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The group of Saints had chased after this ice-cold corpse for a while.

One of them said in confusion, "I've been a Saint for almost 9600 years and I've never seen such a battle technique, have you guys seen anything like it?".

The other Saints all gaffed at this sight and said that they had never seen anything like it.

The oldest one had been a Saint for almost a million years, but he looked very young.

The leader of the group, the oldest Saint, unleashed his divine sense in attempt to inspect the body, but to no avail.

"His Nascent God has escaped," frowned the man.

"Perhaps he knew he couldn't escape us physically, that's why he left this shell," another Saint said.

"Isn't this whole thing very strange?" mumbled the 9600 year old Saint.

"It is strange indeed, if it were you guys, would you dare to come up to our doorstep like that?" the oldest Saint asked.


"Unless I wanted to die.".

"Definitely not.".

"The Nine Ancestry leader is right.".

The other Saints all had the same opinion.

Who in the right mind would have done that?  

"Something is fishy," said the 9600 year old Saint.

"That goes without saying! Who can't tell that something is fishy?" the oldest Saint barked.

"Yes, Nine Ancestry leader," the 9600 year old Saint did not rebut.

"He first showed himself at the land of soul suppression before we dispatched our men over. When that happened, we were faced with heavy opposition. My sources have told me that these people are not Miao He Ji's men, they're merely criminals who have been in hiding.".

Another Saint said, "So they thought that they were being hunted and began fighting.".

"Why did Miao He Ji have to go out of his way to break into our land? Was it just to humiliate us?".

They could not understand any of it.

"Wait, what were the earliest signs of detection?" asked the Nine Ancestry Saint.

"They seemed to have come from… the Safe?" said another Saint with some hesitation.

"The safe? What can be in that safe that would attract a Saint? Hurry on and find out what is missing!".

Another Saint replied, "I asked the men to do a thorough check, you'll never expect what they found missing.".

Without giving them any time to discuss, he said, "The biggest hallucination stone and the biggest spectral jade.".

The Nine Ancestry leader frowned and said, "That's a pity.".

"Indeed it is, we wanted to use the stone to craft a coffin at first," said another Saint.

"This useless bunch," the Nine Ancestry Elder mumbled.

These items, as precious as they were, would not have driven them crazy if they were lost.

At this moment, the Nine Ancestry elder said, "I get it now.".

The other Saints all turned to him.

"Miao He Ji is already dead.".


"Didn't his Nascent God escape?".

They were all befuddled.

The Nine Ancestry elder said, "Someone must have killed him and used his shell to steal our two treasures. Hmm…".

He hesitated and smiled, "It isn't exactly stealing. It's more of a trade without our agreement.".

The other Saints nodded their heads.  

The elder said, "This is interesting, go and ask about those that entered the vicinity at that time. Ask if there was anything out of the ordinary.".

After a short while, a Saint said, "The Seventh Prince appeared in the safe even though he was said to be in seclusion faraway.".

"This is it. The one who went into the safe was an imposter. He probably has something to do with Miao He Ji's killer, but it is unlikely that he killed him by himself," the elder said.

"Why would he do all that just for those items? He would probably have received more if he handed the body over," said a Saint.

The elder shook his head, "No, it would have been more troublesome. People would have doubted whether Miao He Ji was truly dead. Plus, under the leadership of these new bloods, they might have captured him instead.".

"Indeed, I just obtained the news that the entire security system of the safe had been hacked, the safe was broken into as well. This is outrageous, they're becoming slack!".

"It's called arrogance.".

The elder said, "We were overconfident. Forget it, tell those at the land of soul suppression to return and we'll close this case.".

"What about the thief?".

"He exchanged it for the corpse, even though the methods were not glamorous, it's a reasonable trade.".

The elder shut his eyes and began his inspection.

Everyone else remained silent as they looked at him.

After a while, he said, "That's it then.".

"Yes!" everyone else echoed, there was no doubt.

No one questioned him nor his inspection.

Those at the land of soul suppression returned quickly.  

Mao Fu's camp waited anxiously as there had not been any response from Chu Yu.

News of the heist spread like wildfire.  

The Nine Ancestry Elder was furious and reprimanded several of the higher ups.

Half of the Ji Royalty was shut down as they reshuffled and rebuilt themselves.

Mao Fu was surprised and heartened by this piece of news, but he felt a sense of desolation.

He knew that they had obtained it, but it was without his help- they never asked for it either.

Zhao Man Xi looked at him and said, "Do not overthink, for me to wake up and be able to see you and your father again, that is the biggest blessing. They do not owe us anything.".

Mao Fu nodded his head.

At this moment, his communication device received a message.

"I knew it! I knew it!" Mao Fu exclaimed as he pumped his fists into the air.

He looked at Zhao Man Xi with a face of excitement and said, "They've succeeded indeed! They also said that they would return once they found the last ingredient.".

"The last ingredient? What's that?" the Mao King asked as he appeared.

"The Dragon's Eye," Mao Fu replied.

"What?!" his parents said as their faces twisted in shock.

"What's the matter?" Mao Fu asked.

The Mao King seemed to be in disbelief, "Are they really searching for the dragon's eye?".

"They are, is there something wrong?" Mao Fu questioned.

Zhao Man Xi sighed, "Son, ask them to return, otherwise, they will die.".

"Mother, don't you think uncle's Qi and Lady Luck are strongly intertwined? Just look at the sacred items he managed to gather. If it were anyone else, it would have been impossible to get even one of them, but he could do it in such a short amount of time.".

"You don't understand, the dragon's eye is different, even a Saint… will fall," Zhao Man Xi sighed.

"Isn't it just the eye of a dragon?" Mao Fu frowned.

"Just? What do you think it is? It's a true divine spirit!" the Mao King said as he shook his head.

"Are there really divine spirts in this world?" Mao Fu stared in disbelief.

The Mao King looked at Zhao Man Xi and said, "He's your son, explain it to him.".

She looked at him and said, "Just tell your uncle to come back.".

Mao Fu tried to send a message, but there was no connection.

"Such foolishness!" the Mao King shouted.

Mao Fu looked at them and said, "You haven't told me what's the problem with the Dragon.".

"It's a divine spirit in the mortal world. It controls the heavens and the land, even Saints cower in front of it. If this object lives, who would pursue it? If someone possessed it, would he admit it?" Zhao Man Xi said.



Chu Yu had brought Qing Er far away from the Orion Constellation.

His face was stern, he knew where the dragon's eye was.

Even if he had a feather with him, he had no confidence in this.

He needed to face that person!

He wondered to himself, "Why did the formula from the immortal realm have to be like this? Did they know that he would need it eventually?".

What other secrets were there in this vast universe?

This person had the dragon's eye, but wasn't he rumoured to have vanished in the previous era?


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