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A+ A- Chapter 417: Rumours
No wonder.
He didn't see it coming at all.
Was he the descendent of the Yellow Emperor?
Chi You was a little doubtful, but some things were not meant for him to investigate.
After a while, he started mumbling to himself.
"No wonder the furnace regained its prowess in his possession.".
"No wonder the Yellow Emperor left the sword with him.".
"No wonder he gives off the vibes of the late Confucius.".
"No wonder…".
"No wonder…".
Chi You was a hero with both the brawns and the brains, he lived a carefree life.
Many practitioners were like that, the more powers they had, the less promiscuous they were. Occasionally, they might have scared a couple of juniors by talking about themselves.
But in this instance, this mighty man's expression only reflected stoicism.
He was clear of many things at once.
The Yellow Emperor, the Great Emperor!
The Son of the Emperor.
"Establish the Court of heavens!".
"What about the deities? They can be bigger than the heavens.".
"Deities are fallible too, they can't withstand infinite traumas.".
"Who's going to be in charge of the cycle of reincarnation? The court of heaven!".
"Who's going to call the shots in the courts?".
Chi You was agitated and excited when he thought about the Great Emperor. Despite committing a hefty sin, he had to admit that the Great Emperor was a straightforward and hearty hero!
He was courageous to challenge the heavens!
Who could ever live up to the challenge?
This man did not look like the son of the Great Emperor.
He was handsome and charming enough for sure, but that was just the physical package.
He did manage to face Chi You with calmness and poise.
But he was merely a stone statue.
Chu Yu didn't seem to possess that same kind of ambition and drive.
Not a sheer bit.
What a pity.
Could this greenhorn really turn the tables?
Or was this one of the Butterfly Dance's plots?
But why did he have such good Qi?
Chi You was in a sea of thoughts and doubts.
Lin Shi stirred from her slumber with a soft groan, when she saw Chu Yu, she looked dazed for a good minute before breaking out into a bright smile.
"I am such a burden.".
"You just might be, my wife.".
Chu Yu's eyes were red.
"I've still be hearing things while being in the state of sedation.".
Chu Yu nodded his head, "I'll fill you in if you have gaps in your memory.".
Lin Shi sat up from the coffin and muttered to herself, "What a waste of a treasure on me…".
"No treasure could compare to you, my dear.".
Suddenly, tears were rolling down Lin Shi's cheeks, "The Butterfly Dance did something to me.".
Chu Yu was taken aback, he looked angry.
"I was immortalised but I can no longer have any progression with my cultivation, she took… everything.".
Chu Yu let out a long sigh, "So what?".
"I want to stand by you, through all the ups and downs, I don't want to be a burden or a person of no use at all.".
Lin Shi was sobbing.
"Hahaha, an infallible body is already the ultimate dream of many people, what more do you desire? So what if you have no powers? Look at those men who go down in history, how many of them were martial experts?".
Lin Shi was extremely intelligent and was on the same page as Chu Yu. She extended her hand and Chu Yu pulled her out from the coffin. Standing next to him, she bowed in respect in front of the magical statue.
Chu Yu shook his head, "Every generation... those who toil with their minds govern while those who toil with their hands serve, the rule still applies.".
"You still overestimate my abilities, it's stressful!" Lin Shi's lively eyes darted to Chu Yu playfully.
She glanced across at Qing Er and whispered, "She lo

oks alright!".
"I like her much better than Xu Xiao Xian.".

"But Xu Xiao Xian did a splendid job this time, I have to give it to her, even though I am not that fond of that girl," conceded Lin Shi.
"What are you going on about?" Chu Yu chuckled helplessly.
Chi You chipped in, "Boy are you going to have a tough time later on.".
Chu Yu nodded his head in resonance.
The statue let out a sarcastic smirk, "You think I am referring to your lady problems? Never mind… you will see later on, for now, go on your way boy.".
A baby boy, it was better that he didn't know for now.
In the next instance, Chu Yu and Lin Shi were amidst the stars.
The stone coffin was still hovering beside them along with the jade and Dragon's Eye.
Qing Er was not with them.
Chi You's voice surfaced in Chu Yu's head, "Leave the snake girl with me for a while, there might be people trying to get you, be careful.".
In the next moment, the stars moving technique was used!
The galaxy was swirling around them.
The surroundings were getting more familiar.
They were back at the Orion Constellation.
"Oh my god… what just happened?" Lin Shi was shocked.
Chu Yu was still harping on what Chi You just said.
Was someone out there trying to get him?
Was it the Butterfly Dance?
Glancing at Lin Shi beside him, he calmed his mind and reigned in his thoughts.
So what if someone came after him?
He charged towards the Mao family.
He hastily conjured a pill and gave it to Zhao Man Xi and left with Lin Shi afterwards.
He didn't even drop by to greet Mao Fu, the new king.
After Chu Yu left, Mao Fu's mother recovered and Mao Fu lamented sadly, "He is still angry at me.".
His mother sighed, "Silly boy, how is he angry with you? He doesn't want to implicate you!".
The King sat at the side and remarked, "I underestimated this young man.".
Even he had acknowledged Chu Yu's birth rights.
Mao Fu's mother continued, "Think about it, he came all the way back to heal me! Have you considered the value of a pill like that?".
Mao Fu gave her words some thought before saying, "You're right, does this pill really consist of the four magical items?".
"There can be no mistake, I felt my mind strengthening after consuming the pill.".
"We really owe him a great deal for doing this for us.".
Mao Fu nodded, "Yeah, I couldn't even help him previously…".
"But you most definitely can in the future!".
"Mother, you mean?".
"He is from the solar system, they are facing attacks from everywhere right now, we most definitely are able to support him with a couple of troops.".
"Alright!" Mao Fu nodded furiously.
There was no hesitation.
One had to remember to repay his debts and show gratitude.
He had always kept this lesson in mind since he was a child.

"Descendent of the Emperor? Should we celebrate this sinner with a crown? Haha, what a ridiculous joke!" an elder at the Mirror Dimension mocked.
He was shrivelled like a prune and his laughter could bring on chills.
"Emperor? Reincarnation... back to the world? That fake lord created the chaos in the three realms, and now his son is out to create trouble as well. Put a prize on that head," a worshipped sculpture in the Mirror Dimension commanded.
"What descendent of the Emperor? It must be a conspiracy to use us to get to Chu Yu. The Emperor had died a long time ago and did not leave a single trace behind, where did this guy come from?".
Back on Earth on the Pacific Ocean.
Elder Black Dragon was frowning as he held a report that was just sent in.
Miss Qu Ni was sitting in front of him, "That boy is the legendary descendent of the Emperor? How can it be? The Emperor was a thing of the previous era, there were no rumours of his offspring, is this just a load of rubbish?".
Elder Black Dragon still had his brows furrowed.
She continued, "Many sects have come forward to question us…".
"About what?" the Black Dragon looked up, "What do they want?".
"About the identity of the boy of course! If he is really a pure blood descendent, his status far surpasses everyone…".
"So what?".
"Enough, even if he is truly a descendent of the Emperor, it doesn't mean anything. It's a different time now, so much has changed. Let's stay out of this commotion," Elder Black Dragon cut her off before she could continue.
Miss Qu Ni protested with a little pout, "Stay away from the party? I am afraid that this is not up to us.".
"You might as well put your energy to good use and think of a strategy against our invaders.".
Qu Ni stayed quiet.
Rumours about the descendent of the Emperor went around the galaxies in a matter of days.
When Xu Xiao Xian heard about it back on Earth, she was stunned, "Chu Yu is the descendent of the Emperor? Are you kidding me?".
A cold voice behind her echoed, "A lethal joke that'll be.".
Her face changed, "If anyone dares to try to kill him, I shall kill them first.".

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