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At the same time, Qing Er's vessel flew away from the Qi Royalty's safe.

She shouted, "Ohno, this is bad!".

She wanted to turn back, but received Chu Yu's urgent reminder to leave.

"Leave now, I'm going to use him!".

Qing Er's face tensed up as she entered the last command to infiltrate the Ji Royalty's network and delivered a last message to Chu Yu.

"A vessel without a number has been prepared for you. Your original body has one minute to leave the place, after that, the entire location will enter a lockdown.".

After she said this, she drove away.

Her vessel was like a worm among a hoard of worms.

"You must succeed! Please come back alive, we need you to rule the galaxy," Qing Er prayed.

All the sirens and alerts began going off in the Ji Royalty, countless magical formations were activated.

It had been years since such an event had happened.

At that moment, everything was in chaos.

Chu Yu entered the old man's body and began attacking the door to the third floor in a frenzy.


The door was destroyed by Chu Yu in the Saintly body.

At the same time, he transformed into the prince of the Ji Royalty and went back to the first floor.

The guard that had brought him in saw Chu Yu and heaved a sigh of relief, "Seventh Prince, what has happened?".

Chu Yu frowned and said, "Has the defence system been attacked? Protect this place, don't let anyone enter!".

"Inside?" the guard asked.

Chu Yu scoffed, "Are you stupid? There's only me in here, protect this place, if someone manages to pillage the safe, you're done for!".

The guard was touched by this gesture, "Don't worry Seventh Prince, I will guard this place with my life, it must be Miao He Ji! We have to kill him!".

Chu Yu nodded as he said coldly, "I want to see for myself who dares to mess with the Royal family.".

If something happened, the guard had to take responsibility for it as he was the one guarding the safe. At least now, the Prince could say something in his defence.

At this moment, the entire defensive formation of the Ji Royalty was raised.

There were many layers of circular light.

Chu Yu entered the old man's body and found the entrance to a pocket dimension on the third floor.

The pocket dimension was as huge as a medical sanctuary, there were endless rows of shelves.

With a divine sense, Chu Yu immediately located the hallucination stone and the spectral jade.

He opened a cardboard and was shocked by the amount of hallucination stones inside.

They were stacked to the top and were squeezed inside.

With a wave of his hands, Chu Yu kept the biggest stone into his storage ring, he left the rest untouched.

Following this, he went to retrieve the spectral jade.

There were less spectral jades, there were only a few hundred pieces, but Chu Yu took the biggest piece as well.

Without any hesitation, he left the third floor.

As he looked at the entrance of the first floor, he thought he had succeeded.

At this moment, a terrifying explosion occurred within the safe.

A terrifying pressure on the mental realm descended!

Chu Yu used the Saintly body and laughed, "The Ji Royalty is nothing much!".


The front door was knocked wide open by the Saintly body that Chu Yu was controlling.

The guard stood there shell shocked as Chu Yu, in the form of the Seventh Prince, pulled the old man's body back and backed off.

The guard looked on in shock, "Thank you Seventh Prince, this…".

He was befuddled.

He did not know what had happened.

How did this man enter the Safe?

There was a record of everyone who had entered, how could he have appeared out of nowhere?

"You're asking for it!" Chu Yu shouted at the Saintly body as he continued his act.

He unleashed the Thirty Six Heavenly Generals and everything turned to black in an instant.

Following this, Chu Yu retrieved the storage ring from the body as he sent the body toward the palace.

The entire Joi Royalty was covered in black, which sent many into panic.

They had never encountered such an event before, and were not prepared for this.

In the darkness, the body that Chu Yu was controlling exchanged blows with a powerful man- he was a Saint!

In the blink of an eye, the body had been heavily injured.

If the opponent had unleashed his full powers, the place would have been destroyed, hence, he held himself back.

This opened up an opportunity for Chu Yu, who used the old man's body and laughed, "This is funny, for so many years, I've been in the land of soul suppression right under your noses. In the end, none of you trash could find me. I had to reveal myself, killing two of your worms in the process, and blow this place up before you could find me. The Ji Royalty is pathetic!".

Chu Yu took the Saintly body outside.

These words were a powerful divine wave that echoed through the entire Ji Royalty.

Soon, it would have spread to the entire constellation.

Everyone in the royal family were enraged.

Even though most of the powerful masters had already gone to the land of soul suppression, there were still a handful of Saints here.

Seven or eight of them appeared and began unleashing their powers.

Not all of them were worried of destroying this place.  

If they could not kill Miao He Ji today, their family name would have been put to shame!

Chu Yu sent the Saintly body up into the sky and against the defensive formations. These formations had much more energy coming in from the inside than going out to the outside.

Fundamentally, these formations were for defence from invasions.

It had been years since they were raised, no one quite knew how to work them.

Under normal circumstances, one had to have the family seal to activate them!

This had to be Qing Er's doing, she must have given Chu Yu a specific door to escape.

As he rode the Saintly Body and entered this door, he escaped unscathed into the galaxy.

The other Saints had left a few marks on him.

Seeing that 'Miao He Ji' managed to escape, the other Saints fumed and chased after him.

When they came out, they realised that he had completely vanished.

"Oh heavens, please hand him over!" howled an old Saint as he tore into the galaxy.

Chu Yu was not a true Saint, he was only controlling a Saintly body.

He could not completely escape without a trace, but he did not care.

If a true Saint wanted to escape, it would have been difficult to track him.

When he was sure that he had ran for a distance, he looked at his body and realised that the wounds were not lethal.

He did not care anymore, he extracted his divine sense from the body and left the shell there.

He thought to himself, "Trading a Saintly body for two sacred objects seems fair, moreover, they have gotten their revenge.".

As he thought about it, he quickly disappeared from this place.

When the other Saints finally managed to catch up, all they could see was this ice cold corpse.

They surrounded it with their mouths agape.

What kind of technique was this?

Was this a trick?  




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