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Qing Er wanted to bring the Mao family onto this vessel.

She felt that Mao Fu was unbefitting of a king.

"It was obvious that Mao Xi Li would have killed him if he ascended to the throne. How could Mao Fu have thought that he would let him go? How naïve! It's a good thing that your sister is smart.".

"The Mao King was full of plots too. He never wanted to abdicate the throne to Mao Xi Li. From this, we can tell that Mao Fu has been too pampered by the two of them. He is emotional, but lacks ambition.".

"So, it's actually not hard to control the Mao family, we just need to control Mao Fu.".

Chu Yu looked at Qing Er and said, "Let's not talk about them, we'll return to earth after we get what we want. There are still many Saints there, it won't be easy for us to build a force.".

"We'll start from scratch then, we need to learn anyway," Qing Er smiled.



The Ji Royalty was a little empty at that moment.

Most of the powerful people there had rushed to the land of soul suppression.

They hated the old man Miao He Ji.

They had to take this chance to finish their deed.

Mao Fu had already discovered where the Ji Royalty was hiding the hallucination stone and the spectral jade.

"Uncle, this is the forbidden secret of the Ji Royalty, I was nearly discovered while investigating. You must be careful, the security there is formidable, you only have a short amount of time.".

The beings of the Orion Constellation were profound in their knowledge of technology.

They were an advanced civilization, which had its flaws as well.  

The Ji Royalty used passwords to hide their goods as well, but they were far more complex than earth's permutations, only someone like Mao Fu could solve it.

"Mao Fu, you're incredible, you're a good mathematician as well!" Chu Yu praised.  

Every cultivator was fundamentally good at math, they had to have precise calculations, just like how a pill master needed to weigh his ingredients to the milligram. 

A little difference could change everything.

"This isn't very hard," Qing Er said. 

She looked at Mao Fu's breakdown of the Ji Royalty's defence system and began calculating.

After a night and a day, she looked at Chu Yu and said that it was indeed not difficult.

Qing Er used a communication device to enter their system. Chu Yu could only look in awe. 

Qing Er was too smart. Chu Yu was stunned by her intelligence.

Mao Fu had told them to wait before entering as they had not solved the password to the door of the Ji Royalty.

But Qing Er managed to crack the code and drove in immediately.

"Look, it's easy. They're really arrogant actually," Qing Er said with delight.

"Oh?" Chu Yu said.

"Perhaps they have not been invaded for a long time, their defences are frail. That's why we are able to enter so easily.".

If news of this got out, the entire constellation would have been in shock.

"They had a false sense of security, how naïve," Qing Er laughed.

She was growing at an alarming rate.

Her ability to learn was terrifying, her cultivation level was formidable as well.

In this short journey, she had already mastered the art of shapeshifting.

Qing Er took out a bunch of photos.  

"These are all the members of the core of the Ji Royalty, they're all not here now. We can mimic any one of them.".

How did she get these? Even Mao Fu could not.

After thinking for a short while, Chu Yu shook his head and suggested another method.

"You can transform and pretend to be when of them while staying here. We'll keep in touch and I'll enter the old man's body to steal those treasures.".

Qing Er frowned, "That's too dangerous…".  

"You've seen the safe, there is no point if one more person enters. In the even I fail, you can escape!" Chu Yu said.

"Are you afraid that something will happen to me?" Qing Er asked.

"It is a consideration," Chu Yu replied.

Qing Er smiled, "Okay, I'll listen to you. I feel that our chances are good, their defences are really nothing much…".

Mao Fu continued providing updates as Chu Yu had not informed him that they had already entered the Ji Royalty's base.

Qing Er did not completely trust Mao Fu.

The reason was simple- they had just offended the Ji Royalty, and once they decided to take action, the Mao family might fall into their hands. It was not a question of trust really.

Chu Yu agreed.

After this, Chu Yu transformed into a prince of the Ji Royalty and walked towards the safe.

"Seventh Prince, why are you back?" a guard asked with a surprised look.

Chu Yu said with pride, "I heard that we found the great enemy of our family, I'm ready to fight!".

Qing Er had obtained all sorts of information with regards to the profile of these people.

The guard smiled and said, "Many powerful people have gone there, you don't…".

Chu Yu slapped him right across the face.

"What has that got to do with me? Can't I go if I want to?" Chu Yu bickered as he tossed a sack of money at him.

His source told him that the seventh prince often hit people and compensated them afterwards.

As the guard received the money, he smiled and said, "You haven't changed at all seventh prince.".

"Cut the crap, bring me into the safe, I want to get a few things," Chu Yu said.

"Alright, follow me!". The guard was cheerful.  

The seventh prince only had access to the first floor of the safe.

The other floors required higher clearance.

The hallucination stone and spectral jade were probably kept at the third floor.

Entry to the first floor was granted by a simple password which one could enter telepathically.

The second floor required a more complex code and a Royal tablet, as well as the approval of the elderly committee.

The third floor required the approval of the royal committee in addition to all of that.  

In reality, there were far too little people, such as Chu Yu and Qing Er, who had the balls to rob them.

The only one was Miao He Ji.

Even though he was a tyrant, he never entered their core to steal their most precious treasures.

This was the first heist.

Chu Yu immediately entered the password to the first floor.

The guard did not even pay attention, how could the seventh prince not know this password?

He left once he brought Chu Yu to the door.  

There was virtually no one at the core of the Royal Family.

But Chu Yu knew that once something happened, he would have been surrounded within seconds.

It was like trying to bypass a sleeping dragon.

"Alright, you can do this, you have some talent as a thief anyway," Qing Er cheered him on.

Chu Yu's lips twitched as he said, "Stop saying rubbish, open the second door!".


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