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Even those Qi Heng’s nose was slightly crooked, it was as though flowers were blooming on his smiling baby face.

Senior Xiao, you are truly a good senior ah! You can move on happily, I will definitely burn many paper offerings for you!

I will definitely make you a billionaire down there! You will never be short of food or clothes!


He was truly unable to control the glee in his heart as he started to laugh hysterically.

He extended his hand as he prepared to use a lightning fast speed to extract all the lotus seeds!

"Laugh at your own sister!"

Chu Yu felt that he had miscalculated!

To actually be scammed by this b*stard Qi Heng, not only was it a disgrace, it might even cause him to lose his little life.

Chu Yu looked incredibly aggrieved; the Zheng’s blood thirst was truly too vigorous!

It was like a huge mountain, suppressing down towards Chu Yu, forcing him to cough out a mouthful of fresh blood. The Zheng’s figure got closer and closer; just a little bit more and it would be able to attack him.

At this time, he heard Qi Heng’s hysterical laughter. Chu Yu knew that he had already activated the second inhibitions.

"Big fool! Your den is currently being raided!"

Chu Yu shouted derisively.


The instant Chu Yu spoke, was the same instant as when Qi Heng activated the second inhibition and started to laugh maniacally.

The Zheng which was pursuing Chu Yu relentlessly suddenly uttered a resounding howl!

It seemed like thunder during the clear day!

The Zheng’s body flashed like lightning.

Instant back turn!

Locked and loaded in Qi Heng’s direction!

This speed, wasn’t it an entire fold higher than when it was chasing Chu Yu?

Clearly, it was thoroughly infuriated!

Damn it, you got someone to lure me away then you steal my stuff! You treat me as a fool? I will definitely send you to meet your maker!

The Zheng’s spiritual intelligence was extremely high. At this instant, it was enraged.

Previously, when it was chasing Chu Yu, it was simply playing a game of cat and mice; it did not put in all its effort.

But now, it was serious!

Chu Yu did not even care about his own injuries, chasing after the cloud of dust kicked up behind the Zheng’s ass.

The Zheng’s speed, was multiple times faster than Qi Heng!

In almost an instant’s time, it had already charged to the spirit pond, fiercely swiping its claws towards Qi Heng.

Qi Heng’s hand, had already touched a lotus stem full of golden lotus seeds. His hands had already opened up like a fan as he tried to grab ten lotus stems at one go!


A muffled cry resounded, followed by the sounds of breaking bones.

Qi Heng’s body was like a soccer ball kicked by Roberto Carlos…

Just like an artillery shell, it flew out with a ‘whizz’!

Qi Heng coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood in mid air. To add on to his misfortune, his body touched the power currents floating in the air, turning one of his limbs into pulp there and then!

He let out an aggrieved shriek!

Fresh blood continued to gush out as he heavily landed within the magical formation!

The Zheng did not give up, as it continued to chase after him.

Chu Yu, who was right behind it, had already activated the first layer of inhibitions, but it still didn’t care.

Chu Yu charged to the edge of the spirit pond, and with a "Ploom", he threw himself into it.

Just like a fish, he instantly dived in!

Thrown into the magical array, Qi Heng still had a bit of consciousness. He immediately activated a self-protecting magical equipment. Instantly, his body was teleported out of this part of the palace.


He fell by the riverside. His head turned sidewards as he lost his consciousness.

The Zheng uttered a thunderous roar. It bared its fangs as it glanced at the magical array. After some time, it unwillingly returned.

But when it returned, the Zheng circled around the spirit pond, suspicion filled its eyes. Something seemed to be amiss.

It seemed to remember that there was still another wretched, little thief, and that thief even seemed to have the balls to chase after it?

Just now, it was too infuriated, so it didn’t care about it. But now, where did that little thief disappear off to?

At this instant, Chu Yu was hiding within the spirit pond. He had already swam under the Nine Transformation Golden Lotus, cencealing his presence.

Acupoint Charging Stage Eight. At this stage, his body already formed its own internal circulations; there was no need for fresh air.

Even if he sat in this spirit pond for a day and a night, there wouldn’t be any problem.

The rich spirit fluid continuously healed the injuries on his body. He opened up the vertical eye on his forehead, and looked outwards.

That gargantuan beast was still patrolling by the spirit lake.

Usually, Chu Yu’s body wouldn’t even exude any spiritual fluctuations. And now while in the spirit pond, he was even especially careful to not even move a single bit.

Even though the Zheng had high spiritual intelligence, it would never have imagined that someone’s balls were big to such an extent, to actually dare jump into the spirit pond.

Throughout its long life, it had never encountered such a thing.

According to its inherited memory, this spirit pond was a holy site. Even the sect’s core disciples were only provided with limited spirit fluid.

That’s why, anyone who came here would show their respect, regardless of their status.

This was also the reason why, this ancient beast would never have imagined that someone would jump and bath within the spirit pond.

Thus, after circling a few rounds around the pond, it felt a little vexed and tired.

This place hadn’t been disturbed for countless of years. Usually, it would sleep for thousands of years at one go. Now that it was rudely awakened, it was very discontented.

Now that the threat had been eliminated, it wanted to return back to sleep.

The Zheng dragged its steps and returned to its small mountain. It was actually a tiny pocket dimension. Inside, it was a warm and comfortable home.

As he saw the Zheng disappear from the edges of the spirit pond, Chu Yu finally heaved a sigh of relief. However, he did not immediately lower his vigilance.

After another hour passed, that Zheng still did not appear.

Chu Yu finally calmed down, but his heart was filled with doubts: This doesn’t adhere to logic ah… That fella actually didn’t kill someone that was pursuing behing him?

But of course, Chu Yu didn’t wish for that Zheng to appear again. He didn’t intend to do anything to the golden lotus yet, but he prepared to make use of this rare opportunity to cultivate himself!

This was a spirit pond ah!

Even those core disciples in ancient sects wouldn’t be able to bathe in a spirit pond, right?

The more he thought about it, the better he felt!

Chu Yu immediately activated his Killing Days Heart Technique, absorbing the spiritual energy from the spirit pond.


The instant the Killing Days Heart Technique was activated, that terrifying surge of spiritual energy almost flipped Chu Yu over!

At this time, the might of the Killing Days Heart Technique was exhibited. It first blocked that flood of terrifying spiritual energy.

Thereafter, it started to revolve the spiritual energy, continuously purifying it!

Cultivating this heart technique… can purify energy?

Chu Yu was dazed; in his entire cultivation journey, this had never happened before.

The spiritual energy from the Heavens and Earths, in Chu Yu’s perspective, was already the purest form of energy.

This type of energy, could actually be purified to another level?

In his entire life, he had never heard of such a thing.

His Killing Days Heart Technique was just like some super secret machine. It furiously purified the spirit fluid from the spirit pond, sending this raw, purified power into Chu Yu’s body.

Not too long later, an acupoint in Chu Yu’s body opened.

Thereafter, the acupoints in Chu Yu’s body continued to open consecutively.

After 2 hours, Chu Yu directly opened the 270th acupoint in his body, successfully entering into Acupoint Charging Stage Nine!

This speed… Even Chu Yu was left speechless.

With every opening, power would be locked inside his body. Thus, while he was in the spirit pond, he did not cause any sort of disturbance.

The spirit pond was very deep, and the spirit fuild was aplenty. Even with the Killing Days Heart Technique furiously purifying the spirit fluid, the amount of the spirit fluid didn’t fall noticeably.

This was truly a great place!

Chu Yu really hoped to charge straight to the Circle of the Acupoint Charging at a single go.

However, he had already come to realise that even if he opened 365 acupoints, it would not be considered as a Great Circle. It could only be considered a Small Circle.

If he wanted to truly reach the Great Circle, he still had a long way to go.

Moreover, he was always uneasy cultivating here. After all, the Zheng was still around. It might come out at any random moment for a patrol.

If he was accidentally discovered, then things were screwed.

"Let’s first rush to Stage Ten! After all, this chance is too rare!"

Bathing in a spirit pond, even core disciples of peak ancient sects would get jealous of this absurb method. The moment this news was released, it would definitely scare countless of people to death.

As Chu Yu thought of this, he went back to cultivating.

The Killing Days Heart Technique was continuously activated, even the energy stores previously in his body was purified to a higher degree.

When Chu Yu opened his 300th acupoint, successfully entering into Acupoint Charging Stage Ten, he could clearly feel the boundless energy within is body.

Previously, Chu Yu’s acupoints and meridians exuded a violet tinge; the purity of his energy was already far above the average person.

But now, after the purification from the Killing Days Heart Technique, it was more than three times stronger than his past!

If it’s like that, then there’s no need to talk about martial artists in the same realm, but a Chu Yu at Acupoint Charging Stage Ten could already deal with those at Invigorated Meridian Stage Two or Three… Or maybe even higher. He might even be able to match an expert like Xiao Changqing who was at Invigorated Meridian Stage Five!

Chu Yu previously had seen, from a relatively ancient book, the portraits and descriptions of some Heaven’s Pride of ancient times.

That ancient book was recorded by the Chu Clan’s first ancestor.

When Chu Yu saw it, he felt that the reverence towards the Heaven’s Pride of that era seemed to be exaggerated.

It was said that those Heaven’s Prides of that era could kill an advanced Invigorated Meridian realm expert while at the Acupoint Charging realm!

There were even some names, claiming that they were all outstanding to an unimaginable degree. Moreover, it was even said that some of these excellent Heaven’s Pride were from the Chu Clan.

When Chu Yu saw these ancient books, he had treated them like fairy tales.

He was from a later generation of the Chu Clan, and had interacted much more with modern things. Thus, Chu Yu had completely treated the contents of these ancient books as myths and legends.

But now, what his ancestor wrote down might not necessarily be exaggerated.

Perhaps, the Heaven’s Prides of that era, might truly be that outstanding!

Oppressive and mighty; overlooking the entire world!

An Acupoint Charging martial artist killing an Invigorated Meridian one. Previously, he thought that it was impossible; it was too preposterous.

But after he obtained Superclass, Chu yu felt that if he opened all the thousands of acupoints in his body and truly became a martial artist at the Great Circle of the Acupoint Charging, then the power he will possess will definitely shock the entire world!

If one wasn’t a cultivator in the Xiantian Realm and was unable to use any skills or sacred arts, the only thing he could depend on was his power, speed and combat experience.

If so, there’s no need to talk about the advanced Invigorated Meridian Stage. Even someone who achieved the Small Circle with 12 opened true meridians might not be Chu Yu’s match!

"Indeed, personal strength is the foundation to establish oneself."

Chu Yu sighed with emotion; he had the impulse to just charge to open all 365 acupoints straightaway.

Even though he would only be at the Small Circle of Acupoint Charging, his combat power would definitely be staggering!

But he resisted that urge. Even though this place was good, he could not stay here for long.

Chu Yu opened his eyes, staring at the lotus roots dangling within the spirit pond. In front of him were tall and straight golden lotus stems, filled with large amounts of lotus seeds.

Each lotus seed’s medicinal power far exceeded this spirit fluid by countless of times!

So, these lotus seeds were the true treasure!

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