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Some things appeared near, but in reality, they were far away. The inverse was true as well.

In modern world, there were many myths and legends which originated five to six thousand years ago.

In the mortal realm, these figures were unimaginable.

In the world of cultivation, however, this was only sufficient for a single seclusion.

Where did these myths come from? At that time, the earth was sealed!

How could there have been such happenings?

As such, when the world was unsealed, all the Sects and Clans streamed in.

The glory of those myths and legends were eroded and doubted!

"There were made up! I don't know how they leaked out of the world of cultivation, but someone with a creative imagination must have changed the facts into myth!".

"Even if some things are true, they did not happen thousands of years ago. These humans are like animals…".

"What bullshit kekeke…".

These were the comments of the cultivators who had assimilated into the modern world at first.

The mortals kept their silence, they did not know what exactly had happened.

Without any historical records, they had no evidence or information.

Moreover, many did not believe that these myths actually happened.

They were just figments of the imagination.


Was it really just imagination?

Was it really made up?

Did those entities not exist?

How did the myths come about?

In this realm, there would often be one miraculous incident or one spectacular person that ignited the world with his brilliance.

His story would live through the ages.

Many mocked these myths and passed them off, but almost all of them recognise that they had something to do with the omniscient beings.

Many linked this to the cycle of endless reincarnation.

Once they appeared in the world, these people could remember what had happened in their past lives.

They were all immensely powerful, an example was the infamous Confucius.

Many of the cultivators felt a sense of ridicule and constantly discussed it.

Because that man was already a great figure over six thousand years ago. In a battle back then, many thought that he had perished or disappeared.

But about two thousand years ago, he appeared in this realm.

He was incomparably intelligent, unique at birth and roamed the lands while teaching his disciples.

His knowledge enlightened the world and his generation. He became a Saint in the sealed world.

His techniques were passed down and his image was immortalised in many places of china.

The other stories and myths had no concrete evidence and were treated as fables.

Many of the cultivators did not recognise these fables, six thousand years was too short.

But Chu Yu, who had seen his master, the Monkey, knew that all of that was true.

Although some were hyperbolic and over exaggerated, they all happened in the previous era!

Chu Yu did not know how they became myths, perhaps it was just like Confucius' case.

Perhaps reincarnation was involved. 

This era was treated as the continuation of the previous era 600,000 years ago. 

But the previous era had long been submerged in the lost ruins of history.

It seemed too far away and impossible to prove.

Chu Yu wanted to find the dragon's eye.

The sword had given him the exact location of it- it belonged to a divine being from the era of his master, the Monkey.

He was Chi You.

He was said to have been killed by the Emperor and was named the "Chief Soldier".

If the dragon's eye was indeed with him, did that mean that he still lived?

If the sword had not conveyed that piece of information, Chu Yu would never have believed it.

On the road, Chu Yu told Qing Er all the myths and legends.

Qing Er felt that they were all ludicrous.

"Many of these legends are events that have happened in the past, but have been modified and turned into stories, am I right? But according to what you say, Chi You lived hundreds of thousands of years ago and was a god-like being?".

Chu Yu nodded his head, "That's the information I got.".

"This world is really mysterious. Regarding reincarnation, my legacy has information on it as well, but most of it doesn't make sense.".

She continued, "Actually, we don't have to think much do we? We just have to go there and see for ourselves.".

Chu Yu nodded his head, he agreed.

He had mixed feelings about seeing that ancient existence.

The vessel passed through wormhole after wormhole. 

Chu Yu had never even heard of this star road that they were on.

He searched through the maps in his mind and found out that they had ventured far beyond chartered territories.

They were about ten thousand light years away from the solar system!

Such a great distance was not traversable if not for the star maps.

The vessel finally arrived at its destination, an ancient galaxy.

The moment the aircraft landed, Chu Yu and Qing Er could feel the cool energy, even from within the vessel.

What left them stunned was the huge palace.

It was as big as ten earths and was planted right in the middle of this galaxy.

The palace was made of limestone and looked grand, between them and the palace laid a black void.

Silent and void of energy.

"Is that Chi You's palace?" Qing Er asked.

Chu Yu nodded, "This should be it.".

Chu Yu had seen this image in the legacy of the sword, but in real life, it was truly stunning.  

"Let's go and take a look," Chu Yu signalled as he walked over.

At this moment, the giant doors of the palace opened as a glimmering road appeared before their eyes.

It appeared that their arrival had garnered some attention.

They looked at each other and stepped onto the road without saying anything.

They walked through the doors as they closed behind them.  

The inside was not dark, ancient kerosene lamps lit up the walls.

There was only one floor!

If one did not have good eyesight, they would not have been able to see the ceiling.

A towering stature of a demonic god stood on the throne.

There was no energy or threat.

The sheer grandeur of it raised the hairs on their skin.

Chu Yu could tell who it was at first sight.

Chi You!

"Why do you come?".

A calm voice rose from the statue.

Chu Yu raised his head forcefully and looked up, it was like a planet before his eyes.

"Junior here is named Chu Yu, I am from the Emperor Star, I've come to seek the dragon's eye.".

He was direct as he felt he should be.

"Hahaha, little doll, who told you to come here?" laughed the voice.

Laughter erupted in the palace.


Chu Yu brandished his sword.

The laughter ceased.

"How audacious!" a voice shouted from the statue.

An unimaginable force struck the two of them below, they were like ants.


Chu Yu spat out a mouthful of blood, he could not stand.


The sword radiated with a blinding light, shielding Chu Yu within.

The sheath separated itself and took on the form of a body.

This body was huge and was at the same height as the statue.

Chu Yu could not see its complete image.  

He could not either, that single blow had almost killed him, it was too terrifying.

Chu Yu could feel that the feather moved for a bit when the light erupted from the sword, but once it shielded him, the feather returned to its normal state.

At the side, Qing Er was safe and unharmed.  

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