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Qing Er's voiced peered in, "Don't rush it, aren't there good things at every floor? I've seen some good stuff, you can take a few of them first.".

"There's nothing good here, let's not waste any time.".

Chu Yu swept through the safe, the classification here was succinct and distinct.

Magical Equipment, Weapons, Pills, Stones, Divine Gold, medical herbs…

At the end, there was an entrance to a pocket dimension.

The entrance looked small, but the pocket dimension was definitely not.

This was the treasure trove of a royal family.

There were some treasures stacked together in a corner, but they had not been classified.  

Chu Yu did not bother pillaging other things as he had no enmity with the Ji Royalty, he only came because he needed the two items.

In exchange, he thought of giving them the old man's body.

Qing Er sat at the corner and continued solving the password to the second floor. Soon, she managed to get the code as well as the elderly committee's seal of approval.

"Their identity amulets and nameplates are numerous in number… We need to choose wisely!" Qing Er said as she remained hidden in the vessel.

There was not a single person in sight.

Soon, she found the profile of a person who had access to the second floor and sent it to Chu Yu.

"Here you go, quick," Qing Er said.

Chu Yu followed the picture and transformed himself.

He directly entered the pathway to the second floor and entered the code, taking out the amulet of the elderly committee in the process. As the amulet was undergoing verification, Chu Yu grew a little nervous.

The process went through smoothly and he heaved a sigh of relief.  

He entered the second floor as Qing Er said, "The password to the third floor is rather complex, don't rush yourself, we still have some time.".

Chu Yu stood there and looked around.

The demarcations here were similar to the first floor.

At the end of the floor was the entrance to another pocket dimension.

There definitely were top tier treasures in these pocket dimensions.

It would have been a lie if Chu Yu said that he was not the least bit tempted.

After an hour or so, Qing Er managed to obtain the password and after another hour, she sent the profile of a person entitled to enter the third floor to Chu Yu.

The third floor housed the most precious objects the Ji Royalty had, one needed to be in the elderly committee itself it to enter.

Qing Er warned Chu Yu, "The nameplates for the elderly committee members seem to have be made of a special material, I have no guarantees that you will pass through. But don't worry, I will give you the seal of the family leaders as well.".

It was not difficult to obtain these seals, but it required time.

After half a day had passed by, Qing Er finally obtained the seal.

"Now, the hardest part would be the identification of the nameplate, you have to be careful.".

"Qing Er, you can leave now," Chu Yu said in a deep voice.


"You've completed your part, if you stay here any longer, you'll be in danger. We'll meet at where we discussed earlier," Chu Yu said.

Qing Er hesitated but agreed.

At that moment, in the Mao palace.

Mao Fu faced his parents.

"What did you say? They went to pillage the Ji Royalty?" the former Mao King asked with a shocked expression.

Zhao Man Xi was taken by surprise as well, she frowned and said, "That's a little…".

The Mao King shouted, "Do they not know death?".

She nodded, "However, it has been a long time since someone has tried to break in, their defences are definitely not as powerful. But, it's still crazy that they think they can steal just like that.".

The former Mao King looked at his son and asked, "Are you helping them?".    

Zhao Man Xi hurriedly said, "Son, you can't do that!".

Mao Fu said, "Chu Yu is my benefactor, mother was saved by him as well. Moreover, to dispel the poison in mother's body, we need his help as well. We have to help him.".

"No!" his parents yelled in unison.

The former Mao King looked at Zhao Man Xi as let her speak.

She said, "Your mother can enter her slumber again, but I won't let you go through such dangers.".

His father nodded and said, "That's right, this isn't a joke. If the Ji Royalty finds out, we are dead!".

Mao Fu said, "But I'm already in the process of helping them…".

"You can't! Even though this man has helped you, a member of the royal family has died here! Naturally, they don't have the time to deal with us now, but once they've had their revenge, they will come for us. If we keep a low profile and help the Ji Royalty, there might be a chance that we may slip by," the Mao King shouted.

Zhao Man Xi looked at him, she knew what he wanted to do.

She hesitated and sighed, "He didn't only save me. He's the sworn brother of one of my brothers back at the Emperor Star. We don't have to help them, but let's not…".

The Mao King sighed, "They're dead anyway. There isn't anyone in this world who can escape their clutches. Look at Miao He Ji, he's so powerful, but he got caught in the end. Plus, they're outrightly barging in to their safe, it's a dead end.".

"Father…" Mao Fu plead.

"You are the king now, my son. You're not a child anymore, you have to take on this responsibility. You have to protect this family and your brothers. This world is like this, there are times where we need to make tough decision, this is the only suggestion your mother and I can give.".

"I, I can't betray him. If I turn my back on my friends, someone will do the same to the family some day," Mao Fu said without hesitation.

Zhao Man Xi admired her son, but she was upset as well.

The Mao King looked at his son and said seriously, "Since you've made this choice, prepare to shift the family land to somewhere else.".

"Is it really that serious?" Mao Fu asked.

"If it was only their lady that died, perhaps we could have appeased them with some gifts. But if we help others infiltrate their safe… the only consequence is destruction," the Mao King said.

"According to my calculations, they should have already reached the Ji Royalty's place, but they have not contacted me yet…" said Mao Fu.

"Maybe they are wise and don't want to drag you into this," the Mao King said.

"But I still want to help them. What's the worst that could happen? We can just leave.".

"And leave everything behind? Hand over this land to the Ji Royalty?" the Mao King looked at Mao Fu.

"I will never turn my back on my friends.".

"Alright, go on then," sighed the Mao King as he turned and left.

Zhao Man Xi looked at her son lovingly and said, "Your mother doesn't want you to do anything that betrays your conscience.".

"Mother… Am I dragging the entire family into the ditch?" Mao Fu asked with a pained expression.

"You don't have to worry actually. If your friend is smart enough, he will definitely think in your shoes," she said.

"They have not contacted me yet… perhaps they really have done that," Mao Fu added.

"Let's wait and see," Zhao Man Xi said as she looked at her son.

At this moment, the television began broadcasting a piece of breaking news.    

"The Ji Family's masters are fighting at the land of soul suppression now, we don't know if they are the men of Miao He Ji, but the battle is raging!".

Zhao Man Xi and Mao Fu both looked on.  

The images shown were just a flurry of light and explosions, they could not tell who were fighting.

The onlookers however, could all feel the immense waves of energy.  

"This battle has been rather abrupt. There has always been a rumour that many powerful existences hide within the land of soul suppression. Perhaps we will unravel this mystery today," a man said on the news.

"Come on, let the battle go on," Mao Fu beckoned.

Chu Yu had cleared all of the security checks for the third floor.

Including the family seal.

He took out the nameplate and inserted it into the card holder as the machine scanned through it.


A cold voice echoed from the machine.

Security alerts went berserk.

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