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Qi Heng was momentarily startled, but immediately, he regained his previous countenance.

"Senior Xiao!"

His attitude was especially affectionate, and he even wore a smile on his face. For those who saw this scene, they might even mistake it as the reunion between old friends.

Chu Yu also revealed a face of pleasant surprise, "Junior Qi, what are you doing here?"

Chu Yu looked at Qi Heng and continued, "Could Junior Qi also have been drawn here by the roar of that beast?"

Qi Heng hesitated slightly before shaking his head, "Senior Xiao, junior wasn’t attracted by the beast’s roar. I was the one who alarmed that guardian beast."

"Guardian beast? This sort of place… actually has a living creature?" Chu Yu’s face revealed an expression of aghast, "It’s not the remnant soul of an ancient god beast?"

"It’s not a remnant soul; it’s still alive." Qi Heng’s face looked slightly bitter as it continued, "That thing’s bloodlust is startling, it’s definitely alive and strong to the point it’s abnormal."

"So it’s like that. Then we should hurry and leave then. We shouldn’t send outselves to death." Chu Yu sighed, then he continued, "This place clearly has so many doors of fortune, but we can’t enter any of them. It’s truly a pity."

His way of speaking and his tone were exactly the same as Han Xiao’s Xiao Changqing.

Qi Heng definitely would never have thought that someone would have such huge balls to impersonate Han Xiao’s Xiao Changqing. Of course he knew of the Art of Disguise, but a skill which could transform one’s face like there, was truly hitherto unheard of.

He looked at Chu Yu, "Senior Xiao, we can’t leave ah!"

"Why?" Chu Yu revealed an expression of doubt, "Didn’t you save that there was a terrifying beast there? A living creature that could appear at a place like this is definitely not what we can handle ah!"

"It’s true that we can’t handle it. But the key thing is… there is a spirit pond ah!" Qi Heng’s face was filled with emotions, "Senior Xiao must have heard of spirit ponds before right?"

Chu Yu sneered in his heart. From his current position, he could already see everything on that plaza clearly with his vertical eye.

How could it just be a spirit pond? There was even a huge water lotus in the center of the spirit pond!

And there were even many golden lotus seeds growing on top of that golden lotus!

The golden lotus’s leaves which stuck closely to the water surface were like carved pieces of gold, glistening with a dazzling radiance.

Chu Yu was incredibly shocked because he knew that it should be lotus flowers which bore lotus seeds. Even though lotus flowers and water lotuses seemed to be the same, they were actually different!

It was clearly a water lotus on the spirt pond in the plaza; all its leaves were adhered to the spirit pond surface. Between those golden leaves, were golden stems. There were many lotus seeds growing on these extended gold stems.

This reminded Chu Yu of a supreme ancient medicinal herb - the Nine Transformation Golden Lotus!

Chu Yu’s heart was shaking in shock. Discovering a spirit pond was already enough to astound him. Unexpectedly, there was even a Nine Transformation Golden Lotus sprouted on that spirit lake!

If the Nine Transformation Golden Lotus was called a supreme medicinal herb in ancient times, then it could be called a godly herb in the current age!

No wonder why Qi Heng was unwilling to leave.

Chu Yu pondered in his heart, but on his face, he revealed a look of astonishment. He stared at Qi Heng, "Spirit pond? You're saying there's a spirit pond?"

Qi Heng sneered in his heart: Not only is there a spirit pond, there's even a golden lotus!

"Yes Senior Xiao, think about it, it's a spirit pond ah! If we can obtain the water from the spirit pond, wouldn't we be rich?"

Chu Yu… No, he should be called Xiao Changqing, revealed a hint of fervour in his eyes.

Qi Heng seized to chance to say, "Senior Xiao, why don't we work together. When the time comes, we can split the spirit pond water 50-50. How about that?"

Chu Yu nodded vigorously, "That sounds good. But, what should we do this?"

An apologetic look could be seen on Qi Heng's face as he looked at Xiao Changqing, "Senior Xiao, to be honest, our two sects are so close, and Senior Xiao even helped speak up for me just now. That’s why junior definitely doesn't have any malicious intentions. But junior's cultivation is too low, and I have even incurred a severe internal injury. If we want to get the spirit liquid from the spirit pond, then we need someone…"

A look of realisation dawned on Chu Yu’s face, "Needs to lure that guardian beast away?"

"Right, it's Iike that…" Qi Heng looked apologetic, then he turned to look at Chu Yu, "But junior's truly unable to do it ah!"

"There's no need to speak any further. Even though we're from different sects, the relationship between our two sects goes back to ancient times. There's no need for any words of courtesy; I will be responsible of luring this guardian beast away! You will retrieve the spirit liquid!"

Qi Heng looked at the magnanimous Xiao Changqing, and in that very instant, a hint of guilt flashed across his heart. But soon after, that guilt dispersed like a cloud.

This was reality!

You could only blame yourself for being too stupid.

However, if you could really survive from that fierce beast's pursuit, then giving you some spirit liquid, or even some lotus seeds… was not that bad.

As he thought of this, Qi Heng instantly felt much more comfortable in his heart.

What I'm doing shouldn't be considered scamming, right? It's just cooperation…

Just now, Chu Yu had seen clearly with his vertical eye, that the entire periphery of the spirit pond was filled with various inhibitions.

If Qi Heng were to touch those inhibitions, that guardian beast should be triggered.

Moreover, within those inhibitions, was another inhibition!

That inhibition, was on that Nine Transformations Golden Lotus!

That went to say, that was the final core inhibition!

However, with his vertical eye, he discovered that within the spirit liquid of the spirit pond, there weren't any inhibitions!

In other words, if he jumped in the spirit pond, there was a chance he could get the golden lotus from the water.

That guardian beast was still standing guard there, probably guarding the Nine Transformations Golden Lotus. Chu Yu could bet, that guardian beast definitely wouldn’t rest if the second layer of inhibutions were breached!

You want to scam me?

I'm the one scamming you!

All this while, Chu Yu had also been planning in his heart.

"Oh right, Senior Xiao, I… also have some Spirit Attraction Grass!"

Qi Heng wanted this plan to go without a hitch, so he willing to endure this bit of heartache, taking out his three strains of Spirit Attraction Grass.

Chu Yu secretly cursed in his heart: This is simply scamming me to the end ah!

Spirit Attraction Grass was a very unique medicinal herb. This herb was useless to human beings, but it was especially tempting for beasts!

Because not only could the Spirit Attraction Grass unlock a beast's spiritual intelligence, it also had the effect of raising a beast's cultivation.

The Spirit Attraction Grass was very rare; only large ancient schools could obtain it be chance, thereafter, they would use it to attract strong beasts, capture them, then slowly tame them.

But there was immense danger throughout the entire process. It required the cooperation of many strong experts.

If one came by himself to tempt a strong best with Spirit Attraction Grass, it was no difference from a suicide.

Much less this beast that has stayed for an unknown amount of years in this ancient ruins.

It might even think he was ridiculing it with this Spirit Attraction Grass!

This was the best way to draw aggro to kill yourself ah.

However, the Spirit Attraction Grass was extremely valuable; each strain of it was enough to buy a city. For Qi Heng to take three out at one go, his heart must be breaking.

This also showed Qi Heng's determination go get the lotus from the spirit pond.

Chu Yu accepted the three Spirit Attraction Grass and smiled ruefully, "Junior Qi, you're really putting my life on the line ah. You definitely need to succeed!"

Qi Heng had a face of determination, "Senior Xiao's brave deed, will forever be etched into junior's heart. Junior definitely wouldn't fail. Moreover, we still have many years ahead of us!"

In his heart, Qi Heng was saying: Many years… In those years, I will definitely burn many paper offerings for you.

Qi Heng was very clear that if Xiao Changqiao walked onto that plaza, he would definitely see the golden lotus and lotus seeds.

But by then, even if he saw… what could he do?

That guardian beast definitely wouldn't let go of him! Moreover, he was holding Spirit Attraction Grass, that beast would definitely chase him!

Chu Yu opened his vertical eye, examining those inhibitions. Thereafter, he walked towards the plaza.

After walking for a period of time, Chu Yu stopped somewhere around ten meters away from the inhibitions. His heart was actually perturbed; he wasn't 100% confident about his plan.

Finally, Chu Yu shouted loudly, "Junior Qi, there seems to be something in the spirit pond! It looks like…"

As Chu Yu talked, he walked continuously towards the inhibitions.

Qi Heng was unable to see those formless inhibitions, but he was constantly trying in his heart: Hurry and attack him, hurry and attack him ah! Damn it, why is it that when I came, you instantly attacked me?

As for Chu Yu's words, they entered one of Qi Heng's ear and left the other. He acted as though he didn't here anything.

At this point, so what is his life was exposed? He did not believe that Xiao Changqing would let go of this opportunity.

When Chu Yu was still one meter from the inhibitions, he stopped and shouted emotionally, "Junior Qi, golden lotus… There's a Nine Transformations Golden Lotus!"

Qi Heng said in his heart: Of course I know!

"I will lure the beast away, you will gather the golden lotus's golden lotus seeds. We will each take half!" Chu Yu shouted loudly.

At the back, Qi Heng was sneering secretly: Idiot, don't tell me you still can't see that I was scheming against you?

Thereafter, he shouted, "No problem!"

"You swear!" Chu Yu suddenly said coldly, "Junior Qi, I won't pursue the matter of you just lying to me. But you better swear on your father and mother!"

"#@¥@..." Qi Heng was quite badly angered. Still, he had to follow Chu Yu's words and swear loudly.

"Good!" After Qi Heng swore, Chu Yu promptly took one step forward.


A roar that sounded like a clap of thunder suddenly resounded!

Chu Yu had already kept those Spirit Attraction Grass. It didn't matter whether they were useful a not, he was not going to pull such aggression.

A tiger like beast suddenly pounced out. It was tens of meters long, it had 5 tails and a horn on its head.

It was as big as a hill!

First, it uttered its thunderous roar, then it pounced towards Chu Yu!

The f*ck!

What special beast is this?

In Chu Yu's mind, a relevant piece of information suddenly flashed.

Zheng! [1]

Mount Zhang E; Thousands of miles were devoid of vegetation; It was made of blue rock. Among one of the mountains lives a beast; 5 tails and 1 horn; a roar as load as thunder; tigers and leapards were its food.[2]

This special beast was a demonic beast from ancient times; it was once recorded in the Classics of the Mountain and Sea.

"Qi Heng, you b*stard!"

Half of this was acting; the other half was true anger.

Chu Yu did not believe that Qi Heng would be unable to recognise this thing. But Qi Heng didn't even tell him, clearly trying to get him killed.

Chu Yu's feet moved in a flurry, charging towards the magical formation.

The Zheng was also angered, thinking in its heart: Are you little pricks done? Do you think that I was just mere decoration?

It howled, emitting a resounding roar which was enough to shatter rocks as it chased relentlessly!

By the side, Qi Heng's heart was pounding furiously, gritting his teeth, "Now's the time!"

His figure shot out like an arrow!

Pouncing towards the spirit pond at the center of the plaza!

In an instant, he passed the first layer of inhibutions. Qi Heng's speed was too fast, soon, he reached the Nine Transformations Golden Lotus. Without fail, he touched the second layer of inhibutions!

Qi Heng did not know this; his entire heart was only filled with ecstacy.

The Nine Transformations Golden Lotus was within reach!

[1][email protected]/7862247326/sizes/l/

This is what the Zheng looks like!

[2] This is an actual extract from the Classics of the Mountain and Sea!

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