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The hall shrank and peace had resumed.

The Chi You statue was still on his throne, his lively eyes were fixated on Chu Yu.

The sword was gone, it was back within Chu Yu's physical body.

The figure was gone as well.

Qin Er's glistening eyes were flooded with curiosity.

Chu Yu felt as if he was falling apart, but he forced a smile to hide his pain.

It was as if the transformation had never happened.

Chu Yu had no inkling of the exchange between the form that the sheath had morphed into and Chi You.

But they had obviously made contact.

It was evident from the transformation.

After a long while, the statue let out a sigh.

"The Sword of the Yellow Emperor.".

Chu Yu was taken aback, the history and story behind that sword was surprising.

But it was reasonable and believable.

It was the sword that led him to Chi You… the statue.

Chi You's reaction when he laid eyes upon the sword showed that they had a deep history.

Chu Yu could sense a tinge of sadness from his expression.

Was he over reading him?

His was actually holding onto the Sword of the Yellow Emperor…

The legendary king of all swords.

Had this sword been to the deity realm?

Was the Yellow Emperor now a… deity?

These questions circled Chu Yu's head.

"There was the deity, the mortal and the ghost realm. The three realms depended on one another to survive but existed independently as well. Mortals rise to the heavens to become deities and are dragged to the underworld to become ghosts. These were the unbreakable laws of nature.".

"The Court of heavens established by the mortals was the root of all evil.".

"The Heavenly Cauldrons that the mortals casted sucked energy from both the heavens and the underworld.".

"It consolidated the energy of billions of mortals into one entity.".

"This place, was known as the land of creation.".

"It operated on a well-maintained level of energy.".

"Eventually the deity and ghost realms were destroyed and the world of mortals was reduced to a wasteland.".

"Every spirit hates this place.".

"And in your generation, this place is known as the Village of Dao.".

Chu Yu was blown away.

Chi You's narrative had pieced together a mysterious puzzle he had been trying to solve for a long time.

Chi You had answered Chu Yu's queries clearly and easily.

Not even his master could do that.

"Those people who built the court of heavens had committed a hefty sin, what happened to the mortal realm was karma. A disaster that had befallen all living creatures, nobody could escape.".

"At that gate to the deity world, some people wanted to enter while some people were stopping deities from descending, hence the creation of the Bastion of the Stars.".

"The gate to the underworld is similarly guarded by the King of the underworld who had vowed to never attain nirvana.".

"The Yellow Emperor was almighty and entered the deity realm, he left this lousy sword behind and asked me to fulfil his karma, how disrespectful!".

Chu Yu stood there in a daze, his scalp was itching with more questions.

This was a broken world and Chi You spoke of it as a wasteland.

The deity and ghosts realms had collapsed.

The Mirror Dimension existed to attack the solar system and their motives stemmed from hatred.

Hatred that encompassed decades of karma.

The Bastion of Stars hid an earth shattering secret.

Who was he then?

Who was he to know… these truths?

He looked up towards the statue.

"The tragedy had befallen on us a long time ago, nobody can stop the karmic reincarnations.".

"I can't envision my destiny clearly.".

"The Yellow Emperor had left the sword and taken on the burden of karmic punishments for you, this shows that you are the one that can end all these sufferings.".

"Don't let all living creatures suffer in endless cycles anymore.",

"Allow me to gift you this on behalf of the Yellow Emperor.".

"The Dragon's Eye? You shall have it.".

With that, a bead the size of a cat's eye appeared in front of Chu Yu.

Qing Er was still wide-eyed and observing the statue with curiosity. She was oblivious to what Chi You was saying.

Chu Yu had just realised that Qing Er seemed to have been separated from him by an invisible partition all this while.

She wasn't aware of the transformation that he had just went through!

He wondered about what she was looking at.

This was the Dragon's Eye?

He focused on the bicoloured bead in front of him.

It didn't look like anything remarkable, it was hard to imagine that an unassuming bead like this was the Dragon's Eye.

Chu Yu kept the bead and retrieved the large Hallucination Stone.

He waved his hand and his sword began to carve into the Stone.

He was digging a trench!

After being named, the Sword of the Yellow King was polished and finished.

Like an awakened dragon, it commanded great power.

The Stone soon took the shape of a coffin.

Chu Yu offered the Immortal Crane Furnace.

After securing the furnace onto the coffin, he released Lin Shi who was sealed within.


Lin Shi's body was basking in bright white light.

The Butterfly Dance's cold voice rang, "You dare to stop me Chi You?".

This b*tch was so eerie!

Chu Yu shuddered a little.

He had chosen to release Lin Shi in front of Chi You, hoping that he could suppress the Butterfly Dance.

"You are nothing to me.".

The holy statue cursed with anger and dignity.


Lin Shi was quickly contained within the coffin and Chu Yu hurriedly threw in a piece of the Spectral Jade.

He then presented the Dragon's Eye above the coffin and chanted something in his mind. It turned pitch black all around.


All these were not rehearsed or practised, Chu Yu was breaking out in sweat.

A seemingly easy task required an intensely concentrated mind.

"Rightfully speaking, you owe me, you are using me here.".

The statue voiced his dissatisfaction, but he didn't seem to want to make things difficult for Chu Yu.

"I'm grateful to you Master Chi You!" Chu Yu bowed earnestly.

He was using Chi You's might to oppress the Butterfly Dance who escaped from the furnace.

The Butterfly Dance was securely trapped within the coffin.

She seemed to know what was going on and was letting out a terrifying howl as she cursed at Chi You.

"You old irrelevant Demon God, how dare you meddle with my affairs! Aren't you afraid that I will kill all of your descendants?".

Chi You chuckled dismissively, "Save it Butterfly Dance, you embarrass all of us deities.".

"I don't care!" She shrieked, "I want to be the master of the mortal world!".

"Fat dreams.".

Chu Yu frowned, who knew this crazy b*tch had such crazy aspirations.

Flames were ignited within the furnace.

Chi You let out a curious remark.

"Your fire is interesting.".


"An immemorial flame.".


"Yeah, it's even more ancient than my generation.".

Chu Yu was in awe of this. Even older than Chi You's generation? Did that mean that this flame was around even before the creation of the three realms?

It was that old?

A sprig of the Flying Immortal Grass was thrown into the furnace.

Miao He Ji was such a nice man to have cultivated a large plot of the grass for Chu Yu.

A piece of the Hallucination Stone was also thrown in.

Chu Yu felt very fortunate.

Many alchemists desired a small piece of the Hallucination Stone and here was Chu Yu, who had luxury to carve a coffin out of it.

It was all thanks to the Ji Royal family.

The flying immortal grass, an item from the deity realm, had mysterious powers.

The Hallucination Stone was a Yang representative.

The Spectral Jade was a Yin representative.

And the Dragon's Eye, it was neutral and all encompassing.

Chi You's gaze was fixated upon the furnace, it was hard to read his expression.

After a while, Chu Yu activated his cultivation chants and a gentle ray of light directed at the furnace projected from the Jade in the coffin.

The flame was burning intensely.

A beam of light was shooting from the Dragon's Eye.

It was directed at the furnace as well.

Following that, Chu Yu meditated for seven days and seven nights.

Finally, on the day that the pill was formed, a storm brewed in the skies above them.

Chi You easily dissipated the stormy clouds.

When the furnace was opened, a creamy translucent pearl sat within its core.

It was perfect.

Qing Er was still oblivious to him and had her eyes fixed on the statue.

She was so focused!

Her expression hadn't changed in the week that went by.

The pearl floated in front of Chu Yu and followed him towards the coffin.

The Butterfly Dance had been silent for seven days.

"Son of the Yellow Emperor, I had underestimated you, I admit defeat. We'll cross paths next time.".

With that, she was gone, like snow melting under the morning sun.

Without any trace.

Chu Yu didn't catch the part where she had called him Emperor, Chi You had blocked that out.

He only heard the part where she refused to give up.

Who knew if this was part of her plot?

Chu Yu delivered the pill to Lin Shi.

Meanwhile the statue was reeling from shock.

He had blocked away the words, but he was still reeling in shock.

Because she had called him the Son of the Yellow Emperor.

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