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A+ A- Chapter 418: Hello, Son of the Emperor
Chu Yu didn't return to the Mirror Dimension; he was headed in the direction of Earth with Lin Shi.

Traversing numerous wormholes, they were cruising through the magical space.

This was the first time Lin Shi experienced anything like that.

She was drunk on the scenery, "I've never seen anything like this before, this feels like the top of the world.".

Chu Yu laughed, "There are so many sentient civilizations in this universe, but there is only one mortal realm. Even with a map, it would take a saint his entire lifetime to explore every corner out there.".

Lin Shi was a little surprised.

"The entire lifetime…of a saint? Aren't saints immortal?".

"That's an exaggeration, like how we chant long live the king, do kings ever live that long?".

"An… exaggeration?".

"Why not? No exaggerations are hard to believe. It's possible for saints to live for billions of years in my opinion.".

"Yeah, at their level of cultivation, they are different from ordinary mortals.".

Chu Yu nodded his head, "Like many spirits with the lifespans of a couple of years, couple of months, even a couple of days, those timelines are their complete life cycles. So there is no surprise that a being of high cultivation can live for billions of years.".

He stood beside Lin Shi and watched the beautiful scenery outside, "But to go beyond that, that'll be hard. How many spirits from the previous era do you see now? Almost all of them are gone with the fall of the previous era.".

His master was just like that, stripped to the state of existence of his will; so was Chi You, who was reduced to a statue.

Time had passed by.

This era had probably started around 60,000,000 years ago.

But the great war that had lasted since then had very different impacts and relevance today.

Chu Yu, Lin Shi… all those juniors heralded the new era as uprising youths.

They were still affected by that era of course, but the mark was less obvious.
Communication, thoughts, all and all, everything had changed.

When the spaceship jumped through the last wormhole and entered the solar system, Lin Shi was thrilled to see that turquoise blue planet.

Lin Shi's eyes were damp, she whispered, "I thought I'll never see it again.".

Chu Yu comforted her, "All bad things will come to an end.".

She nodded, "This time, I am going to go into recluse for a short while, the Butterfly Dance had injured me quite seriously this time, but the things she left behind… are pretty useful still.".

She was hesitant as she was worried that Chu Yu would be displeased.

"We should utilize our enemies' resources wisely.".

Chu Yu was just a little afraid of the Butterfly Dance's tricks, she was way too cunning.

Regarding the mastery of the divine soul, if Chu Yu was a high schooler, she would have been a Nobel prize winner!

The margin was pretty large and Chu Yu was truthfully, a little frustrated.

There was no way that he could master all fields.

The spaceship entered Earth's atmosphere, Chu Yu's communication device regained its normal function and messages were coming in one by one.

Chu Yu was most concerned about how long he had been away!

Time passed by at different speeds in different galaxies.

Thank god it was only the year 2062.

He hadn't been gone for too long, but the amount of messages he was bombarded with was a little shocking.

"I am the descendent of the Emperor?".

Lin Shi was in shock as well; she was trying hard to contain her laughter.

"Descendent of the

Emperor?". She looked at the messages on the screen, "In the previous era, there was a being of ultimate power, the one who established the court of heavens and attempted to break through the three realms… So it is true?".

Chu Yu's forehead was wrinkled; he could sense an insidious foreboding from these messages.

What the hell… he was from an ordinary plebian family, he had to make my own choices every step along the way, how did he have anything to do with the Emperor?

And that mighty Emperor… wasn't he the master of the heavenly courts?

He did not even bend the knee to deities.

Did Chu Yu have that kind of ambition and ability?

This was way out of his league.

Even with Chu Yu's confidence, he could never come to terms with that.

This was too incredible.

He hadn't expected it at all.

"There's no smoke without fire.".

Lin Shi only spoke after a long while, "The good part is that people will surely respond to your beck and whims, the bad part is that many people are surely out to get you.".

"Who let out this rumor?".

"The Butterfly Dance," they whispered in unison.

Lin Shi and Chu Yu exchanged glances.

"You are the most familiar with her, who is she exactly? Yi once said that she saw a woman like the Butterfly Dance when he flew up to the Immortal realm before he was banished. Many evidences point to the fact that she is a reincarnation of a god, but who is she? What does she want?".

"She is a god from the Immortal realm."

"After our divine spirits were melded together, I couldn't hide my secrets from her, but she couldn't hide hers either. The only thing is… I couldn't figure out her heritage. Regarding her intentions… she wants to accomplish what the Emperor did.".

"To rebuild the three realms, recover the cycles of reincarnation and become the master of the courts of heaven. In charge of all living beings.".

"Pft, she wants to be an Empress.".

"Yes, an Empress.".

"What a large ambition, looks like we have to make a trip to the Bastion of Stars.".

The place might reveal some truths to them without a doubt.

Only then could they figure everything out.

"I won't be in recluse for too long. Allow me to figure myself out, maybe I could even reach the level of sainthood with my willpower.".

Although the Butterfly Dance caused a great deal of suffering to Lin Shi, she did leave her with many valuable things.

"Are you going to become a cold Buddha?".

"Your Buddha," she teased.

A shadow appeared in front of the spaceship.

Elder Black Dragon.

"I pay my respects, elder," Chu Yu bowed along with Lin Shi.

The old man shook his head, "How did you end up like this?".

"You heard about the rumors yet?".

Chu Yu nodded his head.

"What are your thoughts?".

"I want to shred the one who spread it.".

"Forget it, why don't you think about how you can make use of your identity?" Elder Black Dragon advised his with consideration, "Under these circumstances, how is it possible to stay out of the attention?".

"Yeah…" Chu Yu looked tired.

He had lost his naïve thoughts after all that he had been through.

"Are you going to accept the facts?".

"What can I do? Vehemently deny? Will anybody believe me?". Chu Yu laughed bitterly, "I'm afraid these rumors are all over the universe now."

"Good that you know. Now the invaders from the Mirror Dimension must really want to capture you…".

"How about you Elder?".

"This old man is not interested, it's like archaeology trying to figure out truths from the past. These are all history; we should let it sink to the bottom of the river. If anyone brings it up, it doesn't matter to me if it is true or false. Come along, come to my place first.".

Lin Shi parted ways with Chu Yu and headed to visit her family before going into seclusion.

It would be a good thing if she could attain sainthood with her mind.

Perhaps being the wise was better than being the strong.

Chu Yu and Elder Black Dragon returned to the island.

The Club of the Supreme Rulers.

He did not see flat sister nor anyone else this time.

"They've all gone away to train, the great war is approaching us, how can we win the fight if they have never seen blood?" .

In the secret chamber.

At the door, Chu Yu saw Miss Qu Ni in her black glasses.

He nodded his head in recognition.

She acknowledged him as well with a gentle smile.

"Hello son of the Emperor.".

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