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The ship travelled quickly and transported Chu Yu back to the river within a few hours.

In the moment it transited from the open sea to the river, Chu Yu felt like he had penetrated the space-time continuum.

Chu Yu felt an inexplicable connection to the river when he saw it.

As he looked out, a mesh of energy continued to float on the river surface.

Yet, the power gave way to the ship.

Finally, the ship stopped by the river bank.

It stopped on the side of the palace.

Chu Yu looked at the palace, slightly exasperated and said, "Brother boat, can I make a deal with you? How about you drop me off on the other coast?"

The ship did not make a sound, nor did it move.

Chu Yu was also speechless, he was not so arrogant to think that he was the best in the world.

Of the five people who had entered the palace, the three Han Xiao Invigorated Meridian realm experts as well as the two Jiu Xiao ones, especially Liu Qing, could easily overpower Chu Yu.

Even Qi Heng, if he wasn’t injured, would overwhelm for Chu Yu.

Was the ship trying to find trouble for him by sending him here? Chu Yu did not think that Qi Heng would show him mercy if he met him.

What now?

Why not just stubbornly stay on the ship and not disembark? After all... there was no shamelessness when dealing with a ship

Just as he thought about it, a strong wave of force was emitted from the ship and directed at Chu Yu!

Chu Yu felt as if someone had kicked him in his butt, and he was kicked off the ship.

"F*ck!" Chu Yu turned to raise his middle finger at the ship, only to find that the ship had disappeared. He was completely speechless and his expression had elements of depression.

Chu Yu stood on the river bank, pondering for a moment before sighing. His mouth twitched and he murmured impatiently, "I guess this is the only way."

Afterwhich, his appearance began to change!

Chu Yu was extremely talented in cultivation. As such, even though he had not spent much time learning the technique to change his appearance, he had relatively good control over it.

The secret to changing one’s appearance lay in a unique method of utilising one’s internal energy to change the arrangement of one’s muscles and bones.

Of course, it was more than just this, one had to imitate the other’s posture, disposition, aura, even voice, as well as many other intricate details.

All of these were difficult to master, and required strong talent and above average powers of observation.

Else, even if the appearance changed, no matter how much it changed, you will still be yourself. As long as others are meticulous enough, they will not be fooled.

Chu Yu did not dare say that he imitate someone perfectly, as such, he tried his best to take on the body of a stranger.

However, he could not do so this time.

This was an ancient ruin!

In such a place, everyone who was not a friendly was the enemy, there was no other option.

Furthermore, if given the chance, Chu Yu wanted to sneak in an attack on Qi Heng.

As such, Chu Yu prepared to morph into someone in their midst. However, he could not choose Liu Qing from Jiu Xiao. He and Qi Heng were brothers in arms, and would definitely know quite a lot about each other.

It could be the case that even a tiny movement could cause the entire ruse to fall through.

Chu Yu decided to morph into someone from the Han Xiao side.

But who?

Chu Yu thought about it before making a decision. He was going to be Xiao Zhangqing.

This was for Xiao Zhangqing’s choice to side with Qi Heng against his own junior. Since he was going to find someone to bury, Xiao Zhangqing was a good choice.

Chu Yu was rather vengeful.

In a moment, Xiao Zhangqing’s face appeared on CHu Yu. Following which, Xiao Zhangqing’s unique aura was also imitated by Chu Yu.

Right now, even if Xiao Zhangqing stood here, he would also be confused, wondering when he had a twin brother.

The only flaw is that Chu Yu’s cultivation level was far lower than that of Xiao Zhangqing’s.

However, with things such as cultivation level, not everybody can release strong energy fluxes on command. Furthermore, Chu Yu could block the scrutinizing vision of others. For short interactions, he could still cover it up.

Chu Yu guessed that the five of them would have separated, as long as he wasn’t so unlucky as to meet Xiao Zhangqing, there should be no problem.

Afterwhich, Chu Yu swaggered in the direction of the palace.

When he neared, Chu Yu used his vertical eye to observe the palace. He found that the palace also contained many magical formations.

Furthermore, one could not sense the presence of the magical formations until one was close enough.

"This is good."

Chu Yu was ecstatic, his vertical eye would be put to good use in such a situation.

After he entered the magical formation, he realized that the situation here and what he saw outside had slight differences.

From the mountain top, he could see the entire palace clearly, including the highest tower.

Even when he reached the river, he could still see the entire palace clearly.

However, upon entering the palace, it seemed that the entire layout had changed.

Chu Yu had wanted to get to the high ground, but found that there was a spider web like mesh of strong energy just above his head. This energy was more terrifying than the one found on the river!

He could not see it from the outside!

If he was careless and jumped, he would have been killed instantly!

"How vicious!" Chu Yu exclaimed.

He tried to open some of the doors to the palace, yet he found that all of them were protected by a large amount of inscriptions.

Some of the doors to the palace were engraved with more complicated inscriptions, when one neared them, you could feel the aura of danger emanating from it.

It had a repulsive aura.

He searched the entire area, but could not find a single palace that he could enter.

This caused Chu Yu to be extremely disappointed. He had initially thought that he had stumbled upon an intact ancient ruin, and could get a large amount of treasure.

He realized now that it was merely a fantasy.

Even though he had already become a disciple of Confucius in the whirlpool and gotten the Superclass, to be greedy was part of human nature. As such, if he could possibly gain more, why would he say no?

As Chu Yu walked, he suddenly heard a beastly sound. The sound was crisp, almost like thunder, and was rather startling.

Chu Yu was shocked, and his eyes were dull.

"There was life here?"

What a rare find!

This was really a terrifying thought. An ancient ruin that had been left untouched for aeons actually had living things within?

Chu Yu walked towards the direction of the sound. Even though he was anxious, his curiosity got the better of him.

He wasn’t far from the point of origin of the sound.

He avoided the killing zones in the magical formation and quickly closed in on the location.

There was a silhouette over there, and it was sprinting towards Chu Yu. However, Chu Yu was inside the magical formation and thus was invisible to the sprinting figure.

However, Chu Yu had kept his vertical eye open the whole time. As such, he saw who that person was immediately. His heart leapt at the coincidence.

The person running frantically towards him was no stranger, it was Qi Heng!

He had so many secret treasures on him, so even though he could not see through the entire magical formation, he could easily avoid all the dangerous zones.

There were only the few paths leading through the magical formation, so when Qi Heng ran towards Chu Yu, Chu Yu could avoid him. However, he was currently Xiao Zhangqing from Han Xiao, furthermore, he wanted to know what had happened there.

As such, he continued in walking in the direction of Qi Heng.

Qi Heng thought himself extremely unlucky. Chu Yu was not seeing things, he was carrying a magical item that could be classified as a secret treasure.

However, he did not take it out previously as he was saving it for this final stage, to reap maximum benefits for himself.

After entering the group of palaces, and activating this magical item, the journey had been very smooth sailing for him.

However, he met with the same situation as Chu Yu. The tens of thousands of palaces here were inaccessible.

Qi Heng had fumbled around and ended up in a parade square. He found a pond in the middle of the square and there was a strong spiritual energy emanating from it.

Qi Heng was almost certain that this was no ordinary pond, this was the spirit pond from the legends!

When there was sufficient saturation of spiritual energy, it would congeal into a liquid. With enough spiritual liquid, it would form a spiritual pond.

It was said that there were also spiritual lakes and spiritual oceans.

Cultivators only needed to drink spiritual fluid from the spiritual lake daily in order to advance at breakneck speeds, even without much effort.

As a result, such places were inhabited by saints, commoners rarely got close.

What was unexpected was that in this well preserved ancient sect, there was a spiritual pond!

This was a complete surprise!

What caused Qi Heng even more awe and excitement was that there was a golden water lily in the middle of the pond!

The leaves of the water lily were golden and they sparkled in the light.

In the middle of the water lily were a large number of golden lotuses!

Upon closer inspection, one could smell whiffs of medicinal scent.

For any normal lotus, Qi Heng would not lose his composure. Yet, these golden lotuses, according to legends, were the superior medicine of choice for many ancient sects.

The lotus could not only heal people on the brink of death, but could also rapidly increase a person’s power, letting them break through in a short period of time.

Even in the golden ages 60 million years ago, such golden lotuses were considered a superior medicine.

Even though the spiritual fluid was extremely valuable, it was a class lower when compared to the golden lotus!

"Golden lotus... golden lotus ah! It is the golden lotus that the legends speak of! Hahahahaha, golden lotus... I love you!"

Qi Heng was born rather late, and he did not like to read, as such he could only express his excitement this way.

However, anyone who could recognize a golden lotus would find it difficult to keep their composure.

However, just as Qi Heng was preparing to leap towards it, a ferocious beast appeared from the false hill behind the spiritual pond, its scary aura almost squashing Qi Heng to death instantly.

It shrieked, its voice like thunder, and it caused Qi Heng’s ears to ring, nearly causing his eardrums to rupture!

Qi Heng’s face darkened and he escaped immediately.

Luckily, the ferocious beast did not give chase.

However, Qi Heng was extremely depressed, as if he had been trampled over by ten thousand beasts.

When he looked up, he saw Xiao Zhangqing.

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