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Chapter 436
Chapter 436: She Wants to Marry Someone?

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The people of the Mirror Dimension were stunned, they had not expected this attack.

The magical formations and beings at the edge of the solar system were not smart, but they only attacked these people and not the cultivators of the solar system.

It must have been someone from the solar system, who else could it be?

Galactic pirates were not that ballsy, and they only did things for profit.

These people had come to kill them!

"Do you still remember, when we first came here, everything seemed dead silent…".

"That's true, we don't even know why we've suffered such losses!".

"I suspect that there's a cultivator from the solar system hidden amongst us, just like back in the day!".

The beings from the Mirror Dimension raged and swore to expose the traitors.

There was no true unity among the troops of the Mirror Dimension as well, constant bickers were common.

These people were no good, they only wanted to destroy the solar system.

Their next step would have been to split the cake by fighting.

They had already gotten into numerous fights because of the magical formations here!

These people had seen all sorts of attacks- ambushes, traps and outright battle.

But an attack of this scale was a first was them!

The enemy was cruel beyond measure.


did not even have the power to retaliate!

This meant that the enemy was way too powerful, like a ferocious tiger.

"Who could it be?".

"We have to find out.".

"If they come again…".

The few major figures were discussing amongst themselves when the siren rang again.

Someone reported, "Not good, the killer is coming back again!".

"What? What's going on? Do they treat us like fools?" an Elder from an ancient clan raged.

"We dispatched someone to track them across a long distance, but we couldn't keep up. Once our scouts returned, they came back to attack us immediately…" the troop cried with tears on his face.

The wanted to come here to become Saints and rule over the place, but they never expected themselves to die like this.

"How despicable!".

"Dispatch more men to surround them!".

The Qu Ji galactic clan, the Zhong Clan, the Water Clan, the Red Clan, the Luo Clan… most of the major clans of the Mirror Dimension decided to form a temporary pact to kill the enemy.

Their manpower was too massive, it was hard to mobilise everyone within a short period of time.

When their instructions finally reached the troops, they were already smashed into nothingness.

Their faces went pale, this was disgraceful!

They did not even know who the enemy was.

If they were from the Mirror Dimension, they might have

have felt better about themselves.

But if the enemy was from the solar system, they really had nowhere to hide their faces.

Xu Xiao Xian looked on as her army stood victorious.

She commanded her ship to weave in and out of the edges of the Mirror Dimension.

No one dared to track them.

This gave them a sense of relaxation, but she did not let them rest.

These were the elite troops of the Heavenly Demonic Sect!

Back in the day, these men were the galactic pirates of the universe!

They had turned their backs on the Sect for a period of time, and their skills went beyond the measures of the demonic Sect.

There was a time where the clans of the Mirror Dimension did not dare to venture into the galaxy.

Xu Xiao Xian gathered these people upon her return.

This group was more terrifying now than they ever were!

This was why they could casually kill and slaughter in space.

These people were like weak chickens to them, they meant nothing.

Despite this, they were undoubtedly loyal to their Sect leader.

This was because Xu Xiao Xian's supposed fiancé was terrifying.

They would never dare to anger that person.

It was also because of his support that Xu Xiao Xian could retain the Heavenly Demonic Sect.

That man was the ruler of all darkness in the universe, the

universe, the king of the galactic pirates!

The great sage of the galaxy.

He had once fought at the Bastion of Stars, but was the target of internal conflict and was forced out.

The thought of that man struck fear in them, even for someone like Xu Xiao Xian.

She was brave on earth and proclaimed her love for Chu Yu, but in front of this man, she would never have dared to do so!

She could outrightly attack the troops of the Mirror Dimension because there was great enmity between her Sect and them.

That man would applaud her for doing so, she would never allow him to find out about Chu Yu's existence.

Xu Xiao Xian dispersed her man and hid herself.

Following this, she went through a secret passage and returned to earth.

She knew that she had to say goodbye to Chu Yu this time.

Because that man was returning to the Mirror Dimension to wed her.

When she saw Chu Yu, she smiled like a little girl.

She animatedly depicted the way she slaughtered the enemy and informed him about their skills.

"They're like ants, but their sheer numbers make them formidable," she said.

"I might have to leave for a very long time," said Xu Xiao Xian as she looked at him gently.

She was not her usual self.

Usually, she was forthcoming and volatile, forthcoming and volatile, and was never gentle.

Chu Yu understood her deeply.

"You have to attend to something?" he asked.

"It's nothing," she replied.



Xu Xiao Xian went back to rest, claiming that she was just tired.

Chu Yu sat in the room and frowned in confusion.

"You fool!" a voice echoed from the room.

Chu Yu was surprised, but he was not shocked.

He knew that this man was her guardian and was always by her side.

He also knew that he did not leave with her.

"What do you mean?" Chu Yu asked as he raised his head.

"You're an idiot!" the cold voice bickered.


"Who's your Elder?!".

"If you don't start acting like one, I'm gonna get angry," Chu Yu said.

"What right do you have to be angry you fool? The girl that loves you so much is going to be someone else's bride and you're still here acting like some pig! Who cares if you're the Son of the Emperor? You're worse than a pig!".

The voice felt like his daughter was being taken away.

Chu Yu had no words to reply what he had heard.

What did this mean?

Was Xu Xiao Xian going to marry someone?

Wasn't she the Leader of the Heavenly Demonic Sect?

"Elder?" Chu Yu could sense the man's presence vanish.

He frowned as he sat there in deep thought.

At this moment, his communication device rang.

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