xu, it was hard to hide them.

Taking this into consideration, she could only answer him this way so that he would not put too much thought into it.

This was her way of protecting Chu Yu, even though she knew that he would not want this sort of protection.

She loved him and could not be mature about it.

He was no match for this man.

Zhou Xu smiled at her and said, "It's normal for witty people like you to be apprehensive about marriage. To ease your fears, none of my concubines will appear before you… You can also kill them as you wish.".

She smiled forcefully, "Why would I want to kill them?".

"You can do that if you're kind, but

but I have to show my attitude towards this. Ever since I met you, I told myself that no one is more fitting to be your man! Other than me, no one has the right to have you! I still believe in that," he smiled.

Xu Xiao Xian stood up and looked up, she did not speak.

Zhou Xu smiled gently and said, "Xiao Xian, our marriage is about to get underway, I don't you to be an unhappy bride.".

Xu Xiao Xian smiled, "It's my honour that I can become the wife of the King of the Darkness, why would I be unhappy?".

"That's good then! Don't worry, I will give you everything in this world!" said Zhou Xu, overjoyed by her smile.

With his divine sense, a hole appeared beneath their feet.

It was a road to the depths of Pluto.

Down below was the palace.

He courteously brought her down into an elevator-like room.

The room disappeared within the peaks of the mountain as the hole sealed itself.

As they entered this underground city, the sights around were breath taking.

Statues that lined the streets were all made of divine gold.

The constructions were all refined to perfection as well.

One could say that this was a perfect city.

It housed billions of people.

But if an accident were to happen, this city would become a terrifying magical formation!

There were thousands of magical formations that guarded this place,

this place, and these formations could attack as well.

It was not an exaggeration to say that it could destroy a star.

This city was the accumulation of wealth that Zhou Xu had!

He wanted to gift it to Xu Xiao Xian!

It was hard to imagine that someone would reject all this, but Xu Xiao Xian was no normal person.

She never lacked wealth.

To her, a thousand cities could not replace her love.

She never loved this man.

She still remembered the first time she met him, where she was getting chased down. 

It was the most terrifying experience in her life, the enemy wanted to cut the foundations of the Heavenly Demonic Sect.

Her guardian was strong but he had lost his body and could only linger as a soul.

Against such a group, Xu Xiao Xian had to fight for life, she almost died.

At the crucial moment, Zhou Xu passed by the area and intervened.

He did it casually out of boredom.

Even though Xu Xiao Xian was beautiful, he did not do it for her.

He immediately killed a Saint among them and scared the rest away.

It was just the tip of the iceberg of his powers.

After he saved her, he said, "You're mine from now on.".

From that moment onwards, she could shake off her fate.

Even in the rebuilding of the Sect, Zhou Xu helped her out a great deal.

He was her benefactor, and to her, and to her, this man was like a father and a senior.

She once thought that he only helped her because he was bored, that maybe one day, he would forget what he said back then. But he did not.

She was too beautiful.

She was becoming more and more beautiful.

She was just like a flower in his garden, no matter how beautiful she bloomed, she could never escape the garden.

Even her guardian could not change this reality.

But he could not bear to watch her end up with someone else, as a result, he gave Chu Yu the location of this place.

Xu Xiao Xian knew that he had talked to him, but she did not know that he had left the location of Pluto to Chu Yu.

Otherwise, she would not have been so calm.

To her, the Chu Yu in the future could match up to this man, but not now.

If Chu Yu were to face him now, he would just die!

No man would give in in such a situation.

Xu Xiao Xian entered the largest palace in the city, it was full of her servants and none of them were men.

This was her palace, where she was queen!

But she was not happy at all.

She was far away from the beautiful earth that she yearned to be at.

The further she was, the more pained her face wrenched.

There was no remedy to her thoughts.

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